tagIncest/TabooUnder Her Thumb Ch. 03

Under Her Thumb Ch. 03


Chapter 3: A Mother's Capability

NOTE: All characters partaking in sexual intercourse within this story are aged 18 and over.

It'd been months since Will last seen his father Jeff. After the divorce, the two parted ways not on the best of terms. That wasn't to say the two argued with one another until their relationship polarized. It was just—while it wasn't explicitly disclosed, Jeff knew about his wife's plans to get knocked up by Will on account of the fact Jeff could no longer perform as required. At the time, Jeff assumed Maureen's goals to be nothing but the result of both being horny beyond belief and broody. That all changed when Jeff found her numerous documents and spreadsheets detailing how to get Will to put a bun in her oven. First—get jacked so he would get hard around her, uncomfortably or otherwise. Next—use her muscles and strength to pin him to the bed and do the immoral deed until the so-called bun was put in. Discovering these in-depth plans was what set Jeff and Maureen's divorce in motion, yet she wasn't the slightest bit miffed by her husband's demand for their annulment. It was all about her and Will now.

Fast forward six months, Will sat opposite his father in the cafe. To say he looked a little worse for wear was an understatement. Jeff preferred a clean shave, yet it became clear the divorce pulled the man down so low that he let a full unkempt beard grow out. Will wanted to help his father to get back on his feet, seeing him in such a state of affairs, likely compared to the local tramp, but as fate would have it, it was Will who needed the help. He'd just broken the news that his mother was pregnant with his child, dreading to hear how his father would take it.

"Suppose I ought to congratulate you in having porked your mother often enough for that to happen." In as much of the fact he didn't mean it, it would seem Jeff saw fit to let his anger out on the one person he had left in his life who'd offer support, since everyone else turned him down. He sipped on the coffee Will bought him, rage still boiling within. Charity; that was how low things had gotten for Jeff. "You can both start a family together. Huzzah!"

Embarrassed, Will buried his head in his hands. He thought his father would act more appropriate to the situation at hand, but then realized—this, frankly, was appropriate. After all, his own mother was carrying his child in her belly, no doubt postulating ways to continue sex with him despite the fact. Even though she was pregnant, Maureen did the impossible and continued working out, though making sure her belly maintained its roundness, wanting to assure the constant reminder that her own son put her in that particular state.

Will sighed, knowing the conversation ahead with his father would most likely be difficult. He assumed buying him that cup of coffee would warm his heart as well as his hands, not to mention help soften the blow a bit. Obviously not.

"How far along is she?" Jeff's tone was softer this time, the coffee no doubt kicking his reasoning into full gear. This was his son he talked to, who helped him when he needed it most, not some stranger prodding him for simply being beggarly. "A few weeks?"

"More like a few months." It hurt Will to admit that more than it did Jeff to hear it. The fact was Maureen had craftily been hiding her pregnancy long before choosing to reveal it that fateful, life-crushing night, deliberately wearing clothes baggier than usual to hide the belly and not so much her musculature. And at night, she fucked Will in the dark. Even when he managed to sneak away from her that one time, Will hadn't noticed the first signs of life growing in his mother, his dignity more important than his virtue. "Five, give or take. She got the news herself literally the day after you divorced, but I only found out a couple of days back."

"Jesus, Will." Jeff was heartbroken, to say the least, to hear all this from his son. Admittedly, the thought of convincing Will to leave his mother crossed his mind, but then realized she'd be capable of next to anything if she had already forced him to impregnate her. And then there was the fact Will was also pegging that GILF as well. "What about that Missus Hutchinson? Tell me you didn't get her pregnant too!"

"No, no, of course not!" It was awkward enough for Will that he'd put his own mother in the family way. The added complication of Ellen being knocked up too was something he didn't need right now. Besides, she was way past the age of getting pregnant. "She's way past that stage. But then, I thought the same way about Mum."

"It's a big gap between forty-three and seventy-odd," Jeff pointed out.

Will's eyes narrowed. "Is this about Mum or Ellen?"

"Ah, so that's her name." The beverage gone cold, Jeff put his coffee aside and leaned closer, ignoring the repulsed glances from other patrons who likely viewed him as a pervert trying to hit on Will. "Who you bonk is nobody's business but your own. Pregnancy is a whole different ball game though."

Will rolled his eyes derisively. He knew all this. His father was practically stating the obvious at this point just to keep the conversation aflame. It didn't help that he was offering looks back at those disgusted by him. Will kicked the table leg to get his attention again.

"So, uh..." Jeff bit into the croissant. It was the first proper pastry he'd tasted in months, nothing like the dry and tasteless excuse they had on offer at that motel he'd been forced to shack up in since the annulment. It wasn't flaky and the butter practically dripped out from its insides. To tell the truth, it teased Will enough to want to get one too, even though he wasn't hungry. "...is it a boy or a girl?"

Will didn't expect his father to ask that question. At least, not to so soon. He'd hoped there would be at least a couple of questions about how he was going to earn money to support the child, because Will knew his mother was going to keep it, commenting about wanting something out of the special nights they had. Will hoped a job offer at Hullard Metalworks would open up soon. He didn't know anything about welding, but was particularly good at keeping the books in line. The pay was good too.

"Mum wants to keep it a surprise for us both. For all we know, we could be in for twins."

"Anyone else in the family know about this or am I the first to find out?"

Again with the big questions. Will wasn't sure if the fact only his father knew about the circumstances was a good thing. Sure, less is more, but as his mother's pregnancy would develop and it became clear she wasn't in a relationship with anyone even remotely close to her age, questions would be raised both in the community and family. "No, you're the first to find out. Luna doesn't know about it either."

Jeff looked away in revulsion at the mere mention of Will's sister. He always did. Luna wasn't his daughter, the child of a man Maureen had an affair with when Jeff was abroad for six months. But when the father was nowhere to be found when he returned, Jeff hesitated to raise a child that wasn't his. At any rate, he managed to maintain a sense of calm. "You can't afford to have your sister prancing about doing that, especially when it involves you. And if you and your mother ever get back into bonking, make sure you lock the door."

Get back to bonking? Will didn't even mean to do it the first time, or the second, third—his mother was in complete control. He'd just come to terms with it, as hard as it was for him to do. Despite that, his father was right. Whatever happened going forward, Luna would have to be spared the truth. He couldn't afford to scar his innocent sister for life. He would just have to settle for being scarred instead.

"Just remember Will. If your mother's capable of using you for sex, there's no telling what she's got up her sleeve or what she's capable of."

Will dreaded to admit it, but his father was right. He couldn't just leave his mother. If his father's statement was anything to go by, there was no reason to suspect Maureen would go to the ends of the earth to find him, should he have the balls to leave.

"She's strong-willed, son. Don't let the fact she's a woman fool you."

Will nodded slowly, trying to comprehend his father's words, wondering if he should take them seriously. But then, he wouldn't be in this situation if they weren't worth the salt. For some reason though, Will had a feeling the situation was just going to become even more difficult.


Will may have intended to keep things secret but Maureen had other plans, revealing the immoral circumstances between them to others. And who better to start off with than Linda?

"Jesus girl, I know you said you'd do it, but..." Linda couldn't muster the willpower to pull eyes away from Maureen's pregnant gut. A conspicuously forked vein throbbed near her navel. "...I didn't think you'd actually do it."

Maureen chuckled, resting a hand on her belly as the baby visibly kicked, stretching her skin and pushing her chemically-forged abdominal muscles, forcing them outwards and to push for more room. Linda could actually see them move as she bent downwards to gawk at the rotund belly.

"It's so big too."

"Well, you know what they say. Incest babies are bigger babies."

Linda was concerned but didn't want to put a dampener on Maureen's cheerfulness. This was the happiest the mother-to-be had been in months, between the divorce from Jeff and having to cope with Will's secret relations with Ellen. Linda didn't want to ruin the rare moment. But wasn't Maureen troubled by the baby possibly being stunted or a bit...slow, considering the closeness of the parents' DNA? No, she couldn't have been - her smile and attitude were both too relaxed to care what people thought of her future child. Besides, she wouldn't have bonked Will if that was an issue for her.

"How are things going with you and Warren though?" The two women moved to sit opposite each other at the kitchen table, Maureen moaning softly as she rubbed her belly, the blouse nearly stretched to its limits. Will would likely be told to buy her a new one whenever they next saw each other. "You two still going at it?"

"Oh definitely! He's a bit more open to domination than he used to be, which is good since I like to blow off some steam every once and a while. You know me. Likes it when I use that big dildo, if given the proper motivation."

Maureen's responding smirk seemed oddly cold. Linda knew she was the dominant type, reflected in the fact she was carrying her own son's child. Linda needed some convincing on how to be more dominant, though could never act that way outside of the bedroom. Of course, that wasn't the case with Maureen.

"In fact, here he is now." Linda gestured to the tall and large bare-chested male strutting in from the hallway. Jealousy boiled within Maureen. Warren was practically a god compared to her scrawny excuse of a son, failing to catch herself biting her lip in lust, imagining Will in his place.

Warren bent down and kissed Linda passionately. Though it lasted only a few brief seconds, it felt as though it had gone on for hours, which didn't help Maureen in her perverted glances, eye-fucking Warren's ripped, striated chest. Why wasn't Will like that? Clearly, some things back home needed changing. If Will was to raise his child, he'd need to be the perfect father and role model.

Linda and Warren weren't just lovers, though. They too were a mother-son couple. In fact, even though she was more committed to being pregnant by her own son than her, it was Linda who convinced Maureen to try incest. And thus, a whole new world of sexual pleasures opened its gates. Comparatively, Linda and her son made sure to stay safe, using condoms and contraceptives, even though she was certain of her going through menopause. They could never have been too careful.

"Congratulations on the pregnancy, Missus Hughes." Warren poured glasses of orange juice and set them out before sitting between his mother and Maureen, who still had her eyes glued to the hunk's chest before finally managing to break free, if only to catch a glance at the bulge in his pants. Even his flaccid cock was bigger than Will's. "When's the little tyke due?"

Maureen blinked as a slight bout of confusion swam over her, reaching for her belly as the baby kicked again. "Uh, August. Twenty-third. I want to keep the gender a surprise though."

"You doing something to celebrate?" Biting her lip, Linda stealthily reached for Warren's bulge, who acknowledged his mother's advances by flexing his cock so the tip pressed against her palm, which drove the woman into a state of tension. If it wasn't for Maureen's visit, she'd take advantage of that right now.

"Actually, that's why I came." Maureen had intended to celebrate the pregnancy by going abroad for a few weeks, wanting to take advantage of her developed relationship with Will but didn't know where was best to go. How convenient it was that Linda worked as a travel agent. "Want to go somewhere that was plenty of sun so I can get a tan, a little secluded so Will and I can have some fun, and no Wi-Fi so he can't go about ignoring me."

Maureen's details were pretty specific but Linda knew why she chose them. Despite that, a smile crept along her lips as an idea popped formed in her head. "The perfect place for you would be Jocasta Cruises and Resorts. The perfect holiday for mother-son couples. The cruises alone last weeks at a time before you reach the Jocasta Island resort."

Maureen was close to getting wet over the fact a holiday tailor-made to her wants actually existed. But then, if there's a Rule 34 for pretty much everything under the sun, a cruise ship holiday exclusive to mother-son lovers wasn't that far a stretch.

"It even has a gym so you can keep on getting beefier while your baby grows," Linda added, stealthily stroking Warren's member as he sat. "Not to mention the chapel for marriages, if you want to take your relationship that extra step further."

"How do I arrange for the cruise?"

"Pay for it as you normally would at a travel agent. For anonymity, Jocasta Liners isn't on there officially, going by the name Chaplain Cruises instead. After that, you should be good to go."

"How much are the cruises?"

"Dirty cheap, which explains why they're so popular in themselves. The island resort is a grand a head though, but that shouldn't be a problem."

A sudden concern struck Maureen. She didn't have to worry about waiting long for a holiday, did she? Not to mention what was to happen with Luna?"

"Cruises for Jocasta leave Kipland Port on a daily basis. You could practically leave for your holiday tomorrow if you wanted" Linda pointed out, bringing relief to the situation. "Kids are a no-go though unless you're pregnant and happen to give birth either on the cruise or at the island itself."

"You wouldn't mind watching Luna while we're away, would you?" Maureen didn't even consider taking Luna to her grandmother's for the fear of her blurting about her being pregnant even though she wasn't in a relationship with a man. Her ex-husband Jeff wasn't even a passing thought. At least Linda could be trusted. Maureen was perfectly willing to leave her daughter in the hands of her friend for a few months so she could take advantage of her relationship with Will.

"Of course! We'll just be extra careful and quiet at night when she's asleep. Warren can babysit while I'm at work."

Warren nodded in agreement.

"God, you're an angel Linda." It was next to impossible for Maureen to describe how much weight was off her mind now.

"I know" Linda smiled.


Will dreaded returning home now more than ever, knowing what laid in wait. Despite the fact she broke the news a couple of days prior, Will still hadn't fully come to terms with the fact his mother was pregnant. His life had slowly but surely started to spiral out of control. In fact, it was barely his anymore; Maureen had him under her control, in the palm of her hand.

Upon his return from the cafe, Will peeked behind the hallway wall into the living room at his mother browsing the Internet on the family computer. But it was her attire in particular that got his attention; an electric blue bikini with matching heels. She shrugged, her sculpted back rolling abhorrently as its chemically-fueled musculature heaved and bulged. Almost as if she was teasing, knew Will was there.

"Have a nice get-together with your father?"

Will's eyes grew wide. How did she know he met up with his father? It was all arranged in secret. Even the meet-up point was somewhere his mother didn't know about. Will fought back the urge to sigh defeatedly, tried playing dumb to his mother's comment. "Actually went to Callum's for a few hours."

In as much of the fact he couldn't see it, Will's mother saw through the lie like glass. It was worth a shot at least. He considered parting ways at that moment but the ensuing silence spoke for itself.

"No need to play coy with me, kiddo." With a few simple keystrokes, Maureen shut down the computer and pulled herself up to stand in front of the chair, her chest muscles and pregnant belly expanding with every contented breath. "Just remember: it'll be you taking up the role of father, in time."

Under Her Thumb | Maureen by Amnoartist

Every time his mother reminded him of the fact, Will winced, the thought of fathering his own mother's child truly nauseating. But then he saw them: two sheets of A4 paper wedged between the woman's pecs. It would be remiss to think he wasn't at least a little bit curious.

"What's that?"

Maureen looked down, hypocritically playing coy as she plucked the sheets of paper from her chest and unfurled them. "These? Why, these are two boarding passes for a weeks' long cruise to Jocasta island, the perfect romantic getaway for mothers and sons."

Will froze, his father's earlier statement about what his mother was capable of coming back to haunt him. So this was the extent of her cleverness, was it? Maureen would take her son on a cruise just so she could keep him away from Ellen and Mabel, not to mention be forced in submitting to her every whim and watch her — his - child grow.

"But Luna—"

"—Will be staying with Linda for the time being."

Will was horrified to hear such words from his mother. She was perfectly willing to abandon her youngest to have some time away with her eldest in an effort to build their relationship up to something truly sick and twisted. Will couldn't find words that would best help him be opposed to his mother, which made it look as though he was okay with the circumstances.

"On that note. You've got some serious work to do on that body of yours. Linda's son Warren is like a Greek god in comparison with his rippling muscles and huge cock." Maureen looked down on her son with revulsion. He was so skinny and waif-like, she could probably lift him with one hand. "And to think you knocked me up."

"But you didn't give me a choice!"

Maureen glared, instilling fear in Will, further reinforcing how easy it was for her to bend him to her will. Just staring coldly was enough to make him feel worthless. No, Maureen didn't give her son a choice, but that was beside the point. Pressing the issue further, she moved closer to Will, rubbing her belly as the baby kicked, a perverse forked vein pulsing at the side. "So you'll be working out with me on the cruise's gym - for me. You'll be spending hours, days, weeks on end pumping up that body of yours for my pleasure."

Will grimaced as Maureen groped his cock in her vice-like grip, shamelessly grinning to the smoothness of her palm gliding across the shaft of his balls. He was predictably flaccid - always was when around his mother - but that didn't matter.

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