tagErotic HorrorUnder My Skin

Under My Skin


Would like to thank Dark_Kadra for her help and editing to make this story possible. Thank you.


Thunder rumbled in the darkening clouds above him as Dustin walked along the sidewalk heading towards the store. The cold wind blew through him making him shiver as he tugged his blue denim jacket tighter around his body, his exposed fingers closing firmly along the front lapel in an attempt to keep the cold at bay. His blue jeans weren't offering much protection either as cold rain suddenly began pouring down on him the minute he turned the corner. Thank god the store was already in sight.

"Damn it," cursed Dustin as he complained to himself, "Just had to get hungry during a thunderstorm." His black sneakers skidded along the asphalt of the store parking lot as he weaved around cars. Lightning flashed suddenly followed by the roll of more thunder. The sound louder than before, the storm was getting closer to town it seemed. He was in such a hurry he didn't notice the figure watching him intently from behind one of the empty parked cars as he walked into the store.

The muffled rumble of thunder could still be heard above him as he pulled an empty cart from the line in front of the check out counters. Pulling out his crumpled list from the inside pocket of his jacket he began to read the three items he had written down. Deciding on the frozen food aisle first he pushed the metal cart along listening to the wheels rattle against the tile floor.

"Hmm let's see," he said out loud as another shopper with a cart full of groceries walked by. Quickly pushing his cart over to where the meat displays were, he bent down and picked up two packs of ground meat then headed to find noodles and spaghetti sauce. It didn't take him long to procured the rest on his list before making his way to the ten items or less aisle.

The female cashier was young and really hot, she had graduated three years after his class. He never knew exactly what to say around pretty girls so he gave her a small smile and she nodded back in acknowledgement as he placed his items on the conveyor belt.

"Hi, how are you today," she asked as she scanned and placed his items inside one of the plastic shopping bags.

"I'm okay, I guess," he said as he gave her a weak smile.

"You guess," she inquired.

Dustin blushed, "I... um," trying not to sound perplexed he continued, "What I mean is I'm alright," he finished giving her another weak smile.

She quickly smirked at another female cashier across from her then totaled up his items. "That'll be eight twenty-five."

Dustin fished his wallet out of his right pants pocket and pulled out an old wrinkled ten from it and handed it to her. She gave him the correct change and a receipt. Lowering his eyes to not make eye contact he took them and the plastic bag holding his food and walked out the exit door.

The rain had started to come down harder, almost in torrents. Dustin stood waiting a moment under the canopy of the store's welcome sign as he pondered running through the rain. "Jeez why did it have to be today?" he complained. He didn't notice the shadowy figure watching him from behind a vending machine as he stood there weighing his options. He quickly decided to make a run for it, bolting through the parking lot against the pounding rain. The spaghetti sauce jar jiggling in the bag as he ran as he vainly tried to avoid being soaked.

Stopping once under a building's awning to catch his breath, he didn't notice the figure that pursued him. The rain continued to fall in a deluge as he decided on a shortcut towards his home. He felt a tingle run down his wet neck half way through the alley he turned on. Something felt wrong. He looked around frantically. A weird feeling filled his stomach. He shook his head not seeing anything but the brown bricks of the buildings around and the black asphalt beneath his feet.

Turning around he kept going when something suddenly rammed into his back and forced him to the ground. "What the," was all he got out as he hit the ground hard. Pain shot up through his right shoulder and he rolled onto his back trying to see what had knocked him over.

A pair of pale grey hands groped and grabbed at his throat from a mound of tattered cloth and fabric knitted together to form a make shift cloak. Dustin scrambled back, using his hands to push away from the grabbing hands. "Get off me," he screamed at the mound. A tuft of black hair popped out form under the fabric. The hair was attached to a pallid face of snarling, hungry fangs and mad red eyes. Hands raked down and across Dustin's arms forcing him to yelp out in pain as dirty yellowing nails cut through his jacket sleeve as if it were wet toilet paper and dug into his arm. He could feel the sting of open wounds running up his forearm.

He began to kick frantically in an attempt to strike at his assailant's head but to no avail. The soles of his shoes connected with the thing's body but it didn't seem to phase it at all. "Get off me dammit!" Dustin growled defiantly as the thing's right hand grabbed his chin and forced his head to the side roughly. Dustin tried to resist but the thing was too powerful. His head felt like it was in a vise. The creature hissed and its blood red eyes widened in anticipation as its decayed and curved fangs inched toward Dustin's throat.

Dustin's eyes widened with terror and despair as he continued to squirm futilely under the thing that held him. He could smell its breath over his flesh. It smelled like rotten eggs and spoiled meat and something else he couldn't identify. Dustin winced as the fangs got closer to his flesh. It would only be a matter of time now he knew. His hands beating at the things sides, tearing at the patchwork of cloth that covered it; though it did nothing to deflect the thing, the creature held on tight and prepared to rip out his jugular. The rain poured over them, but neither did he or his attacker seemed to care.

Dustin's eyes opened as he shook with fear in the thing's grasp. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow dart towards him. He thought it was someone but who would want to come near this thing that had him pinned down. The creature licked its cracked and withered lips before it bent its neck down to bite into Dustin's neck. Dustin winced again and his body tensed steeling himself for the pain and inevitable death.

He heard a snarl and felt the thing lift off of him. All the weight and pressure of the thing's body was gone. Dustin lay there for a second thinking himself dead before slowly opening his eyes. He was lying on the ground, soaking wet. His groceries had spilled out and were ruined along the pavement. His eyes widened as a slender female hand reached out before him. Blinking back the rain from his eyes he looked up confused. His hand went instinctively to his throat, shock to feel his smooth flesh, no wound or blood. Nothing! What had happed to the creature?

"What happened," he said slowly. His eyes looked to the hand before him. He took it and was promptly lifted back to his feet. The dark tan skin of the woman's hand felt soft; softer than any glove. Smooth and gentle and surprisingly cool. Letting go gently he looked to the woman who had helped him. "Um... thanks... Did you," he started to say, his head turning in either direction expecting to see where the creature went.

"Don't worry. He's gone," the woman said. Her eyes seeming to glint even in the dimness of the alley. "I took care of him. Are you alright," she asked looking Dustin over.

"Yeah I think so," Dustin replied, albeit still confused. Slowly checking him self to see that he wasn't hurt anywhere else besides his throbbing shoulder and arms. He looked to her soft tender face. His eyes went immediately to hers and he found himself staring for more than a few seconds.

He shook his head coming back to reality. "Did you... how did... what was that," he stammered stumbling over the questions in his mind as they left his lips.

Her lips were covered in a caramel colored lipstick, curled into a kind smile before she said, "don't worry about that. It's all over." Her face then turned into a disappointed and concerned frown. "You're all soaked and cold. You need to come with me. I'll get you dry and somewhere safe." Her voice came out in a soft velvet purr as her eyes met his again.

Dustin stared into her eyes feeling something drawing him to them, into them. He shuddered as a thought came to him. "I... I don't even know your name, " he stammered. His head turned to look at his ruined groceries.

Her gaze followed his then her right hand took his in hers."Aksana," she said almost in a whisper, sliding her body close to him, her arm slipping around and over his shoulder. It was then he felt the soft texture of her robe over his back as she held him in a half hug standing against his side. A sharp tingle ran up his spine as she spoke her name.

Dustin began to introduce himself but then her soft caramel finger covered his lips forcing him quiet. "Hush sweetie. Come with me. I'll be sure to feed you." she coaxed. Her eyes suddenly coming into his field of vision and he felt something flow over him. Her eyes weren't red like he thought at first more like reddish orange, like a flame. He tried to think of a better way to describe it but his mind felt slow like he was falling in a pool of jello. He could hear her voice as she spoke to him though it was distant. He was moving but he wasn't sure why or where. He could feel her arm around him, holding him close as they walked together.

Her hand held his head as her fingers brushed through his hair. His lips parted letting out a soft moan. Her touch felt so good. His eyes stared into hers and he felt very dizzy all of a sudden. He watched her lips move though he couldn't make out what she was saying. His body felt weak, tired and extremely heavy as he felt her arm slide under his legs. She picked him up and cradled his head to her shoulder.

Dustin tried to speak but all that came out was a soft whimper, soothing warmth enveloped his mind and body. He began to feel as if he was drowning. His mind felt so foggy and something strong told him it was perfectly normal to do as Aksana said. He saw her lips purse as she shushed him gently again then she said a word over and over again. His eyes felt like weights and began to close. Then they shut and he fell into warm darkness.

In his dreams Dustin saw himself walking among a landscape of cobalt blue clouds. Everywhere he looked it was night. His skin felt warm though there was no air or breeze. A soft voice echoed around him, speaking to him but he couldn't make out what was being said. He looked around, turning in place trying to spot some familiar landmark amongst the landscape but found nothing but endless clouds on which he stood. Dustin turned to look behind him in hopes of seeing something he recognized. Fear began to creep into him as he saw only more clouds.

A shadow flew over him in the shape of someone. He could make out a human shape, a female. His eyes furrowed in confusion as the shadow had wings! Wings like a bat or perhaps a dragon. A shudder ran through him as his gaze followed the shadow as it flew over him. Suddenly he felt soft smooth female hands touching the sides of his shoulders. He whirled and saw Aksana standing there.

No not quite Aksana. Her caramel skin was completely exposed. Her hands ended in those soft slender fingers but instead of nails there were sharp four inch claws. Aksana smiled baring her teeth. Alabaster white fangs protruded out of her mouth. Her flame like orbs burned into his eyes as she slowly moved closer. Dustin shivered feeling soft leathery wings wrap around him as she wrapped a hand behind his head. She smiled a wicked fanged smile, pulling his head firmly to the side.

"Hello sweet pet," she said before opening her mouth wide, her head lunging forward to his throat

Dustin shook and gasped for breath as he awoke. His legs felt stiff and were somewhat falling asleep as if he'd been in a place too long. His eyes slowly focused as he looked around. He was in a large den. A black stone fireplace took up the wall behind him. He could feel the heat of the fire as its warmth flowed over him. His eyes looked ahead. There was a large burgundy red leather chair set just six feet across from him. A small oak table was beside the chair. A clear glass bottle half filled with some blackened liquid stood on the edge of the table near the chair's arm rest.

He couldn't see any doors through the shadows that filled the far end of the room. The fire only seemed to reach half way as if darkness had drawn a line where the light was unable to pass. Dustin let out his breath slowly. The fire made him feel hot. Sweat dripped over his skin. It was only then that he noticed he was naked! How had that happen, he wondered frantically, his eyes roamed over the parts of his body that he could see. Someone had obviously stripped him of his clothes and that except for the sweat on his skin, he was dry.

Terrified he tried to move and get up. That was when he discovered another surprise. His arms were tied, no cuffed, behind the wooden chair he sat in. He groaned forcing his arms to strain as he tried to break free but he only accomplished tiring himself out. The metal cuffs around his wrist connected to chains that were chained to the floor behind the chair. He gasped feeling the heavy heat of the fire.

"What the fuck is this," he yelled his voice full of terror and disbelief. His eyes darted around trying to see if there was a way to get free. His arms ached from his earlier attempt and he had reinjured his shoulder. He could feel the burning of his muscles in his arms as he sat there helpless. During his struggle he noticed his feet were not chained just his arms. He sat there feet flat upon the stone floor as he waited for whatever would come next.

Dustin didn't know when but at some point Aksana had walked into the room and stood before him. He blinked making sure it wasn't the heat playing with his mind. "Where am I," he asked in a raspy voice, his throat dry. Aksana smiled showed her alabaster white teeth. Dustin expected to see fangs remembering his dream but instead there were only perfect teeth.

"You're in my home sweet pet." She cooed softly in reply. Her eyes glittered with the light of the fire. She held up a bowl of something to his face. Dustin smelled the scent of freshly made stew and his stomach churned.

"Hungry," she asked softly, taking the steel spoon in her soft lithe fingers before scooping up a spoonful of meat, carrot, and potato. Bringing it closer to his lips, he gulped looking at the spoon; then nodded and she smiled wide approving of his answer.

"You need to keep your strength up pup," Aksana said as she spoon fed him the stew slowly till it was all gone. Dustin sat there appreciating the fact he was being fed but the chains and shackles holding him reminded him he was very much her prisoner.

"Please. Let me go," he begged; his arms taut from the pull of the chains.

Aksana closed her eyes and smoothed out her crimson satin dress. He could see that her eyelids were painted light blue and her lashes had been curled. She smiled sweetly before speaking.

"I like your company pup. You wouldn't want to leave me here all alone after I saved your life, would you?" Her face grew pouty. Dustin frowned not wanting to be rude but not liking being chained either.

"No, but this hurts," he said, keeping his arms relaxed. "Can't you let me out of these chains?"

"I'm afraid not sweetie." Aksana batted her eyes. Her right hand reached up, caressing his cheek and he felt that soft warmth flow through him again. "I could let you go but I'm afraid I can't." Her hands gently roamed over his chest, sliding down to his abdomen. Dustin gasped and shivered. Her hands were making him tremble. His body shook as his arousal began to awake from her touch. Aksana smiled seeing his body react. "Mmm yes I think you should stay." Her hands drifted down below to his thighs and between them.

Dustin moaned as he felt her fingers curl around his growing manhood. His body tensed causing the chains to pull at his arms. He winced in pain. "Ow!" Dustin grimaced as he tried to relax his arms to relieve the strain. Aksana frowned and her hands left his body. Her smile renewed as she gently cupped his right cheek in her right hand.

"You've been such a good boy. I think I will give you a treat," she smiled though Dustin could see there was some wicked thought going through her mind.

"Treat? What do you mean," he asked, not understanding. He looked to her face but kept his gaze away from her eyes.

"I have kept my end of the bargain. I fed you and got you warm and out of those wet clothes. Now I want you to do something for me," she said, setting the empty bowl and spoon on the floor and rising to her feet. She stepped over to him and lifted her leg over his lap. Slowly she lowered herself over him, straddling his lap as her hands rested on his shoulders.

"What do you want," he asked, tilting his head slightly back as she sat atop his legs. His cock tingled feeling her moist heat rub against his under her dress.

"Your blood," she answered smiling. Sharp pointed fangs protruded from her lips as she leaned in close, breathing into his neck. "Oh you smell so good," she whispered into his ear, her fangs grazing his flesh sending a shiver through him.

Looking to her in horror he whimpered, "p-please let me go... please Aksana." His body tensed, his arms burning from the strain of his restraints.

"No! I saved you. Saved you for me, you're all mine," she whispered, her voice husky, dripping with sex. She placed her index finger over his lips. "Hush pet, it's going to be ok. You'll enjoy this." Her voice took a soft reassuring tone like a mother reassuring a frightened child. "Just look into my eyes and relax," she cooed as her eyes became leveled with his.

He shuddered with terror but as he stared into her red-orange orbs that thought and all other thoughts melted away. His head slumped to the right slightly and she smiled. A soft whimper was the only protest he gave before her head snapped forward and her fangs plunged into his neck.

Dustin's consciousness swam in a pool of pleasure and drowned in her smoldering eyes as Aksana drank his life's blood. She fed and gorged herself on him. His blood tasted so sweet. Sweeter than she could remember and she couldn't fathom why. She felt his mind captivated by her, held in her grasp helpless and it aroused her, made her writhe on his lap with pure ecstasy. She continued to drink of him until she felt his pulse slow. When she had finally pulled free of him and licked her crimson stained lips, his head slumped forward.

"Good puppy," she purred and gently cupped his face in her hands, raising his head she looked into his heavily lidded eyes. Aksana leaned forward and kissed his forehead sweetly.

"Sleep now sweet pet," she cooed into his ear. His eyes slid shut as his mind obeyed. His head slumped onto her shoulder. Aksana smiled pleased with him and herself. She hugged his sleeping form then rose off of his lap. Her fingers gently caressed his erect and exposed manhood as she turned to leave but then a thought came to her and she smiled. Leaning back to his ear she whispered to his unconscious mind, "Tomorrow I will give you a choice before I feed from you. Whatever you choose will determine your fate." With that she turned and left him slumbering and still chained to the chair as she headed deep into the catacombs of her estate for her bed.

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