Under Her Spell


The black woman stepped up to her, legs spread, and pushed her pussy into the witch's face and knocking her hat to the floor. "Ohhh, not the first white bitch to lick my cunt either," she moaned. Rachel shivered and let out a weak whimper as she licked up and down the full length of the younger's woman's slit several times. A yelp slipped from her as Cammy slid the fingers of one hand into her bright hair and took a firm grip. "Mmm, that's, ah! That's good. Feast on my pussy." She nibbled her lower lip, her hips slowly rolling to hump Rachel's face as the buxom redhead licked at her sex. "Shit, yes. Get deep in there an-AH!" The witch had reached around to take hold of the base of the butt plug lodged in her ass and pulled it out to just the thick swelled bottom of the pear-shaped toy and then drove it back in, "Ahh! G-God damn it!"

The fair skinned woman pulled her head back to grin up at Cammy impishly, "I'm a witch, not just another white bitch, sweetie. Don't forget now!" She then all but lunged into her cunt, spearing her tongue into the slick, tight channel. Cammy squawked and then let out a stuttering sound that was part laugh and part moan. Rachel had not released her hold on the plug either and was now working it in and out of the part-time model's snug ass. The African-American beauty was rolling her hips once more to fuck herself on that warm, slithering, seeking tongue and then back onto the bulbous plug.

James worked against his bonds, his eyes fixed on the two women. "Fuck, Cammy, baby, you look incredible. So God damn sexy."

She looked over at him, "You, hhn, like me like this? A, uhh, hot woman licking my cunt and a thick, nnn, toy in my ass?" Her eyes flicked down to the bulge in his trousers. "Don't have tooo, ohh, answer, baby. Just wish it was, hahh, your cock instead of this plug!"

He leaned forward, straining against the ropes. "Let me out and I'd love to replace it. Fuck, it'll be a fantasy come true." Then he leaned back, shifting and wiggling his right leg to give some relief to his aching member. "Cammy, untie me, please."

"Nooot my call," she answered. Her cheeks were darkly flushed and there was a faint bit of sweat on her brow and the nape of her neck. Her perky tits jiggled as she rocked her hips back and forth. "Up to, ohhh, to Rachel," she gasped. The witch's face was buried in Cammy's cunt, her right hand pumping the plug in and out of the student's spread rosebud and her left now positioned to swirl the tip of her index finger over her clit. "Ffuh! And she's busyyy." The redhead pushed her tongue into Cammy as deep as she could, pressing her lips against those of the younger woman's sex. She began to hum and the dark girl gasped and then grinned, "Ohh! Very busy!"

"God damn it," he half growled, half whined. The athletic youth stared in helpless aroused frustration as his girlfriend's breathing grew faster and rougher, her posture becoming more stooped. The sweat on her brow was more pronounced and she reached out with her right hand to brace herself against the nearby table. He licked his lips as her chest heaved and her breath suddenly caught in her chest. "Oh, fuck, baby," he muttered. "Do it, cum on her face!"

"AHh, fuck, yes, you! Hot! Biitch!" The black girl bent almost over and trembled, wailing for a few moments before her voice cut off and she just trembled while her climax shook her like a leaf.

Rachel shoved the plug fully back in and started to slowly stand, pulling off of her pussy with a happy sigh, "You taste good and you came so hard! Barely standing, you poor thing." She was supporting Cammy as she straightened up and then pushed her back, gently, to plop her down onto James' lap "There." Her face was smeared with the leavings of Cammy's orgasm and reached over to pluck up the towel. Her glasses were dotted with specks of pleasure. "Messy cummer, aren't you? Getting it all over my face and poor James' pants." There were small dark areas where her wet folds rubbed against the blue fabric.

Cammy sprawled on her boyfriend, leaning back against his chest, her head on his left shoulder. She reached up and back weakly with her left hand to caress his cheek, "Luh-looks good on you." She was still getting her breath back; her speech feathery and without her usual sauce. "And 'sides, it's not like...like he hasn't had...pussy on his pants before?" She groaned and laughed a little, "Okay, not making sense."

James nuzzled her neck, "Breathe, baby. You can sass once you've got your wind back."

"Now you're being more courteous," Rachel said. She was gently dabbing at her face with a corner of the towel to clean off most of Cammy's juices. "I like courtesy, young James. You just might...mm, yes, I think you're earned a bit of a reward. Though watching the two of us would be reward enough for most men," she grinned wickedly. "Like what you've seen?"

He looked at her and shook his head, "And heard and smelled. Hell, yes, I have." The man swept his gaze up the full-bodied witch to meet her eager eyes. "You say you're a witch but you look like a sex goddess to me; especially together with her."

"Mm, sex goddess? A little trite but you mean it. I like that. So naïve and horny." Rachel sauntered a little closer, looking down at the two lovers. "All flushed and warm faced...breathing heavy and all you've done is sit there."

"That's not the best proof," Cammy spoke up. She grinned, her voice normal and her eyes bright again. She wiggled her ass on his lap. "Oh, believe me, he's loved seeing what we've done. I'm amazed he hasn't ripped right through his jeans."

"Mm. It'd be fun to send you home without your bottoms . . . buuut we don't need you catching a cold." The witch reached over to pluck her phallic wand off the table and gesture at Cammy with it, "Let's get those pants off and see just how much he's liked watching!" The girl slid off his lap with a grin and unbuckled James' belt; her boyfriend's breath catching as she undid the belt, the button, the zipper.

So close to being freed and to finally getting to be more than a spectator! "God, yes. Rachel, thank you." She raised an eyebrow and gave him a gracious nod despite the saucy smirk on her lips as he lifted his hips. Cammy pulled his jeans and boxers down together and he groaned as his hard cock bounced free of its confinement and into the air. "Ah, fuck!" His rod nearly slapped into his chest and he spread his legs to fully expose himself. His dick was perhaps an inch or so shorter than the witch's wand and thicker, enough that when Cammy wrapped a hand around it her middle finger and thumb just barely met. The bulbous head was engorged and ruddy, pre-cum glistening as it oozed out to bead on the crest of his glans. The pale pillar was marbled with veins and seemed to pulse and throb with power and want. His balls were large and heavy, clean shaved which made it seem bigger somehow.

Rachel's eyes widened and she reached her free hand up to adjust her glasses, her lips pursed. "I . . . that . . . um . . . okay." She licked her lips and took a moment to compose herself, shaking her head with a little smile, "And I thought tying you up would be the big surprise."

"Isn't it gorgeous?" Cammy slid her hand slowly up his length and then back down, making him groan. "Never thought the biggest one I'd ever seen would be white but I love this big cock."

James groaned but was grinning, "Never, mmm, get tired of seeing that expression." Whether he was referring to Rachel's initial shock or Cammy's adoration was unclear; perhaps he meant both. He let out a breath and closed his eyes for a few moments as his girlfriend stroked him. "Or your hand on me, baby."

The redhead knelt down next to Cammy and openly ogled the proud manhood, "I think . . . a cock like this deserves more than hands." She looked up at him, grinned, and then directed her gaze at the dark-skinned girl, "Together now, sweetie."

James stared with wide eyes as the two women leaned in and kissed each other around the head of his prick. "Oh. Oh, my fucking God." Their tongues slid over it to taste his pre and smear it over each other's lips. They moved separately to bathe his shaft and crown with their tongues; up and down, feathering over the underside. He moaned, face flushing, eyes fixed on the sight before him. They pushed his legs further apart and lowered their mouths to each suck on one of his balls. "AH! Damn, girls, you beauties. Ohh, you both love a dick, don't you?"

They didn't answer in words. Rachel fanned her tongue up the underside of his cock to then roll it around his head. The witch looked up at him and met his eyes as she opened wide and took the head and first few inches into her wet, warm mouth. Her eyes were bright behind her glasses as he let out a body shaking gasp and sighed, long and low. Her lips pressed tight to his shaft and her cheeks concaved as she began to suck, moving her head slowly up and down. Cammy's tongue danced fast, frantic licks over as much of his base as she could reach. Then she arched her back and gasped as Rachel's phallic wand pushed up between her legs, past her lips, and into her soaked sex. "Sneaky, ahh, bitch, Rachel," she groaned. "Taking, ahh, his dick and, hnn, ramming me with that wand of yours."

The older woman chuckled or did as close as she could with a cock in her mouth. Her right hand continued to pump easily half of the toy's length in and out of Cammy's cunt. She pulled her head up and off of him with a wet slithering sound, "I am a witch, after all. But I'm a nice one. Mostly. I can share. Start sucking this cock, sweet slut."

"Ahh, don't mind if I do," Cammy answered. She opened wide and let out a muffled, not quote gagging groan as she leaned up and then dropped her mouth down to take in over half of her boyfriend's thickness into her throat. Her eyes fluttered and she shivered as she felt it press past the back of her throat, James letting out an inarticulate cry. She sucked on him hungrily, slight trials of saliva leaking from the corners of her mouth. Her head rose up slow and sank back down to take in just a bit more of his thickness.

"God, yes, baby," James moaned. "Fuck, such a terrific cocksucker. Love how you make, hnnn, me feel!"

Rachel watched with a smile, her hand still pumping the wood-looking toy in and out of the slender girl's pussy. She did so with the same pace as Cammy used to orally service her boyfriend, making her squirm and whine around the dick in her throat. After a minute or so, she leaned in and nuzzled the younger woman's cheek, "My turn." As soon as the co-ed's lips were clear, she had her own around his crown and moaned as she took him in. More and more, sinking down on and over his pulsing dick. Her eyes watered and her throat worked around him as she almost gagged but managed to fight back the reflex.

Cammy shook her head, "You really are magic if you take all that." She had taken hold of the dildo now and was pumping it in and out of her cunt, far faster now.

The pale young man's eyes widened and his mouth hung open, "Nuh-no . . . way! Ohh, fuck!" Rachel pushed down, a bulge visible in her throat. "Duh-do it, you incredible, uhh, witchy slut!" His eyes almost rolled up into his head as her lips slid down and he felt her chin press against his balls, hot wetness engulfing him fully. "GOD! Nuh-never h-had anyone take it all . . . ." He shuddered and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of her steady suction on his full length. "She's magic all right. I fucking believe it."

The witch pulled her head back up, slow and careful, leaving his rod glistening with a thick layer of her spit. His head came free with a wet popping sound and she smiled. "Had to remind you both who the witch here was." She took in a few deep breaths and then reached over to take hold of the base of the wand buried in Cammy and then jerked it out, making her squeal. "Now, James . . . you'll obey me now too. Even without the potion, won't you?

He nodded, "You . . . you beat me. Yes. God damn me, yes. We are yours, Rachel. So mote it be."

She beamed, "You remembered the line! Delightful!" The redhead lunged up and kissed him, her left hand reaching around to work on the ropes binding his arms. A few tugs loosened them enough that he could work them free. "Now then." Rachel stood up and looked down at the two lovers, James massing his wrists, fingers flexing as feeling crept back in and Cammy on her spread knees. "I think Cammy needs to take all of that big cock too. Aaaall the way inside that hot little ass she's stretched out for you." She then turned back to the table. "We'll need . . . oh, and that too!"

James grinned and leaned down to take Cammy's hands and pull her up to her feet, "Is that what you want, baby? My dick deep in that sweet ass?"

"Didn't wear the plug as a fashion statement," she answered. The black girl shifted to rub her ass up and down his shaft, drawing a gasp from him. "Wanted you to have my ass no matter what."

"I've imagined having this perfect peach around my cock, baby," he purred. His hands reached out to squeeze her cheeks, pressing them around his shaft. He pulled her back to sit on his lap, his stiffness sandwiched between her butt and his chest. She tipped her head back and then kissed, lips and tongues embracing.

There was a faint clinking sound from near the table as the two lovers teased each other. Then a happy little sigh from the busty redhead that drew their eyes to her. She had her back to them and there was a black band around her waist and either thigh now. Her hands were below her waist, shifting something around. "Hold on you two! Almost . . . ahnn! Ahh, there we are." She turned around with her arms spread wide, "Ta-da!" She held a foil wrapped condom in her left hand and a bottle of lubricant in her right, but it was the wobbling length at her waist that both focused on; a harness of webbing and a set of metal rings holding in place a long, plastic, purple dildo that was translucent and swirled with beads in different shades of blue. It was double ended and the one end and about half of it was sunk into her pussy, her wet lips spread around it. "My latest spell!"

"Love your magic, Witchie Poo," Cammy grinned. "I can't wait for that magic dick." As Rachel approached, she looked back at James and then stood up out of his lap, "But I want yours first, babe. Open me up?"

"With pleasure." She bent forward and James reached out to take hold of the bottom of her butt plug and then drew it out. "Nice and slow . . . God damn, you put this big a thing up there?" It was probably eight inches, he'd guess, and plenty thick.

She cooed and sighed as he drew it out of her, a little giggle as it slipped fully free. "Uh huh. I had to use a big one to get ready for you." James set it aside and then took both the condom and lube from Rachel; opening the bottle and beginning to drizzle the slippery liquid over her hole. "Oh!" She knew it would feel cold, but still! "That'll wake you up!"

Rachel laughed, "Maybe people should have a morning ass fuck instead of coffee, huh? Probably better for you." She moved around to stand in front of Cammy, hands now on her hips. "Why don't you use a little natural lube, sweetie? You look good sucking cock and I want those lips on mine." The younger woman obeyed without a word, and the redhead cooed softly at the slight movement of the dildo in her as Cammy took it into her mouth and began to suck and slurp on the artificial prick. She bent over and took hold of the white woman's hips for support. The visual of her beautiful girl with her lips wrapped around and servicing Rachel's faux cock was almost as good as the sensation.

James poured with his left hand and rubbed the lube around Cammy's pucker with his right. His heart was thudding hard in his chest in anticipation. The fact that she wanted this, had trained her ass for this, was the most flattering thing he could imagine. It also set a kind of weight on him. In his mind, he had to repay that trust and that desire by making this experience everything she wanted. It would also be a first for him; he'd never done this before. But he'd thought about it. And read smut about it. Even a few "How-tos" on various forums. But he'd never known how to bring it up and as such, never thought it would happen. His two fingers pushed easily into her back door and he felt her ass flex and contract even as she gasped around the toy in her mouth. He spread the lube around the ring of her ass and into her as well. When he thought he'd used enough, he poured on more. There was no way he was risking her safety or enjoyment. Even when he'd put on more, he put on more. For several minutes he worked her ass and the lubricant together, stretching her further while spreading the liquid as best as he could.

The witch had a hand on Cammy's head, fingers snaking between the corn rows. Her peered down over her glasses at James' preparation and nodded, "She looks ready." She took a half-step back and Cammy raised her head to let the dildo fall free, "Are you ready, sweetie? Ready to ride that dick with your bubble butt?"

She licked her lips, "Hell, yes." The athletic co-ed straightened up and looked back, "Ready to have that white cock in my sweet black ass?"

He shivered and nodded, his hands unwrapping the condom and unrolling it down his length. "More than. Get on it, baby."

Cammy stepped back to stand straddling him on the chair. He took hold of the base of his latex-sheathed rod with one hand, her hip with the other to connect as much as to guide her. She took a deep breath and tried to relax before lowering herself down. The feel of his hardness against her rosebud made her take in a sharp inhalation as he adjusted himself to be aimed at her hole. Then she pushed down and gasped as the huge, swollen head pushed past her ring and into her tight channel, "AhhH! So damn BIG! Fuck me!" She laughed then, "Guess that's the, hnn, idea, huh?"

"Shit, you're so tight, baby!" James growled, "Feels sweet. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, just . . . taking a second to get . . . used to it. So full . . . and it's just the head." She then nibbled her lower lip and pushed herself down more, eyes closed, "Ohhhh, my fucking God." Her face was tense but blissful. She'd never felt anything like it; sweet but with a slight sting and a feeling of pressure as his girth pressed her insides apart. So like but unlike when he was in her pussy. She felt a moment's thankfulness for their preparations as he slid in with just a little shiver of pain, enough to spice the pleasure that his thickness pushed through her. "Yesss." She pushed herself down slow but steadily; her rosebud spread wide around the marble pillar of James' cock. "Love this big white cock," she cooed, "feels so fucking huge in my ass and so warm. Fucking feel your pulse through it, baby."

He couldn't answer at the moment. His eyes were closed and sweat was on his brow. Her ass was snugger that her cunt, hugging and clutching at his member in a way he'd never felt before. Fuck, no wonder some guys were addicted to anal! He grunted and groaned as she impaled herself on him, taking more and more and more. He took hold of her hips and almost pulled her down onto his cock but held back with pure willpower. This had to be at her pace.

Her breath was coming faster, in shallow, panting gulps as she continued to force more dick into her tight channel. It felt like he might push into her stomach but she knew, could feel, there was still more. And she wanted it. "Uhhh, m-more! Want it all, f-fuck!"

The witch watched with warm eyes, having retrieved her hat while Cammy was getting into position. She smiled, "More than halfway there, sweetie. Keep going." The contrast between their skin tones was alluring. The way Cammy's dark body parted and accepted James' white cock made her heart race and her pussy pulse in a way that surprised her. "You look so hot on that big white cock." She nibbled her lower lip as she took hold of her strapped on double ended dildo and began to stroke it, stirring the end inside her.

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