tagMind ControlUnder Her Control

Under Her Control


Stanley knew what he wanted and just when and how he wanted it. He had very little patience for people who were incompetent.

His wife Alice, a rather meek, submissive woman, had learned to say how high, when he said jump and what color, when he said shit.

She knew that any excuses or mistakes were simply unacceptable. She was, in fact his slave.

They had been married for five years and she had never, during that period, ever denied him any request no matter how outrageous.

She had come to accept the fact that his word was law. In the beginning she had put up some resistance but he soon beat that out of her. He never hit her. He didn't need to. Just by changing the tone of his voice would cause her to do a one-eighty and comply with his wishes.

Alice was 34 and was quite attractive with a sexy figure. Stanley, however, never let anyone see this side of her. He made her wear unflattering clothing, no makeup and a mousey-brown lack-luster hair do.

Not that he ever took her anywhere anyway. He kept her at home and out of sight. He even refused to let her family or friends visit. Slowly she had come to accept this as normal and meekly complied.

Their sex life was all about his needs. She, as his sex slave, pleased him in every way and anyway he wished. She herself had never experienced an orgasm with his four inch penis. She was a virgin when they married and had never experienced another man.

He did not allow her to watch television because he knew that with all that woman's liberation shit on TV could give her the wrong ideas. She had a couple of romance novels carefully hidden away that she would read over and over, dreaming of a life she had never known.

One day, Stanley told her that his company was having a Christmas party at a local nightclub and he was being considered again, for a management position and was expected to attend with his wife.

Alice could not believe her ears! They were going out to a nightclub. It was like Cinderella being invited to the ball! "Oh my goodness!" she thought to herself, "I have nothing to wear, my hair, what should I do?"

After posing the question to her husband, he replied, "Don't worry, just wear your best dress and put a little lipstick on. Nobody will be looking at you anyway."

The night of the party, Stanley decided to go with the guys after work to club and get a head start on the drinking. He told Alice to take a bus and meet him there at eight.

Alice put on a simple dress, put a dab of lipstick on her face and left to take the bus at 7pm to allow enough time to get there by eight. She didn't want to upset Stanley by being late.

After waiting for some time, at the bus stop, a man in a new Lexus pulled up to the light next to the bus bench. He looked at Alice and smiled. "Excuse me madam but you look like you need a lift." He said in a calm, deep voice.

Alice never talked to strangers but she was worried about being late. She had been waiting for the bus for forty-five minutes and knew she could not get to the club in fifteen minutes.

"Please sir," She replied, "I'm supposed to meet my husband for his office Christmas party at the Blue Rose Club at eight and I am afraid the buses have stopped running!"

"Well this must be your lucky day," The man replied, "I am part of the entertainment tonight at the Blue Rose; allow me to drive you there."

Alice, nervously got into the car, put on her seat belt and thanked the handsome man who had come to her rescue. She studied his face while he drove. He had huge dark commanding eyes, salt and pepper hair and was dark complected.

"You mentioned being an entertainer, are you a singer?" Alice inquired.

"No, I couldn't carry a tune in a wheel barrel," He replied, "I'm a hypnotist."

"A hypnotist!" Alice exclaimed, "Does that stuff really work? I thought it was all phony and rehearsed like wrestling?"

The man controlled his anger and said, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Professor Stern, hypnotist, clairvoyant, and mystic. I can read your mind, predict your future and put you completely under my power. Hypnotism not only works, it can be a marvelous tool for therapy. I have helped hundreds, no thousands of people over the years."

"Just how does it help people?" Alice asked.

"Simple, it allows me to go into your mind, see what your problems are and fix them.' He answered.

"My husband could sure use your help," Alice stated. "He is so pushy. He has to have everything his way. He is up for a management position at work, but I'm afraid that his uncompromising attitude would cause him to be passed over again, like it always has before."

"Very interesting," Professor Stern said. "I think I may be able to help him. I will try to put him under during my act tonight. Sometimes when I do group hypnosis, a few of the audience become hypnotized along with the group. If he does, I will plant a post-hypnotic word in his head that only you and I will know, then, later, when you and he are at home, all you have to do is say this word and he will be hypnotized again and you can then give him suggestions to improve his disposition."

"Do you mean that all I have to do is say the word and he will be under my power?" Alice asked in amazement.

"That's right, and I am sure that a sweet person like yourself would never take advantage of the situation, would you my dear?" The professor asked.

"Of course not" Alice replied quickly, but already the wheels were turning in her mind.

They arrived at the Blue Rose a few minutes after eight. Professor Stern told Alice, if their plan worked, the word he would use would be "Asbestos". It had to be a word that would not normally come up in the conversation. He then left Alice and went around to the stage entrance.

Alice walked into the club and looked for her husband. She finally saw him, or rather heard him across the room talking to his buddies. He already sounded pretty high. "Where's my fucking old' lady, she'd better get here soon or she's in big trouble!" He said, slurring his words.

Alice quickly went to his table and said, "I'm sorry dear, the buses were running slow tonight." She didn't dare tell his she caught a ride with a strange man.

"Ok, ok," He replied, "Just sit down and shut up, the show's about to begin. They have some kind of hypno-guy, if you can't believe in that crap."

"Good evening, employees of the Darrell Paper Company," The announcer said, "and welcome to the Blue Rose. It is our pleasure to provide you with some entertainment for your Christmas Party tonight. For our first act, I would like to present that amazing, Hypnotist, Mind Reader and Predictor of the Future, let's give a big hand for, "Professor Stern, ladies and gentlemen!"

Professor Stern walked out on the stage dressed in a tuxedo and cape. He was accompanied by his pretty assistant, a young lady, about twenty, wearing a very revealing costume.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I know some of you may be skeptical regarding my abilities, but I hope to prove to you, over the next thirty minutes that everything I do, is completely honest and real!" The professor said.

"For my first demonstration, I would like six volunteers from the audience, especially the non-believers to come up on the stage. Not everyone can be hypnotized, but I have found that skeptics are usually the easiest ones to put under." The professor said with a smile.

Stanley, being very skeptical, and a little drunk, was one of the first to raise his hand. The professor, seeing he was sitting with Alice, quickly accepted him along with five others, who were then lined up across the stage.

The professor then said, "Ladies and gentlemen. I must ask for your complete cooperation. Please be very quiet as not to distract our brave volunteers. I would also like to have the lights dimmed just a bit. Thank you. Now I would like you all to relax. Just listen to the sound of my voice."

"You are all feeling very relaxed." The professor said in his deep soothing voice. "All the tensions you are feel ing your bodies are going away. You are feeling a little sleepy. Your breathing is slowing down. Your eyelids are becoming heavier. All you can hear is the sound of my voice. You are starting to fall asleep. You can hardly keep your eyes open. Your eyelids are getting heavier, and heavier. They are closing now. You are asleep but can still hear my voice."

Professor Stern continued. "You feel wonderful and completely relaxed. Those of you who are asleep take one step forward. Five of the six volunteers, including Stanley stepped forward. A slight snicker came from the audience but the professor held his finger to his lips, to quiet them. The volunteer who did not fall asleep was excused and sent back to his table.

Alice was astonished at how easy, Stanley was hypnotized. The profession winked at Alice and went over to Stanley and whispered some words in his ear. He then addressed the group and told them that they were Christmas Carolers and they were there to sing songs. He then told them that if was very warm on stage and recommended they take off their pants, skirts, shirts and blouses to be more comfortable. He then cautioned the audience to remain quiet. He then led them in the tune "Jingle Bells", after which the audience applauded and laughed. Several cameras were clicking to record the moment.

He then had them redress and told them. "I am going to count back from ten. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and awake. You will not remember anything that happened and will return to your tables. 10-9-8-7-6, you are starting to wake up, 5-4-3-2-1."

The five volunteers woke up, totally unaware that they had just put on a show and smiling walked back to their respective tables.

"I told you, this was a bunch of crap, "Stanley said to his wife. " Nobody can hypnotize me."

Alice just nodded to her husband, trying not to smile and was anxious to get him home to try out the post-hypnotic word, "Asbestos".

Professor Stern then proceeded with the rest of his act. He hypnotized a few other volunteers, made a few predictions and guessed a few articles that were collected from the audience. He then left the stage for the next act to enter.

One of the articles he guessed was Stanley's wallet. Little did Stanley or Alice know that he obtained their address and phone number before returning it.

By this time, Stanley was very drunk and his boss offered to drive them home. Stanley was passed out in the back seat and Alice rode up in front with his boss.

"Stanley didn't tell us he had such a beautiful wife," His boss said, "he has really been holding out on us!"

Alice blushed at his words, not being use to getting complements. His boss was quite handsome and when they got home, helped carry Stanley to their bedroom. Alice thanked him and told him she could manage it from there.

"I'll bet there are going to be five, very surprised employees Monday when they see those pictures of themselves in their underwear, singing on stage! His boss said. He then took Alice in his arms and gave her a more than friendly kiss on the lips and left.

Alice was a little flustered from the kiss. Stanley rarely kissed her and she enjoyed his boss's attentions. She undressed her unconscious husband and crawled into bed but before she could fall asleep, the phone rang.

Alice quickly grabbed the receiver, not wanting to wake her husband. "Hello," she answered.

"Good evening Alice." It was Professor Stern's voice. "I just wanted you to know that when you say the word "Asbestos", your husband will immediately fall into a hypnotic spell. At that time, you have complete power over him and may do anything you wish to him. Then, before you take him out of his trance, you can tell him he won't remember anything that occurred. I hope you enjoy your new found power. I will be checking in from time to time to see how it is going. Maybe you can do a little favor for me sometime. Goodnight!"

Alice had a hard time getting to sleep. She kept contemplating the endless possibilities her newly acquired power might avail her. She began to realize that she had built up a lot of resentment for the way Stanley had treated her through the years and although she knew she was also to blame for allowing it, she could feel her anger toward him grow.

"Tomorrow, Mister Big Shot, tomorrow we'll see who gives the orders around here.

"Hey bitch, get up and make me some breakfast, and get me some coffee right now, and a couple of Motrin. My head is pounding!" Stanley said. It was his usual good morning speech.

Alice rolled over and looked at her hung-over husband and said, "Asbestos".

Stanley immediately fell into a deep trance-like sleep.

"Can you hear me?" Alice asked.

"Yes," Stanley replied. Alice noticed the tone of his voice was gentler. Not the usual demanding tone.

"Good." Alice continued. "This morning, you want to fix my coffee and breakfast. Put on my bathrobe and go downstairs and make me some coffee. You will then bring it to me, and go back to the kitchen and fix our breakfast. I would like two eggs over medium, half a grapefruit, and a piece of toast, lightly buttered with a spoonful on honey. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Stanley replied, and to Alice's amazement, got up and went and put on her bathrobe.

Tears of joy filled Alice's eyes. She could hardly believe that this once, demanding chauvinistic pig was obeying her orders. She was going to have fun this weekend with her new found power.

Stanley looked silly in her robe, but that was the idea. She took some photos for posterity,of him scurrying around, bringing her coffee and serving her breakfast. She was really enjoying this!

After breakfast, Alice instructed Stanley that he was her new maid and needed to look the part. He was to apply depilatory cream to his body, shower and shave his facial hair and any errant hairs with a razor. After completing this, he was to report to her for further instructions.

Stanley voiced no objections and went into the bathroom to start his emasculation. Alice smiled as she sipped her coffee and ate her breakfast. The toast was a little burned and the eggs, a little runny but, he will learn, yes he will learn.

After applying the cream, waiting ten minutes and taking a shower, Stanley watched as his body hair washed down the drain. In his hypnotic state, he was completely at ease. After all, he was the maid and everyone knows, maids don't have hairy bodies.

After a removing his beard and mustache and a few touch-ups with the razor, Stanley went back into the bedroom to get further instructions.

Alice giggled to herself at the site of her once macho husband, all pink and smooth. She had him rub a feminine smelling lotion over his skin to ease the burning and itching. She then had him put on a pink pair of her panties, a bra, and one of her wigs. She applied lipstick, eye shadow and some rouge to his cheeks.

Stanley, in spite of his bossy, aggressive personality, was not a very big man. He weighed about 150 lbs and stood 5'7". Now with his facial and body hair gone and in full make up and wig, he could almost pass for a woman.

Alice took some more photos, making Stanley pose in his new feminine attire. She would keep these pictures just in case, he became rebellious later on.

Next she gave him a list of chores to do. Clean the kitchen, bathroom, vacuum, dust and do the laundry. He was to ask her if he had any questions regarding these tasks but first she had him run her a bath. What she needed was a long, relaxing soak in the tub. Something she hadn't had the time to do in ages. Yes, this was going to be the beginning of a whole new life for her and Stanley.

When Alice had finished her bath, she summoned Stanley to dry her and rub her body with moisturizing creams. She then told him that he loved the taste of pussy and could never get enough and she ordered him to suck her cunt.

Stanley took to his new found duty like a man drinking cold water after thirsting in the desert. He licked and sucked her for over an hour bringing her to her first orgasm and subsequently to four more orgasms.

Alice was in heaven. After experiencing multiple orgasms for the first time in her life, it had only wet her appetite.

She told Stanley to call his boss and explain that because his cock was so small, his wife needed a real man to come over and fuck her. Stanley meekly complied. Stanley's boss could not believe what he was being told but quickly agreed to come by and help.

Stanley's boss was 6'4", 220 lbs and black. He had always fancied Alice and now he was going to have her.

Stanley greeted him at the door in his panties, bra, wig and make up. He held his apron and curtsied as his wife instructed him and said, "Oh thank you for coming over and fucking my wife. She is upstairs waiting for you, please follow me Sir."

Stanley's boss chuckled at seeing his employee in his feminized state.

He led his black boss to his and his wife's bedroom where Alice was waiting, naked on the bed, legs spread wide. He sucked his wife's pussy some more to prepare her for his boss's huge black cock.

His boss quickly undressed and push Stanley aside, crawled between Alice's legs and plunged his nine inch cock all the way into her.

"Ahhhh!" Alice exclaimed. She had never felt anything so big and long. His cock went much deeper than her husband's puny four inches had ever gone.

Stanley had been instructed to get them some cold wine while Alice and his boss were fucking. He could hear her moans as he fetched the wine and quickly returned upstairs. As he entered the room, his wife was coming and his boss was emptying his cum filled balls into her tight pussy.

He allowed them time to recover and handed them each a glass of wine. He was then told to suck his boss's cum out of his wife's cunt, and then suck his boss's cock clean while they sipped their wine and kissed.

Alice had set up the camcorder before his boss had arrived and everything was recorded. She had planned to use this in the future if Stanley decided to cause any trouble. He would have a hard time explaining begging his boss to fuck his wife, then sucking his cum from her pussy and cleaning his boss's cock.

Anyway you looked at it, Stanley's life had changed, no longer the bullying, selfish, pig. He was now the emasculated, sissy, cuckold maid who only wished to please his mistress wife.

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