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Unconventional Awakening Ch. 17





My husband answers as I continue to savor his cock in my mouth. It is soft and I lather it with my tongue. My tongue swirls around its head, teasing the tip. His cock feels warm and so soft. I chew on it gently, much to his delight.

He winks at me and gives me a shit eating grin as he talks to Paul. He says "Wait" and laughs softly. "Am I interested in dinner" he says softly, his eyes twinkling. I don't have to say anything. My husband tells Paul that we need a few minutes to be ready. He hangs up the phone and grinds his midsection in my face, while pushing my face down onto his cock.

And then suddenly he reaches down and slaps me on my bare ass lightly, before getting up.

He slips on his jeans, letting me know he plans on going commando style. I look at him inquiringly. He reads my questioning look. No bra or panties for me either! He slips on a black sweater that hugs his torso, and waits for me to get up and dressed.

He smiles as I pull on my jeans, and enjoys seeing me carefully shimmying them over my still swollen and crusted pubes. I very slowly pull up the zipper waiting to flinch as the teeth catch a part of me. A feeling of immense gratitude washes over me when I realize I am fully zipped.

My husband has another surprise for me. He reaches under the bed and pulls out a gift wrapped box.

"Open it" he says as he tosses it to me. His eyes twinkle as my boobs bounce about as I catch it.

I pull out black shoulder bare, V scooped, sweater. He went shopping while I was in class. He was preparing for our evening out. The V opening met just below my breasts. The material was heavy enough to not be see through, yet light enough for people to know that I was braless. I pulled the sweater over my head and felt the material caress my boobs as I pulled it down. It barely covered my shoulders, and I realized that it was good that we had enjoyed our recent tryst, otherwise the impression from my straps would have been evident. The V scoop indeed ended just below my breasts, giving everyone a view of the valley between as well as a glimmer of the underside of each breast. The material clearly displayed the outline of each nipple with a peak rising like little mesa's at their center. And my nipples weren't really hard at the moment. I sauntered over to my husband, feeling my boobs being caressed by the material as they undulated.

I threw my arms around his neck, feeling my tits mash against him, and his hands cupped my ass as we kissed. With a playful squeeze he pulled back, and it was time to go. He whispered in my ear that a good dinner was in order because I would need my strength, and playfully swatted my ass.

We met Paul and Peter in the hallway and they must have noticed my lack of support. They momentarily froze in stride, looked at one another. I felt my husband's playful squeeze of my hand. He enjoyed the moment. What was he planning? Evidently, he was happy with how it was starting. My attire was having the effect he evidently had hoped for.

We went out to the same restaurant as Paul, Peter and I did on Sunday night. Paul and Peter exchanged glances as we pulled up, but nothing was said. After all, the restaurant was rated as one of the best in Chicago.

Being a Tuesday evening, the restaurant was not as crowded, and we were seated in a cozy round booth. I found out later that my husband had gone to this restaurant on his little shopping spree, and reserved this booth. He had known all along how much time we had to play earlier!

We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner complimented by several rounds of spirited beverages, that seemed to warm us all up. Exactly what my husband had hoped for.

After one last round of drinks, we made our way back to the hotel. My husband dropped us off at the entrance and we waited inside while he parked his SUV. When we were all together again, he wondered if we were up to enjoying a nightcap in our room.

Peter and Paul again exchanged a momentary glance before saying that sounded good. My husband said "Great, how about a half hour in our room, we needed some time to just freshen up a bit." I looked at him and wondered what was going on behind those twinkling gray eyes of his. I would soon find out.

And now, for the blazing end to this tale.

My husband suggested that we take a shower before our guests arrived. He immediately stripped and headed toward the bathroom. I enjoyed seeing his naked butt as he walked. What did he have in store for us?

I quickly stripped and immediately thought of my first bath here on Sunday. The memory quickly started a small fire within me. I realized with a start that my nipples were hard nubbins and my pussy was becoming moist.

I heard the cascading of water and quickly made my way to the bathroom.

My husband was already in the large whirlpool tub, and had left the curtain open enough for me to step in and join him.

The spray of hot water striking my nipples sent tremors outward. My husband quickly began to lather me up, teasing my full breasts with his soapy hands. The tweaking of my nipples let me know that this was not a plutonic cleansing. His hands slowly slid downward, leaving a trail of soapsuds that quickly was washed away.

His fingers slowly traced the contour of my lips, before sliding between them, sliding down the now very wet cleft between swelling outer lips. His fingertip grazed my stiffening clit and sent shivers down to my quaking knees.

Two fingers found their way between the softness of my pouting lips and the inviting satiny softness inside. I gasped as his fingers slide deeper. And I leaned against him as their knuckles made contact with the sensitive skin covering my pubic bone,

My knees had a mind of their own, as I felt them give way, and I slowly knelt down. I no longer cared that my hair was going to get wet. I had to kneel to avoid a possible fall.

And I felt his now rock hard cock grazing me as I knelt.

The head of his cock rubbing against my chin and then lips.

He continued to rub his cock around my face, as the spray of water made me keep my eyes shut.

I felt his cock rub my cheeks, and across my closed eyes. Across my forehead, his balls rubbing my lips. And then his cock teased its way back toward my mouth.

When the head of his cock grazed my lips I put my arms around him and pulled his ass toward me.

My mouth open.

Allowing his cock to slip in, filling me.

When I had him pulled tightly against me, I bit down at the root of his shaft, while my tongue lapped all around the pulsing meat.

I then began to bob my head back and forth, fucking his cock orally. I enjoyed feeling the ridge between the head and the shaft slide between my lips, and occasionally let his cock slip completely free with a "Pop," only to swallow it back into my greedy hungry mouth. My fingers meanwhile were busy playing with his ass, knead his buns, before my fingers slid down the cleft between and massaged his twitching backdoor. I suddenly pulled my head back, and with a louder "Pop" his cock was suddenly free. With a wink I stood up, as my knees were now not rubbery.

"No time for this" I said, as I began to lather myself, making sure that I was going to be squeaky clean.

My husband surprised me by not being a brat, and finishing up with his part of the shower.

After we were both rinsed off, he turned off the water, and kissed me. As he was drying off he asked me if I would stay in the bathroom, and wait until our company was here.

I looked at him questioningly. What was he thinking?

He then told me that he thought our relationship was going to take a big step forward.

I continued to look at him blankly. What was his thinking?

He then told me that he would very much enjoy me making love with Peter and Paul, and himself. I guess I should haves seen that coming, based upon the past twenty four hours of conversation, but it still hit me hard. My husband wanted to make love to me with two other men present and evidently involved.

I had to admit that Sunday's spontaneous interlude was a first for me, and one that I felt somewhat guilty over afterwards and felt a need to discuss things with him, but this was different. Was I feeling tingly about making love again? Was I looking forward to making love to and with my husband? Did I want to try and rekindle the flames of Sunday night with Peter and Paul? What would they think? How would they feel about my husband's interests? Would they be skeptical? After all, how many guys asks a couple of until recently strangers to make love to their spouse, and want to be a part of it?

My husband dried off quickly and asked me to just stay in the bathroom until he got back. He was out of the bathroom before I could respond. What was I going to say? I was still in a loop of seemingly endless questions, and here was another? Where did he go? I had heard our hotel room door open and close. And I stood in the shower, dripping wet, and pondering.


That was what I felt.

A whirlpool.

Circle upon circle of questions and feelings being drawn into a churning funnel spinning downward into darkness.

I absently reached for a towel and began drying myself off.

I had just wrapped a small towel around my head when our hotel room door opened and closed.

I held my breath until my husband said "Honey?"

It was reassuring to hear his voice. He was back. And evidently alone.

He came into the bathroom and to me.

He held me closely as he looked at me.

He was looking at me critically, trying to assess where was I at this moment.

I wasn't sure of that myself, and he was trying to figure this out?

Good luck I silently thought.

I had to admit I was both so unsure and yet a bit tingly. It was those extremes that had me wondering where I was. Part of my mind was actively engaged in seeing the possibilities, while the other part was saying this was insane.

I bit my lip silently and after a few moments he began to speak.

He had gone down to Paul's room. How'd he know which room was Paul's? But evidently he did. That was just one of my questions now. Actually I corrected myself Paul and Peter's room. Okay that settled....

Paul greeted him with a wary expression. Something my husband had expected. He was glad of that, as he felt that this was all new to all of them. My husband had the upper hand in that this had always been a fantasy of his, and he never imagined that he would ever have an opportunity to see it fulfilled. He wasn't upset or mad. Rather he had been extremely aroused since our conversation last night. And from what my husband had seen so far of Paul and Peter, he had allowed his fantasy to take flesh, so to speak, in the form of them. H liked them from the start. He didn't think that either was anything other than what they appeared to be. They seemed genuine. And he felt very comfortable with them. For some odd reason he hoped that this weekend would be the beginning of a friendship.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my husband let Paul and Peter now that he would enjoy having them come to our room for a nightcap and see where the evening took us all, as tomorrow we all departed back to our homes.

They accepted and would be down in a few minutes.

My husband was hoping that this was okay with me.

Yessss said very questioningly.

What was my husband thinking?

And then he told me.

If I was possibly open to it, he would enjoy spending tonight making love to me, but not only himself but Paul and Peter too. But only if I was okay with this. Was I ready to fulfill his long standing fantasy and more importantly possibly fulfill a new one of mine. One recently germinated, and evidently still in the blossom stage.

Paul and Peter would be here in a few minutes. And my mind and heart were reeling.

My husband left me standing there. He said he hoped that I was open to letting my self go and se where the evening took us all. He said he hoped that I would wait in the bathroom until I knew that Peter and Paul were here. And that I would either come out of the bathroom wearing only the robe, loosely closed, or better yet, wearing nothing but a smile. He smiled as he said this, and kissed me on my cheek. I sensed that I was the one who had the control on the rest of the evening. Everything that would happen would happen because I was comfortable with it, or they sensed that I wanted it. That knowledge made me feel more assured, and also made me feel a deeper appreciation of the man that I married than ever before. This had been his fantasy, but an important part of the fantasy was that in the end I would be pleasured as much as anyone else would. There was a feeling of equality. That thought galvanized the next few minutes.

I dried myself off, enjoying the reflection staring back at me so blatantly. I looked at the woman in the mirror and thought that she ain't that bad. I saw someone attractive and possibly sexy. But sexiness is a state of mind as well as of body. These past three days have shown me that I have both. The past three days have seen a volcano go off inside of me. And the eruption was still continuing. I was open to seeing where this evening might lead. I would like to try making love to these three men in my life. And I hope that they would enjoy making love to and with me. The "and with" part was important to me. I didn't want to feel used, but an integral part in all of us being involved in the outcome. I sensed that my husband believed that we would be equal in what happened. And that made me feel secure.

I think I was ready.

I would know in a few minutes.

I put on my robe.

And waited.

I heard the knock at the door, and the whish as the door opened, followed by Paul and Peter and my husband exchanging the most common of pleasantries as they entered and the door closed.

I head my husband if they would like something to drink, and requests in the process of being filled.

And I thought it was my time to make my entrance.

I took one step toward the door, and stopped.

I looked in the mirror one more time.

And the woman looking at me seemed to be challenging me.

Would I have the guts or feel that comfortable.

If it were just my husband, I wouldn't be wearing this robe.

But it wasn't just my husband.

But they other two gentleman had become very intimate friends just a few nights past.

Where we were now was a result of Sunday night.

I had worn a robe then, and when all was said and done, I was fully intimate with them then.

The belt opened and the robe slid off my shoulders.

With one last look at my friend in the mirror, I opened the door and stepped into the room.

I said "Hi" as threes sets of eyes stared at me. I looked first at my husband, whose eyes told me "Thank you" as he smiled.

Peter and Paul were speechless, but I think the ice was definitely broken. There was no turning back. We were in uncharted waters, and on an unknown course. We were in this together.

My husband quickly came over t o me and hugged me, kissed me, and whispered "Thank you darling, I hope you know I do love you more than ever." He then looked t our two quiet guests and asked if her state made them uncomfortable?

They looked at each other and shrugged. What were they supposed to say? But the growing tents in their pants said otherwise.

My husband said then told Paul and Peter about his long time fantasy and our conversation last night. And that he hoped that we would enjoy an unforgettable evening. He hoped that they were as open to tonight as they had been Sunday night. With that, he began to strip.

Paul and Peter didn't really know what to do, so after my husband had his sweater off, he whispered to me to go and see if I could help our friends make themselves more comfortable.

I walked over to Paul and straddled him, pressing my boobs against him as I planted my lips on his. I put my arms around his neck and began to French him. My tongue gently forced his lips apart and suddenly his tongue responded and slid into my mouth. His hands wrapped around the small of my back and then wandered upward. They gradually parted and moved to my sides before coming forward and caressing my breasts. He held one in each hand, supporting them from underneath, holding them and gently squeezing them. I heard a moan try and escape from him, and I could feel a hardness pressing against my groin, a groin that was becoming wetter and wetter, and leaving my essence on his crotch. When I sensed that he was now more receptive to the possibilities, I slowly pushed backward ending our kiss, and told him that I think Peter might need some attention.

I smiled as I slowly stood up, letting my breasts caress his face, his eyes closed and lips pursed. His erection very evident in the bullseye of a wetspot.

I walked over to where Peter was sitting, and sat down on his lap. My pussy immediately began leaving a pool of me on his tent and I pulled his head down to my left breast. I rub my breasts agross his face before holding my right breast and bringing it too his lips. I brushed his lips with my nipple and just held it there. I felt his lips part and his teeth gently nibble on me. His mouth began to suck softly, and I felt my nipple and then my breast being pulled into his mouth. I softly ground myself downward, feeling his harness rub against my pussy. I mashed my boob against his mouth and nursed him.

I then pulled my now glistening boob and wet hard nipple from his mouth and quickly replaced it with my tongue. I snaked my tongue into his mouth and teased his, before pulling back and standing up. I think both Paul and Peter were now ready to join in whatever the evening would hold.

My husband asked the gentleman to please stand up, and after they did, if I would do them the honor of helping them remove their clothes.

I began with Paul. He was unbuttoning his shirt when I began to kneel down. He froze momentarily as I knelt. I unbuckled his belt slowly, teasing him. His zipper was pressed outward straining it in the middle.

I unbuttoned his jeans, and they flew apart on their own accord. I began to unzip him being careful to try and not nick him. After I was past the center of the bulge the zipper slide down almost on its own accord, and the cause of his bulge sprang outward. The tip of his cock was peeking out through the opening in his briefs.

I gently pulled apart the opening and rolled the material backward, exposing his cock more fully. I slowly raised my head until my lips were level with the little eye in the center. I put my hands around him and embraced him, pulling him toward me. My lips parted and my mouth readily accepted him into me. My lips wrapped around the sliding shaft, feeling the warmth and hardness yet softness of his cock as I swallowed his offering. I began to move my head back and forth allowing his cock to fuck my mouth. I felt deliciously giddy as I continued to increase his desire. I could sense his growing desire in the tremors I felt in his knees, and in his breathing. His hand softly clutched my head and pushed and pulled me back and forth as his cock pistoned back and forth. Occasionally I would gently bite down which caused him to shiver.

After a few minutes of our enjoyment I relaxed my embrace of his buns and pulled my head back. There would be time for this later. We first had to get him and Peter properly attired, or more correctly un-attired.

I pulled Paul's jeans down, and then rolled the waistband of his briefs down, being careful to roll back the open over his now glistening and very erect cock. I couldn't resist one last quick nibble on his cock before pulling his briefs all the way down.

Paul had by now removed his shirt and undershirt, and I stood up so he could slide his jeans and briefs off completely.

I now turned my attention to Peter who had removed his upper garments and had his jeans off. He was just beginning to peel off his briefs when I grabbed them from his hand. I pulled them down as my face moved toward his crotch and the seven plus inches of prime hard cock standing out and upward.

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