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Unconventional Behavior: Lucy & Renee


Southern California has a lot of famous residents, and even more visitors who find themselves here for professional reasons. When these people are in need of private transportation, my company is usually the first one to be contacted. My name is Henry and I drive for a livery service in Los Angeles.

Our company is well-known for professionalism, discretion and serving the needs of our clientele. On a few occasions, clients have enjoyed more than just my driving skills. It's not an every day occurrence, and most days pass without any stories of note. Sometimes, however, things take an erotic twist and suddenly, it's not just a job, it's an adventure. That's when I take time to write down my memories in order to make known the tales of the tails I've known.

For example, I was once given a weekend assignment to provide car service for Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor, stars of the television show "Xena, Warrior Princess." They arrived at Los Angeles airport on a Thursday evening, after a full day of travel from their filming location in New Zealand. Friday evening was to mark the start of "XENACON", a three day convention for fans of the show. I was to be available for the entire visit, returning them to the airport on Monday morning. For reasons of privacy, they were staying at a hotel located several miles from the convention site.

Since they had the day free before the convention opened on Friday evening, they had me pick them up in the morning and give them a "scandal tour", which basically meant crisscrossing through Beverly Hills, Hollywood and several other nearby areas. Throughout the drive, I kept up a running commentary on the buildings we passed, pointing out where Marilyn Monroe had been discovered, and later on where she had died, where Bugsy Siegel was killed, the street where Hugh Grant was arrested in the company of a prostitute, and of course the home of Heidi Fleiss, the notorious "Hollywood Madam." My passengers really got a kick out of the tour and thanked me several times. They were both very outgoing and down to earth and insisted I call them by their first names.

Sunday evening, when the convention ended and I brought them back to their hotel, they invited me to join them for dinner an hour later. I declined but they were insistent so eventually I accepted the invitation. Because they were going to order room service in their suite, I decided to return the limousine to the garage so it could be readied for the following day. About 45 minutes later, I was back at the hotel, settling in to enjoy a nice meal and the company of two beautiful and personable women.

Since I was off duty for the evening, I made an exception and between us, we finished two bottles of wine. As a result we were all feeling pretty loose and relaxed with each other. Once we had finished our meal and the dishes had been cleared away by room service, we gathered in one of the sitting areas of the suite and resumed our conversation. Another fifteen minutes passed before Renee suggested we all take advantage of the large Jacuzzi in one corner of the suite.

I accepted the offer, then regretted it as I realized I didn't have anything to wear. This fear was soon put to rest, however, when Lucy walked over to the tub and removed her clothes before slipping the water. I only had a brief glimpse of her naked form but it was a delicious sight. Her tall frame was in great shape, with long muscular legs and a tight behind. Her back muscles rippled as she moved and I began to understand why so many grown males watched what I thought was primarily a kid oriented television show.

Renee removed her clothes as well and padded nude across the room. She stood at the edge of the tub and looked over at me. A smile came to her face as she beckoned me. I was entranced at the view before me. Although shorter and more compact than her partner, she was in even better condition. Her full breasts were firm and topped with dark brown nipples and her reddish blonde pubic hair was neatly trimmed. Her flat belly showed the individual muscles of her abdomen and her legs and arms were well muscled.

I realized my cock was beginning to stir and hurried to remove my own clothes to avoid the embarrassment of sporting a full erection. In my haste, I managed to get tangled up in my pants and they both laughed when I fell down. I was embarrassed but they were both good-natured about it, telling me it would be edited out when they remembered me later. Neither was shy about giving me a once over and I rushed to submerge myself in the water.

As we relaxed, Renee commented that it was great to be appreciated by all the fans, but that by the end of the weekend she wanted to unwind and forget about the barrage of questions eager fans always tossed at them. Lucy echoed these sentiments and they began to debate what were the top three questions they faced that weekend.

Eventually they decided that, in general, all the guys asked which of them would win if they fought each other, while the women were fifty-fifty, half wanted to know about the "lesbian subtext" of the series, while the other half wanted to know more about Kevin Strabo, the actor who plays Hercules on a related television show. The wine we drank earlier had me pretty relaxed and without thinking, I blurted out, "Who would?".

Both looked at me strangely, not understanding the question. I tried to blow it off but they insisted I explain myself. I sheepishly found myself inquiring of them who would win a fight between them. Lucy laughed and said that Xena was clearly the more capable fighter, a comment that made Renee sit up and clarify.

"Sure, Xena would beat Gabrielle in a fight, but I could take Lucy, no problem! I've done it before."

"That doesn't count. You jumped me when I wasn't ready!", Lucy protested, explaining to me that Renee had once knocked her down during rehearsals.

"Still telling that sad tale, are we?" Renee snapped back. "I'll take you any time, any where!"

"Done!" Lucy replied, her fire gleaming in her deep blue eyes. "Henry can referee, two falls out of three. Let's go to it."

I was still trying to figure out what had happened when they climbed from the tub and began drying themselves off. I started to downplay the issue but they didn't want to hear it.

"Close it, Henry!" Lucy told me. "This has been simmering for a while and it's high time it was settled. Don't worry, we won't hurt each other."

"Yeah, I won't hurt her," Renee chimed in, "Just teach her a little lesson."

I got out of the tub myself and dried off before wrapping a towel around myself. They were both rarin' to go. By the time I was sitting on the sofa, they had cleared a space and crouched facing each other, naked and 'ready to rumble'.

I was staring wide eyed at each of them in turn. Each was staring at the other but waiting for me to give them the word. As soon as I said 'go', Renee rushed forward, dropping down to drive her shoulder into Lucy's thighs, wrapping them tightly and twisting so that Lucy lost her balance and fell to the floor. It was a picture perfect tackle that would have made any football coach cry with joy.

Renee hopped quickly back to her feet and crowed that she was leading, 1 to 0. Lucy took a little longer to climb to her feet, but was right back in her crouch a few seconds later. I again gave the signal and the second round began. Renee tried to repeat her maneuver, but Lucy was ready this time. She hopped backwards, keeping Renee's arms from wrapping up her legs. However, Renee continued to press forward, keeping Lucy off balance and unable to counter-attack.

They grappled then, standing toe to toe and grunting with their exertion. My head had caught up to events and I found that I was enjoying the show immensely. Each was extremely fit and the strain was making their muscles stand out. First one then the other would seem to have gained control, only to have their efforts thwarted.

Eventually Lucy's reach overcame Renee's dogged determination and she slowly forced Renee to stand upright, then quickly slid her leg behind Renee's and twisted to the side, forcing Renee over her hip and down to the ground. It was Lucy's turn to crow now and she taunted Renee as she slowly climbed back to her feet.

Each now wore a grim expression, totally focused on bringing down the other. My cock had continued to grow as I watched the contest and by now I was fully erect. I stroked myself unconsciously as they again circled each other, looking for an opening.

This time it was Lucy who tried the brute force approach, rushing in on her opponent. Renee was prepared, however, and back pedaled quickly while she brought her hands up to grab Lucy's wrists. In this way, Renee was able to keep Lucy's from grabbing her, but this meant her own options were limited as well.

I, meanwhile, had forgotten the original issue and was totally focused on the erotic aspects of the situation. The sight of two nude females wrestling each other was very exciting. My eyes eagerly took in the visions of tits, asses, beautiful legs and well muscled flesh. They were both sweating with their efforts and became flush from the exertion.

Suddenly Lucy twisted her wrists, which were still held tight in Renee's grip. This surprise tactic spun Renee around until she was facing away from Lucy, who promptly brought her arms down to embrace Renee from behind. For me, this sight alone was enough to make the evening memorable. For the two combatants, however, it was simply a situation to exploit or to remedy. In the end, it was Renee who came out of it for the better.

Lucy was trying to use her strength to bring Renee down, while her smaller opponent sought only to be free of Lucy's grasp. Aided by the sweat glistening on her skin, Renee twisted to the left, then back to the right, breaking Lucy's grip and freeing herself. Utilizing her superior speed, she spun around behind Lucy and locked her hands around Lucy's torso. This pushed Lucy's tits up and out, giving my eyes an additional treat.

When Lucy leaned forward to try and get some leverage, Renee followed her until her feet left the ground and her full weight was supported by Lucy. Now bent over at the waist, Lucy had to contend with a squirming ball of fire that maneuvered her way up to Lucy's shoulders, whereupon Lucy became over balanced and tumbled to the floor. She twisted as she did so, with the end result that she ended up flat on her back, with Renee lying full length on top of her.

"Ha!" Renee exclaimed triumphantly, "I win!"

Lucy nodded in agreement, no trace of disappointment or anger in her eyes. Her arms went around Renee in a hug and suddenly they were kissing passionately. I sat silently on the couch, my dick still tightly held in hand. After ten seconds or so, the kiss ended and Renee rolled off Lucy into a sitting position at my feet.

Renee turned towards me, her mouth open as if to speak. Before she did, however, she noticed I was holding my hard cock in my hand and started laughing. Lucy glanced over, saw what Renee had seen and chuckled as well.

"Guess Henry is the real winner," Renee sputtered. "Maybe we should make him wrestle one of us."

"Oh, I think he'd like that, sure enough," Lucy answered, "But maybe we should take a reward for ourselves. How about it, Henry? Think you'd like to be our prize?"

Before I even had time to answer, Renee was sitting beside me, bringing her mouth to mine. We began to kiss, softly at first then wet and deep. My arms automatically circled her body, leaving my crotch freely available.

Lucy took advantage of this and knelt between my legs. Her face moved in close and I could feel her breath on my cock and balls. Her hands pushed my legs wider apart and she kissed the head of my dick. Her tongue poked out and circled the entire cap, then she licked down the shaft to my balls. While she sucked my balls into her mouth, then licked across them, Renee moved up so she was kneeling on the sofa, her tits in line with my mouth. With no urging, I began to cover her entire chest with soft kisses, then licked every square inch that was available to me.

Renee moaned and guided my mouth to one of her nipples, urging me to suck it. I took it inside my mouth and lashed my tongue across the hard nub. My left hand found it's way between her legs and I began to rub the lips of her cunt. When I felt the moisture gathered there, I realized how horny the wrestling had made her. She moaned as she pressed herself against my hand and lifted her other nipple to my mouth.

Lucy, in the meantime, had finished with my balls and licked her way back to my cock head. Now she took it in her mouth and bobbed down slowly, taking in much of the length. Slowly moving her head back up, she let my dick slide back across her lips until it was almost free, before she plunged back down again. Soon she was deep throating me fully, her nose nestling in my pubic hair with each downward movement.

Renee moved away from me slightly and bent down so she could resume kissing me. One hand stole across to my chest, where she began pinching and teasing my nipples. I pushed my fingers against her cunt and they began to move inside her. I soon had two fingers filling her wet hole and my thumb was rubbing her clit.

In no time, she was panting heavily and using her hips to keep my hand moving across her aroused flesh. She once again brought her nipples to my mouth and I sucked them hungrily as my own excitement built up. I could feel my balls crawl up tight against my cock and I knew it would only be a few more seconds.

When it came, my orgasm shook me through and through. My hips pumped forward, driving my prick down Lucy's throat. Renee began to cum as well, gasping and crying into my shoulder as I frigged her to her climax. I could feel my cock pulsing inside Lucy's throat and her choking as she tried to swallow the cum pouring into her mouth.

For a few moments we were all still, until Lucy reminded us that she hadn't cum yet. Renee and I joined Lucy on the floor, pushing her backwards so she was lying on her back. Laying on each side of her, we each took a tit and focused our attention there. Lucy's chest was soon gleaming with saliva and her nipples were being vigorously sucked.

I slid a hand down to her pussy and found that Renee was already pumping a finger into her. A few seconds later, Renee let Lucy's nipple fall from her mouth and began to kiss her way down to the junction of her thighs. Lucy moaned in anticipation and I silenced her by covering her mouth with mine. My tongue slid into her mouth and she sucked it greedily.

Renee had meanwhile made her way past Lucy's belly and was eating her pussy. I could feel Lucy's body quivering from the sensations and returned my attention to her chest. Lucy, however, had different ideas. She scrambled into the doggy style position with Renee beneath her. She grunted for me to fuck her, and I quickly moved into position. Renee grabbed a throw pillow to lift her head up and began once again to lap at the lips of Lucy's cunt.

My cock was still hard, although I knew it would be some time before I came again. However, that wasn't going to stop me. I eased the head to the entrance of Lucy's twat. Before I had a chance to push inside, Renee stopped her actions long enough to guide me inside her partner. In no time, I was buried to the hilt and pumping in and out in a slow, steady rhythm. Renee went back to her oral ministrations, focusing mainly on Lucy but occasionally licking my shaft as it withdrew or sucking on my balls when they came within reach of her hungry mouth.

Lucy was gasping and moaning now, encouraging us both. I grabbed her hips for leverage and increased my pace. Renee kept her attention on Lucy now, sucking her clit and letting her teeth graze the slick marble as it popped back out. In a few minutes, Lucy began to rise toward her own orgasm, crying to us to make her cum.

"Yes, that's it! Oh God, it feels so good. Suck it, honey, suck! Make me cum, please make me cum, I need it so bad."

Suddenly it was on her and she began to slam her hips back against me, begging for more.

"Fuck me, Henry, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Her voice rose to piercing cry and her body began to shake as she came. I continued to thrust inside her until she fell silent, then let my cock slip from her cunt. Renee immediately sucked me inside as Lucy climbed off her and lay on her side. My cock was coated with juices from Lucy's pussy and slid completely into Renee's mouth in one smooth motion. I fucked her mouth for the next few minutes, her mouth eagerly accepting me on each downstroke.

Lucy recovered quickly and moved around behind me, positioning herself between Renee's legs. She began to feast on Renee's twat, driving her tongue deep inside. I stopped Renee briefly to change positions and in a minute, my tongue was at work alongside Lucy's. I focused on Renee's clit while Lucy probed her cunt and in a few minutes, Renee was twisting frantically beneath us.

We continued the dual assault on her while she bucked her hips up to keep herself open to us. Before too long, she was building to another climax. She released my cock from her mouth and began to moan.

"Oh, yes. Oohh, yes. Ooohhh, yes! Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod! Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes!"

She was almost shouting now but none of us cared, lost as we were in the pleasures of the flesh. Her bucking movements made it hard to keep her clit in my mouth, but I doggedly continued to stimulate it as much as I could. Seconds later she reached her peak and her shouts turned to whimpering moans of ecstasy.

She shook for several minutes as we continued to eat her, but finally the sensations became too much and she squeezed her thighs shut and curled up protectively. I moved off her and Lucy slid away as well. Still horny, Lucy and I assumed the sixty nine position, with her on top.

We licked and sucked each other at a slower pace this time. Our need for release was lessened and allowed more time for exploration. I ran my tongue up and down her labia several times, drinking in the juices that leaked out. My tongue forced itself between the lips and I wiggled it inside her, releasing more fluids.

Lucy, meanwhile, concentrated on covering the shaft of my cock with licks and kisses. Every inch felt the gentle caress of her lips and tongue, while her hands rubbed and tickled my balls. After five minutes of this, she started on the head. Swirling her tongue around the tip, she then let it slide slowly into her mouth and began to bathe it with spit. The sensitive spot just below the crown received extra attention, causing my entire member to swell with delight.

Suddenly I felt warm air against my balls and realized Renee must have joined us once more. Sure enough, my balls were sucked into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. Only in my dreams had I ever hoped to receive such loving attention from two mouths simultaneously. For the first time, it really struck me that I was living a life long fantasy by enjoying two women at the same time.

Lucy's cunt was still planted firmly on my mouth and I hadn't stop probing it with my own tongue. Abruptly her whole body lifted from my face and she reversed herself before sitting down once more. She was now facing away from my cock and I was virtually trapped under her.

My tongue dove once more into her steamy hole and the flow of her juices increased dramatically. I had to swallow constantly to keep from drowning in them. My nose was pressed against her clit and she rocked gently back and forth to let it stimulate her.

Renee let my balls slide from her mouth and began to lick her way back up the shaft. She moved slowly, letting her tongue roam over the entire underside, from balls to crown. She sucked the loose skin below the head into her mouth then ran her tongue back down to my balls. Once more, she worked her way back to the top and now began licking the entire head.

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