tagFirst TimeUnder the Bleachers

Under the Bleachers


It was the championship football game. Kara's mind was racing with energy and excitement, along with the crowd cheering behind and in front of her. She waved her pom-poms enthusiastically in the air and shouted, watching the talented boys of the Russtown Wildcats – her classmates – toss and tumble over a pigskin ball. Even though she didn't understand much about the game, the eighteen-year-old still enjoyed watching both teams run full speed across the football field with a look of extreme passion in their eyes. Of course, Kara would rather see her boys within feet of the end zone, but she had no problems watching the muscles ripple beneath the uniforms of either team.

Her black curls bounced at her shoulders as she brought her arms into the air and went on her toes to begin another cheer. She called out to the crowd to "Gimme a C!" and "Gimme an... A!" and then to "Gimme a... T!" and finally, "Gimme a S! What's that spell?" The response from the eager game-goers made the answer clear to anyone who perhaps could not spell. "CATS!" Blue eyes sparkled into the night sky, and Kara immediately dropped her blue and white poms and jumped into position for a stunt. One of the younger girls – junior Jessica – eagerly climbed into the waiting hands of Kara and a red-headed cheerleader before they hoisted her up into the air and the crowd continued to cheer.


Kara emerged from the cheerleader's locker room, now stripped of her Wildcats uniform and walking somberly across the pavement, casting a silent sideways glance at the now-vacant field. Her jean skirt hugged her thighs greedily, and her small breasts appeared quite perky beneath her peach colored tank top, but Kara herself was far from happy. How she now wished she had been a cheerleader for the Decatur Vipers. Even though she despised the red and gold insignia that graced the Vipers cheerleader uniform (it was ungodly, and she had vowed never to be caught dead in that getup), at least then she wouldn't be walking to her car with her head down and a disappointed look in her eye.

The Wildcats lost.

It was an unbelievable end to the game, too. Russtown had been ahead by a mile (really 28 points) coming into the fourth quarter. All that Kara really remembered of the upset was that when she looked up at the scoreboard with fifteen seconds to go, it proudly stated: "Home – 44; Visitor: 46." She couldn't believe how the Vipers had earned such a large amount of points in such a short time (and while she wasn't paying attention, too!), but the look of disbelief didn't leave her face until she silently folded up her uniform and slid it into her drawstring knapsack.

She was so deep in thought that the poor girl didn't even notice the stranger approaching on her other side. The sudden interruption of noise beside her caused Kara to jump, and she turned to see who it was, cheeks flushed. Now frozen to the spot, she first glanced at the arm on her shoulder, and then her bright eyes finally trailed upwards until she was staring in the face of a boy with dirty blonde streaks in his light brown hair and beautiful green eyes. If she had been forced to speak at that moment, Kara probably would have stuttered, partially from surprise and mostly from embarrassment.

"Great game."

His eyes traced over her tanned body, or at least what he could see of it. There was no one else around; by now all of the fans of and players on the winning team were likely long-gone to some party or another, and most of the Wildcats had already sulked their way home or elsewhere. Some of the more courageous losing players had attached themselves to some Vipers girl and snuck their way into a celebration party, but for the most part they realized there was nothing for them to celebrate. Just one big loss. The boy, whose name was Derek, knew all about what they must be feeling, even though he just happened to be a member of the Vipers football team.

"I-If you say so," she replied, finally finding her voice. His mere presence was enchanting, or perhaps that had to do with the slight fragrance of expensive cologne that encircled her as he stepped closer. She narrowed her eyelids slightly, close to squinting at him as she took in every aspect that she could about him in the short time she stared. His chiseled features, the slight dimple in one cheek as he smiled down at her, the inch or so of hair that kept falling in his eyes no matter how many times he tried to brush it away.

It took her a moment to register what he had said to her. The game? Right, the game. He must have been at the game, considering they were both standing adjacent to an empty football field. But why would he be telling her the game was great? She was a cheerleader for the losing team. It wouldn't have been "great" in her eyes, by any means. Her gaze lowered briefly, and she finally spied the abbreviation on the sleeve of his shirt. His red shirt. DV. Decatur Vipers. Inscribed in neat gold letters that glittered every time the moonlight touched his shoulder.

"Oh," she offered, before he got a chance to respond. One side of his mouth curled upward into a half-grin, half-smirk as he noticed her admiring his shirt. He was sure to get another at school next week, in honor of the team's big win.

"Don't look so shocked," he replied, tilting his head down and smiling at her fallen and down-turned face. She looked hesitant at first, but with the genuine smile on his face she couldn't help but offer the smallest of grins in return. "You know, it's not such a big deal." He reached out for her hand, and after a moment's thought, Kara obliged and slipped her slender palm into his. "Care to go for a walk? You know, to clear your head. You look like you could use it," he added, whispering softly into her ear and pulling her toward him.

It was apparent that Kara didn't really know what to make of the whole situation. It was very odd, and a little suspicious, for such a handsome boy – from the other team – to appear out of nowhere and be so kind to her. A shocking thought occurred to her. He couldn't have heard rumors that she was still a virgin, could he? Surely the gossip couldn't have already spread that far in such a brief amount of time, especially to another school. Kara had only mentioned the fact to a fellow cheerleader a few days prior, after all.

Shaking off the idea, she allowed herself to walk a little closer to Derek, her bag slung over her free shoulder and his hand creeping slowly around her waist. He didn't seem to have any further intentions, because after a harsh look from Kara and an apologetic glance from him, Derek didn't try anything else. The two of them ventured out to the empty field, still littered with various red, gold, and blue streamers and bits of white paper from spirit signs, and began to walk the track encircling the field.

They had been walking for about five minutes, chit-chatting about their schools, and the differences between one and the other, when the subject finally made its way back to the previous game.

"You know," Derek began, eyes on his sneakers, "I was watching you."

Kara offered a short laugh of protest. "How could you possibly have been watching me? You were supposed to be playing!" Her mood was much lighter now, after assessing the fact that her entire high school career did not depend on the outcome of a single game.

"I'm coordinated." When Kara laughed again, he reconsidered his statement. "Well, maybe not so much. Were you paying attention during our horrible fumble?" She answered with a simple 'Mmhmm,' and he continued. "Well, that was me."

"You should really learn how to do two things at one time."

"I am! I've mastered talking and walking."


"Well then, how about this?" Derek leaned over, still walking, and planted a kiss on Kara's supple lips.

Kara was completely taken aback at the sudden action, and nearly stumbled over her own feet. Not to say she didn't enjoy the kiss, but she did have to eat her own words about being multi-talented. Stopping, she turned and glanced up at Derek, who was wearing a huge smile.

"I'm good at some things."

She smiled, her eyes suddenly lighting up as she realized something. She was immensely attracted to Derek. This was an odd conclusion she had come to, because Kara didn't usually find herself falling head over heels for boys, especially ones she had only met within the last hour. Then again, the girl had been subject to a very poor sampling of the male species; most of the boys at Russtown High didn't know the difference between the head on their shoulders and the one in their pants. This was probably the first enjoyable and remotely intellectual conversation she had had with one lately.

"Yes, you are... That was quite nice," she added as an afterthought, and started to continue walking. It seemed Derek had other plans, though, because he immediately grabbed her upper arm and stopped her. "What?" she asked, sensing that perhaps something was wrong, and turned her body to face him. Not that she had much of a choice, because he continued to pull her toward him until they were separated by only a few inches of air.

"Kara – I..." He seemed to be stuttering with his words, trying to place them into a formidable sentence that she could comprehend. Or perhaps just one that he could comprehend. She noticed that he was having trouble expressing his feelings, or worries, or whatever, and without thinking she slipped a hand around his waist. It just seemed like the right thing to do, and her fingers were itching to roam all over his well toned body, anyway. His breath was ragged as he bent forward and began to kiss her neck, moving her dark curls out of the way with one hand and caressing the small of her back with the other.

"Oh..." she moaned into his ear, closing her eyes and tilting her head to the side to allow him more room. In the back of her mind she knew this was wrong, she had only known this boy for the better part of twenty-five minutes, yet her body protested that this was exactly what she had been wanting for two years. Ever since she caught her older sister making out with her boyfriend in the living room.

Suddenly Derek stopped, apparently coming to realize what he had just done and thinking about what that would entail. Kara had seemed like a nice girl thus far, and even though he thought she was beautiful and really did want to have his way with her, he (surprisingly) respected her enough to not want to force anything on her. He saw the frown forming on her lips and immediately thought he had done something wrong.

"I'm sorry-" he began, but was cut off by her hand finding its way around his waist and down his pants. He jumped, his mouth open as if he were about to gasp or offer a noise of protest, but nothing happened. Derek, the soon to be nineteen year old Decatur Vipers star football player, was simply incapable of being that shocked. Within moments, he was pulling Kara to him again, this time with a bit more force, and without objection from her. One of his firm hands went for her shoulder, over, and across her shoulder blade, the tip of his ring finger tracing straight down the middle of her back. Both of her hands had now found their way around his waist and under his shirt, and her fingers were exercising free reign over his entire torso.

Derek grunted softly, realizing that their clothing was becoming a bit of a burden as well as an unwanted obstacle. His hands were, by this time, under her tank top and roaming around her back, where he had found the clasp for her bra and was fiddling with it in an attempt to unhook it. He took a few steps toward the nearby gate around the track, eventually bumping Kara accidentally into it.

"I have a better idea," he managed through heavy breaths, opening the gate with one hand and some difficulty and practically sending the two of them collapsing into one of the bleachers. They continued on their journey, the whole time fondling each other and threatening to leave random bits of clothing such as Kara's bra and Derek's shirt behind if they did not get to their destination quick enough.

Finally they found an opening in the metal jungle, and Kara took charge, maneuvering them through it since she knew the area so well. The cheerleaders often held taboo meetings underneath the Russtown bleachers, where they took part in such things as smoking and stripteases. Every once in a while a boy or two was present, but nothing serious ever occurred, at least not while Kara was there.

When they came to a spot large enough for both of them to fit comfortably, Derek leaned the both of them forward carefully, until Kara was reclined on the damp grass and Derek was straddling her. He immediately took to the task of removing his clothing, with help from Kara, or at least until he was topless. Getting her clothing off was a little more tedious, because as soon as Derek's shirt was tossed to the side the black haired cheerleader had her lips and hands all over his hairless chest, letting her thumbs and forefingers graze his nipples while her tongue worked on the tiny valley between.

"You've gotta... let me..."

"Oh, sorry."

She stopped for a moment, giggling and briefly embarrassed by her lustful display. Lifting her arms over her head, Kara's thin top was then discarded onto the ground, and her bra followed soon after. As she lay there before him, Derek let his eyes trail over the perfect (in his eyes) hills on her chest. He bent over slowly, taking first the right peak into his mouth and sucking lightly. Kara had never felt anything so wonderful in her life. Her hands reached out and entangled themselves in his highlighted hair, keeping his mouth and lips firmly attached to her left breast. She pouted and huffed when he lifted his head, but not for long, because his tongue created a trail from one tit to the other, similarly lapping at her middle as she had just done to him.

During this time, Kara found that her hands had become bored again, and they explored, down Derek's back until they found the waistline of his khaki cargo pants. She slipped a finger under the waist, then her entire palm, until it rested neatly against his right ass cheek. She squeezed lovingly, then allowed her hand to make its way back around to the front, still underneath the fabric. She started low, feeling her fingers brush against a small patch of hair that she was certain could only belong one place. Her left hand eagerly worked at the buttons at the front of Derek's pants, and by now he had decided she was still covered in too many articles of clothing. His hands were sliding up underneath her skirt, shortly finding the top of her blue thong underwear and guiding the piece of cloth down her legs with ease.

She eventually succeeded at unbuttoning his pants, without much help from Derek, and immediately pushed the cargos and boxers down with one yank. She could feel what sprung out and bounced against her leg, but couldn't see it. His dick was extremely warm, and her hand was wrapped around it in no time. Actually, Kara could barely get her fingers all the way around the piece of meat, and an astonished look crossed her face. Derek's eyes were closed as her hand moved up and down his member, and he inserted a finger into Kara's wet pussy.

While all of this was going on, scarcely a word was said between them. There were various moans and grunts of course, but up until now not one coherent phrase had been uttered since they had shucked Derek's top.


"Ungh... Oh... Y...Yes?"

"I... I want you... to fuck me..."

At this blatant display of passion and want, he paused briefly, his finger resting against the top of Kara's pussy, thumb pressed against her clit. He had been in the process of fingering her, and from the moans, sighs, and increased pressure on his dick he could only assume she was enjoying it. Before long he had planned on tasting her.

"Are you-" her fingers tightened on his penis, pulling him toward her, "-sure?" He was obviously a little bit disappointed, having wanted to eat her out before he actually fucked her. But if this went well, maybe he would get a chance to do that at a later date. So far her skirt had not yet been shucked, and the way Kara was beckoning him to her Derek doubted it would go anywhere unless she or he ripped it off in the heat of passion. His green eyes met her blue ones, and she nodded. He pushed himself forward, planting a passionate kiss on her lips, his tongue dancing with hers. He situated her underneath him and spread her legs wide with his own, moving his arms underneath her palms up so he could hold her as he entered her pussy.

Positioning his large nine inch penis at her entrance, he thrust forward, trying to restrain himself and take it fairly slow. He didn't have much luck, and about five inches of him was embedded in her with the first push. He was surprised by how tight she was, and became a bit worried when Kara's back arched and she cried out. His body flinched along with hers, and Derek pulled his face back, giving her a concerned look. Then a thought hit him.

"Am I your first?"

She nodded. Immediately his motions became significantly gentler, and he stayed still for a few moments to allow her to adjust to his size. But God, she felt so good!

Kara felt a searing pain as soon as he entered her. She hadn't wanted to tell him she was a virgin, but by the time he asked it would have been pretty stupid to lie, especially since he could probably tell he had just popped her cherry. The scream was involuntary, but she bit her lip to try and keep from making so much noise. It didn't help. As soon as Derek knew he was her first, she could feel his whole physical being soften, as if she were fragile as glass and he was afraid she would break. The longer his long dick stayed immobile in her, however, the more she wanted him, now that she was used to it. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his backside, pulling him into her.

Derek wasn't expecting her to take charge like that, but at least now he knew he wasn't hurting her. With the invitation laid out, he gave one hard push and his entire length was now wrapped by her tight little pussy, and he began to thrust in and out, slowly at first. His balls tapped lightly against her ass cheeks, and Kara lifted her butt off the ground, affording him better leverage and filling her even more than before. It felt wonderful, to both of them, and Kara was certainly glad she had chosen Derek as her first encounter of the sexual kind.

They moved in unison, him filling her to the peak every time he pushed into her. Before long, Kara's movements were becoming more frantic, and she pulled at him with all her might, fingers clawing at his back as sweat dripped from both of them. He loved the feel of her pussy walls clenched around his dick with every thrust, and was getting close to blowing his load. She was near orgasm as well, and the two of them kept their bodies as close as possible while the thrusts grew faster with each passing second. Moments before he knew he would come, Derek managed to whisper into her ear between grunts,

"I'm... cumming..."

He thought she would tell him to pull out and cum on her or something, but she never did. In fact, she only continued to hold him close inside her, and her legs were wrapped so tightly around him it would have been hard to pull out otherwise. She could feel him jerking slightly, and had an inkling as to what was about to happen. She wanted him to cum in her. Their bodies entwined in sexual heat and wet passion, Derek finally tensed and pushed his penis into her as far as it would go in one fell motion, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight as warm semen spurted from his cock and into Kara's waiting pussy. At nearly the same time, she threw her head back, screamed, "Dereeek!" and had an spasming orgasm of her own, cunt muscles pulling greedily at Derek's cock as he filled her.

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