tagBDSMUnder Construction Ch. 03

Under Construction Ch. 03


The ropes Darren held were clean, white and soft with black tape at the tips. Shawna's excitement was tinged with fear at the sight of them.

"Hold out your hands," he said.

She complied immediately. Something about being stark naked in front of Darren made her obedience so much sexier.

In her previous relationships, this level of exposure would have filled her with anxiety about her body. She wasn't twenty one anymore, and she was definitely not a size two.

As she stood there in all her glory, arms held out to be bound by these soft silky ropes, she felt like a goddess. Darren had undressed her slowly, soaking in every aspect of her, and she loved every second it. Somehow he took all her anxiety and replaced it with the single desire to please him. So far, she had done exactly that.

The ropes around her wrists tightened, holding her arms together and rendering her almost defenceless. Their hold was undeniable, and terrifying. She could feel the ropes pressing into her skin, not tight enough to be painful, but tight enough they could not be ignored.

"Arms over your head," Darren said.

Again, her compliance was immediate despite the struggle in her mind. Giving someone else control of your body raises deep, primal instincts to fight for your life and she was fighting to stay calm instead.

Darren secured a perfect litte knot with his experienced hands through an eye-bolt attached to the wooden column in his basement. Shawna's arms were now her prison and they held her firmly in place, stretched ever so slightly to her full height, unable to relax her body even a little bit.

"You are so beautiful," Darren said. "You're a dream come true."

The contrast of Darren's sweet words as she stood naked and tied to a column swirled in her mind for a moment, the slipped away. She felt utterly exposed, helpless, apprehensive, and wildly turned on all at once. His mastery of her body's movements was exhilarating.

"I am going to introduce you to some of my favourite things," he said. "I'll start slow, but you should get a pretty good idea of what this relationship will involve. Do you remember the safe word? You may need it."

Jesus, she thought. How the fuck did I get here? Why is this so hot? Am I a pervert? I must be a pervert. This wouldn't make me so wet if I wasn't. I had no idea I was this fucked up.

"Red," she said.

"Excellent," Darren replied. "Remember, you have to use it if you are feeling any severe pain, or even if you're just not handling it very well. Don't try to do too much too soon. We have lots of time to experiment."

"I will," Shawna said. She doubted she would really do it. She wanted to please Darren and wussing out on their first date wouldn't impress anyone.

Darren walked over to a dresser a few feet to Shawna's left. He opened the top drawer and took out a short silver chain with a clip on each end. He stood in front of her again, and held the clips up for her to see.

"Have you ever used nipple clamps before," he asked.

Shawna's breath caught in her throat and her stomach fluttered as understanding bubbled up from the depths of her mind.

"No," she said. "I get the feeling that's about to change."

The devil's smirk crossed Darren's face. He made an adjustment to the screws that decided how much force the clamps would apply. "I'll start slow," he said.

Starting with her right breast, Darren kissed her nipple softly sending little bolts of pleasure through her. Her nipple responded instantly, standing erect and begging for more. He flicked his fingers over it softly and kissed her, driving her deeper into swells of ecstasy.

He held the kiss and she could feel him pull her nipple out and then the sudden surge of delicious pain streaked into her as the clamp took hold. She gasped through Darren's lips and let the sensation settle in. A moment later, Darren's fingers flicked softly across her left nipple, preparing it for the clamp. As the pain passed from her nipple to her brain and her aching pussy, her mind cleared of everything but how this felt.

Darren reached between her back and the wooden column and pressed his body against hers. She could feel his cock pressing against her belly just below her navel. Feeling the effect this had on him made it even better for her.

"Ready for more?" His voice was slightly hoarse as his excitement began to show. She could see his eyes reflecting his desire back at her.

"Yes, sir," Shawna replied, her nipples pulsating under the pressure of the clamps.

"Good girl," he said.

He stepped back a little and smiled at her. He reached his hand up and put it around her throat. His fingers reached past her ears and the web of his thumb rested lightly on her windpipe.

He held her gaze for a moment, gauging her reaction to this very powerful action. Shawna stared back at him, her body desperately trying to convince her to struggle against this man with her life in his hand, but she stood fast. She wanted him to do as he pleased with her.

The pressure on her neck came slowly at first, squeezing the sides, but not the windpipe itself. It was painful in an aching way, but she could still breathe so she didn't panic. His grip was strong and commanding and she felt that she belonged in it.

Stars flashed and sparkled in front of her eyes and she drifted away for a moment. When she slammed back into herself, Darren had released his grip and she regained her senses, for the most part. She felt the blood rush into her head, and the juice drip out of her pussy.

"Holy shit," she blurted.

Darren smiled at her. "There's so much more to come," he said.

A chill ran through her body despite her racing pulse and goosebumps rose all over skin. Dear god she was fired up right now. How much more could she take?

Darren's hand found her throat again, and this time he didn't squeeze slowly. His grip was hard on her throat as he slid his two middle fingers on his other hand into her flooded pussy, pressing his fingers up towards her belly and gliding hard across her clit.

She squirmed against the ropes, the clamps on her nipples, the hand on her throat and fingers expertly working her pussy. Her orgasm was building at a furious pace, but with his hand on her throat, she couldn't ask Darren's permission to cum. She panicked and tried to speak, but she could only stare wide eyed at him.

"Don't you cum," he hissed at her.

He released the pressure on her throat but kept his hand in place.

"Please!" She screamed when her voice returned. "Please can I cum?" She was so close, there was no way she could stop it if he said no.

Darren hesitated for an agonizing eternity, then finally responded. "Cum for me, you fucking whore," he said loudly. "Cum like the slut you are!"

Shawna exploded as the words were coming out of his mouth. She left her body and rode the explosions higher and higher, one after another. Lights flashed before her tightly closed eyes, and she lost focus on everything except the torturous surge of ecstasy ripping her apart.

Her body twisted and squirmed against the column, digging the ropes into her skin. Her legs buckled as her pussy gushed over Darren's fingers, soaking her legs along with his hand. Her heart raced and her breathing came in sporadic gasps.

When she finally opened her eyes, her lids were heavy and it was hard to focus. Darren had let her go and was moving around a bit in front of her. When he came into focus, Shawna saw his naked body coming towards her.

"My turn," he said.

She caught a momentary glimpse of his hard cock as he approached her, but her vision was a little hazy and he moved with urgency. She could tell from what she saw her pussy was in for a treat.

Darren pressed her against the column as he lifted her left leg up and bent his knees. He slammed his cock into her in one hard thrust, sending shockwaves through her body. Her pussy was drenched from the finger work he had done both upstairs in the living room and here in the basement and she took him easily.

With his cock buried in her hot wet slit, he lifted her leg up, bringing her other foot off the ground. He hooked his left arm under that leg, and with both her legs up, and using the ropes and the column to help support her, he began pounding into her.

Just like the first hard thrust, there was no mercy. He rammed his cock into her harder and harder, lifting her slightly with every thrust. Shawna was drowning in him, wanting him deeper inside her, harder and faster.

She screamed out as another orgasm tore through her, pain mixing with hard dirty pleasure. Before that one had ended, another bigger orgasm swelled up and took her away again, then another one after that.

Finally, Darren screamed as his own climax wracked his body and blew a massive load into Shawna's pulsing wet pussy. He hammered into her harder as his cock blasted ream after ream of hot cum into her.

He let her left leg down slowly and pulled his cock out of her. Cum and pussy juice spilled out of her as soon as the head of his cock left her pussy's grip. He let her other leg down and leaned against her, breathing heavy and covered in sweat.

Neither of them spoke for a moment. Darren's arms were around her, his lips resting on her forehead. She drank him in, his hot skin against hers, the sweat mixed with faded cologne scent of him, the feel of his breath and lips on her skin. He was delicious.

She felt a tug on her nipple, and then a searing pain as he took the clamp off and let the blood flow back in. The anticipation of the other clamp letting go did nothing to ease the pain when it came off a moment later. Shawna hissed and twisted in her ropes.

Darren stepped back and looked her over one last time before reaching up and untying the rope over her head. Her hands dropped like bricks, still tied together. She felt a rush of cold as she realized there was no blood in them. Her shoulders ached as they warmed up with the return of her circulation.

"The marks in your skin under these ropes are like art to me," Darren said. "Only more beautiful for being in your skin."

The ropes gave the slightest tug coming off her wrists as they had embedded pretty deep. The marks left behind were red and angry impressions mixed in a beautiful pattern with white raised bumps. They ached terribly, but they were as beautiful as Darren said they would be.

"I love them," Shawna said, running her fingers gently over them. They felt so alien in her skin, and they excited her.

Suddenly she felt light headed, and her knees buckled. Darren caught her in his arms and held her until she regained her composure.

"Come sit with me," he said and helped her to the leather sectional in the corner of the room.

Naked and leaking their cocktail down her legs, she walked unsteady in Darren's arms and flopped down onto the soft cushion. Darren left her for a moment and got a blanket to put over them. It was soft and luxurious against her skin.

Darren's arm was around her, and she leaned into him. He felt like home to her.

"Do you need anything?" He asked.

"Just this," she said, curling into him as much as she could.

"You did an amazing job," he said. "I'm very impressed with you. I pushed you and you took it like a pro."

"It was amazing," she replied. "Like nothing I've ever even imagined."

Darren kissed the top of her head. "We're just warming up," he said.

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by Josie_0305/06/18

5 star

Just great!
I enjoyed every second of it and can't wait for the next chapter.
It was intensly hot.
The sub inside me is really liking Darren's rawness. I can see the appeal Shawna see's in him.


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by Anonymous05/05/18

good but

the extremely crude language at end jarred me. He did say it would be degrading sex etc. but still seemed out of character with his persona and I would think is a turn-off. Control vs crudeness. Justmore...

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by InSearchOfMe05/04/18

Møre please

Well that was amazing!! Please write more in this series, it has even more potential!

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