tagErotic CouplingsUnder a Lab Coat

Under a Lab Coat


I had a friend back in university, I'll call her J. I was really keen on her, but far too shy to do anything to move beyond a friendship. The story that follows is true, but only in my head.

J was petite, with long red-brown hair, and a curvy ass that gave her a signature walk. I would have followed that ass anywhere! She was cute and shy, but with a playful smile that always seemed to suggest that my fantasy described here wasn't beyond the realm of possibility.

J was a research assistant in the Biology Department. She had a small office near her lab, and tended to walk around in a long white lab coat - even when the temp reached 35C.

One day I popped in around lunchtime, hoping to go with her to the cafeteria. I found her walking to her office, and followed her in, admiring her legs as they were revealed from beneath her lab coat as she strode along.

We chatted for a while in her office and I then suggested lunch.

"Fine!" she said, with a slight hesitation and an averted gaze. I followed her eyes to the shelf, and noticed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

"I just need to get dressed", she said in a flustered voice.

Grinning, I said "I always wondered what you wore under your lab coat!"

She blushed and laughed.

"I know...a matching leopard print bra and panties? A Madonna bustier with pointy metal nipple caps? Er, nothing?"

With each guess, she blushed more, and started to giggle.

I saw the opportunity, and, uncharacteristically for me, I took it.

I slowed down, looked her in the eye and gently touched my fingertips to the line of her cheek. "Seriously, J. I know this part of you, have enjoyed looking at you for years. I really would like to see the rest...".

She looked at me as if seeing me in a new light. We stood there quietly, looking in each other's eyes, with my fingers resting on her skin.

She turned away from me without saying anything, and walked to the door. I had no idea what to think. She stood there, nose to the door for several of my loud, panicked thudding heartbeats, and then I heard the snick of the door lock engage. A jolt of desire and excitement surged through my body.

Slowly J turned around, still at the door, with her hands resting on the top button of her lab coat. Still keeping eye contact with me, she started undoing the buttons.

I was in agony. Her gaze held me, yet my eyes so desperately wanted to travel the length of her gradually exposed body. My eyes were so totally locked on hers that I couldn't even tell how many buttons she had undone.

She smiled, giggled again, and quietly said "I can't believe that I am doing this!".

With that, I unfroze, and walked towards her, looking at her body. The lab coat was open to the waist, revealing her sheer, semi-transparent camisole, and naked, smooth, soft belly.

When I got nearer, I reached out and lightly touched her beautiful collar bones and neck.

"Beautiful! You are sooo beautiful!" I breathed.

I swept my fingers along her shoulders, brushing the lab coat off her shoulders as I drank her in.

The lab coat fell from her shoulders and off her entirely.

My eyes and my fingers traced the curve of her waist and onto her hips. She was wearing matching hipster panties, mostly transparent lace except for the front.

I really wanted to kiss her, but felt too shy. I started kissing along the length of a collar bone heading for her neck. She bent down, bring her mouth to mine and we kissed for the first time. Bliss!

I had watched her pouting bottom lip for years, always in wonder. I felt like a plant in a desert soaking up unexpected rain!

When we broke the kiss, she grinned at me, and writ across her face was the most charming combination of expressions I could imagine. Shyness, joy, curiosity, uncertainty about what was coming next.

I could just see her nipples pushing against the fabric, and I had an idea. I grasped the straps of the camisole and pulled up, dragging the sheer fabric over her skin. I carried on caressing her skin in this way, listening to her breathing deepen and catch each time I moved the fabric. Now I could really see her nipples grow!

I pulled the straps forward so that the back of the cami was right against her neck, then dropped the fabric forward. Perfect! The neckline of the cami slid down the slope of her breasts, catching on her nipples.

I bent down and playfully bit the slopes of her breasts, my hands holding the curves of her hips, with my fingers pressed into the flesh of her ass.

She exploded into desperate action, pulling my body close, pushing her breasts out towards me. I felt like the world's greatest lover as I bit and kissed her breasts all round, yet avoiding her nipples.

The sounds she was making drew me on, and I pulled the fabric down to expose her left nipple. It was thick and hard, a beautiful red wine colour, and tasted fantastic as I pulled it into my mouth. After a few moments sucking on it, she pulled me up for another kiss, full of heat and eager passion.

I backed her up, pressing her ass into the desk, making my way between her legs and pushing my hard cock against her crotch. In response, she arched her back, giving me her body to touch and kiss.

I pulled her cami off, and gave her other breast the same treatment, while getting braver and more desperate with my thrusts. I pulled back to see her, and we had another "and now what?" moment of stillness.

Then, very deliberately and slowly, she pushed her panty covered pussy out and rubbed it on my motionless cock. That was all I needed, kissing my way down her body, pausing for the briefest moment to pull down her panties.

God, she had a beautiful pussy. Neatly trimmed hair, and fleshy inner lips that extended well beyond her vulva. With no thought or hesitation, I pulled her pussy lips into my mouth, swirling my tongue around, revelling in the taste and texture of her, thrilling at the sounds of her gasping breath and squeals of surprise and pleasure.

I pulled her pussy open, lapping my broadened tongue over her clit, feeling her fleshy form pressed up against my face. I had never licked a pussy before, but everything I was doing just seemed so right!

She groaned, grabbed my hair and shoved her pussy out at me, so I pointed my tongue and shoved it as deep as I could into her.

She grabbed me, pulling me to my feet, kissed me HARD, and pulled my shirt off, followed by my shorts and underwear.

She then moved back against the desk, with her legs open. I'll never forget the look of desire in her eyes. She reached out, grabbed my cock, pulled it to her, and seated it between her fleshy lips.

Then she laid back on her elbows, arched her back again, and quietly said just one word ... "Please!"

I slowly pushed my way into her, marvelling at the combination of tightness and slippery smoothness. At that point, I just lost all control. Thrusting, touching, kissing, loving, caressing her curves with my eyes and hands.

I could feel her desire building, but never reaching climax. She started to jolt and thrust against me, but her movements were increasingly frustrated.

"You need it harder?" I said. She just nodded.

I pulled out, gently turned her around, and bent her over the desk.

For the first time I got to admire this naked ass that I had followed around campus for so long! I grabbed two handfuls of but cheeks, ready to enter her again. She dropped her lower back, pressing her pussy towards me, and turned to look at me over one shoulder.

I entered her again, and started really thrusting, long and deep, enjoying the press of her ass against my hips. Within a few thrusts I could hear her starting to come. I loved learning the sounds and breathing of my new lover as she came. She pushed and pushed against me, and then collapsed onto the desk as her orgasm subsided.

After a while to catch her breath, she turned around to face me, and lightly traced her fingernails along my hard cock.

"Your turn?"

I pulled her office chair out, and lifted one of her legs onto it. I came in close, pressing my check against her breasts, and ran my cock along the length of her pussy. We kissed gently all the while.

Then I reached down under my cock, pushing the head at an angle so that it entered her.

The look on her face said that this was new for her. I grabbed hold of her ass and started thrusting along the length of her pussy and deep into her. The pleasure was so intense that I was soon slamming up against her as I came, my face buried in the nape of her neck.

We collapsed onto the chair, me still inside her, our arms entwined, and stayed there as my cock softened and our breathing slowed.

Then we kissed, and nibbled, and breathed each other in for a while longer, neither of us wanting this to end.

J, I wish all this had really happened... my beautiful friend with the gentle mischievous smile... and amazing ass!

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