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Under Control


I had met Adam a few weeks previously at the climbing gym. We were both struggling on the same route, and struck up a conversation while we were sprawled on the mats recovering between attempts. We exchanged numbers and started to climb together regularly at weekends. I honestly had good intentions -- I was in a very satisfying long distance relationship and had no plans to do anything to endanger that, despite the frustration I felt at having to go without sex for weeks at a time. It was just nice to make friends with someone climbing at the same level as me. I was so busy focusing on his climbing technique that I barely even noticed his tall, lean body and the way his muscular shoulders filled out his t-shirt... Oh, and did I mention he was a Marine? Maybe I noticed a little...

The base where he lived was on my way to the climbing center, so I got into the habit of picking him up. He was a sociable, chatty guy, and the mood between us was always friendly rather than flirty. I was reassured by this, and figured I was safe enough admiring him a little without anything romantic developing. I told my partner what was going on, who noticed my blushes and was rather amused at my obvious attraction to Adam, but trusted me not to do anything about it. At least, not without asking his permission first.

So, you can imagine my surprise when one evening, after a long session in the gym, he invited me in for a drink before continuing my journey home. I told myself he was just being hospitable, but part of me was wondering -- or hoping -- that there was more to it than that. Either way, I was curious, and took him up on the offer.

His flat was immaculate, and sparsely decorated. We chatted as he poured me a glass of wine -- just one, I insisted, I was driving after all -- and I began to get the impression he was a little nervous. It wasn't until he pulled his chair closer, and I felt his leg brushing mine under the table, that I realized that I had got myself into a situation... I sipped my drink, holding his gaze, and knew for certain I wasn't imagining it.

Aware that I was still wearing my chalk-covered climbing clothes, I asked him if I could use his bathroom to get changed. I locked myself in, got cleaned up as best I could, and put on the black underwear, jeans and blouse I had brought with me. Before going back out, I messaged my partner to tell him what was happening. He replied quickly -- no doubt anticipating I'd be arriving home soon -- and asked me what I wanted to do. It took me a while to reply.

Chloe: Honestly? I want to have sex with him. But you know I will behave myself and do what you tell me xxx

My hands were shaking as I waited for his answer.

Paul: Hmm... You are a good girl. And my dirty little slut. I have a suggestion....

Chloe: Ok...

Paul: I will let you play with him. You can make him come however you like. But you have to be dominant, and he is not allowed to fuck you.

Relief and excitement flooded through me. I immediately accepted his reasonable terms, and showered him with emoji kisses, promising to be in touch again soon. I took one last look in the mirror and headed back to the kitchen.

I found Adam sitting with feigned nonchalance on the sofa in the open plan living room. The tension hunched in his powerful shoulders gave me the impression that despite his physical appeal he didn't have a great deal of sexual experience. This was good news for me... Outside of my elaborate fantasies, I had never actually tried being dominant. Guessing that this would be new to him too gave me confidence.

Steeling my nerve, I slipped in next to him on the sofa. I faced him, holding eye contact with him. I placed a hand half way up his thigh and leaned in to kiss him - slowly and gently. He responded, reaching one hand to my hip and one to my hair. He pulled me closer, and kissed me back with enthusiasm. I was almost lost in the feeling of his warm mouth and soft lips, wanting to melt into his strong arms, but I knew I had to keep my promise to Paul.

I reached to grasp his hands, and brought them to rest on the sofa to either side of him. I planted a little of my weight through my hands onto his, subtly pinning him in place. Allowing myself to enjoy one last, long kiss, I knelt beside him so that I was looking down into his eyes.

"Adam..." I started, with a playful smile. "I really shouldn't be doing this. I'm seeing someone else. But... I really want you."

He looked a little worried, so I gave him a few quick encouraging kisses.

I continued. "If we do this, there are conditions. It will be a one time only thing. And you will have to let me be in charge." I increased the pressure on his hands. "Is that acceptable?"

He smiled uncertainly. "Ok..." He answered, his tone a mixture of bemusement and excitement. He probably didn't really think I was being serious. But he wasn't about to stop now.

I landed one last brisk kiss on his lips, before getting up to retrieve my wine glass. I brought a chair from the table and sat facing him, the living room rug between us. With a smile, I asked him nicely to take his clothes off for me.

He played along, hesitant at first, but then pulling off his t-shirt, socks and jeans more decisively. He clearly had nothing to hide. He stood, his six-foot, muscular body positioned squarely in front of me, breathing deeply.

I had to try very hard not to act impressed. I took a sip of my drink in an attempt to conceal my thrilled smile.

'Very good.' I said, collecting myself and setting my drink back on the table. 'Now get down on your hands and knees, please.'

He laughed and shifted his weight, looking at me to try and gauge whether I really meant it. I met his gaze steadily, and waited. Eventually, he complied.

I stood up, my head held high. I walked slowly around him, and ran my hands appraisingly over his shoulders and back.

'Have you ever been dominated before?' I asked.

He said no, amused and still uncertain.

I bent down to tousle his sandy hair. 'If you behave yourself for me, I promise you will enjoy it,' I said in a low whisper, my lips close to his ear. 'Can you do that?'

He nodded his agreement.

'Say "Yes, Chloe",' I insisted, louder this time.

He did as he was told.

Smiling broadly, I straightened up and ran my hand lightly down his back, coming to rest on his perfect, toned ass. 'Good boy,' I murmured approvingly. I raised my hand, and lowered it fast, connecting with a satisfyingly loud smack. The strike caught him by surprise, and he straightened up, laughing, embarrassed.

I put my hand on the back of his neck and kissed him sweetly on the cheek. 'Be good and stay where I put you, please. Or I'll stop.'

I pushed his neck firmly until he was back on all fours. Despite his reluctance, I noticed that he was breathing a little harder, and was obviously aroused. I felt like I was acting a role, but it was beginning to feel more natural -- and it was turning me on even more than I had expected.

I slid my hand back to his ass and eased his briefs down over his hips to his thighs. I let myself enjoy the feel of his firm ass, squeezing his flesh with both hands. The nervous anticipation was radiating from him as I positioned myself to his side.

I spanked him again, experimenting with a little more force. He bit his lip, but stayed still this time.

I tried again, harder still, and could tell that he was struggling not to show a response. I moved my spare hand up to stroke his hair and neck soothingly. 'You're doing very well. I'm very pleased with you.'

I was thoroughly enjoying myself now. I carried on for a while, until his ass was red and he was gasping with each strike.

Eventually he broke his silence. "Ok, ok, enough...." he said, his voice almost a growl. It obviously hurt his pride to ask me to stop.

I leant down to kiss his cheek once more, and stroked the tender skin on his ass soothingly. 'Really? You're not enjoying it?'

Before he could respond, I slid my hand down between his thighs and ran my fingers teasingly along his cock. 'So why are you so hard, Adam?'

He didn't answer, but moaned quietly. I felt high on controlling him, turning him on, and I longed to tighten my grip and feel his beautiful cock properly. But I forced myself to be patient.

I gave him one last kiss. 'Just a little longer then. I'm almost done.'

I stepped to his other side, and spent some time to ensure both cheeks were equally red and sore.

By the time I was finished, he was panting hard. I put my hand in his hair, grasped a handful and pulled to bring him up to kneeling. His face was red, and the look in his eyes was a mixture of confusion, pain, and arousal.

'Such a good boy,' I cooed, and kissed him, my fully-clothed body close to his bare skin. I caressed his ass tenderly with both hands, and he flinched slightly, not sure if I would strike him again.

I let him kiss me deeply, my hands exploring his body while his pain subsided. I could feel his cock pressing into me insistently. An image popped into my head of him overpowering me, holding me down and fucking me hard. It was getting harder and harder to keep my promise to Paul - but I was determined to be disciplined and see this through. I took hold of his hair again and pulled his face away from mine.

'That's enough for now,' I said, sternly, stepping back to hold him at arm's length. 'Take off your pants and lay back on the rug for me, please.'

With no hesitation this time, he tugged off his briefs and prostrated himself at my feet, watching me intensely.

I unbuttoned my blouse, revealing a narrow strip of my cleavage and tummy. 'As this is your first time, I'm not going to tie you down. I'm just going to trust you to do as I say. Can you do that for me?'

He was looking at my tits as he answered. 'Yes, Chloe.'

'Very good,' I said, removing my blouse fully and unzipping my jeans. 'Hold on to the chair behind you, please, and don't let go unless I tell you to. If you do, I will stop.'

I waited until he had done this and was laid flat on the floor, naked, in front of me. I pushed my jeans down my long legs and kicked them off, then lowered myself to kneel over him in my black lace underwear. He eyed my body hungrily. I was doing my very best to appear controlled, but I wondered if the flush of my cheeks gave away how turned on I really was.

Easing his legs a little wider apart, I ran my fingers teasingly up his thighs. His cock was very hard now, and bobbing slightly with the tension in his body. I stroked my finger to the very top of his thighs, and ran it over his balls and along his cock. The sight of him was making my mouth water.

'You have a very pleasing body to play with, Adam.' I let my fingers close lightly around the head of his cock.

He groaned and tried to push his hips forwards for more contact.

'Stay still please, or I will have to stop.'

He laughed hoarsely and was still. 'Yes, Chloe.'

I stroked his cock more firmly, enjoying how hard it felt in my hand. I had to remind myself not to allow him too much pleasure all at once.

I spread his legs wider, and positioned myself between his knees. I leant down to leave a trail of kisses from the base of his cock up to the head, and he strained his neck to watch, breathing hard. I locked my eyes onto his as I took just the tip into my mouth.

He gasped audibly, quite desperate now, but I was in no rush. I held him there, teasing his head with my tongue for a moment, while I ran a hand between his legs again. As I lowered my head down slowly onto his cock, my fingers moved further towards his ass. He was almost too overwhelmed by pleasure to notice at first. I started to suck him properly, moving my head with long slow strokes.

I watched his face for a reaction as I pressed one finger more firmly against his ass. A little unease crossed his face, so I lifted my head. 'Don't worry. I'll be gentle. You're being so good for me.'

He looked only marginally reassured, but his worries seem to vanish as I took him into my mouth again, deeper and firmer than before. I continued to stroke and tease his ass as I pushed my head down hard to force him into my throat. I held him in my throat, moving my head just slightly while my fingers continued to play, gently.

He moaned louder, the muscles in his thighs and arms pulsing with tension. Seeing his pleasure and submission was making me very turned on. I was sorely tempted to get on top of him and slide his cock inside my wet cunt; but I would have to wait for that. If I was a good girl, Paul would soon give me the penetration I craved so badly.

After taking him for as long as my breath would allow, I lifted my head and held his cock in my hand. 'Have you had enough yet?'

'No... More... Please,' he moaned, half begging.

I smiled, pleased with myself. I pushed one finger just inside his tight little ass and watched to see how he would take it. His eyes opened wide, but he didn't ask me to stop.

'Such a good boy.'

I pushed just a bit further, thrilled by the sensation of penetrating him. I took his cock into my throat again, allowing myself to moan with the sheer pleasure of it this time. I sucked him more determinedly, feeling the tension rising in his body. My finger slid in and out of him, as far as the second knuckle, and I could tell by the way he moved his body that he liked the way it felt.

He was clearly getting close to coming, so I slowed my stroke to pace him. Impatient, he released his grasp on the chair and moved his hands down to pull my head back onto his cock. I struggled from his grasp and withdrew all contact with his body. I knelt back, and watched him panting for breath.

'I told you to stay where I told you to, didn't I?' I said, sharply.

I could see he wasn't certain whether or not to submit this time. He was so desperate to come. Without giving him too long to think, I slapped him smartly on the thigh.

'Back onto your hands and knees. Now.'

He hesitated for a long moment, catching his breath, before finally doing as he was told.

I pressed the back of his neck down with one hand and spanked him hard with the other.

I paused, a little breathless myself, and squeezed his sore skin. 'Are you going to behave yourself now?'

'Yes Chloe,' he groaned, and I probed his ass with my finger one last time.

'Good boy.'

I moved my hand from his neck to the front of his throat and pulled him up to standing. I kissed him properly, then dropped to my knees in front of him. His hands twitched by his sides as I licked the precum off the tip of his cock. Unable to resist any longer, I took him in my hand and sucked him greedily. The wet from my mouth ran down to my fingers, making my tight hand slide over his shaft. He moaned louder and his legs started to tremble as he got closer and closer. Finally, I grasped his hands and brought them to my head, closing his fingers around my hair. I grasped his thighs and ass to pull myself as close as I could towards him. He fucked my mouth deeply, his last few urgent thrusts pushing all the way into my throat.

He came in my mouth, cursing and groaning, and I gladly swallowed it down. I was a good little slut, after all.

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by Anonymous

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by VancouverMan07/19/18

Well done!!!

Kept me hard! I wish she had dominated him more. Great writing and good characters.

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by SimonO04/08/18

Love the realism in this :-)

Believable characters. Good job on it.

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by ham_sandwich04/02/18

A good story! Now that you have our attention, perhaps you'll write Chapter Two and let us know what happened when you got back to Paul's.

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by Anonymous04/02/18


Very well told!

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