tagInterracial LoveUnconventional Counseling Ch. 04

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 04


As Dr. Perry awaited her newest patient she reflected on how far her practice had come in the last twenty-two years, and especially the last sixteen when she began her current specialization. Like many in her profession, Dr. Elizabeth Perry, or Liz, had gotten into the field of psychology, in part, to better understand her own inner demons.

Liz had had a disturbing but formative experience as an 18-year-old high school student when a girl friend had peeked into the boy's locker room after football practice and then dared Liz to do the same. What she saw there as the naked athletes showered, changed, and cavorted was indelibly imprinted on her developing sexuality. Although Liz and her friend giggled about what they'd seen, Liz was profoundly and permanently affected.

She had seen penises before, she'd even begun jerking her boyfriend off, but those black boys' cocks left her breathless. They were so much bigger and thicker than what she saw when she stroked her boyfriend's cock and they weren't even hard.

Liz became obsessed and, almost as quickly, repressed her obsession. In those days, interracial relationships were very much against the mores of the community. Liz was inclined toward submissiveness and her timidity required that she reject this most taboo relationship, that of the white female and black male.

When she masturbated, it was always while fantasizing about a big black cock. Seeing a black man, especially an athlete would fire her loins and send her racing for home or searching for a secluded place to finger herself. No sooner would she get herself off than Liz would begin the process of castigating herself. She would loathe and punish herself.

Liz would deliberately walk out of her way to protect herself from viewing black football or basketball players. Her most difficult course in college was a simple anthropology survey class. It was the only undergrad C she received.

It wasn't that the easy material baffled her. The class was populated with an abundance of scholarship athletes, many of whom were black. Liz was unable to concentrate in class. Sometimes she would skip class altogether and not permit herself to view those black gods to punish herself for the fingering she given herself after the previous meeting.

At one point, Liz had thought of majoring in education. Secretly, almost subconsciously, she harbored a fantasy that teaching would afford her access to hard-bodied, young black athletes. Her career ambitions changed when she took a human sexuality course from Dr. Mick Perry.

Dr. Mick, as he was known, had a national reputation in sexual counseling. He came from England and his crisp British accent attracted many an attractive coed. His short stature and slight build carried over to his male equipment as well.

Barely an inch long when flaccid, Dr. Mick did not extend four inches when fully erect. The psychologist could get many a woman into bed but, like that notorious pumpkin nosher, he couldn't keep her. Like Peter, Mick was also strongest in oral areas, preferring 69's or a good, one-sided pussy eating to intercourse. So did his women.

Liz fell in love with Dr. Mick. She worked in his office as an upperclassman and became his protégé when she enrolled in graduate school. An important part of her Ph.D. work included a thorough counseling. Mick served as Liz's therapist for those sessions and after covering each of the basic psychological areas, he focused Liz on her sexual issues.

Mick knew Liz's deepest problems and their sessions usually featured viewing hardcore pornography in his effort to crack her. He finally broke through by taking Liz to a showing of the newly released adult film, Behind the Green Door.

Over repeated viewings and in multiple sessions, Liz unlocked her secrets as she watched and commented on the activities of the star Marilyn Chambers and her black paramour Johnny Keyes.

Liz fell in love with Keyes' cock. She obsessed over it and masturbated herself to her, at the time, most satisfying orgasms as she described to Mick what she'd like to do with it.

It was with Liz that Dr. Mick pioneered the technique Liz later used in her own practice of having patients expose their genitals during therapy.

Initially, Mick had Liz strip completely naked but he later refined this to exposing the genitalia only while remaining clothed otherwise. This focused the patient and reinforced the idea that only the sex organs were important and not the rest of the body.

Liz was not the only one who had fallen in love. To Mick, Liz was a dream come true: young and beautiful, intelligent yet desirable. She loved him and Mick was determined to keep this one.

He used her submissiveness against her. Dr. Mick had Liz masturbate and describe her thoughts. Mick interjected elements he felt would enhance her experience. Again, he introduced her to the technique of talking a patient off that Liz would use with great success.

He had Liz masturbate with everything from fingers to dildos, fruits and vegetables to bottles, handles, and candles. He noticed that size mattered to Liz.

Mick realized he'd never be able to keep Liz with his own dick but he had the good fortune to be the counselor to his own and two other colleges' sports teams. He introduced Liz into what he knew she couldn't resist and he fed her obsession.

Dr. Mick kept Liz the way a dealer keeps an addict. He supplied her what she'd do anything to get: big black cock. Under Dr. Mick's tutelage, Liz spent more than two years trying to quench the fires of lust that had smoldered since high school.

She engaged in double and triple penetrations, gang bangs and circle sucks, and simulated anal rape. Liz was tied up and penetrated. She was forced to kneel, hand cuffed while black men raped her mouth. She was collared and became the slut slave of a twenty-year-old halfback.

Eventually, Liz came to realize that there was no putting out her fires. They could only be contained by the application of cum from big black hoses. Dr. Mick promised to protect and provide for Liz.

When they married, he became her willing accomplice and cuckold. She fed him his first cream pie and he was the first to sample one from her. In the world of the cuckold they had taken each other's virginity.

When she first went into practice, Liz sought patients who were part of the fledgling adult film industry being carried on in their city. She got herself invited to filmings hoping to meet the local equivalent of Johnny Keyes. Instead, she met Loretta.

At 23, Loretta was considerably thinner, and passingly pretty. She was trying to catch a break as a starlet but mostly found work on the sets as a fluffer.

Liz had many questions for Loretta, many of which had to do with the blacks who were hired to perform. Liz also had other inquiries. Did Loretta enjoy what she did? How did she feel afterward? Was she disappointed that some other women got the "money shot" she had prepared?

Eventually, Loretta married a guy who had filled in one time as a cameraman and drifted away from the scene. Liz found her and hired her as office manager/receptionist.

* * * *

When Donald arrived for his next weekly therapy session, he immediately sent it in a direction that confirmed Liz's perception that Saturday would be the right time to consummate Donald and Song Lee's relationship as cuckold and wife. Reclined on the leather couch, pants off, towel in place, Donald began.

"Dr. Perry, we've really got to do something about Sammy."

"What's the issue, Donald?"

"He's costing me too much money, among other things?"


"Every time he comes over it costs me $250 and all Song Lee does is suck him off. She's trying to live up to my wishes not to fuck the guy anymore but he's more demanding than ever.

"On Sunday afternoon for example, I'm watching football when the phone rings. I get it and it's Sammy. Song Lee picks up and tells me she's got it and I can hang up. A minute later she's throwing my car keys at me and yelling at me to move my car.

"When I try to ask her why, she says, "Just do it!" I'm driving my car over to the visitors parking when who passes me but Sammy -- he called Song Lee from his cell phone -- and he parks right in the spot I just vacated.

"Song Lee comes out of the condo and gets into the passenger seat. This is broad daylight. Any of our neighbors could have seen, probably did. No sooner is she in the car than her head disappears into his lap. He must have been driving with his cock out."

"You're sure?"

"Damn right I'm sure. I wasn't going to just stand there while she blew him, so I went back into our condo. I walked right past the car and looked in. Sammy's fat cock was jammed into her mouth.

"About twenty minutes later Song Lee comes back in slamming the door. I was pissed at her but tried to be nice. "What's wrong?" I ask. "He didn't even cum!" she screamed and stormed into our bedroom and slammed that door.

"He's calling three or four times a week. And if he isn't calling her, she's calling him. I'm being put upon -- moving my car in the middle of my game -- and now he's withholding cum and I'm the one getting punished. It can't go on."

In addition to being a talented therapist, Dr. Perry was a shrewd businesswoman. She had built her operation up to the point she was clearing more than $2 million per year, and that didn't include her counseling activities. The thousand dollars a week Sammy was bleeding out of Donald was money that should be coming to her, and she intended to get it.

"Donald, I'm abandoning that party idea I was telling you about last week. We're going to conduct an intervention."

Dr. Perry almost laughed out loud at herself. Intervention? Where had that thought come from? In reality, it was just something Dr. Perry made up on the spot. They would do exactly as she had planned, only it would be called something else, something dramatic, and she'd charge twice as much.

The idea sounded fabulous to Donald.

"What's an intervention?"

"You've heard of families kidnapping a member from a cult and deprogramming them. It's the same concept except that de-programming consists of showing Song Lee there are better options than Sammy available. Lionel will do that job nicely."

Donald's delight it turned out was to be the knowledge that his potency and value to Song Lee would not be his own cocksmanship but the ability to provide her with a better bull than she had secured on her own.

"I must go out for a while. I'll send Loretta in she has all the details. You have plenty to do to get ready so you should skip group this week. I'll see you Saturday."

For the first time, Loretta saw Donald completely flaccid. His penis looked like a little boy's. Poor man, she thought, fucked by the lottery of life. Loretta forced herself to be upbeat.

"Oh, Donald!" she enthused, "Congratulations! This is going to be so much fun." Handing him a two-inch thick binder, she continued, "This contains everything you'll need to know, how to dress, what to say. It gives directions to Dr. Perry's estate and proper times to arrive. Dr. Perry tells me Lionel is to be the bull is that true?!?!"

"So I hear," Donald replied beginning to become aroused.

Loretta flipped to a page in the binder. "That's him." The picture of the flaccid black organ was the one Dr. Perry had showed him last week. Donald's cock twitched as it inflated.

"Is he hung or what?" asked Loretta. "Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm. I swear he's bigger soft that you are hard, Donald," Loretta deliberately teased the patient when she saw his cock complete its erection.

"I suppose so," sighed Donald.

"Those fucking bulls are just too much," sighed Loretta in return. "OK, let me outline what will happen. It will be like a wedding. Song Lee will wear a white gown and you a tuxedo. Lionel will wear a tuxedo as well. You will be called on to give your wife away -- there's a little speech in the binder for you to memorize.

"There will probably be a couple recruits who will serve as ushers and two of the wives will be bridesmaids. Dr. Perry will officiate. She will pronounce them "bull and slut" and you "cuckold and wife." Once the wife cuckolds her husband she is referred to as a 'slut' by the bulls and other wives but a 'wife' by the husband and other cucks. Is that clear?"

Donald nodded.

"Are you excited?"

Donald nodded again, then indicating his hard on, broke into a big grin.

"Is it time to relieve myself?" he asked.

Loretta laughed, and nodded. "This is a special time. Your first time. For this time only, Dr. Perry lets me bend the rules just a little. I'm allowed to touch you for a few minutes but you must promise not to cum. That you must finish for yourself. Can you promise?"

"I promise."

"Would you rather I use my hand or my mouth?"

Loretta had been Dr. Perry's patient for a while when all the sexual goings-on caused her to have raging urges. When she told Dr. Perry she missed her days as a fluffer, Dr. Perry devised this reward for her employee.

Later, in a true stroke of genius, Dr. Perry invited Loretta to her parties and had her perform as a fluffer for any bull that desired that service. Now, the bulls would not attend a party without Loretta.

"Your mouth," Donald said gratefully, just like all the rest.

Turning away, Loretta appeared to slip something into her mouth.

Maybe it was one of those super mints, those Altoids, Donald thought hopefully. He'd heard the sensation of a woman giving a blowjob with one of those in her mouth was incredible.

When she turned back, Loretta bent forward and completely engulfed Donald's phallus. Biting down at the root of his cock, she slowly scraped her mouth back up his cock. Loretta hadn't put something into her mouth; she'd taken something out. Without her dentures, Loretta was giving Donald the most incredible sensation he'd ever felt: a gum job.

"Oh my god!" Donald yelled as Loretta dipped and withdrew a second time. On her third downward stroke, Donald blew his load. Loretta quickly withdrew her mouth letting him shoot into the air, but not before he'd sent a second jet of cum into her gulping mouth.

Loretta knew what she was doing was against the rules, but who could say it was her fault. It was the guys who always shot off so quickly and without telling her. Of course she knew they were cumming. She'd wait for two and sometimes three cum jets before pulling off the cock.

It could easily be explained by saying he surprised her. In the meantime, the best part of the load lingered on her tongue to be savored. And who was hurt, really?

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