tagSci-Fi & FantasyUncovering A Spy

Uncovering A Spy

byBlack Tulip©

The heat of the day was finally cooling down a bit and the shadows below the huge ancient trees were nice. The Amazon warrior shifted, carefully avoiding the clinking of weapons. She had absolutely no wish to make her presence known. The green eyes narrowed slightly as they made a final sweep through the encampment a short distance away. Not really big, but the twenty-odd tents were too much for one. It would be best if she stayed out of sight.

The soldiers inside the camp were convinced of their good fortune; they had no idea they were being fooled. "Capturing an Amazon. Not likely!" The warrior grinned. Her companion had been very determined. She wanted to know more about male soldiers than just old wives tales. So, she had shown herself and led the soldiers on a merry chase through the woods.

"Smart girl, to get caught by the biggest of them all. " The warrior muttered softly.

They had agreed that only one of them should be seen and captured. After all, you never knew what could happen. But right now, the Amazon was less sure of the wisdom in that. The Bitch would not be pleased if her daughter was harmed in any way. The warrior clenched her fists. She knew her sister would be furious if something permanent happened to the Bitch-to-be. But she also agreed with her niece. No better way to learn than to experience. And that soldier had looked very attractive. Even she had seen that. She shook her head at herself. Thoughts like that were close to incestuous.

Slowly the warrior began to ease herself backwards, away from the camp. The soldiers would not leave soon. She had time to go back to the little stream she had found earlier. She could almost hear the cool water rippling and murmuring.

Suddenly she heard a soft rustling. Immediately she froze in place. Had she been seen? She could have sworn nobody had so much as glanced in her direction. Frowning in concentration she tried to look around without lifting her head too much. Everything looked all right. After a few seconds she resumed her crawling.

Finally able to stand, she breathed deeply in and out a couple of times. Inhaling the scent of pine trees simmering in the sun. To be absolutely sure she peeked around the bushes for a final look at the camp. No sign of anything unusual. Just the occasional sound of a bird singing in the distance. Other than that, not even the sound of leaves moving in a breeze.

The tall warrior brushed her short leather skirt and straightened the sleeveless tunic. Adjusting her dagger in its leg bands and settling the short sword were done in a few seconds more. Ready to make the trek back to the inviting little stream, she softly stepped away from the bushes. After she was out of earshot and she could no longer see the camp, she stretched her still muscular arms and groaned a bit. Dear Gaia, she was really getting too old for this. Romping about in the forests, pursuing tasty soldiers. She laughed softly. Today had been fun though. Agila, her niece, knew exactly by which soldier she had wanted to be captured. The biggest of course. Rather clever really, since Amazons were quite tall in comparison with most other people. Except, these soldiers were even taller. And substantially broader. Very attractive really. Her thoughts wandered to the pleasures to be had from bodies like theirs. Damn, but they were so young! She tried to push the horny thoughts to the back of her mind. She'd better pay attention to her surroundings.

Slightly narrowing her eyes the warrior continued on her stealthy way through the forest. Something was nagging in the back of her mind. Something about these men. They were not stupid, not when surviving in these woods. So how come they had accepted the presence of a lone Amazon. Sure, everybody knew they often went hunting solo. But this was way too far from their usual hunting grounds. On the other hand, there was no way they could know. Could they? The Bitch-to-be had been adamant about tasting those blond soldiers from the north. She had even threatened to go alone. When the Bitch finally gave in, her sister was the only logical choice for a companion/bodyguard. That selfsame sister who was now kicking her heels and lusting after those soldiers from afar. Irritated the Amazon pushed those thoughts aside. The only thing she could right now, was to keep her eyes and ears wide open.

With a sigh of pleasure the warrior finally slid into the cool waters of the small river. This was absolutely heaven. The murmuring water softly caressing her body, her thoughts came back to the soldiers again. By Gaia, they really were big. Tall, muscular man with blond hair, long enough to be tied at the back. The longish hair was very sexy, but so were the muscled arms and the powerful legs. She licked her lips. Each one had a broad chest and impressive shoulders. She wondered what they would look like without their short leathers. The picture of a tempting naked male she made in her mind, send her hands to her breasts. Slowly rubbing and pinching her nipples she started to get really hot. She wished one of them was here right now. Maybe licking her breasts and kneading them. She made a frustrated sound in the back of her throat. She imagined a firm male hand reaching between her legs instead of her own. Teasing herself by spreading her legs as wide as she could but not touching, she lifted her hips and showed the trees her hungry cunt. Her hands spread her pussy wide open and suddenly she dropped back under water. Nearly aching with desire, she now furiously rubbed her clit as she was almost desperate to make herself cum. Moaning she clenched her legs while her hips bucked, sorely missing a nice fat cock to make her orgasm perfect. Helping yourself was quite all right, but by far not the same as fucking. She sighed. Not much chance of that as long as she was supposed to be babysitting Agila. Speaking of which, it was time to take up her watch on those soldiers in their encampment again.

In the back of her mind she was still wishing to fuck, when she returned softly to watch over her niece. The camp showed nothing different and she decided to take a look at the entire perimeter. She liked to know a bit more of the lay of the land before it was completely dark. And by now the sun was definitely going down. So she used the lengthening shadows to stay hidden. Fantasizing about their cocks was not the same as getting caught. Besides, she really did have to stay free to make sure Agila could get away once her curiosity was satisfied. And she was pretty sure she would not be the one to do the fucking if she got caught. She shivered a bit in the cooling shadows. Those men didn't look like the types to let themselves be ridden by an Amazon. Not like the males they usually caught near their home grounds.

After circling the camp for a bit, she snickered. If she guessed right, her niece was getting not just her curiosity satisfied. Halfway around the perimeter stood two slightly larger tents. And from one of them came the sound of low moaning and panting. No doubt Agila was getting fucked by her soldier. The Amazon briefly wondered if that would be a first for her wilful niece. To be at the receiving end so to speak. Slowly continuing her inspection she moved on. After another few steps she smelled a cooking fire. Sniffing the air she reminded herself to find some roots or berries or something for the coming night. So close to these soldiers she could not exactly start her own cooking fire. She smiled at her own nonsense.

Just as she stepped away from the tents to resume her trip around the camp from a slightly safer distance, she saw a flash of silver from the corner of her eye. Without stopping to make sure what she had seen, she darted into the trees. Running as fast as she could, she dodged around stumps and boulders. But the moment she stumbled into a clearing she feared it was useless. She was fast, but over a long straight stretch her shorter legs would eventually make her lose. Before she had time to turn and fight, she heard a loud hiss. Totally unprepared she felt leather slide over her head and around her body. Neatly tying her arms against her sides. A hard tug jerked her off her feet and she landed on hands and knees, the straight black hair falling forward over her face.

Furious at herself she remained on her knees. Why hadn't she paid more attention? Stupid, stupid cow. How the hell was she supposed to look after Agila if she was caught herself? She had to get out of there. Deciding to play the harmless old woman, she held her head bowed down. Before she saw a pair of sturdy sandals she heard a low chuckle. "Now what have I caught myself today? A nice, juicy piece of meat by the look of it. " Carefully controlling her temper the warrior raised her head and looked at the soldier who had captured her with his long whip.

"Hardly that young man. " She deliberately tried to make her voice a bit quavering. "I am way past the age of being of interest to any man. My hair is already turning white. See?" She held her head to one side, showing the white at her temples. Praying the man would be stupid enough to fall for it. But no such luck.

"Maybe so, but your body still looks tempting and your speed just now was not exactly that of an old woman. " The soldier looked her over with a grin on his face. "Nice try warrior, but I take you to the camp all the same. " He reached down and hauled her to her feet. In the process noticing the muscles in her arms. Then he pushed her in the direction he wanted her to go, stepping carefully behind her but leaving her arms tied by the whip. He was not so dumb to fall for her old wives act. Those muscles were warning enough for him.

"What good will I be to you? As you see, I am old enough to be your mother. " She'd say anything to get loose. Her only answer was that low chuckle again.

She soon found out she had been pursued by just this lone soldier who saw her as she was stepping back into the shadows. They had indeed not been as stupid as it seemed. Everyone had been on the alert for more Amazons. Maybe she could bluff her way out. Stating that there were more of them around. But before she could open her mouth, they were back at the encampment and surrounded by all the inhabitants. Even that big soldier who had captured Agila was there.

"You were right, Runar. I found another of those black haired witches. Only this one claims she is old enough to be my mother. To old to be tasty for any man, she said. " The soldier grinned as he shoved her in the middle of the camp.

"Did she now?" Agila's soldier looked her over in a rather speculative way. Suddenly this Runar laughed out loud. "I think I have the perfect answer to that. My father should be back any day and I bet he will be very pleased to find a woman waiting for him in the camp. " The other soldiers roared with laughter and the Amazon closed her green eyes for a second. Damn, it was obvious they considered her still attractive enough to keep her.

As it turned out she didn't have to wait at all. "What is going on Runar? Found yourselves a toy, have you?" The low voice rumbled like thunder and its effect was amazing. Tugging at their sword belts, squaring their shoulders, most soldiers took a few steps back and straightened noticeable. Giving her a good view of the new arrival. The first impression was like a punch in the stomach. The Amazon was literally trying to catch her breath. This man was even bigger than the others. The thick blond hair was streaked with white, but the blue eyes had a piercing quality. His tall broad frame was still muscled and his legs looked like tree trunks beneath the short leathers. When he saw the Amazon they had captured his eyes suddenly turned bright like stars. "Now that is a nice surprise. Who caught her?"

Runar stepped forward. "Ivar did. But she told him she was to old to be of interest to him. "

The big man raised one of his eyebrows. "I see. " But before he could go on, Runar continued. "So I told her that if she was of an age to be our mother, she would be a fitting present for my father. " With that he gave the whip to his father. Grinning he added: "I have a younger version in my tent. Captured early this morning. "

The air was filled with expectancy when the older soldier took the whip from his son. The others had formed a rough semicircle in front of him and the woman, who looked suddenly much less like an old woman. She had straightened perceptibly and her green eyes were blazing fire. She had tried, she really had. But there was just so much she could take from a man. Too bad for Agila, but she couldn't keep silent and let them do whatever they fancied. Nobody could ask that of her. "Who says I'm a present? You know I'm a warrior. So be a man and fight me!" She struggled in vain to get her arms free.

"I say so. My name is Wulf. What's yours woman?" The big man reeled in the whip so she was forced to stop struggling if she did not want to touch him.

"Dyna. And stop calling me woman. I'm a warrior, you know that!" The Amazon was furious and a little frightened. She was not used to looking up to people. But this man was much taller than she was. And a whole lot heavier. If he decided to take her up on her offer, she would probably be squashed in minutes. Silently she sent a prayer to Gaia. Honour was al fine and that, but she really wanted to grow a lot older than she was today.

"Well Dyna, I certainly won't be fighting you. I happen to know just how exciting you are. " Laughing out loud he looked around him at the curious faces of the other soldiers. "I could have been here earlier but for a pleasant surprise on the way. I stumbled upon a small river nearby and was distracted by a very stimulating sight. " He grinned down at Dyna, who felt the blood rushing to her face. Gaia, he had seen her. There was no doubt about that. The thought made her blush in embarrassment, but at the same time she clenched her thighs. She felt herself getting horny all over again. What was happening to her?

Wulf suddenly jerked the whip, causing her to spin. Before she regained her balance he had tied her arms behind her back and gave the whip back to Ivar. Pushing her in front of him he lightly brushed her breasts. "This woman" he grinned maliciously, "this woman was taking a bath and I can tell you, it was very interesting. She started fondling her breasts. " Dyna had no idea where the knife came from, but with a swift stroke it sliced through the strips of cloth that closed her light green tunic. And in the wink of an eye the tunic was flipped aside. Her already stiffening nipples clear for all to see. All eyes were glued to the large breasts with the firm brown buds on top.

Dyna moved involuntarily and her breasts swung gently to the delight of every male in the camp. She tried to stand still, but being on display like this turned her on. She had never known how exciting that could be. She desperately tried to push the feelings aside, but had little success. Then Wulf slid his hand over her shoulder, slowly moving down between her breasts, circling her nipples but not touching them. Gaia, this was really turning her on. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. As if she could blot out what was happening to her. His hand moved over her stomach, counted her ribs and softly tickled her side. Since she didn't see it coming, she gasped loudly when Wulf finally did touch her nipples. Alternately pinching them and lightly tugging them he made her moan in no time at all.

Wulf chuckled and resumed his storytelling. "After she got herself moaning like this, she showed a dripping wet pussy to the world. " With a few more swift strokes of the knife her sword belt dropped to the ground together with the leather skirt. Leaving a neatly trimmed triangle between her firmly molded legs for all to see. By stretching his arm he pushed Dyna a little forward. When she stumbled he quickly moved his leg between hers from behind. By doing this he prevented her from closing her legs again. And at the same time he forced her to show her cunt to the eager eyes in front of them. With her arms tied behind her back and his leg between hers, she felt like she was offering herself for inspection to all of them. "Just like she is doing now. " Wulfs laugh rumbled behind her back. Some soldiers smacked their lips and others whistled.

Dyna couldn't stop the heat travelling in waves through her body. She no longer cared; she even welcomed all those eyes feasting on her body. Gaia, she had never felt so horny. And when Wulf let his big warm hand travel over her body again, she shivered in anticipation. First taking a sidetrip to trace her hipbone, then lingering at the top of her leg. Slowly, slowly his hand neared the black triangle. The short trimmed hair accentuating the now swollen lips, the moist glistening along the dark blood-filled folds. His other hand suddenly pinched one of her nipples again. Gasping she moved her hips forward. She couldn't help it. There was no way she could control her body right now. She moaned and moved her head from side to side when his thick finger slid over her clit and found its way into her hot, wet pussy. All she could think about was getting his cock inside of her. So when his other hand spread her cunt wide open for all to see how wet she was, she tried to capture his fingers inside of her.

Wulf chuckled again. "I like mature women. See how hot she is. I'd say she's definitely not to old to please me. Besides, when they are a bit older they are better able to accept me. You all know an eighteen year old is far to tight for my cock. " His words made Dyna moan again. She nearly ached to feel him filling her up. If he really had such a large cock, she would be more than happy to get him inside of her. She felt a very interesting, very big bulge at her back. But all she got was his hand. First one, then two and finally three of his massive fingers sliding in and out of her hot cunt. His thumb rubbing her clit and making her writhe and toss her head. She licked her lips and turned her head, opening her green lust glazed eyes. His blue ones nearly blazing Wulf kissed her hard and his tongue shot into her mouth, at the same time as his fingers entered her body as far as they could go. Dyna felt herself being filled from both sides and came shuddering and gasping in front of the riveted public. But she didn't care. It felt wonderful. To be honest, the public was part of what made it wonderful. She never would have guessed how much she would be turned on by something like this. So much so, she even had trouble remembering she was supposed to put up a fight.

Wulf made a sound of contentment and laughed aloud. "I see some of you have the same urge I had after witnessing her. " He nodded to some of the soldiers who could no longer control themselves and were stroking their cocks in plain view. "That's why I wasn't here sooner. And why I can keep her dangling a bit right now. " With those words he slowly withdrew his fingers from her still twitching cunt.

After licking his fingers he winked at her. "You smell gorgeous and you taste like heaven. I do hope you don't fuck like an angel. I prefer a bit more fire. " With that he slung her over his shoulder. Right in front of one of the bigger tents, she was laid out on a soft bearskin. Hands no longer tied behind her back but to a stake above her head. Her legs spread wide with her ankles tied to stakes as well. After he fetched water he cleaned her thoroughly, in the process turning her on again. Grinning he left her there. On display, aching to be touched but unable to touch herself. Promising to get back to her when it was fully dark. Just before he left, he gave her a chance to look at his enormous cock. Even half aroused it was really impressive and made her even hornier. She bucked her hips when he knelt between her legs and lightly slid the tip over her throbbing clit. Clenching her fists she had to use every ounce of control she could find. Gaia help her, she would fuck him to death if she ever got the chance.

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