tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnconventional Therapy Ch. 02

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 02


Sandra put away her strap on while Alex went to take a shower. He seemed both excited and shaken by recent events and Sandra smiled. Waiting until he shut the bathroom door she went over to her dresser and retrieved a small box. She opened it and removed the object inside. It was a small coin with pagan symbols on it. One side depicted the horned god while the other simply had a chalice. It had been passed down as a family heirloom for generations, no-one knowing the power it held until Sandra had received it. She had researched the coin extensively and found it was used in ancient marriage rituals that allowed the two people to experience life as the other. She had three spells that were to be used with the coin, along with four more that had been lost to time and were only partially complete. The three she had were enough for her needs though. The first allowed for the transfer of two peoples minds, when one was sleeping and the other was engaging in sexual activity the minds would swap until orgasm was achieved. It allowed a couple security in knowing the other wasn't sneaking off in the night to commit adultery and if they were, they wouldn't be the one to experience it. The next spell took things a step further, allowing the minds to be swapped at any time simply by rotating the coin on its axis one hundred and eighty degrees clockwise. Rotating it counter clockwise swapped them back. The third spell cancelled out the first two, unlinking the target couple from the coin.

The others she hadn't managed to fully research. Two she had found parts of the spell but had no idea what they actually did. A third she had only found reference to but no part of the spell seemed to exist and the fourth she was close to finishing but had yet to figure out the final line. She had been working on it for months. It was a rather unusual spell that she only had a vague idea of what it did. It seemed to focus on physical transformation instead of mental transfer which was very different from the others. She was excited to finish it but had much more research to do. So far she had tried all the spells out, even on some of her customers. She obviously had not told most them about the coin, simply passed it off as hypnosis that allowed them to have intense dreams. The few who she had used the second spell on had paid highly and all signed non disclosure agreements. Even after signing the documents most didn't believe it was possible until the moment it actually happened. That was always a fun revelation but it was surprising how many marriages it saved.

Sandra placed the coin back in it's box and shut the drawer as she heard the shower shut off. Alex appeared a few moments later only wearing a towel wrapped around his waste as his clothes were still piled by the bed side. He looked at Sandra and she noticed his cock begin to harden again under the towel. She had yet to get changed, still wearing the fishnets, thong and corset. She felt a swell of pride that her body could still elicit such a reaction from a young man. Not many women at forty years old kept their body as tight and toned as she did and she was glad to see the hard work paid off. She walked over to him and grabbed the towel, pulling it off and dropping to her knees.

Alex couldn't believe his luck, he was glad he had decided to take the chance coming over here rather than spending the day alone. He groaned as she took his cock into her mouth and began to tease it with her tongue, circling the head before taking it fully into her mouth. Her lips felt like heaven against his sensitive tip as she ran them back and forth with just the right amount of pressure. She bobbed her head back and forth while her hand worked his shaft, twisting and stroking in carefully planned movements for the maximum effect. He wrapped his fingers through her hair, grabbing it tightly which only seem to encourage her. With a gentle nudge she took him further into her mouth, slowly bobbing back and forth as he slid into her throat. Once again her nose touched his stomach and she began to hum. The vibration of her throat pressing against his cock felt like nothing he had experienced before. He wondered how long she could stay there without breathing as she kept him buried deep in her throat for almost a minute. She finally backed off and reached round and grabbed his ass. She pulled gently and he got the hint, slowly beginning to thrust back and forth as she kept her head still.

He went slow at first but she pulled at him again, encouraging him to go faster. He obliged and was soon fucking her face, holding her head still with his hands as he thrust into her mouth. He pushed deeper until his cock was sliding down her throat with each thrust. He was amazed by her gag reflex, or rather lack of one, as she took it without even flinching, timing her breaths between thrusts as his cock slid in and out. She groaned and he realized she had two fingers buried deep in her pussy. The room was filled with the wet gurgles of her throat as she moaned around his cock. Her voice rose a decibel or two as she brought herself to orgasm but never once did she pull away from his cock even as her body twitched in pleasure. She looked up at him as she pulled her fingers out of herself, reaching up she grabbed her cock and took control again. She worked him hard and fast and his cock began to twitch in her hand. Releasing it from her mouth she stroked the tip vigorously, pushing him over the edge as her emptied his load onto her outstretched tongue and face, his cock pulsing in time with the strokes of her hand. Much of it dripped down to coat her breasts and she simply spread it across her skin with her free hand. She sucked every drop she could from him before licking him clean. He let go of her hair and slumped against the wall.

"That was amazing" he panted, catching his breath.

"Looks like it's my turn to take a shower" she grinned back at him, wiping away a stray rope of cum from her cheek with her finger before licking it clean. "I'm sure you can show yourself out?" She finished.

Alex wasn't sure how he felt about being dismissed so casually but she stood up and give it a quick kiss before heading into the bathroom. He could taste the salt of himself on his lips as he heard the shower start running. He shook his head with a smile and went to gather his clothes. After getting dressed he debated shouting goodbye but decided against it and went downstairs, letting himself out and climbing into his car. He drove home with a wide grin on his face. He normally didn't chase older woman, especially ones that much older than him but now he was reconsidering. Although he doubted many were quite like Sandra. He arrived home and found Kate was already there, she asked him where had had been and he lied saying he had gone to the local computer store. It was the one place he did actually visit quite regularly, constantly updating and modifying his system when money allowed so Kate didn't question it.

He went upstairs and spent the evening chatting and playing games with some online friends. He hadn't received any more work so had the entire evening to himself. Other than briefly going downstairs for some food he spent the evening in solitude. The day had worn him out so he went to bed early. It was a peaceful sleep only rudely interrupted by the sounds of Ashley returning home in the morning. He woke up to hear her crashing about in the kitchen. That was one of his pet peeves, she never had any consideration for other people sleeping, once she was awake everyone was awake. He groaned and crawled out of bed. He knew from past experience she wasn't going to shut up anytime soon and he definitely wasn't going to get back to sleep. His stomach grumbled and he realized he was surprisingly hungry so he threw on some clothes and went downstairs despite his better judgement. He usually preferred to avoid the kitchen when Ashley was in it.

"Morning" he said sleepily, trying to judge what mood she was in by her response.

"Oh hi" she said quietly which was unusual.

"Everything alright?" He asked, wary of her overly peaceful demeanor.

"Yeah fine, just making some toast, you want some?" She asked. Her tone was entirely neutral and it was really starting to weird Alex out.

"Yeah sure, thanks" he said carefully. He wasn't sure if this was some kind of trick or Ashley was genuinely offering to do something nice for him for the first time in his life. He sat at the table and watched her make toast, she seemed extra focused on her task and refused to look over at Alex. She turned and handed him a plate with two slices of buttered toast on it but still refused to look at him. He thanked her and she ignored it, taking her own pieces of toast upstairs to her room which again was odd, Ashley never took food to her room. Alex shrugged to himself and took a bite of his toast, he was sure she would revert back to her usual snappy self soon when whatever was bothering her had passed.

Much to Alex's surprise the next few days were much the same, Ashley was still snappy with him but much less than usual. He wondered what was wrong with her but at the same time didn't want to ask in case it turned her back to her usual self. It was almost time for their weekly session with Sandra. He was a bit nervous about facing her, what if she said something in front of Ashley, she'd most definitely tell Kate and he didn't want to cause any problems in their friendship. He decided to just see what happened, no point worrying about something that may never happen and he shut down his computer. He went and knocked on Ashleys door and she called she'd be out in a minute. He didn't even try to enter, he knew the door would be locked. No-one went into Ashleys room, not even her own mother. Whether she was home or not Ashley always kept the door locked tight. He heard the click and the door swung open. Ashley quickly stepped out and locked it again behind her. She didn't meet his gaze as she walked past him and he followed her down the stairs. They went out to the car in silence and started it up. Just as he began to pull out of the drive way Ashley turned to him.

"Do we really have to do this?" She asked almost desperately.

"It's your mother making us go, we don't have a choice unless you want to move out," he replied.

"Fine let's just get this over with" she relented after a moments consideration. They drove the rest of the way in silence and arrived just before their appointment was due to start. Alex felt apprehension at seeing Sandra again with Ashley around. He looked over at her and she seemed equally uncomfortable about the idea of going inside. He decided to just get it over with, the longer he sat in the car the more Ashley might grow suspicious seeing as he had already been here twice as far as she knew and had never hesitated before. Ashley watched him climb out of the car before following him up to the door. They knocked and heard Sandra moving towards the door before it swung open and she greeted them.

Alex's stomach did a small flip as the door opened but Sandra greeted them both and invited them in just like she had on the previous occasions and made no sign that she had seen Alex since their last session. Ashley walked straight to the sofa with her head down and Alex followed behind as Sandra shut the door. They sat down together and Sandra poured each of them a glass of water before sitting down opposite.

"So how has your week been? Anything interesting happen?" She asked. Alex noticed her eyes flick to him as she smiled but pretended not to notice.

"Nope all pretty quiet" He replied.

"How about you Ashley?" Sandra asked.

"Nope, all pretty much the usual" she answered quickly, still refusing to look up at either of them.

"What's wrong? It seems like something is bothering you" Sandra pressed.

"Nothings wrong, I'm fine" Ashley lied as her cheeks started to go red.

"I may not know you very well but I think you're hiding something. Now you don't have to tell us if you don't want to but the whole point of you being here is to open up, so I would encourage you to speak" Sandra said in a very professional tone.

"You have been acting strange all week" Alex commented as Ashley took a sip of her water.

"Strange how?" Sandra asked, directing the question to Alex.

"She's been polite for a start, even making me some toast for breakfast and not insulting me which is extremely strange. I was starting to wonder if she might be ill" he joked. Ashley swung and slapped him on the arm but only playfully which surprised Alex, she had never done anything playful towards him since he had met her.

"Come on Ashley, anything you say here never leaves this room right Alex?" Sandra said reassuringly staring at Alex. He knew she was serious and agreed it would all remain a secret. Ashley was quiet for a moment, judging whether she believed them before finally speaking.

"I had dream" she began but quickly stopped.

"Go on, it's ok" Sandra pressed gently.

"No it's too embarrassing" Ashley replied. They spent a couple of minutes trying to get her to talk about her dream but she wouldn't budge. Alex decided he would share something in hopes it would reassure her. He had enjoyed her not being a complete bitch to him this week and decided if it got her to open up and maybe build some kind of relationship between them, that didn't just involve insults and hatred, then he would accept the embarrassment.

"I had a dream last week I was a woman" he blurted out. Ashley just stared at him like he had admitted he was an alien. Sandra didn't seem surprised at all, Alex figured she had been in this career long enough to have heard much stranger things.

"You were a woman?" Ashley asked. She seemed more curious than shocked by the way she spoke.

"Yeah it was weird" Alex took a second to gather himself before he continued. "I had just fallen asleep and the next thing I knew I was gagged and blindfolded and tied to a table".

"Tied to a table?" Sandra asked, urging him to continue the same way she had Ashley.

"Yeah, like bent over forward over it with my hands above my head," he said, lifting his arms to demonstrate.

"How did you know you were a woman if you were blindfolded and couldn't move?" Sandra asked.

"There was a pressure on my chest like I was leaning on something but when I tried to move I realized they were attached to me" he said, deciding that was enough information and he didn't need to mention it was a sex dream.

"So what happened then?" It was Ashley asking this time, she seemed genuinely intrigued by this dream.

"I woke up" he replied which left Ashley looking slightly disappointed.

"Was that all?" Sandra asked. Alex looked at her, something in her eyes seemed to suggest she knew he was leaving something out. Alex looked over at Ashley who was watching him more intently than he had ever seen her look at anything. With the way they were both looking at him he couldn't shake the feeling they both some how knew that what he had said so far wasn't the full story. He took a sip of his water while he debated if he was going to admit the rest.

"No" he finally admitted. "It was a sex dream". He expected some kind of reaction from either of them but neither flinched, just sitting and waiting expectantly for him to continue. "There was a man and I felt him slide his fingers into what I can only assume was my vagina before he replaced them with his cock. I woke up shortly after that" he told them, unsure why he had suddenly revealed so much.

"So you had a sex dream you were a woman having sex with a man?" Sandra summed up.

"Not by choice" Alex quickly corrected. "I was tied up in the dream".

"So Alex has shared his dream, care to share yours?" Sandra asked Ashley.

"I... I can't" Ashley replied quietly. She drank half of the glass of water slowly, hoping they'd move onto another subject in the mean time.

"Come on, I shared something embarrassing, you can too" Alex said supportively.

"If she doesn't want to then we can't force her to talk" Sandra interjected. "As much as I'd like Ashley to open up it has to be in her own time".

"Thank you" Ashley replied, feeling relieved.

They spent the rest of the hour talking about other things. They popped back to discussing Alex's dream and seeing what he thought it meant. In the end he put it down to wondering what sex was like for a woman but that didn't explain the bondage element. Maybe it was just his mind coming up with something to make it more exciting. By the end of the session everyone seemed to have forgotten about Ashley's dream. They all got up and said goodbye before Sandra showed them out. She hugged each of them as they went out the door and she grabbed Alex's ass before grinning at him and shutting the door. They made their way to the car and climbed in. Sandra watched them leave before pouring away the water. She was surprised by Ashley's resistance to her special water which had contained an old, again pagan, tincture that was tasteless and meant to help whoever drank it feel less inhibited to speak their mind. It was something she had stumbled across while researching the coin and had found it extremely useful in her line of work. At least Alex had seemed susceptible to it and opened up. She briefly wondered if Ashley would realise what his dream really was.

Back in the car they had got almost half way home before Ashley spoke.

"Have you slept with Sandra?" She asked suddenly. Alex almost swerved the car, shocked by the sudden accusation. He wondered if she had seen her grab his ass on his way out but he knew she had been ahead of him walking away.

"Why would you ask that?" He proved.

"Because it would explain both of our dreams if you had" she replied.

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