tagHow ToUncut: A Guide to the Uncircumcised

Uncut: A Guide to the Uncircumcised


Things they don't teach you about being uncircumcised

If you stopped me on the street and asked me to draw a penis, I'd probably draw a stalk attached to a pair of hairy balls with a big, glossy helmet at the end. I'd draw this even as my own penis looks nothing like this: I'm part of small but growing number of men who are "uncut", that is, uncircumcised. We think of penises in this way not only because that's what the majority of cocks look like, but because that's how penises are constantly represented, from porn to medical textbooks! These images cause some uncut men have anxiety about their "abnormal" penises, even choosing to be circumcised later in life. But the ironic truth is that it is we, the uncut, that have "normal" penises and those glossy purple-headed dicks the "abnormal" ones!

Let's most past the politics of involuntary genital mutilation (barbaric and inhumane) for the moment and realize that cut penises work differently from uncut penises. If you have an uncut penis, you may not have been taught proper hygiene. You might not also know how to have sex, and find it uncomfortable or unpleasurable, or that you're cumming way too fast. But this document isn't just for the uncircumcised. If you are the parent of an uncircumcised child, you might consider giving some of this advice to them (if only related to the hygiene). If your partner is uncircumcised, maybe you want to know a little more about their penis. This is also written for you.

No one taught me this stuff, I can't claim any of this as scientific. It is purely based on my experience, and I offer it to you so you don't go through the same learning curve as I did. If my advice seems basic, then it is basic advice I had to learn on my own. I will be quite graphic and explicit at times about very intimate things to me, so I ask that you respect that.


I've had plenty of women describe uncircumcised penises as "dirty" or "gross" to me, probably not realizing that I'm uncut. It made me feel like I was the Hunchback of Notre Dame, penis edition. But there's nothing inherently "dirty" about a foreskin. Like any other part of the body, if it doesn't get cleaned regularly, it's going to get filthy. And if your penis is filthy, every woman (and man) has the right to walk straight out of your bedroom. So pay heed!

Peeling Back

First, you must learn to "peel back", that is, how to pull back the foreskin to expose the head of the penis. I think a lot men and boys might not do this because, if you aren't used to peeling back, it can be painful and your head is very sensitive. If you don't do it in a long time, it can seem impossible, the foreskin is so tight around the head that you feel like it just won't fit. As a kid, when I didn't practice proper hygiene, I'd have this problem. But it is crucially important that your foreskin is pliable enough to peel back.

If you do find yourself so tight and sensitive that you don't think you can do it, then simply ease your way into it. Push the limits of your discomfort but don't try to force it. Eventually, you'll be able to do it.

Once you can peel back, however, DO peel back at least once a day, best while in the shower. I don't think it comes naturally to peel back for some people, so it's a habit you have to nurture. Ideally, there should be little to no discomfort when peeled back fully. If you have persistent discomfort, then either you don't do it enough or you have a more serious medical problem and should consult a doctor.


If you have foreskin, you're at risk of nasty, smelly (cue the organ pipe music) SMEGMA!! Some call it "dick cheese". I call it "totally disgusting". If you have it, don't expect your partner to put your cock in their mouth. But after reading this you've really got no excuses because it's very easy to prevent.

Now, the reason some of you might not clean under your foreskin is because your head is too sensitive. If you are very sensitive, shower water hitting your Johnson directly can be pretty uncomfortable. In that case, you need to gradually reduce the head's sensitivity. Try splashing it with water instead, or climb into the bath and let it soak. Eventually, you should be able to whip it out in the shower without worrying.

At the very least, you need to rinse off under the foreskin, splashing it with water. I also use soap by squeezing some soapy water directly onto it (wow, this is very personal), then rinse off again. Applying soap directly to the head would be too uncomfortable. I don't know if there are special products for the job but I don't use them.

I'd also consider drying it off before tucking it back in. I wouldn't use a towel, but shaking it off should do the trick. I've never tried this before, but using a hair dryer could also work. I don't have a hair dryer, so I can't test out my theory.

Failure to wash like this on a regular basis will make your dick disgusting, and you shouldn't expect your partner to even touch it, let alone allow you to put it into one of their orifices.


When I began having sex, I always felt like I needed to disclose my uncircumcised nature before exposing myself, as if to give my partner the opportunity to flee. I'd say something like, with my thumbs in my underwear, "I just want you to know: I'm uncircumcised," and wait for their faces to contort with disgust.

I pretty much don't do that now. For almost every woman I've been with (not many), I've been their first uncut guy, and if they've already gone that far they're willing to go further. Other women, I've heard, have had bad experiences with uncut guys: they cum too fast, their penises were ugly or, worst of all, they had smegma. Luckily, there's something you can do about the first and the third, and I haven't received any complaints yet (and I've got an anonymous suggestion box by my bedpost!).

I'm splitting this section into two. The first section will be dealing with sex as a circumcised man. The second will deal with sex with a circumcised man. While I assume a male-female sexual relationship, I suppose this advice could be generalized to homosexual relationships. Not lesbian ones, obviously. That would be an odd lesbian relationship.

Sex as a Uncircumcised Man

My first few sessions of sex were strange and awkward. It was because, basically, I didn't how to have sex with a foreskin. Before then, most of what I knew about sex was from porn. It turns out that things are much more complicated than sticking it into your lady, pump, repeat.

You might find sex painful. You might cum way to fast. You might find it a total chore! All three have happened to me, and it was because I didn't realize the golden rule. The rule for real estate developers is location, location, location. For uncircumcised men, it's foreskin, foreskin, foreskin. But don't blame me, I had no one to teach me!

First, and this is important, wash your cock. I've heard that some women prefer the taste of an unwashed cock, but this might be one of those things that are only encountered in porn. I can't say I like the taste of unwashed pussy. In any case, that's between you and your lady, but it's always the safer option to rinse off. If I think I'm going to get lucky, I do it before I go out. If I find that I'm at a lady's home, I try to excuse myself and use the sink. Sometimes, if the mood demands no opportunity to prepare, I'll not do it, and I can get away with it because I wash up every day.

Now we move onto penetration, and this is where peeling back is so important. If you can't peel back at all, sex isn't going to feel good. It's going to be painful, and you probably aren't going to cum either because you can't thrust like you should. As you penetrate, the foreskin is pulled slightly back, so if there's any tightness you will immediately feel it. It will almost feel like there's a brick wall inside her pussy, and you can imagine fucking a brick wall is pretty painful.

Let's say you're quite pliable. You might be running into one of two problems: the experience is too intense and you cum within minutes, or sex is a total chore and you can't cum at all. Some of this may be a lack of experience, but, as an uncircumcised man, know that you have a built-in orgasm switch that cut men just don't have, and you may not know how to use it. Use your switch correctly, it's almost like a cheat code for controlling orgasms. We call it the foreskin.

You see, while the head of your cock is very sensitive, it is actually the friction between the foreskin and your knob which provokes sexual sensation and eventually orgasm. You control that friction, you control your orgasm. Try masturbating while peeled back. It's very hard (orgasming, I mean, not the cock). Now try it hood down. Much easier.

I've never had sex without a condom, so I can't talk about the efficacy of this strategy when bareback (I imagine it would hurt). But generally, if I don't want to cum, I keep my head peeled back, and the condom will help it stay in place. Sure, there's not much sensation for me, but my ladyfriend is having a good time, and I can basically go on for a while without porn-star endurance or tantric sex magic. I've never tested the limits of this, but I'd say I'd sooner stop from physical exhaustion than from an orgasm.

When I'm ready to cum, the hood goes down, and it's an entirely different story. I have no idea what it's like for cut men, but a woman's intimacy does something for me nothing else could possibly do. There is no greater pleasure than to thrust deeply into a woman as she thrusts herself upon you, it is moment of extraordinary, blinding ecstasy even before the orgasm. And when you finally do, the sensation of pumping into her soil... it feels like love. Raw, undiluted love. If an artist could capture an emotion into a sensation, that would be it.

Women give you a very special gift: an invitation into themselves. It's why I always try to respect a woman's love, even if it is just one night, and not degrade them by calling them names when they aren't around, or to insult them by treating their gift casually.

I'm on a dry spell as I write this. I miss sex.

That aside, I have no idea if what I've written above is the experience of other uncut men. It is, however, my experience, and that's all I have to work on.

Sex with an Uncircumcised Man

Why should you consider having sex with uncircumcised men? Why abandon Mr. Giant Purple Cockhead for Sir Wrinkly Top? The primary reason is that I'm uncircumcised, and I'd like to get laid more. That aside, uncut men have, I think, a different set of sensations from cut guys. They experience sex more intensely. Also, they have their natural orgasm control mechanism intact, whereas I think cut guys don't have the same capability.

By the way, don't actually stop having sex with cut guys. I don't want to get accused of being a cockblock.

Now, I've never been with another guy, and haven't been planning on it, so logically I don't have any experience screwing other uncircumcised men. My experience is of being screwed as someone who is uncircumcised, so naturally what works for me might work on other guys.

Some of you might think – oh yes, the cock head, that's even more sensitive on an uncut guy, I'll go ahead and throttle that for the evening. NO. PLEASE DON'T. IT HURTS. If you touch the area under the foreskin without some preparation, you are more likely to get a yelp than a groan. And just because it's more sensitive doesn't mean a pleasurable sensation: you don't poke 3rd degree burns, you don't just poke a guy's knob!

You see, I vaguely remember some scientist telling me that there are many nerve endings in the foreskin, and the foreskin is really the place that generates sexual pleasure for uncut guys. Specifically, the motion of the foreskin as it glides over the head. It is very difficult to make a guy orgasm from just polishing his naked helmet.

That doesn't mean you should never touch it. Just know what you are doing. Make sure it is very lubricated, oil or lube works but precum works as well, just anything that acts as a barrier between the head and raw touch. Then, gently explore it. Look at how your man feels. If you feel confident try rubbing it or licking it. Just remember that it is very tender.

Armed with this knowledge, you should know how to get him off and when to tease him. A greater variety of things will likely make him orgasm. You can jack him in the traditional way, or your can lightly massage the knob through the foreskin. Either will likely get him off.

I've heard that cut men don't really get off by mouth alone, that one must use their hands in addition to lips. For me, the suction will work, and I imagine much is the same with other uncut guys. I could never convince my lady friend to suck me of to fruition (but damn, I wanted her to), so I can't know for sure.

If you're with a new guy, before venturing to areas underneath the foreskin with your mouth, you should have a brief check to see if it is clean. I don't want you to get a mouthful of disgusting stuff, that makes uncut men look bad. If all is clear, you can try to put your tongue directly onto the head, and it could be exciting or uncomfortable depending on how you do it. As always, do it lightly at first, gauge the reaction of your guy, then be more bold.

Because of the foreskin use of teeth (very lightly, of course) is permissible. Just don't, you know, bite down.

That's how you treat a guy. While every guy like a blowjob, for me, blowjobs are awesome. I don't know if it's because I'm uncircumcised or not, but it's a very special treat to get from a lady. My lady friend would always kiss me after the fact, which felt nice and intimate. I only wish I was more experienced at returning the favor.

In Closing

I said that I'd set politics aside, but I stipulated "for now", and this is the time to come back to it. If you oppose the involuntary female genital mutilation, it would be hypocritical of you to support involuntary male genital mutilation. Foreskin is an extremely important part of the penis, it is where the majority of sexual sensation is generated. It is my personal belief that this is also the part of the penis that give men the ability to control orgasm. The ability of circumcised men to experience pleasure in sex is crippled compared to those who still have their penises largely intact. And if you don't think this is a big deal, remember this: every argument for male circumcision (it's more hygenic, it reduces the risk of cancer, it promotes moral behavior, it's what God wants, men don't miss it once it's gone) were used to defend female circumcision. And, of course, many men accept that they're circumcised, and that's perfectly fine. But take this analogy: we have a diet problem in the United States (where I live) do we scrape off the taste buds of babies to solve it? After all, they can't miss what they've never had.

Alright. So. If you're an uncircumcised guy, you might have learned something from this. Or not. If you're embarrassed because you didn't know this stuff, don't be, people can only work with the information that they have. Smart people throughout history have believed in what we now know is crazy stupid stuff : the geocentric universe, young Earth theory, supply-side economics. The only genuine stupidity is to shut yourself off to learning anything.

Some of you may be like, "Damn Wannabe, I knew this shit, but why didn't you mention XYZ?" If so, know that this is purely my own experience, so please message me or leave a comment with your experiences and knowledge and maybe I can update this at a later date. I'd be glad to read what you have to say, though I can't promise I'll respond.

If you are a parent and have opted to leave your son's penis intact, I commend you. There is a chance that he'll blame you later for not having his schlong mutilated, and even if he decides to be circumcised later in life you made the right decision by giving him that choice. But that decision is only a part of it, now you need to educate your child on how to take care of themselves. No one is born with innate knowledge of how to do these sorts of things.

I don't want to be too hard on those parents who had chosen to circumcise their child. It is, after all, the "default" thing to do, and it's likely it was just something that you didn't think about. It doesn't make you a bad parent and you shouldn't feel bad, but you should consider opting out of circumcision next time, especially if you don't have a religious objection to it.

If you are a circumcised guy and are feeling a little left out, believe me, it works both ways. There have been times in my life where I've been ashamed of my uncircumcised penis and have felt anger towards my parents for not having it cut. Now I'm older and more confident, and I think my parents made the right decision.

Finally, if you are a person oriented towards men – a lady, a man, or anything in between – I hope my advice has been helpful and this improves your relationship. There's nothing inherently weird or unnatural about being uncut... in fact, it is the more natural way to be. So when you're with a new guy who pulls out a couple centimeters more wang than usual, don't retreat, give him a go! He might be me!

P.S. I have no anonymous suggestion box by my bed. That's a joke, so don't look for one.

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