tagIncest/TabooUndeniable Need Ch. 3

Undeniable Need Ch. 3


They fell asleep after cumming so hard, pussy and cock throbbing with all the hot fucking that had taken place. The color of their skin was an exact match, a perfect blend of genetics and she loved the taste of her Fathers skin. She just could not get enough of his loving and his cock. The phone ringing loudly awoke them thirty minutes later and glancing at each other worriedly and noticing the time, the Father fumbled for the phone as his daughters warm and satiated body pressed close to him.

As she listened to her Mother talking to her Father, she began to caress his chest with her lips, licking his skin and working her way languorously to his nipple. She loved its hard nub and rolled its sensitive tip playfully with her warm wet mouth. She alternated between biting its fleshy tip and stroking the springy skin around it with soft kisses and her tongue. She was so horny even still after fucking for 3hours already!! The feeling of intense lust never ended and her pussy was in constant demand to be finger fucked, licked and plowed by his cock, hands and mouth. She was so lost in the physical pleasure of him, and the naughtiness of hearing her Mother calling to talk to him that she didn't notice when he hung up the phone until she was caught playfully in a bear hug, rolled over onto her back and her pussy speared roughly with his hard cock.

He stroked his length into his daughters hot pussy, his cock on fire for her wetness, and as he pummeled her again and again, watching her tits bounce and bob with his movements he said "How would you like to have me fuck you, lick you and eat you out for ALL weekend Baby Girl?" looking at her in the eye, anxious for her response. His wife had just told them that the snow storm that had begun to fall was getting intense and they didn't know if they would be staying at her mother's house or not, and would call them later.

She looked shocked for a moment, and then he felt a sudden gush of pussy juice flow out from her cunt and her eyes close halfway and she bucked her hips even harder and faster taking in his hard cock as an answer. He leaned back on his knees and pushed her thighs open wider, watching his dick slide in and out of his Baby Girls pink pussy lips, loving the way his hardness was pummeling into her wet hot cunt. He took his cock out, placing the head on her very responsive clit and just rubbed the width of it and the ridge all around her nubby pink pearl. He watched her face and pussy while doing this, seeing how she made those delicious noisy moans, seeing her bite her lip as he moved the tip of his cock more roughly on her clit, almost slapping her with its hardness.

She gripped her inner thighs, pulling them farther away and spreading her pussy lips wider for her Daddy's cock. The feeling of her clit being slapped with his cock, rubbed down with its hardness was building an intense pressure and she knew her orgasm would hit shortly. She started to rotate her hips in time with his cock, feeling his free hand now start to finger her hot pussy as his other hand kept up his cock's rhythm of slapping and rubbing her clit. She could feel him stroking himself and his balls as he rubbed her wetly. She watched her beloved Father, seeing his lips tighten in lust and pleasure, his rigid control on his own orgasm so she could cum -feeling his fingers furiously pump her pussy and it sent her over the edge of her pleasure, into a realm of hot release only her Father had ever taken her.

He watched his Daughter cum. Saw the way her face beautifully contorted when the orgasm hit her, saw her nipples engorge and felt the gush of erotic juice from her pussy as her clit pulsed out its pleasure. He rubbed her clit until she was spent then let go of the grip on his cock,and as he squeezed her tits he thrust into her with all the controlled lust he had unraveling. He kneaded her breasts, pressed their softness together and took her as roughly as he could, as roughly as the animal lust wanted, his elbows resting on either side of her ribs, their tongues licking and stroking one another...his hips were slapping his cock into her over and over. The sounds of his movements mingled with her moans of pleasure and filled the room with the noise of their fucking. He loved the sound of his dick slapping into her, the way his balls were wet and warm with his daughter's cunt juice. Never in his life had he had a fuck like this, had an erotic thrill as intense as fucking his Daughter. He pinched her nipples with his index finger and thumb, stroking downwards with one, and upwards with the other finger. Her hands were digging into his back with rapture and her legs flung out wide to accomodate his furious cock thrusts.

He lifted his head and watched her face while his orgasm built up, and had a flashback to another buried memory of his Baby's sex when she was a young adult...a naughty flash of time that he had needed to forget all these long years. After puberty began and she had started to menstruate her titties would get sore about a week before her period, and it was one of those nights years ago that that he remembered now as he fingered his daughters nipples and fucked her with his hard cock.

His wife was out with some friends and his son tucked into bed hours ago. He had been walking down the hallway to sleep, and noticed the light on in his Baby girl's room. He opened the door and saw her sitting up in bed with her nightgown off rubbing her young titties, eyes closed in concentration. He immediately got hard and pulled his bathrobe tighter around himself, tried to swallow with the suddenly dry mouth he had and walked in, like a magnet pulled to steel. "Baby Girl" he said softly, not to startle her "Tell Daddy what's wrong?" He saw her eyes open and she jumped a little bit, despite his soft voice, and then she said "They ache Daddy, how do I make them stop, like the way you used to make them stop?"

Her eyes filled up with tears and he just about melted at their sadness, while his cock got so fucking hard. He could not let his daughter suffer, but knew the solution to her pain was going against all natural laws. He was soooo thankful his wife wasn't around, and had to think a moment on the best way to handle this.

"Sweetheart, do you want Daddy to teach you that secret way to feel better...like when you used to play horsy with Daddy and you would feel better?" He watched her face intently, hoping she understood what he was trying to say - hoping with a lust that was forceful and a love for her that was huge. He saw her remember the feeling of playing horsy with him, and with her innocence she dropped her hand down to her nearly hairless cunny and touch herself as memory played out on her face. He wished with all he was that he could bury his mouth on her young woman's pussy, suckle her titties and fuck her...but he was not that stupid. So he waited patiently for her to give him permission to teach her how to relieve herself.

She loved the way her Daddy made her feel. She trusted him totally and looking at his face she could see the love for her, and she just nodded silently in answer.

"Okay Baby girl, I want you to lay down here at the edge of the bed." He watched her scoot her hot body to the edge of the bed and as her knees bent at the end he could see the small wetness of her cunny on the outside of her downy haired lips. She was watching him, and it was so hard not to put his mouth on her pussy, so hard to control himself when she looked at him with so much trust and love. He knew he was going to cum while he showed her how to rub her titties relieving their ache - knew it without a doubt so he thought fast and searched her bedroom for the huge stuffed animal puppet he bought her last Christmas. He had enjoyed the tight satin feel of the lining when he bought it and its contrasting huge size, and remembered with relief that he hadn't even been able to get more than 1/2 his hand inside but his daughters hand had fit perfectly. He saw it on the floor by the window and hurriedly walked over and grabbed it. He walked back to his Daughter, her legs spread out curled over the edge of the bed, and her hands still rubbing her puffed out titties.

He fucking loved his Baby girl...she was sooo hot!!! She had grown into a lovely young adult. He did not noticed how tightly he was gripping the puppet, and it seemed like forever before he was kneeling in between her legs so very close to her pussy. The aroma of her girly heat was so intense, he could have cum right then, but managed to find some control, because he didn't want his Baby to suffer her aching tits.

"Okay sweetheart Daddy is going to make you feel better now, and I want you to really pay attention to what I am about to do, because when you are alone at night, like tonight and your tits are sore, this is what you need to do." He parted his robe while speaking to her and thrust his hard cock into the puppets hole, its satiny cool tightness a relief and its springy plushness giving him a nice downy mount to fuck. He tucked the puppet between his legs and under his knees to keep it in place as his trembling hands reached out and with the thumbs he began to gently circle her puffed nipples....their silky soft newness was awesome. He watched his daughter's face as he stroked her nips, and she had already closed her eyes in relief, her head moving to and fro slightly. He stroked his cock in the puppet while touching his Daughter, and the pleasure was so fucking hot.

He added his index finger and used his thumb to now stroke upwards on her breasts as the index finger squeezed downwards, so he was almost pinching her - but tenderly to soothe. His Daughter had an immediate reaction to this, which was to buck her hips up to his chest...he could do nothing but increase his fuck in the puppet...his cock heating the lining now, dripping with his lust, and he wished he was licking her softly haired cunny. Her young sexy fragrance was increasing and he could now feel her juicy lips on his chest as he continued to squeeze her tits and she began to feel better.

Unable to control himself, he breathlessly asked "How does this feel Baby?" He watched her open her eyes and smile at him "It feels really good Daddy, better than horsy!" and she wrapped her arms around his head and bucked her hips up harder on his chest.

He ached for the taste of her nipples but dared not to risk that temptation. He was fine with this little bit, and their other times of touching - but he knew if he tasted her skin, if he touched her young pussy he would HAVE to have her. He pumped his hard Daddy's cock into the puppet roughly and faster now, and guided her small hands to her puffy's "Now Daddy wants you to touch yourself like he was, its important that you learn how to soothe yourself"

She opened her eyes when he started talking and when she touched her now feeling great puffy's, she loved the way they felt. Her Daddy was watching her, and she wanted to make him proud. She loved him so much, and always loved the way he made her body feel. She rubbed her tits just as he had, circling them with her thumbs and then pinching them like he did. Her legs squeezed him in a hug of love, as she pressed her cunny against him harder as her hands picked up the rhythm he started.

He rested his hands on either side of her stomach, and as he watched her squeeze her own nipples and felt her rubbing her wet pussy on his chest he came hard in the puppet. As he came, she pressed her cunny harder on her Daddy, and he felt her burst of heat as she had an orgasm on his skin. "Daddy!! something feels really good!!" she said in a soft voice as her orgasm hit her.

"Yes, baby...that is what you get from rubbing your breasts in the right way" He breathed to her, trembling with the force of his cum.

Her legs loosened after a time, and he could tell she had fallen into a deep sleep. She let out a few small snoring noises, the ones she made when she was totally gone. He looked at her face, the face he loved so much - the face he had created with his seed...and then downwards taking in her body. Her hands were resting on her chest and he could see her nipples poking out between her fingers. He became hard again so fast, just looking at her body. He leaned backwards and gently moved her legs from around his upper torso.

His now thickening cock slid inside the warm, semen-wet puppet and he groaned in pleasure. He pumped his hips again, just looking at his Baby Girl's cunny, its downy sweetness so attractive. He glanced up at her, checking to make sure she was asleep and unable to restrain himself any longer, gently pulled back the folds of her cunny. Her young clit was nestled in delicious pink skin, he pumped his cock in and out of the puppet, its satin grip not tight enough now and reached down to squeeze his cock hard through the plushy soft fur. His other hand keeping her pussy parted. He just stared at her for the longest time, roughly jerking on his cock...and when she moved restlessly in her sleep and bucked her hips up...that was okay. But it was when she did it for a second time and breathed out "DADDY" in her sleep that he lost it.

His mouth came down on the forbidden fruit, and before he knew what he was doing he licked her young cunny and tasted her girl juice. It was so fucking yummy!! He licked her again, and again...drove his tongue into her tight small hole and jerked his cock so roughly. He wasn't thinking at all at this point, just lost - totally lost in the flavor of his little girl and the feeling of squeezing his hard cock roughly. He buried his whole mouth into her as his second orgasm hit, and he could feel his daughter's hips move slightly against his tongue. His orgasm was like none other before, his balls burst out his seed with gusto and lust.

Shaken and spent, he quickly moved his mouth away from his daughters cunny and sat back on his heels, his cock slipping out of the puppet and laying wetly on his legs. He braced his hands on this thighs and just took deep breaths to calm down. He licked his lips and savored his Daughters pussy taste, knowing he would never forget its sweet nectar. After a time he looked up and saw his beloved child's body sprawled out...her pussy wet with his mouth's loving, and knew that tonight had been the farthest and would be the farthest he would ever allow himself to go with her.... before it got way out of control and he truly did stuff her young girl pussy full of his hard Daddy cock. He thanked god she was still asleep.....

He couldn't risk getting caught and the reality of the situation had him sitting up quickly and tucking her back under the covers after putting her nightgown on again. He wiped his cock on his robe as he walked out the bedroom door, and as he turned off her light, he knew he would never forget the taste of her.

It was with this memory that he came inside his Daughters cunt once again, spilling his seed deep inside her wet hot woman's pussy. He watched her face as he pumped her with his animal lust and saw how she rolled her head back and forth with the pleasure he was giving her. She had her legs wrapped around him like so many years ago and he fucked her so hard with the freedom that her desire had given them...their skin wetly slapping together and its sound filling the room along with his grunts and her moans of desire...he felt his daughters cunt pulse around his cock once again as she came again in response to his seed spilling in her as she cried out "Fuck me harder Daddy, harder!! I love you Daddy" and he could only shout out his pleasure, groan loudly with the fucking lusty power of his Daughters pussy as the orgasm washed them with pleasure.

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