tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnconventional Therapy Ch. 03

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 03


"What do you mean? Why would me sleeping with Sandra have anything to do with my dream? Or your dream for that matter, I don't even know what yours was," Alex told Ashley as he pulled up to the side of the road. He felt this was going to be a longer conversation.

"Just answer the question, did you sleep with Sandra last week?" She asked him again.

"Yes and how did you know it was last week?" He relented. He wanted to know what the hell she was talking about and knew that wouldn't happen if he didn't tell her.

"And your dream, did that happen when I was staying at Mikes?" She continued, saying it more like a statement than a question as if she already knew the answer.

"Yes how did you know?" Alex replied. He was starting to get concerned, he hadn't mentioned that before.

"Because it wasn't a dream. You were me. That night I blacked out while me and Mike were having sex. I was tied to a table, gagged and blindfolded. I woke up and was so horny but Mike told me we had already had sex and he had heard and felt me orgasm but I had no memory of it" she explained.

"I was you? What? That makes no sense. Besides What has that got to do with me fucking Sandra?" He asked but then suddenly remembered, he had blacked out too and could only remember everything from after he had already cum once.

"Because I was you. That was my dream. One minute I'm at Mikes taking a nap, the next I was dreaming I was at Sandra's fucking her. I was you, I saw my face in the mirror on the dresser but I thought it was a dream so I went with it and even did anal. After being on the receiving end so many times I wanted to try being the one giving it" she explained although Alex thought that last part wasn't really necessary. Not that that was what was important right now.

"So you're telling me we swapped bodies while one of us was sleeping and the other was having sex?" He asked disbelievingly.

"That's what I think happened yes. How else can you explain both of us blacking out and both of us having dreams about being in the others body?" She asked. He hadn't told her he had blacked out and he hadn't said or even know he was in her body but it was too much of a coincidence to deny.

"That's fucking crazy," he said finally. "We are fucking crazy."

"Maybe we are but it's unlikely we would both go crazy about the same thing at the same time without discussing it previously" she countered. Even with everything going on he couldn't deny her logic was sound, no wonder she had done so well in college if she managed to keep this level a head all the time. He wondered why she had always been such a bitch to him.

"So if we swapped bodies when one of us was napping, maybe sex is the trigger and an orgasm is what swaps us back?" He said thinking out loud. He was still debating whether he had gone insane.

"That's what I think. You're right this is crazy, how is something like this even possible?" She asked. They both looked at each other and knew there was no answer.

"How about we go home, you take the day off tomorrow and we will do some research? Try and figure out how all of this is possible" Alex suggested.

"Sounds good. I can't believe this is happening, I thought my mind had just betrayed me but this weirdly makes more sense," Ashley said as he started the car.

"Betrayed you?" Alex asked as he pulled back into the road.

"Well of all the guys I could have dreamed about being you're not exactly top of my list," she said smiling.

"Oh fuck you" he replied. Surprisingly they both burst out laughing. It was the first time ever that they had actually laughed with each other. They arrived home and went to their separate rooms agreeing to get an early night and start researching in the morning. They agreed not to mention this to anyone in case they were locked up for being insane. Alex went to his room and booted up his computer, he did some quick looking around but could only find fictional stories about mind control and body swapping, no actual evidence of it happening. He felt drained and decided an early night sounded good so he switched off his computer again and got into bed. He fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

He woke up and instantly knew it had happened again. Everything just felt not quite right. He laid there taking stock of the situation, he was in Ashley's room, or at least he thought he was from how little he had seen of it. He sat up and felt hair tickle his neck and a strange weight on his chest. He felt surprisingly calm as he realized it was her long hair and her breasts. If they hadn't had the conversation about this earlier he'd have been seriously freaked out but thankfully he was calm. He threw back the covers and swung his legs off the bed, they were shorter than he was used to and he felt a moistness in his crotch. He noticed his fingers felt sticky and knew Ashley had been masturbating before they swapped. That must have been what triggered it he thought. He then realized he was still quite horny, or at least her body was and briefly considered finishing her task but decided against it. If they were right then orgasms were the trigger to swap back and he needed to prove this was real.

He found the light and switched it on. The first thing he noticed was he was naked. The second was the large mirror in the corner of the room. He stood up and walked over, noticing everything felt a little bit off being shorter than usual and it was quite unnerving feeling nothing between his legs as he moved. He reached the mirror and stood in front of it, admiring Ashley's naked body. She obviously worked out from the toned muscles and defined abs she had but that wasn't what he was interested in. He cupped her breasts and hefted then in his hands, noting how soft they felt and how pleasant it was to squeeze them gently. He turned and checked her ass, it was as tight and toned as the rest of her. He had to admit she had a fantastic body and he felt himself getting turned on.

Deciding to move on before he couldn't ignore that urge anymore he looked around for something to wear. He found her night clothes by the bed, a pair of shorts and a strappy top, she had obviously stripped and thrown them there before she began her fun. He threw them on and unlocked the door, carefully sneaking through to his own bedroom. He opened the door and found himself face to face with his own sleeping body. He tip toed over and shook his own shoulder. Suddenly the world span and he found himself looking up at Ashley and feeling extremely groggy and horny.

"What the" Ashley started.

"It happened again. I was you so I came here to wake you up but it seems if the other wakes up the switch back happens," he explained, trying to ignore the growing hardness in his crotch.

"So it's not just sex that does it" Ashley commented distractedly, her eyes glued to the growing lump in Alex's covers. She bit her lip and before she realized what she was doing she climbed up onto the bed and straddled him while kissing him forcefully. Alex didn't resist and kissed her back as he lifted the hem of her top. She broke away as he pulled off her top and she scrambled to pull the covers from underneath her. She climbed off him and slid off her shorts as he kicked off his boxers. Without a word they both knew what to do as she got on all fours and he knelt behind her.

With one thrust he buried himself to the hilt in her already slick pussy. She moaned in satisfaction as he filled her, all nine inches sitting inside her. It didn't hurt, she had used bigger toys with Mike in their sessions but none of them felt as good as a real cock. He began to thrust into her, no slow build up just pure animalistic lust as he groaned and grunted. She grabbed at the bed sheets and buried her head in his pillow as she felt her orgasm already approaching. She was so horny just one finger could have pushed her over the edge in no time at all and Alex's cock was hitting all the right spots. She yelped as he slapped her ass hard, her skin stinging from the contact and it drove her even closer to the edge of orgasm.

His thrusts picked up the pace and she knew he was close but it didn't matter, she was already there moaning loudly as her toes curled and she reached her peak and crashed down the other side. She rocked her hips and bit down on the pillow as her whole body shook with pleasure. Her pussy clamped down on his cock, squeezing tightly as he continued to thrust. It pushed him over the edge and he moaned out as she felt his cock swell and twitch before it emptied it's load inside her. He kept thrusting, milking himself as he filled her, pushing her to another orgasm straight off the back of the first. She nicked against him as he buried himself to the hilt, fully spent and satisfied. He slid himself out and they both collapsed onto the bed, drained and giggling in post orgasm bliss.

"That was something" she said as she painted for breath.

"Tell me about it. That's how I felt last time, it must be a side effect of the switching back," he replied.

"Right now I don't care, that felt so good" she grinned. Alex couldn't believe the last few weeks had been real. He had gone from a normal life to two impossible things happening, switching bodies and fucking Ashley. Ok the second one he knew had always been possible but still extremely unlikely but swapping bodies was just insane. He felt he had a good grasp of basic science and nothing he could come up with gave any sense to how it had happened. Sure maybe it was possible someone in a lab had come up with a way to swap a consciousness from one mind to another and had kept a secret, scientific breakthroughs were often made and kept quiet until someone had figured out the best way to profit from it. Even then though he didn't imagine anyone could do it without some kind of machine and the targets knowing about it.

Ashley wriggled beside him and he realized she had fallen asleep resting her head on his chest. He looked down at her naked body and felt his cock stir again. He had always known she was attractive but had never really been interested, her ice queen like personality had overridden any sexual attraction in the past but now all this had happened he saw he in a new light. He studied her as she slept, the curve of her breasts, the arch of her back, her toned, shapely legs leading up to her tight round ass. His cock was hard now, begging for attention but he decided to ignore it in case it ended up switching them again. He closed his eyes and fell asleep with Ashley still on his chest.

He woke up the next morning and found Ashley had gone. He got up and went through his daily morning routine before venturing downstairs for some breakfast. He found Ashley sat at the table with her laptop in front of her while she ate a bowl of cereal. He grabbed a bowl for himself and sat down next to her.

"Where's Kate?" He asked.

"Went for breakfast with some friends, hasn't come back yet," Ashley replied, her eyes glued to her laptop screen.

"Looking at something interesting?" Alex joked.

"A coin. Or rather a story about a coin. According to this it was used in Pagan rituals for all sorts of things, one that allowed couples to experience life as the other for a time" she said, finally stopping reading and turning the laptop to show Alex.

"Where have we heard that recently?" He remarked as he looked at the coin.

"Heard what?" Ashley asked.

"The experience things as he other does," he said pointedly. He wasn't sure if he was being paranoid but it sounded too close to what Sandra had first told them to be ignored. "This did all happen after we went to see Sandra the first time."

"You think she did this to us? You think that coin is real?" She asked.

"Well it might and it would explain things. How did you even find that anyway? I tried looking last night but didn't get anywhere," He replied.

"I started by looking for any stories about people swapping bodies. At first I just found a load of fiction but then I found some historical records of things that were recorded happening around pagan times so I looked into that. They had spells and rituals for all sorts but when I narrowed it down to body swapping or mind moving or whatever you want to call it this coin was the only thing left. I did find a lot of other things from other cultures and dynasties but this had the most historical records of everything I could find" she said with a hint of pride in her voice.

"How long have you been looking? What time did you get up?" He asked.

"I dunno, probably 6 hours ago, some of us have to actually get up early in the mornings. Besides it's almost lunch time, have you not looked at a clock?" She teased. He looked at his phone and saw she was right, it was much later than he thought. Working from home on his own schedule left Alex with little sense of time.

"So why were you eating cereal?" He asked sounding confused.

"I didn't have breakfast, I got to wrapped up in this," she said waving her hand over the laptop.

"So what should we do? Confront Sandra about it?" He asked. "Would she even admit it if we did?"

"I don't know. We could always bring it up next time we see her, less confrontational and more likely she would admit it than if we just turned up accusing her" Ashley suggested.

"Ok and what about until then? What if we swap bodies again?" He asked.

"Then we will just have to deal with it. I have a load of extra days off banked up from all the over time I've done so I can take the week off work, no one should mind too much" she said, more thinking out loud than to Alex. He agreed it was a good idea and started thinking of how they could get Sandra to admit if she had done something. He did briefly wonder whether to mention last night but decided if Ashley hadn't said anything he wouldn't either, the focus for now was Sandra.

The week went quickly, Kate didn't seem to question why Ashley wasn't going to work, she was just happy to finally see her and Alex get along. Ashley had spent most of her time at home and not staying at Mikes but she had gone to see him during the evenings but lied to him to avoid spending the night. The week went pretty normally for Alex, working and playing games while trying to find more information about this coin or any other object that could explain things. He wanted to be sure he had the facts straight before confronting Sandra. They had spent some time thinking of other possibility's but she was the only thing they kept coming back to.

It was the day before they were due to go see Sandra when it happened again. Despite their agreement to sleep at the same time Alex was tired and he decided to have a nap. Ashley was downstairs writing up some paper for work anyway so what harm could it do? As long as she didn't find paperwork extremely arousing then he figured they would be safe if they were right about what triggered the swap.

He laid down in his bed and almost as soon as he closed his eyes he fell asleep. Then he woke up again but this time he was somewhere else. He tried to move but couldn't. At least he could see this time. He looked down and saw the familiar outline of Ashley's body encased in a skintight latex outfit. His arms were encased in something behind his back and he tried to wiggle them free. That wasn't his biggest concern though as he noticed the vibrator strapped between his legs. He recognized it but didn't know the name, it was one of the ones with a long body and round head that were often sold as "body massagers" but no one really bought them for that. It was tied between his legs pressing against his clit, no matter how he wriggled he only managed to increase the pressure of it pressing down. It was set to low and he could feel it causing a small bubble of pleasure as it buzzed away.

Alex was too transfixed to notice the figure sat opposite him in a chair until he heard him move and the chair creaked. Alex's head whipped towards the noise so fast he thought he might have given Ashley whiplash. Sat on an old wooden chair with a device balanced on his leg was Mike, or at least that's who Alex presumed he was as he had never actually seen him before. he was tall, almost as tall as Alex was normally, he was muscular too with a chiseled jaw and short buzz cut hair. Alex vaguely remembered something about him being a fireman but he might have been wrong. Right now all he knew was he was distracted by being bound up and vibrated while Mike sat and watched stroking his erect cock. Alec tried to talk but found he was once again gagged, god damn Ashley and her fetish. Or maybe it was Mikes and she was just going along with it but he doubted it, regardless he tried to call out.

Mike grinned and fiddled with the device on his knee. The vibrations from the toy increased and Alex realized he was controlling it. He tried calling out again but that just seemed to encourage Mike.

"If you want me to stop you know what to do" He teased. Alex wondered what he meant then remembered most people had a safe word. But how do you say a safe word with a gag in? He wondered. Maybe there was some specific action Ashley was meant to do but he had no idea what it was. Alex just struggled against his restraints as the pleasure built, changing from a small ball centered around his clit to pulses of electricity spreading across his stomach. He knew it wouldn't be long before he reached orgasm and he realized that was his way out. As soon as he reached orgasm they'd swap back and he wriggled against the vibrator trying to increase the contact with it. His plan worked and he gasped and panted as the toy worked its magic.

Feeling his body start to twitch with pleasure Alex knew it wouldn't take much more before he reached orgasm. His felt the tingle spread through his body, the pleasure building in his crotch threatening to explode outwards. He moaned loudly round the gag as he very almost reached the peak but suddenly the vibrations lessened dramatically. He felt himself fall away from the brink and whimpered, looking over at Mike who was grinning widely.

"Not so fast" he taunted.

Alex groaned in frustration as he felt the pleasure being held just out of reach. Now he knew what it was like to be kept at the edge as a woman, it was torturous. He felt the vibrations increase again and his hope was renewed. But once again just as he was about to reach the peak Mike dropped him back down. Alex groaned in frustration and longing as this was repeated over and over again. Eventually Alex had forgotten about his plan to swap back, now he just wanted to reach orgasm so badly. He was hot and horny and extremely pent up that he thrust his hips constantly against the toy, desperately trying to get that little extra pressure that would tip him over the edge but Mike seemed to be an expert at keeping it just out of reach. Eventually Mike stood up and walked over to Ashleys twitching body.

"Want me to stop yet? Want me to finally allow you to cum?" He asked in a mocking tone. Alex nodded meekly. Mike grinned back at him and undid the gag. He climbed on top of Alex and straddled his shoulders. "You can cum once I have" he said, rubbing his throbbing cock across Alex's lips. Alex knew what he wanted but he hesitated. He had never sucked a cock before and had never felt the urge to but right now he was so turned on and in a womans body, something about the swollen member in front of him looked quite appealing. He fought a war inside his own, or rather Ashleys, head. Eventually he decided that even if he didn't do it and tried to explain to Mike what had happened he'd never believe him. He'd just think Ashley was playing a prank or had gone insane, neither of which would help his current situation. Besides he couldn't exactly move away being bound like he was and he really wanted to have that orgasm that he had been denied so long. He opened his mouth and Mike grinned at him.

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