Under Her Spell


"Oh, I can't wait, Mommy," Bella grinned, rolling over and laying down onto her back. She lifted her hips as her "mother" pulled her jeans and panties down all at once. There were a few moments of struggle as she worked them over the college girl's sneakers and then tossed them off to thump against a scale chart that was on a nearby wall. She watched with eager eyes as the older white woman shinnied out of her own trousers and now damp undergarments to then kneel on the floor and leaned in. "Oh, Mom-MY!" She yelped and moaned as the blonde kissed the slightly puffy lips of her sex once, then again, then started to lick at her with tender eagerness. She reached down to lay her hand on the blonde's head, not controlling or gripping yet, just touching and holding.

The Phantom walked around the dais, watching the show as the pretty older woman feasted on the lovely girl's pussy. His hand lazing stroked his member as he wanted the two in their Sapphic delight. He paused and James and Cammy both started as they thought he glanced back at them and then continued to move around until he has his back to them, "You came here, scared but free, are you where you're supposed to be?" The two collegiate students exchanged a look. Then he spoke again as he knelt down behind the curvaceous older woman, "Like mother like daughter, but is it true? I think I want a little preview." With that his hips bucked forward. Cammy and James couldn't see it but they heard the muffled moan of the blonde as he speared into her ready cunt.

The two looked back at one another and nodded, stepping back softly and turning away from the music room. The moans and grunts were mostly swallowed up by the music coming from the old iPod and speakers that were set on the top of the door frame to the music room. The pair moved to the door at the back of the foyer, the one on this side of the staircase. They let go of each other's hands, moving to either side of the door and peering into...a hallway. It ran back along the foyer and then further in both directions until a blind corner on either end sent it going deeper into the building. There were doorways here as well but the doors were closed save for the one at the far end of the hallway from where they entered. James licked his lips and glanced back at Cammy, "Looks clear," he murmured.

"Uh huh. That's what makes me nervous." They stepped out into the hall and looked down both ways from where they stood. The noise from the rooms in the foyer was faint but still vaguely audible; thumps, moans, gasps and the darkly demure strains of some different classical piece now. "So...think that door down there is it?"

"Might be." James shook his head, "I didn't get that good a look at our map. But they said that we'd be -" From around the nearest corner there came the sound of a door opening and closing. "- guided?" There were heavy footsteps approaching the corner and a shadow of someone, something, moving came into the hall. "Oh, boy."

"EhhhH?" From around the corner came a lumbering shape; a man, if it was a man, well over six feet in height and so broad at shoulder and waist he seemed to almost fill the hall as he turned. His clothes were ragged and layered and covering his head was a dirty white latex mask that was askew and seemed ill fitting; nothing could be seen of the person wearing it. "Heh. Heh heh haaahh," he rumbled in something that was almost a laugh and a growl. He lifted a plastic chainsaw, pressing a button to make it suddenly whine and howl, the blade vibrating.

"Oh, boy," James said again. He looked back, "Cammy, we-"

She was already fifteen feet down the hall in the other direction, "Run, white boy! What is it with you people?"

"What-shit!" James pivoted on his heel and broke after her with long strides. "What do you mean, 'you people' anyway?"

"You don't get to say that," she called back, "You're whiter than Primus!"

"You're all red insiiiiide," crowed the shambling man pile behind them, stomping along after them. He swung his shaking and dimly roaring chainsaw from side to side.

James glared back, "You stay out of this!" Wow, that guy had covered a lot more ground than he thought. "Shit! Shit, shit, shit!" While both were fit, he was more of a runner than Cammy and soon had caught up with her, checking his pace to match hers. They raced through the doorway at the end of the hallway only to come to a four way split, the only open door being the one behind them. James spun and kicked the door shut, slamming it in the face of the chainsaw wielding maniac. "Now what?"

Cammy turned between the three options, "We pick one and we go." There was a thump on the door behind James. "Uhh, we want to go-"

"This way!" They both looked to see the door that went further back into the house open and a woman gesturing for them to come, "Quickly," she hissed. Her skin was fair and her red hair was pulled back in a single long tail that fell over a purple and black corset that held and offered up a pair of large breasts and a long skirt slit up one side, a leg clad in fishnet stockings visible as she stepped to one side and gestured for them to enter. Her eyes flashed behind a pair of cute, square lensed glasses. "He won't come here; you'll be safe from him. Hurry!"

There was a louder thump on the door and they both jumped and started down the hallway. They raced past the buxom redhead who closed the door behind them and then locked it and placed a bar over the door. The two lovers stopped a few strides in and turned to each other and embraced. "Okay," Cammy whispered, "we're okay."

"Yeah," he answered. They held each other for a few more beats and then stepped back to look around. They were in what may have been a dining room or long sitting room, with two longer walls and two shorter ones which had doors in them. The westward wall had a hearth with a gas fire dancing in it; a rounded pot with a flat bottom was suspended over the fire and a brown liquid was in it, steaming faintly and filling the room with a sweet scent. There was a thick wooden table that was covered with a black tablecloth that had silver spider webs on it. A variety of different items were atop it but hidden from sight by an orange towel. Two armless, high-backed chairs were by it as well and fluffy cottony webs were along the tops of the walls and the room's corners. A chandelier hung over the table with extremely thin bat shapes hanging from its' outstretched arms; the faintly flickering candlelight bulbs in it glowing softly. A pair of lights glowed on the wall opposite the hearth and there was a curtained off area near the door they'd run through. The floor was hardwood but there was a long rug that ran under the table and for much of the length of the room.

"I'm so glad you made it." They turned and found a pair of clayware mugs thrust into their hands by the woman who had called them in. "I was afraid that mad thing would get you first, but here you are! Take a breath and have a drink! You must be so tense!" Her pink lips bowed in a smile and up close they could see a light dusting of freckles on her nose and cheeks. Her features were pretty and soft, her eyes a blue-green color behind her glasses. She was older than them but by less than a decade, he'd guess. Her hair was a flaming red, straightened and gathered into a single thick bundle by a black ribbon. James' eyes fell to the exposed swell of her ample tits, a few freckles on the pale flesh as well, and the swath of magnificent cleavage that her corset offered up. She wore a leather string as a necklace with a cloudy crystal pendant that rested in that sumptuous valley. Her corset was primarily purple, they could see now, with the accents and ribs in black. Her ankle length black skirt was slit on both sides and her shapely legs could be seen as she moved to the curtain, the sleek fabric falling over a taut ass. She was wearing a pair of two inch heels that clacked on the hardwood floor.

"Quit gawking, perv," Cammy muttered, nudging him in the side with an elbow before taking a drink from her mug. "Mm, this is good! And thank you, really, for helping us out."

James was flushing at both his own ogling and being caught at it. "Yeah, thanks. We owe you one, but are you sure that guy won't just bust in here?"

The redhead laughed, "Oh, no. He knows better than to try to get where I don't want him to be!" She was rummaging in the closet behind the curtain, looking back at them with another sweet smile. "He's mad, not stupid. He'd never cross me."

"Oh. Okay then." James licked his lips and glanced over at Cammy. "Uh, so...yeah. Sorry, we should introduce ourselves. Right?" His girlfriend was taking a long drink and then lowered her mug with a sigh. She caught his look and smiled at him; a dreamy expression.

"Mm, we should," Cammy said with in a low, warm tone. One hand reached up to unzip her jacket, "So warm all of a sudden."

"You're James Dixon and she's Cammy Jones," the mysterious woman answered. She stepped back from the closet and swept a wide brimmed hat with a bent conical point up on top of her head with one hand. The other brandished a thick foot long rod of wood looking plastic with a bulbous end and a faint line a fourth of an inch from the base. "And I am Rachel the Witch! Now we're introduced; proper manners are important, you're right, young James." She smiled again and tilted her head to one side. "And now...you two sweet, pretty, young things are aaaall mine."

James blinked. A witch? "Hey, I said we owe you one, sure, but not-"

"We are yours, Rachel," Cammy nodded. Her dark cheeks were flushed and she was peeling her jacket off to let it fall on the floor. The lovely African-American student was smiling but her eyes were dazed and wide. "And being yours makes you ours, so mote it be."

James looked at her in shock, "C-Cammy? What are you saying?"

"Oh. James, you naughty boy!" Rachel waggled the phallic wand at him, "You didn't drink any of the potion I gave you. That's not very gracious after I saved your life."

"How was I supposed to know it was potion or that - hey, wait, what do you mean, potion?"

"Hmp! Well, for that . . . you'll just have to watch, I think." Rachel kept her wand pointed at him, "Cammy, be a dear and tie up your boyfriend." She gestured at the table with her other hand, "Ropes are under the towel."

"Cammy, you're no - whoa, uff!" James wasn't expecting the sharp tug on his shoulder than pulled him backwards to stumble into one of the chairs at the table, thumping down in it unceremoniously.

She shook her head and sighed, "I am, yeah. You should've had a drink, baby, then we could be together." The black girl flipped the towel over and raised her eyebrows, "Oh, all kinds of treats here." There were two bundles of purple rope, a long double ended dildo, a silvery chain piled on itself and something beneath, as well as a few condoms and a bottle of lube. She pulled the ropes up and walked over to where her stunned boyfriend sat pulling his arms behind him.

Despite it all, his cock throbbed and pulsed in his pants as she deftly ties his wrists together with the soft cordage and began to lash the ropes through the chair back's slats to hold him. "H-hey, babe, come on, you don't have to do this."

"But she does," Rachel shook her head, arms crossed under her breasts. She rubbed the dick shaped wand against her left breast as she watched. "And she likes it too. Don't you, Cammy?"

The college student shivered, "Oh, I do. I really do." She leaned down to kiss James as she tightened the slack and then tied the rope off. She moved over to stand by the witch, her hips swaying, "He's trussed up good."

"That's a girl," she responded. Then she reached out with her left hand and drew Cammy in close. The two women came together and their lips met. The redhead's plush breasts threatened to push free of her corset as she mashed her chest against Cammy's. The dark-skinned beauty whimpered as her lips parted and Rachel's tongue slid in to taste her. The witch's hands slid around to grab Cammy's pert ass, squeezing her cheeks through her jeans, the wand rubbing in her fabric covered crack.

"God . . . damn," James breathed, watching the two women make out in front of him. One kiss became another and another. Both let out soft gasps now as their lips parted briefly for breath. Their tongues intertwined as they enjoyed one another.

Rachel gently pushed Cammy back and licked her lips, "So sweet. I want to see you. Strip for me, Cammy."

The slender coed nodded, "I shouldn't but . . . I want you to see me." She reached up to the first fastened button of James' borrowed shirt when Rachel reached out to turn her so that she was facing her boyfriend. Cammy chuckled, "Show for you both, huh? Look at what you could be touching, baby." Her nimble fingers undid button after button while Rachel moved around behind her, idly twirling the dick-like wand in her right hand, the left caressing Cammy's hips as she moved. The athletic young woman paused a moment when the last button was undone and then pulled the shirt open and let it slide down her arms to flutter to the floor. Her pert, high tits were bare underneath; delicious rounded handfuls crowned with dark nipples that jutted out into the cooler air of the room.

"Mm, very nice," Rachel purred. She slipped her wand into her own cleavage and reached her arms around and under Cammy's to caress the undersides of her breasts. The younger woman gasped and then smiled as she nibbled her lower lip. "And no bra. I think someone wanted these seen tonight. My kind of girl." Her pale hands cupped the darker flesh and squeezed, gently first and then harder. Cammy let her head fall back a bit, moaning softly. Rachel chuckled and bent to kiss down her neck as her hands continued to massage and maul the exposed bosom.

"Never had a, ahh, complaint yet," Cammy answered. Her own hands slid down to her jeans, undoing the button and pulling down the zipper. "If you liked that, you'll love this." She hooked her thumbs into the waist and pulled them down off her hips and as far down her legs as she could reach. There was nothing under jeans to hide her; her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the lips of her pussy exposed to the dim light and the eyes of the others in the room.

James blinked and then let out a breathy sigh, "Cammy, baby..."

"Oh, ho! Oh, my, yes, I love it!" Rachel's hands now slid down over the mostly nude girl's hips and caressed down her thighs. The witch half knelt to pull her jeans the rest of the way down her legs, quickly tugging her shoes off and then the jeans down over her feet as well. As she rose again, her hands ran up the length of her smooth, shapely legs. "You came here ready for action, all right. Wanting to be caught, hmm? To be taken?" Then she noticed something and laughed, "Ha! Even better! Oh, you little whore!"

James blinked as Cammy's cheeks darkened and she laughed as well, "What are you --"

"And he doesn't know?" Rachel giggled, "Turn around and show him."

The athletic girl raised her eyebrows, "It was meant to be a surprise; I didn't think it'd be this much of one." She licked her lips, turned around, and bent over sticking her ass out at him. Her pert bubble cheeks were pushed slightly apart by a red plastic roundness.

Her boyfriend's eyes narrowed and then went wide, "Holy shit. Baby, you, that's a . . . a butt plug." He shifted in his bonds and felt a rush of want. "Baby, are you, are we going to-oh, fuck."

"I think that was the idea," Rachel smirked. "Now, well, we'll see. I think that we're going to be the ones fucking." She reached around to give one of Cammy's globes a hard slap. The girl yelped and the witch grinned. There was another loud, flat crack as she gave the other cheek a slap. Then she spun her around and embraced her, their lips meeting again. Her hands guided Cammy's to her corset and then she gasped into the kiss as the younger woman slipped her hands inside and pulled her ample tits out. Dark fingers squeezed the plush flesh, fingers sinking in slightly. "Oh, that's a good girl. Mmm, more."

Cammy chuckled and nuzzled the witch's neck before lowering her head to kiss the swell of one breast and trail her tongue down along the curve until she came to the slightly puffy areola. Her tongue snaked and slithered over it, teasing the sensitive nipple and the pink area around it. Rachel sucked in a breath as Cammy lashed the tip of her tongue over the nipple hard and fast once, twice, and then took it into her mouth. The black woman cooed as she suckled on the pillowy tit.

The redhead moaned softly, "Oh, this isn't, mmm, the first time you've done this, is it?" Her left hand cradled the base of her head, her right slipping lower to move to that perky ass and start to press and wriggle the base of the plug. Cammy squealed as it stirred in her ass and shook her head. Rachel chuckled. "No? I didn't think so." She lifted her eyes to meet James' gaze. "Did you know she'd been with a girl?" There was another squeal, somewhat indignant. "Oh, my, girls then."

He shook his head and worked his mouth a few times, his lisp dry. "No. No, she never said. God damn." He felt sweaty and hot. His breath was coming faster and his fingers flexed, desiring to feel those sweet bodies themselves. He twisted in the chair, struggling against the ropes. Fuck, this was so damn hot. And being tied up, just having to watch . . . was fucking hot too. What the hell was wrong with him? There was no denying his excitement. His cock was visible as a bulge that was running down his leg against his right thigh. He wanted it touched, even if only by himself. If only he could get his hands free!

"I wonder, mm, what else she wasn't told you," Rachel teased. Then she closed her eyes and let out a long breath, "Ohhh, yes, suck my tits, you sweet girl." She licked her lips then took one of Cammy's hands to guide it under her skirt and then gasped, "Ah! Didn't even need to tell you what to do!" Her chest heaved and her breathing picked up, "Oh, fuck! W-wait, just a second!" Her hands moved from the dark-skinned girl to the rear of her own skirt, fumbling for a moment before it slackened and then fell off her waist. Her fishnet stockings went to mid-thigh and were secured by a garter belt that was not hindered in any way by a pair of panties. Her pink snatch was glistening, lips engorged, a tuft of red hair at the peak. The younger girl had two fingers buried in her, pumping them in and out while her thumb rubbed over the hidden pearl of her clit.

Cammy lifted her head and grinned, "You're not the first big titted white bitch I'll have made cream and scream, Witchie Poo." Then she took the redhead's other nipple in her teeth and bit down lightly. Rachel shrieked and her head went back as the younger woman started to then suck eagerly on the abused flesh. There was a faint squishing sound as her fingers kept pumping into the pale woman's cunt and the scent of her enjoyment was beginning to compete with the sweet chocolate smell of the witch's brew on the fire.

"Don't-hnn! Don't fuh-forget that you're, hnn, mine," she answered. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes a bit unfocused behind her glasses. "I'm, ahh! F-fuck! I'm the one in charge, ohhh, my God!" She bent forward, leaning on Cammy a bit as her breathing grew even more ragged, her voice whining and frantic. "Suh-so fast! AhhhNN!" Her eyes shut tight, her lips open in a strangled cry as her body trembled and quivered in the throes of an unexpected climax. Her fingers dug into the slender shoulders to help hold her up as she rode out the cresting waves of sensation.

After a minute she pushed Cammy away and stumbled to flop into the unoccupied chair by the table. She sat there panting and then slipped off the chair onto her knees and gestured for Cammy, "Yuh-your turn. I want to-to taste you."

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