tagSci-Fi & FantasyUncourtly Love Ch. 01

Uncourtly Love Ch. 01


The Lady Eloise blinked as she rode out from the semi-dark of the forest and into the bright spring sunlight of the clearing. She relaxed a little, relieved for the moment to be out of the dangerous confines of the trees. Which was when the hooded man jumped up at her, scaring her mount and sending the young noblewoman tumbling to the ground.

Her heart pounding fast, she jumped to her feet, at the same time drawing her rapier from its sheath. She looked around, trying to locate her ambusher. The attack was not yet over, surely. Then, out of the corner of her eye she sensed movement - somehow he had made his way around behind her. She turned quickly, and as the man completed his rush she sidestepped and put out her foot to trip him. It was a manoeuvre she had practiced often, but at the last minute the man nimbly dodged her trap. Eloise smiled, at last recognising her opponent.

"So, you skulk in the forest now, Ranulf?" she called out, all the time keeping her rapier trained on the man.

"Only waiting for you, my lady." Ranulf had pulled a dirk from somewhere in his cloak. It seemed he had planned to use his strength to overwhelm Eloise, and was somewhat under-armed for the contest.

"You must have followed me all morning."

"It isn't such a chore, watching your lovely body jigging on your mount. And it allowed me to confirm that all that riding has made your aristocratic bum nice and firm."

They were circling each other warily, aware that the other's banter was intended to distract. Eloise blushed at Ranulf's coarseness, but kept her attention sharp.

"Why don't you remove the hood, pervert? It only makes you look like a common bandit."

Ranulf laughed. "Getting frustrated, my lady, that you can't look on my handsome face?" As he lifted the hood Eloise took her chance, springing forward. She was sure that this time she had him, and indeed as Ranulf revealed his face he looked startled at Eloise's sudden move. But once again at the last minute he slipped away, and the standoff resumed.

"You know I always win, Eloise," Ranulf said. The young woman looked at his face, and a complex churn of emotions ran through her body. It was true that her childhood companion had grown into a handsome man. And on many an occasion, in her bed at night, that handsome face had been in her mind as her fingers had danced between her legs.

"That was when we were younger, fool. I'm surprised that you seem not to have given up on our youthful games." It was hot in the forest clearing. Eloise wore leather armour, which combined a degree of comfort for travel with some light protection in combat, although she would defend herself primarily with her agility. But as the standoff continued she could feel how hot she was getting.

Ranulf stared at Eloise's full breasts. "These are youthful games...with an adult twist," he said.

Eloise smiled at him. If he thought that somehow he was going to embarrass her into defeat, he was wrong. She glanced down at his groin. "Some things don't seem to have grown much since we were children," she said.

It was Ranulf's turn to look surprised. He clearly hadn't expected the noble lady Eloise to think the way he thought. "Well there is one easy way for me to prove you wrong," he said, a look of playful menace in his eye.

Eloise raised her rapier at him. "No," she said. "I don't recall our competitions finishing so simply. How about...the winner can demand a forfeit from the loser. Like we used to. Only with an adult twist."

Ranulf smiled. Whatever he had originally intended as he set his ambush, clearly the prospect of a contest appealed more. "A forfeit. Any forfeit?"

"Don't be a fool. I won't lose, but in any event there are some things I could not allow. Suffice it to say that if you do win my forfeit would not leave you...unsatisfied."

Ranulf grinned. Eloise's suggestion seemed to have surpassed his expectations. "And from me, my lady?" he asked.

"I expect the same. Although I imagine you are as poor at pleasing a lady as you are at fighting them." With that Eloise lunged forward with the rapier, nicking the side of Ranulf's cloak but failing to score a decisive hit. He whirled round, his dirk catching the strap of Eloise's armour.

"I see you are disrobing for me already," he jeered.

"Too much blood in your cock, fool, not enough left for your brain or your fighting arm." Eloise lunged again, and as Ranulf successfully dodged her move her breasts brushed his arm.

"Enough blood to win and for my cock to fill that tight little cunt of yours, my lady."

Sensing an opportunity, Eloise danced to the left and right, then while Ranulf was momentarily unbalanced leapt onto his back, clinging around him with her arms and legs. He struggled to shake her off, although it seemed he was also enjoying the sensation of Eloise's breasts and the heat of her pussy against his back. "Ready to submit, fool?"

Ranulf struggled again. "I'm tempted to say that staying like this is fine," he said. "On the other hand, this is better." With that he bent low and lifted Eloise over him, breaking her grip and putting her in his arms.

As Eloise struggled she could feel the hardness and heat of Ranulf's cock against her sex. She was hot, sweaty and tired, and frankly there were worse places to be than pressed tight against the young knight. She looked up at him. "I suppose you would like your...satisfaction?"

Ranulf smiled. "I would."

Eloise dropped to her knees. The slight sense of submission excited her. She reached up, and began to stroke Ranulf's erection through the material of his trousers. "Mmm, not so small now. What a brave, proud cock for such a fierce knight." She gently eased it free, and took a moment to appraise Ranulf's manhood. He was hot from his exertions, and his cock gave off a heady odour of pre-cum and sweat. "You do smell good, fool, I'll give you that." She gently took his shaft in her long elegant fingers and began to stroke it methodically.

Eloise looked up. The confident warrior from a few minutes before had been transformed into her slave, his eyes full of need. The heat between her own legs had become unbearable, and she reached with her spare hand under her leather garments and touched herself. Unsurprisingly, her cunt was soaking.

"So do you want satisfaction in my hands, fool? Would that feel good?" Ranulf nodded. He was a fool indeed, Eloise thought, to accept such a cheap prize. "Or what about my mouth?" Her tongue snaked out to lick around Ranulf's cock head. He tasted deliciously of sweat and cum. "Would that satisfy you, fool?"

Ranulf trembled. "Yes."

Eloise stroked Ranulf's balls while her tongue teased his cock. "But you want more, don't you, fool? Men always do."


"Yes, my lady," Eloise corrected him.

"Yes, my lady." Ranulf's knees were slightly bent as he willed his cock towards the young noblewoman's face.

"Well tell me, fool, tell me where you seek your satisfaction." Eloise's fingers were busy on her cunt now, her thumb strumming her aching clitoris while her fingers explored her soaking hole.

"Your cunt, my lady."

Eloise looked up at Ranulf with a lascivious smile. "Of course. But I wager that isn't where your imagination finishes, is it?" Her tongue lapped delicately around his cock, savouring every salty sweaty sensation.

Ranulf shook his head. "No, my lady."

"Well tell me, fool. The blood indeed seems to have left your brain to feed your cock."

Eloise made her mouth into an "O" and teased it around the head of Ranulf's cock as she awaited his response.

Ranulf sighed. "Your arse, my lady. I would fuck your arse."

Eloise lifted her mouth away from Ranulf's cock and stopped stroking his balls. "Then you really are a fool, fool. To presume that you do that, to imagine that you could sodomise someone like me."

Ranulf looked bewildered, desperate. "But you asked..."

"It isn't that you asked, fool, but the fact that you thought it is such a discourtesy." Eloise was lying. The thought of Ranulf taking her in her nether hole - forbidden though it was - thrilled and intrigued her, as it had ever since she had discovered the pleasures of fingering her own behind in her bed at night, accentuating many times the power of her climaxes. But this was combat, as much as the rapier versus dirk combat had been, and Eloise was determined to win a total victory.

Eloise looked at Ranulf's cock, bobbing in front of her face. It still stood proud, the head wet from her saliva. "Have you lost, fool? Do you submit to me?"

Ranulf seemed confused. "Will you still...?"

"With my hand, yes. But first you must agree to give me any satisfaction I demand. Any."

"I agree. I agree."

Eloise reached up and began softly wanking Ranulf again. Her hand was busy between her legs now, as her mind danced around the demands she would make of the young knight. It had felt a little bit delicious kneeling before him, but it felt incredible to control him absolutely.

Ranulf's knees began to buckle and he let out a long animal roar. Eloise offered up her face for his seed, knowing that by offering herself so wantonly Ranulf would only beg to please her more. As she felt the first hot splashes of Ranulf's spunk on her maidenly face, Eloise felt her own orgasm rip through her. Her whole body spasmed with pleasure, each shudder almost coinciding with another spurt of Ranulf's thick white cum.

Finally their climaxes ended, and Ranulf dropped weakly to his knees. Eloise looked at him intently, her chin, cheeks, mouth, forehead and hair all prettily disfigured with his semen. "So, fool, this is what you are going to do for me..."

{Please send me feedback if you have any ideas what Ranulf should do. I have my own ideas but would love to incorporate others in future chapters}

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