tagMind ControlUnconventional Awakening Ch. 11

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 11


My breathing was somewhat labored, and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest! I took what I hope was a couple of quiet deep breaths and said that I was fine, but had been unexpectedly engaged last night, and it was past midnight when we got back to the hotel.

He picked up on the "we" part, and inquired as to whom I had dinner with, since I had gone to Chicago alone. I told him that I had bumped into a couple of fellow convention goers at the front desk, inquiring about a place to eat, and that we lost track of time enjoying each others company.

He was relieved that I was okay, and not ill.

I took a deep breath, and asked if he was comfortable. He said he was, and I asked if he was ready to hear about my adventure. Something in my voice must have told him to let me continue talking, as he said yes, and was quiet.

I tried to quickly collect my thoughts, and asked him if he still enjoyed fantasies of me making love to another man? I could hear him gasp, and knew that I had his attention. He replied with a long "Yesssssssssssssssssssss, I think you know that I do, and that I can get very aroused thinking about it, but..."

The abrupt silence told me that it was my turn to reply.

I took another deep breath and blurted out before I could chicken out, that his fantasy had come true. Somehow it seemed easier to make it sound like it was a fulfillment of his desire, than it was my awakening.

After a pregnant silence, he asked in a hushed tone for me to continue. I first asked if he was okay? I needed to know that he was. Was he mad? Curious? Unsure? Interested? Dumbfounded? Excited?

He asked me to give him a second.

And I had my answer.

He had taken this second to make himself more comfortable. He told me to continue, as he was now ready to listen to my adventure. He had unzipped his fly, and pulled out his cock. He wanted me to know that was what he needed the second for. It was his way of letting me know that he may be unsure of what he was about to hear, but also a part of him was immediately aroused.

He wanted to know if I was "comfortable"? I told him I was, and he asked me again. I got the hint. Was I as "comfortable as he was? Up until yesterday, I had never masturbated, so I was somewhat surprised as to what he was suggesting. He asked me if I was naked. I informed him that I had just gotten back from dinner and hadn't gotten ready for bed. He asked me if I would want to get ready for bed before continuing my tale. I thought about it and asked him if he wanted me to get ready for bed. If he did, it would be about a half hour. His reply suggested that he wanted me to prepare my self for going to bed. This would allow him time to do the same. I meekly said okay, and we hung up.

My mind was a whirlpool.

I got up, and as I was pulling my sweater off, I was reminded that my breasts were unencumbered. My nipples responded to the sweater material and were instantly hard nubbins, and a shiver raced through me setting off a twitch lower. I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and saw a small darkened spot. A smile crossed my lips as I realized that I could be easily aroused. Was this from my past 24 hours, or the fact that my husband had wanted both of us to get ready for bed? Given the fact that this evening had been quiet on the intimacy side with Paul and Peter, and I really wanted to talk things over with my husband and he appeared very interested in hearing about my last day and a half, I reasoned that I was momentarily tingly with desire to recount my recent past activities with my husband.

I drew a warm bath, and immersed myself in the cocoon of warm water and softly caressed myself. I let my fingers languidly graze my curves and contours, imagining that it is another person exploring me. I was trying to see me through my husband's eyes. And Paul and Peter's. The past day plus had given me a renewed confidence in my being attractive. Now I was exploring that sense in a tactile manner. Seeing my body through the eyes of a lover.

I slowly allowed my fingers to feel the fullness of my breasts. They felt soft and supple. They were a handful, yet easily moldable. My nipples were responsive to my caresses, and there seemed a direct electrical connection to my clit. Each time I teasingly tugged on my nipples a jolt shot down to me and I twitched. It was very erotic seeing my thumb and forefinger pull my nipple taunt, and seeing my nipple and breast become cone shaped.

My fingers detoured here and there on their journey downward. Thank goodness for the water, so I had no idea of how wet I truly was. But I was sure that I was wet! My fingers grazed the first trimmed hairs just above my pussy and I closed my eyes and a small groan escaped my lips. I relaxed and sighed. I was anticipating the moment.

My fingers slinked further down, sliding over the short soft hairs, until they reached the tip of the opening. I gasped, as I knew my clit was now oh so close. My mind wanted me to continue this exploration, but the cooling waters told me that I should get out and dry off. I did want to talk to my husband. But my clit had a mind of its own. With a great deal of difficulty I stood up and drained the tub. I dried of, being careful to not rub my pussy too vigorously. I didn't want to take the chance that the encounter between my clit and the terry cloth would weaken my resolve of getting ready for bed and my conversation with my husband. Little did I know that several things would be fulfilled before I went to sleep. Or more accurately, we went to sleep.

I brushed my teeth, and took one last look at the lady in the mirror, and realized that she looked different. She was glowing and she looked good!

I climbed into bed, and enjoyed the feeling of naked skin between the sheets. Time to call my husband. Was he ready for bed? Was he ready to hear about my stay so far in Chicago?

To be continued...

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