tagNonHumanUnder Centaurian Protection Ch. 03

Under Centaurian Protection Ch. 03


Julia was able to find her way back to the camp. She felt as if everyone was aware that Soren had taken her in the woods and blushed profusely when several women sent her smiles and knowing looks. She noted that she would need a bath, feeling her thighs still slick from moments ago.


Haley was running toward her holding out something in her hand.

"Uncle Callum said I could have it." She thrust out a small rabbit carved out of wood. The detail was amazing and so accurate. Julia picked her up, examining the toy.

"Did you thank him?"

Haley nodded. "He said he carves a lot and he's carving them all for his babe. Aunt Lila's belly is so big!"

Julia smiled and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

"Of course, she is. All women who are about to give birth look like that."

"Will you get big too? Soren is my papa now."

Julia paused. The mere thought of having Soren's child made her tingle all over.

"Perhaps." Haley seemed to drop the subject quickly and asked to be let down so she could go play again. Julia took this opportunity to go visit with Lila.

She found Lila sitting inside, sewing together a blanket. The afternoon had grown chilly quickly and they warmed themselves by the fire.

"Oh, don't get up. Let me get the tea." Julia offered. Lila smiled at her gratefully.

"Is carrying always like this?" Lila asked. She looked down at her huge belly, patted it gently. "Callum says it is normal for me to be so big, but I have to say I have never seen a woman grow so round carrying a human child."

Julia smiled. "No, you're right. You probably are carrying a colt."

Lila set aside her sewing. "I hope so much for a son. Partly because I know he'll resemble Callum."

The love in Lila's eyes was so apparent; it gave Julia reason to think about her own circumstances. Would there be a day that she herself would look so much in love with Soren?

When tea was ready, Julia settled down next to Lila, who gave her a curious look.

"You look like a woman who's just been made love to."

Julia nearly choked on her tea. Lila laughed.

"Oh, don't look so embarrassed. You will soon get used to the fact that it's a part of our lives. Centaurs are lusty creatures." Lila glanced down at her swelling belly to drive her point home. "And Soren is so nice. He deserves to be happy."

"Yes, well." Julia had no other answer. She needed to change the subject. "He said Paul and his men were brought here."

Lila nodded. "Centaurs are careful to keep our camp unknown to the humans."

"Why do you refer to them as humans?" She asked. "You and I are, too."

Callum's mate shook her head. "We're Centaurian now. At least you will be officially when you are mated with Soren."

"You really like it here, don't you?"

"I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Before I came here, I had an abusive, evil fiancée. Here, I am safe."

Safe. Was there no place else in this world that was considered safe, also? She'd been safe in her cabin since her marriage to her first husband. But his death had shaken their security. She had at first thought Paul to be a person to offer security, and look at what he'd done. Now Soren offered her not only protection, but friends, his family and his heart.

"Haley seems to get on well."

Lila's words brought Julia out of her deep thought and she responded with a nod.

"She doesn't seem to be scared of anyone here."

"Children have an intuition about these things, I guess. Soren will be a great father to her."

Hearing someone voice that statement made Julia's mouth curve. "Yes, I think he will be."

"And you must admit that it will be nice for her to grow up with other children."

She nodded. She had seen the way Haley's eyes lit up when she saw the colts and she talked nonstop about her squirrels.

Lila left Julia with those thoughts and waved wearily to her new friend. By the fire, Lila draped another blanket around her belly. She'd grown so big and the extra weight had become too much for her. She was constantly tired and her feet were swollen.

She glanced at the ingredients she'd left on the chopping board and thought to start with dinner. Sighing, she hauled herself out of the chair and slowly made her way to the table. There, she glanced at the small basket slowly filling up with carved animals.

Her mouth curving into a smile, she lifted one up, admiring Callum's skills. Her heart filled with such love for the centaur. Could a person love so deeply as she did? She replaced the toy and returned to preparing the meal.


The prisoners were led out to the poles located at the center of the camp. As the afternoon went on, the winds grew colder. Once they were bound, forced to kneel with all the camp's residents to see them, buckets of cold water were thrown onto them.

Paul sputtered, gasped for air as another bucket was thrown on him. What was the purpose of the water?

He understood a second later when a gust of wind blew their way.

"Filthy animals." Paul heard one of his men mutter. He shared those sentiments as he watched the centaurs move away. Others that passed by stared at them.

"What's your plan, then eh Paul?" One of his men, Rick demanded. "Saw us tied to a pole, freezing to death, did you?"

"Shut up." Paul hissed. "We will speak of this at night."

"Sure." One drawled, a man named Todd. "Thought you said -- "


Paul's head shot up when he saw a small figure run toward him. he soon recognized the red hair and smiled. Perfect.


A young colt pulled Haley back by her arm. She protested.

"He's my friend." Haley said, pouting. Paul felt his anger rise. That animal was touching her. Centaurs weren't fit to touch humans.

"He is an enemy." The colt said, frowning. He kept a firm grip on her upper arm.

"Let her go, you filthy -- "

A rock struck him on cheek, cutting off his insult. Looking up, he glared at several other colts that'd come to join their audience.

"Quiet, human." Said the colt who held Haley.

Paul could discern the age of the colt, but the colt held himself in a way a warrior would, disciplined and precise. He turned back to Haley. "Stay away from these men. They seek to harm us."

Haley turned her big eyes to Paul.

"I wouldn't hurt you, Haley." Paul said. He meant it. He would do all in his power to save Haley. But his first priority was Julia.

"He lies." The colt said.

"But Rham -- "

"He will harm you."

The little girl was caught between two worlds. Those of the humans and those of her new friends, the centaurs.

"Come, little one."

The centaur that had led them here picked Haley up into his arms. Paul sneered at the sight of such fatherly behavior.

Soren sent a hard look at the prisoners and turned away. He heard the younger colts tease and throw rocks at the humans.

"Why is Paul tied up, papa?"

"Haley, remember those men who tried to take you and your mother that night?"

Slowly, the girl nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Paul is with those men. Do not go near him ever again, do you hear me?"

She hesitated. Soren could see that she didn't comprehend the situation and chose not to elaborate on why she should stay away. For now, his warning was enough. He would make sure to keep an eye on her in the future.


That night, Soren waited until Haley was fast asleep before he pulled Julia toward the woods again.

"Julia," he whispered. They had little privacy during the daytime with Haley around. At night, they had only stolen moments. As he kissed her, he had to admit, it made the few moments they had alone all the more precious.

Eyes darkened, he cupped her cheek, deepening the kiss. Their breath misted in the cold night air, but he knew well that she shivered not from the cold, but from the way his hands roamed over her body. She was gasping for breath by the time he broke away. His fingers threaded into her hair and he pushed her down onto the soft ground until she knelt before him.

His hand circled his hardening cock and he moved it over himself, breathing deeply.

"Take me into your mouth." He instructed. "Use your tongue and hands."

He pushed the tip toward her parted mouth. Julia looked up and met his eyes, watched the way his chest rose and his hand clench at his side. Tentatively, she stuck her tongue out and licked at the tip of his cock, heard him inhale. More boldly, she opened her mouth and took him inside her slowly. She had to stretch her mouth to fit his thickness and moaned when she tasted him. His musky scent made her grow wetter by the minute.

Gently, he rested his hand on the back of her head and showed her how to move over his length. Her hands went to circle the veiny base of him, moving it in time with her mouth.

"That's it," he said. He watched half his cock disappear into her hot, wet mouth. He pushed in deeper, giving her time to adjust.

"Take it deeper." He instructed and she tried. He felt the tip hit the back of her throat and he grunted. The tightening of her throat was heaven, and her pleasurable moan vibrated through his stiff organ, resonating throughout his entire body. "Ah..."

She pulled her mouth off and with a sensual smile, suckled the swollen head of his thick cock. He bucked at the sensitivity she was causing and grunted louder. Her hands closed tightly around him and pumped harder as she moved her mouth deeper, then in shallow strokes, alternating between this until he was panting. He took one of her hands to the heavy sacks below his cock, showed her how to massage them. Her sweet touch had him moving restlessly, but she held firm.

Then she suddenly took him into her mouth and let it slide as deep as it would go. Gods, he felt like was going to explode as he saw her throat stretch to accommodate his size. He didn't want to hurt her, yet the blood rushed through his head, numbing his focus. He pumped harder into her mouth, holding her head in place. At first, she was protesting his roughness, but when he looked down, she had her eyes closed in wanting.

All at once, he exploded into her mouth. As the first spurt came forth, he thrust in so her throat sheathed the tip.

Julia felt her throat convulse around him, drinking him in with each surge that racked his body. His load started to flood her mouth as he continued to pump in and out of her and it slid down the corners of her lips, landing onto the soft contours of her breasts.

Breathing hard, he pulled her up and lifted her into his arms. He lowered his head and licked the come that dripped onto her chest. Then he let his hot breath trail up her skin before tasting himself on her mouth.

Julia moaned and he pushed her onto a large, flat-surfaced boulder, using it to put her at level with him. She felt him spread her legs, exposing her to the night air. Her arousal slicked her inner thighs and matted the hair that covered her sex.

As he knelt down before her, he parted the hair non-too gently and pushed his tongue into her. Julia gasped out loud and arched. As her legs rested on his shoulders, he thrust his tongue deeper, the rough texture pressing into her tender inner flesh. The walls of her pussy closed around him. He pulled out, and ran his tongue over her wet slit, down lower until she was squirming.

Moving up again, he replaced his tongue with his fingers, sliding them in and out, coating his hand with her wetness. Julia was throwing her head left and right, lost in this wildness. At last, he suckled her engorged clit, teasing it with his teeth, circling it with the tip of his tongue. He then lapped at it leisurely, slowing his fingers down at the same time.

This drew a frustrated cry from her. She wanted him to finish her quickly. Her mind was clouded with thoughts of ecstasy and could only moan his name over and over again as he continued to assault her with his mouth.

Finally, he showed mercy and quickened his tongue on her clit, pumping his fingers into her until she was brought to a shattering climax.


Julia lay on her back in the empty longhouse. Nerves racked her body as she waited. She heard voices outside, but the words were muffled by the closed entrance. A fireplace provided light at the center and several tools lay on a wooden table nearby. Strange, undecipherable tools she didn't even want to begin pondering their uses.

Suddenly the flap was lifted and a centaur entered. Like the other males, he was built of strong muscle and large hands. He must have been one of the younger of the Elders, for gray only started to color at his temples.

"Julia," he spoke. His voice was smooth. "My name is Panthus. Be at ease, for the examination will be very simple."

"Then what are all those instruments for?"

Panthus dipped his hands into a bowl of water and then patted them dry.

"Do not worry yourself over these things. They are here if I need them."

"Is Soren outside?"

Panthus looked at her. "It is always best the intended mate is away. Such things could disturb his mind."

Julia remained silent, heart racing. Besides her first husband and Soren, no other man had ever touched her. She thought of Soren now, and how much he'd already changed in her life. Was it possible to love someone in only two days of knowing him? Yet to love Soren was such a simple thing to do. He cared for Haley as a true father would.

And the way he made love...the memories of last night made her blush.

At the same time, she couldn't agree to this punishment given to Paul and his men. In the two days since they've been brought to camp, she had yet to find her nerve to approach Paul. She found that she wasn't ready to face the man who had tried to rape her.

Panthus lifted the hem of her dress and folded it over he stomach, exposing her legs. Julia went tense. He firmly separated them, and then had her bend them so the soles of her feet rested on the table surface.

"I will have to remove your hair, so when you feel the coolness of the blade, do not make sudden movements. I could cut you."


"Aye. To remove your hair so I can examine you." He answered patiently.

A minute later, she felt something cold smooth over her. She gasped quietly at the feel of the blade trimming her hair down below. He did this for a while, shaving away all that covered her. Wiping her clean, he tossed away the towel and set down his instruments.

Panthus suddenly cleared his throat and looked a little embarrassed himself. "Julia, I think it is best if you...think of Soren."

"I am thinking of him." Julia said. She was staring at the ceiling and trying her hardest to think of him.

"I mean...I need you to become aroused."

She started to panic. "Aroused? Why?"

"So when I examine you it will be more...comfortable for you. You see, I cannot arouse you myself, that would be considered dishonorable. I need you to do that yourself."

Reason sunk in. "Couldn't you use some sort of oil?"

"The condition of your wetness also determines if you carry disease."


"Just think of your mate."

She conjured up what he did to her when he found out he couldn't touch her until the examination, of when he took her up against the tree. With her eyes closed, she brought back those sweet, taunting memories of his enlarged staff sliding against her dripping pussy. She remembering the way he spread her buttocks so he could glide the tip of himself against her.

Panthus slipped two fingers inside her and stretched her open. Julia made a sound, her breathing not so steady. With her mound shaved, she felt even more sensitive and the feeling of Panthus touching her was strange. He slid them in as deep as he could and with his other hand, dipped two more fingers inside her to feel around her.

Julia repeated Soren's name silently and continued to think of what they shared, of what they will share when this was over. But she was curious and lifted her head slightly to see what Panthus was doing.

He kept his eyes on his task, his face expressionless.

One hand's fingers slipped out of her, but he kept the other two fingers still inside of her, he bent them facing up. His free hand came to press gently down on her lower stomach.

"Think of your mate, Julia." Panthus repeated. As she did, she became more aroused, its effects coating her sex. He used this to coat his fingers well then slowly, with his middle finger pushed into her anus.

Julia made a sound of protest. "Panthus," She said, panicking. "Soren hasn't touched me there yet."

"But I must confirm no other man has either."

Her muscles were tight there as he continued to push in, using her arousal to make his entrance smoother.

Suddenly, he pulled his finger out and he straightened his back.

"We are finished, Julia." He announced. He moved back to the table and began to wash his hands. Hands dry, he came to Julia's side as she quickly threw down her skirts.

"Am I well, then?"

"Aye, you are." Panthus nodded. "I knew the minute you were shaved, but I had to be sure. The Elders require the examination to be fully completed in order to allow you to stay as Soren's mate. You are healthy."

Julia smiled shyly. "I am glad. Where is Soren?"

"He is in the forest, probably pacing."

They could finally make love. Julia's heart beat faster and her body felt flushed both from the examination and from anticipation. She didn't think she would be this excited.

"Go to your mate." Panthus said. "I will speak to the Elders."

She nodded, exiting the longhouse quickly. She instinctively knew where to find him, deep in the woods where he had first touched her. He was there pacing, but as soon as she reached him, his head shot up. He let out a restless breath of energy and stalked toward her.

Willingly, she wrapped her arms around his neck, letting him lift her into his arms. She straddled him as he quickly pushed at her skirts.

"I would take you in our home, but..." His voice trailed off when his mouth fused with hers.

"Here." She whispered, raking her fingers through his hair, clawing his back as she felt the tip of his cock tease her slit. "Here, Soren." She pleaded.


Soren's ears strained for the voice calling him, regretting that it wasn't Julia's. Groaning, he cursed out loud, breathing hard against her throat for a moment. His entire body was wound up, ready to explode. He could hear the leaves crackling and boughs being rustled as someone approached.

Quickly, but reluctantly, he set Julia down, hearing her confused whispers.

Xavier approached. If he noticed Julia's flushed face and Soren's aroused state, he made no indication. Instead, he said, "It is Lila. She is having difficulty with the babe."

This cooled Soren's ardor immediately. "What is wrong?"

Xavier shook his head. "Laura is with her now, and the midwife. But she hopes that since you have carried a child, you may be of some help."

"Me?" Julia asked, nodded. "Yes, of course. I'll help as I can."

"Quickly. Laura said it is urgent."

Xavier didn't wait for another response and only turned to gallop back to camp.

Soren had Julia mount his back, taking her to camp in record time.

Callum was standing over the bed where Lila laid, the only sign of anxiety shown only in his eyes. She was panting, clutching her large belly. Laura, Rose and the midwife were there, boiling water and preparing for the babe to arrive.

"It should be nothing." The midwife assured Callum. "A mother birthing her first colt usually has some difficulty."

Lila's cry of pain cut through him. He would do anything to take away her pain. His frown deepened when he saw her face flushed and covered in sweat as she winced again. He laid his palm over her swollen belly, felt the movement of his child.

"The babe should arrive soon with her contractions so close. Get the clean cloths." The midwife instructed Rose.

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