tagBDSMUnder His Control

Under His Control

byshy slave©

He was clear in his directions to her; she would drive to his home, park outside, text him and wait. She in turned wanted to know what to wear, what was expected of her and how things would be. He silenced all of this. She would wear whatever she thought would please him and do all he asked of her.

Nervous, she stopped in a service station on the way there, she changed into high heels and stockings, re-did her make-up and took a breath before continuing with the last few miles. Outside his home she parked and messaged him, just as directed.

It was several minutes before her phone bleeped, the loud shrill making her jump despite the fact she had been staring intently at the screen waiting for him to answer.

The text was clear, Come in, turn right into the sitting room and stand in the middle of the room.

Going into the house she noticed nothing other than the door to the right and uncertainly she pushed it open and walked in. Should she have knocked, was it disrespectful not to, or disobedient not to do exactly as directed by text?

Confusion, nerves, fear all filled her mind.

The room was empty; she stood in the middle of the room and stared straight ahead. From beyond the door she heard his voice

"Face the door. Undress."


She was wearing a short black dress with a front zipper. She pulled down the zip revealing her breasts almost tumbling out of a low cut bra. Unzipping it further she revealed matching lace panties, suspender belt and black stockings.

She stood for a moment the dress framing her before pushing it off her shoulders to the floor.

With a brief hesitation she undid her bra, her large breasts spilling out, nipples erect as if begging for his hands to inflict pain and cruelty on them.

She pushed her panties down, her cunt shaven and bald was already wet and glistening at this early submission to follow him wherever he wanted to take her, mind and body. Strands of wetness ran between her thighs, and she wanted to cover her embarrassment and need for him.

His voice alone had caused this, she had yet to see his face, much less touch him.

She bent to unclip her stockings

"Leave them. Turn around."

As she did so he continued to speak.

"Walk to the wall and stand in front of it."

She felt him come into the room, the atmosphere changed; it became even more electrically charged as his breath mingled in the air with his, she knew he was very close behind her.

He moved one hand around her neck, squeezing slightly, feeling her body stiffen with the need to lose herself in this level of control.

His voice was calm and low next to her as the timbre dropped she felt her mind sink into him, barely able to hear the words as her need to do anything he desired increased.

He put a collar around her neck, fastening it so it was loose around her neck, he knew she may cry later and feel choked if the collar was too tight.

"Put your hands on the wall, spread your legs."

Without words, her need to show him she would do all he desired warred with her need to have all her senses aware of the smallest nuances between them.

His hand ran down her back, so gently she could scream, he cupped her bottom carefully, slowly, his beautiful hands covering her as he started to spank her, building up become more and more firm with each landing of his hand on her skin.

His smile showing his private pleasure increased, as he watched her start to wince with each spanking, her bottom turning pink and into red. He knew she was struggling, trying not to cry out as he increased the depth of each pain filled stroke. Small gasps of air came from her mouth, tiny noises showing him she found it more and more difficult to take his enjoyment.

He slowed his strokes feeling the heat from her bottom, moving to stroke where his hand had landed, enjoying her continuing flinch at such a calm, touch.

He moved between her legs, understanding she had both loved and hated her spanking. The wetness of her cunt soaking his fingers proved this more completely than any words could achieve. He let his fingers glide over the shaved surface, pushing three fingers into her. They filled her, hurt as they drove against her cunt walls, widening it inside. She moaned part in pain and part in pleasure as he finger fucked her hard again and again.

She pushed back against his fingers, instinctively urging him to increase the speed, she felt hot, overcome with the physical sensations his fingers were pounding into her.

Abruptly he stopped.

"My pleasure, not yours, close your eyes."

He wiped his fingers down her face and in her hair, a dismissive, yet oddly caring gesture.

Taking her hands from the wall he turned her around.

She knew she was facing him, but could see nothing; she swayed trying to feel her balance without seeing. She felt him stroke her eyes, as he murmured gently to her. She could not hear the words; the timbre was enough to feel she was not alone.

Picking up her left breast he dropped it into his other hand weighing it. She could imagine him staring at it as he did so. He nipples grow hard and tight as her imagination took over. He took hold off the right breast and did the same, weighing it for a few seconds before releasing it.

"Put your hands behind your back, palms outwards. Walk backwards until your hands reach the wall."

She took a few unsteady steps backwards.

It amused him to see her struggle not to fall, to cope with not seeing him and to do exactly as he said.

Once against the wall he took both nipples between his fingers and thumbs and pulled them upwards. He kept pulling stretching her breasts, making her arch her back and neck in an attempt not to be pulled off the floor by his actions. He pulled them outwards away from her, and again she struggled to keep her balance.

The pain was intense, the wetness from her cunt increased and she could feel it running freely down to her stocking tops. She moaned from behind the gag as he twisted them around as far as they would go and then back again.

She knew she was fully focused on him and the pain he gave, she wanted it; wanted that white heat that accompanied her mind screaming to take all of it despite the agony.

Just as the pain reached a crescendo point she felt a terrible raging, breath taking pain so unexpected and such a brilliant colour she momentarily forgot to breathe.

He had attached a clamp to one nipple. The numbness in her mind as it registered what caused the pain; was replaced with fear that he would also clamp the other. The second clamp was worse, her whole body stiffening as if to run away from what was to come.

As her mind jumped trying to process what was happening she felt clamps attaching to her cunt, actually clamping the lips together, closing off her cunt hole. This pain barely registered as her mind continued to focus of her nipples.

He turned her around and placed her hands back on the wall.

"Legs open, bottom out."

He took up spanking her again, firm strokes, reawakening her skin from earlier. Her bottom glowed, the pain radiating outwards spreading over all her body. She wanted it to stop, she wanted to beg him to cease, it hurt, it was too much, he didn't understand; she was not this brave; how could she cope with more?

He knew, and, with that knowledge, continued building up every few strokes, harder and harder as his hand fell. He understood her inner war, understood her dilemma of wanting to do anything to make it stop and yet needed to submit to him, to show him she could be all he would ever want and need.

He stopped, the silence between so erotically charged it felt she could not breathe without his command. Tears flowed down her face making it the same colour as her bottom. She was embarrassed, not wanting him to see her with tears streaming down her face which she could not seem to stop.

He waited, watching her. She tried to gain control over her emotions but still could not contain them.

"Enough now," he said, wiping her cheek with his hand, brushing away the wetness caused by him.

She took an unsteady breath and found his command was enough to calm her into stemming the tears. She could not look at him, too embarrassed and shy by her reaction to his spanking. He stroked her hair and enjoyed the pleasure of knowing she would try so much to show her devotion and submission to him.

His hand went to her hair again, this time pulling her head back making her look up at him, his silence unnerved her as his eyes searched over her face, watching her pupils react to that erotic act of being controlled by her hair. He allowed some release, her head moving forward before jerking him back to look at him again, he did this several times until satisfied that she was both calm and completely under his control by this action.

He bent to kiss her, his lips hovering just out of reach; it amused him to see the begging in her eyes as she craved his lips. Instead he turned her back to the wall and positioned her again with her hands outstretched against the wall, bottom out.

The flogger fell on her backside, stinging but not actually hurting. It landed more than once, with each landing the clamps swung in unison.

Her nipples were numb, the pain was in the swing of her breasts and directly around the clamps. Her cunt clamps hurt like hell. With each swing they pulled on tender flesh, she wondered if they had weights attached, as they dragged as the moved back and forth. Three types of pain to bring under control was leaving her exhausted yet she had hardly moved since coming into the house.

The flogger stopped, at this point it would be normal to wonder 'what now?' Instead as her body struggled to keep the pain manageable she felt a real fear that she had failed him somehow.


The cane was breath taking, despite his warming her bottom first it still made her scream unexpectedly.

"You will take a further 7 strokes."

She sobbed, as the next one landed, completely unable to control herself. By the time the fifth one landed, snot and tears were dribbling unrestricted down her face. At number 6 he stopped again.

Leaning close to her he said "You can either take this last one and you will have pleased me, or you can take another two and prove to me you are all I need. Your choice"

She could not speak, and nodded, gulping in breathes as she tried to gain some control over her bodily reactions.

"Do you want to stop?"

She shook her head

"Do you want two more?"

She nodded, sobbing and gulping as she did so.

"Very well, you chose remember."

With that he caned her twice in quick succession. It felt like fire crackers going off in her head as the heat radiated throughout her body.

As she clung with her fingernails to the wall he attached a lead to her collar.

"Go to the floor; do not sit down, hands and knees."


She slid down the wall, sobbing and wishing she could wipe her face, dry her tears, anything.

She swayed as she went to her hands and knees, after just a few seconds he pulled on her lead for her to turn and follow him.

She crawled a few feet clamps swinging making each movement hurt beyond description.

"Kneel up, legs apart."

She knelt and he guided her hands to hold onto the arms of the chair on which he sat.

Holding just above her nipple in his hand he slowly opened the clamp. A millisecond went by before the blood rushed into her nipple and she moaned in horror at the intensity of it.

He knew he could rub her nipple to help open seized capillaries which would ease the pain, but he preferred to feel the rigidity in her hands gripping the chair, and watch her complete reaction to his actions.

As the pain began to subside he repeated the process with the other clamp.

It made him smile that, just as she had when he had put them on, she readied herself for the agony. It did not make it any less, but her anticipation as if by being forewarned she could in some way avoid it, amused him.

His fingertips touched the clamps on her cunt, making them sway.

"Despite clamps you still managed to drip down your thighs and stockings."

He took these off quickly, the blood rushing into fragile, thin lips was almost too much too bear.

It took all her will power not to cover her cunt with her hands in a futile effort to stop it hurting.

He watched her grit her teeth, as he picked up a small crop with a hand on the end. He smacked the inside of her thighs with it, right to the edges of her lips. He considered using it on her cunt and clit but decided that could be for another time when she was laid tied and spread eagled on the bed.

Her breathing was returning to normal as he undid the gag.

She breathed deeply, awareness seeping into her mind that she must look a mess, with tear stains and smeared lipstick.

"Keep your eyes closed."

She remained eyes shut, as he sat back in the chair.

He covered her hands with his as he said "Kneel back and relax, I have some water for you to drink. Then you will put your head into my lap and be calm for a few minutes."

Kneeling at his feet, close to his cock, his hand wrapped tightly in her hair and feeling his energy surrounding her she felt as if she had found her place. In that place only he existed, only he mattered, all she desired was his pleasure.

The silence stretched for a few minutes, allowing her to reveal in being at his feet. But he did not want her too relaxed, too comfortable, as she would go beyond the slave state and he was not ready for that yet.

He shifted in the chair. When he had been pushing her, making her go far beyond her own comfort zone to please him, his cock had been hard. There had been points when he wanted to stop, have her and resume, but he had not; waiting instead for this moment.

She took his softening cock in her mouth. Loved the feeling of having it right in the back of her throat and his balls on pressed against her lips. She knew as it became hard she would struggle to get it all in her mouth as it was now.

She knelt up, stroking his balls with her hands as her mouth moved up and down his cock, licking the shaft, rolling his foreskin under the bottom of her tongue.

She explored it, pulled the foreskin back to reveal a beautiful cock head, dipping the tip of her tongue into the end; tasting him. Running her hands up the shaft, squeezing it to find exactly what his cock liked, loved and begged for. Enjoying her explorations she took put her lips on the top of his cock, barely opening them as she rolled her mouth down onto him, sucking him in as her cunt would.

Up and down slowly, gently moving to the point that he twitched, she increased the speed and move from gentle to firm feeling his reactions on her tongue, mouth and lips.

With her hands wrapped around his cock she explored his balls. They were soft and warm; slowly she licked them, unsure of whether he wanted this. He did not stop her, continuing to sit back with his hand in her hair. She grew bolder, gently sucking one of his balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and enjoying the way it filled her so completely.

As she released it she ran the tip of her tongue through the ridges, sensing the hardening a split second before it occurred. She wrapped the other ball in her lips, making it wet, breathing in time with him as her tongue flicked back and forth around the ridges feeling her way to give him pleasure. She took this ball completely into her mouth, pulling slightly away from him, stretching it, without hurting it.

She felt it tighten with each gentle tug. As she came up for air she pushed her face into the base of his cock, enjoying the feel of his hair and his smell completely filling her.

He allowed her to take him into her mouth one final time before taking control and using her hair to guide her, gave her the speed and ferocity he wanted for his cock to piston in and out of her mouth.

Hard and fast, with little finesse and no opportunity to savour him.

Now she was little more than a vessel for him to pour into when he was ready, fucked over and over, she heard his breathe change, felt his cock thicken and knew in a matter of seconds he would erupt into her mouth.

Suddenly he was pumping his cum into her open mouth, over her face, her lips, dribbling down her neck and over her breasts, she loved it all. She swallowed the cum that landed on her outstretched tongue, smeared his cum on her face and the drips onto her breasts as he wiped his cock in her hair.

"Come here."

He pulled her up by her hair, bringing her close to him and kissing her hard. His tongue filled her mouth as she matched his need, murmuring at the intensity of emotion running through her, every element of her being given over to him.

She was on the verge of orgasm when he stopped, indicating with a gesture that she was to crawl behind him.

Crawling into the shower she knelt and waited, he plugged the plug hole and for a few seconds neither of them moved.

She wanted to be so close to him as if nothing, not even air could get between them.

His piss rained down on her, it covered her hair, ran down her back, pooled between her ass cheeks and flowed under her legs. It dripped down her face, as a stream covered her aching breasts, running down to fill her cunt.

"Open your mouth."

He let it flow over her tongue, watching as she coughed when it went down inside her and struggle with the harsh, bitter taste.

He touched her head, his actions making her look up at him.

"Are you mine?"

She was aching, bruised, sore and pissed filled; her look showed submission, devotion and adoration.

"Yes Sir."

Later in the quiet as they lay wrapped in each other, no words were needed for them both to know they were home.

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