tagIncest/TabooUnder the Bleachers

Under the Bleachers


"Why did they even bother calling me," Bill's wife asked him. She was obviously annoyed and after a long day he wasn't really interested in listening to her sharp tone.

"You work there, couldn't they have just said something to you tomorrow?"

She wasn't really talking to him. Most of their conversations went that way nowadays it seemed. He hadn't been paying too much attention but what he had overhead of the conversation his wife had been having on the phone hinted that Jamie had been causing trouble at school again.

"I don't have time for this Bill, can you handle it please?" his wife asked dismissively.

"Sure, though I don't really know what the problem is," Bill agreed as he flipped through a few channels on the TV.

"Her English teacher said Jamie has been distracting other students in class, AND dressing inappropriately. That little brat, I'll tell you..."

Bill stopped listening. He grew tired of hearing his wife rag on her; Jamie was an amazing daughter in his eyes. As she droned on, he couldn't help wondering if the "dressing inappropriately and "distracting other students" complaints were related.

The claim wasn't entirely unfounded, that was for sure. Jamie had undoubtedly been pushing the envelope with her outfits of late. Only a week before Bill had to send her back in the house when she came out for a ride to school with her belly showing beneath a snug cotton polo shirt.

"Come on Jamie, you are not excused from the dress code because your dad works at your school. What would your mother say?"

Jamie put on a smug look and repeated, in a voice eerily similar to his wife's, "You get back in the house immediately young lady, my daughter will not be dressing like a stripper on my watch."

Jamie flashed a smile when she saw her dad laughing at her impression. She closed the door and skipped back inside. Bill watched her go back toward the house, finding himself more intrigued than he meant to be by the few inches of skin above her skirt in the back, which was rolled a few times at the waist to reveal more of her long, tan legs. She looked incredible.

When Jamie had come back out she was carrying her change of clothes.

"Sorry dad, I don't want to be late so I'll have to change in the car."

He'd tried his best to keep his eyes on the road, but when Jamie pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her youthful body he had trouble remembering he was driving at all. Her long brown hair fell over her shoulders and brushed the skin around the thin white straps of her push-up bra. Her breasts jiggled as he hit a speedbump, teasing her father even more. Bill was grateful when she finally pulled a new shirt over her head and covered up once more - he wasn't sure how much he could take of looking at her without reacting.

So Bill knew first hand that the call to his wife probably wasn't a mistake. Since she'd recently turned eighteen, Jamie had just gotten decidedly more rebellious (than she already was). He assumed she would grow out of it. He hoped she would, anyway, he didn't want to have to discipline her at home and at work.

Bill had been working at the high school for almost ten years as athletic director; he taught a few history classes as well. High school kids could be angsty sometimes, but he really liked his job, and it meant seeing more of his daughter which was always nice.

The following Monday at school, Bill still hadn't said anything to his daughter about the phone call her mother had received. He didn't like scolding her, and she had been so sweet to him that morning, thanking him for the ride to school and kissing him unabashedly before taking off to meet up with her friends before class.

His daughter wasn't quite the same girl he used to take to gymnastics and out for ice cream after, although now it was cheerleading and she still loved ice cream. She'd given up the leotard for a cheer uniform, which he'd seen her dancing around in at most school events... He thought better of imagining her in it when he could avoid doing so.

Her hair was thick and dark, more so than both of her parents, and she usually let it fall down to her shoulders. It framed the cutest face he'd ever seen, with big brown eyes, perfect cheekbones and puffy pink lips. She had the slightest overbite that showed off her pretty smile when she bit her lower lip as she often did when nervous.

Needless to say, Jamie had the beautiful body of an eighteen-year-old that exercised often. Her breasts were bigger than her mother's - a fact that, though unmentioned, clearly made her mother jealous. Her hips were just right too, with a cute little butt that you could get a nice handful of. At 5'-3" she was quite a bit shorter than him and, but she was just the right size. She'd playfully jumped into his arms the other day after school, she couldn't have weighed even 100 lbs.

By the time he reached his office, Bill only just realized he'd been daydreaming of his little girl the entire time. He wondered how he'd have the conversation with Jamie about the effect she had on her classmates without falling victim to her himself.

Bill had a lot of work to catch up on that Monday morning. He was glad of it, for he'd ceased worrying about Jamie long before lunch. And yet, it seemed he could not escape her naughtiness for even half a day.

"Hey Bill, do you have a minute?" Said his friend Rick, another history professor, as he was heading down the hall to the teacher's lounge for lunch.

"Uh oh," he said "This doesn't sound good, you mind walking? Rick matched strides with his friend Bill.

"So, I hate to have to do this to you Bill, but I think you should have a talk with your daughter,"

"Oh God," Bill responded, "what now?"

Rick chuckled, "Nothing too serious buddy,! I'll spare you the details, but... basically, your daughter Jamie has been the subject of a lot of chatter lately and I thought you ought to know."

"Oh yea, and what kind of 'chatter' is that?" He asked in a frustrated tone.

"Mostly just teenage boy type of stuff, I have a group of boys that come in from their free period early every day so I overhear some of their nonsense." Bill was only somewhat relieved. "Mostly to do with 'how smokin she looks in her gym uniform when she doesn't wear a bra,' or 'how great her ass looked when she bent over.' " He had put on a mocking, punk-teenager voice to lighten the mood but Bill still didn't like hearing about his little girl that way.

"Look, I'm sure no dad wants to hear this, but I think you know what I'm talking about right?"

Bill let out a sigh, "yeah thanks Rick, I'm glad you had the balls to say something."

"Don't mention it," his friend assured him, "... and one more thing, I had her in class earlier this morning... annnnd I don't think she's wearing any... you know..."

"Yea yea yea," Bill raised his hand and stopped him; he didn't want to hear any more. "I'll talk to her today."

Bill's head was spinning a little, and he tried to eat his lunch and small-talk with his colleagues without revealing his frazzled state. Rick patted him on the back as he headed out and Bill had to remind himself it wasn't Rick's fault. He just had a hard time coping with the fact that anyone else had seen his little girl that way. Jamie was usually such a good girl. She got good grades, did well on the cheer team and (usually) followed the rules at home - what had gotten into her?

The rest of the day drolled on without incident. Mostly, Bill passed the time in between his two afternoon classes rehearsing what he would say to Jamie about her behavior. He looked for her in the hallway, thinking he might confront her about neglecting to wear underwear but he never got the chance.

When next he saw her, Jamie was skipping toward his car around 4:30 right after her cheer leading practice got out. He almost wished to see her in the outfit as usual; she always looked incredible in the tight fabric. Instead she was wearing the same gray v-neck sweater and classic schoolgirl skirt - rolled over a few times so she could show off way too much leg for her father's approval. He would mention that to her during their talk, he committed to memory.

He had almost forgotten what his friend Rick had told him about Jamie earlier that day... almost. That was until she opened the back door and reached way inside to set her bag down over her father's briefcase. Her skirt, short as it was, did nothing to hide his daughter's delicate pink pussy.

Between Jamie's plump cheeks and exposed thighs she was completely bare and smooth. His eyes were frozen on it; Jamie's womanhood was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. What he would have given as a boy her age to have gotten his hands and more on her... it was unfathomable. Jamie was truly perfect from the outside in.

Bill had to tear his eyes from her tiny opening; he was already distracted when he should have been scolding her.

"Jamie!" he yelled at her; she popped up from her bent over position and looked at him worriedly. "You're not wearing any..." he leaned in whispering, "underwear."

"Oh right... I umm... forgot." Jamie lied; her dad could see right through her.

Bill told her to get in the car and then walked angrily around the car while glancing over at Jamie and the feigned look of ignorance on her face. When she sat down in the car he watched her smooth the short skirt over her tan thighs. Somehow, knowing that she wasn't wearing anything underneath as she sat there next to him was intriguing... exciting even

And yet the school boys, probably some of the punks he had in his classes, had seen her in the way he just had. Even his friend, her teacher and an older man, had seen Jamie's young pussy and could have been as turned on as he'd been. Bill didn't want anyone but him to see her like that, because he was likely the only one who could resist her.

"Jamie, we need to talk." Bill said quite seriously. Jamie hunched her shoulders as if to retreat.

"Can you guess what I'm going to say?" He asked her.

"Yes dad," Jamie replied with attitude, "that I have to wear panties to school?"

"Well yes, definitely that. What were you thinking anyway honey? How many boys at school do you think saw your..." naming his daughters pussy to her made it too real. "I did within ten seconds."

Jamie's face quickly revealed a smile. "You think that's something to smile about?" Bill snapped. Why would she be smiling about her own father seeing her so intimately?

Why would she be smiling in their current situation? Bill waited for the answer, but still she was trying to hide a smirk. Had she done it intentionally? Did she want her father to see?

"No daddy..." she hesitated. Jamie was stalling

"What then?"

"I'm just wondering..." still she paused.

"Jamie, spit it out!" her father commanded.

"...if you thought it was pretty?"

Her father was stunned, he truly had not expected anything like that from his daughter. Mostly he had assumed she would be completely grossed out that her father looked at all, much less how long he'd stared.

"Wh...what did you say Jamie?" Where before he had been stern and confident, now his voice was more unsteady.

"It's just that one of my friends said my pussy looked different and I didn't think so but I don't know so I..." she was rambling as she sometimes did when she was nervous, "I was just wondering if you if you liked it daddy, or was it different like my friend said?"

"That's not something I can answer Jamie, you're not my little girl anymore. You're a grown woman."

"You can't just tell me daddy? You must think it isn't pretty if you won't just say so!" Jamie pouted. Bill couldn't tell I'd she was playing at something or not.

"Jamie that's not the point," her father replied. He'd certainly gotten a good look and found her tight little entry to look incredible, but he wasn't about to tell his daughter that. "The point is that you can't be going to school bottomless! Rich Hastings brought it to my attention and who knows who else saw."

Jamie looked positively defeated; with a tail between her legs, purse-lipped look and sad eyes. Still he couldn't let up, Bill had to be firm with her.

"What has gotten into you lately Jamie? I mean you know better than that. You should be glad its me telling you and not your mother."

"I'm sorry," she whispered. Bill couldn't quite hear it, but he thought she was talking back to him.

"What did you say?" he asked angrily.

"I said I'm sorry Dad!" with a tear rolling down her cheek. Bill realized he'd been wrong. Jamie turned to the window and took a quick breath.

"Oh come on Jamie there's no need to cry." He leaned in to look at her face. A few tears had streamed down; he hadn't meant to make his little girl cry. "If it makes you feel better, you look just right... down there... just the way a beautiful girl like you is supposed to."

Jamie stopped her hastened breathing and was visibly relieved. She stopped crying, at least there was that. It took a few moments of attempting smalltalk and a joke or two but eventually Bill broke through to his daughter, and by the end of the ride he was feeling much better about their talk.

Every so often, however, he would glance over upon the sight of her skirt riding higher on her enticing thighs. Normally the sight of his daughter's fit little body didn't phase him, but somehow, somewhere in his head he didn't want to acknowledge... knowing she was bare, shaven and with only the fabric of her skirt to block his probing eyes, he was undone.

"But seriously honey, from now on, underwear, please?" Bill said as they pulled in the driveway.

"Yeeess Daaadd." She drew out.

Jamie's sexiness prevailed as he watched her get out of the car, part of him wondering if he might catch a glimpse of her cute butt or her tight little pussy. Instead, as Jamie bent over to reach for her bag, this time she held her hand between her legs and fingers trapping her skirt beneath. When she turned, she found her father behind her and knew he'd been watching her. She flashed him her cutest smile and touched his arm as she pranced by. There was something mischievous about it, and though he'd truly hoped to be rid of Jamie's antics, somehow he doubted it.


And so the next day, as he sat at his desk grading papers, he knew what the authoritative knock was about before he stood up to open the door. But this time, it wasn't his friend, it was the school principal with Jamie in tow. This time, Jamie hadn't been merely dressed inappropriately but had been found in the janitor's closet with a classmate's hand up her shirt.

He looked at her, standing there looking as blameless as she possibly could. Her shirt was still disheveled looking, he could see a bit of her smooth stomach peeking out at him. Her skirt was no less revealing than the day before. For a split second he wondered if, like yesterday, were he to lift up her skirt a few inches he would find her bare and bottomless again.

All the while the principal droned on. He had never liked Principal Brooks that much, and as he stood there now, being agreeable as the man chastised his daughter he wasn't gaining any respect for him.

"...Now I've brought her to you directly because I want to put an end to this before it gets any more serious or embarrassing."

"Thank you Mr. Principal," Bill offered, "I assure you I will deal with Jamie severely.

As Principal Brooks explained that he'd be giving her a Saturday detention and that he could do a lot more, Bill once again nodded and spoke when he thought the man wanted to hear anything but his own voice. Mostly, he stared at his young daughter and held her gaze whenever she would look up from her feet.

He refused to utter a word on the whole car ride home, he found that it always got to Jamie more than any of his other tactics. She tried to get him to say something once or twice but the cold glare, unflinchingly forward, told her to keep her mouth shut. The one thing she was grateful of was that her mother wouldn't be home to add to the punishment.

When they walked through the door, Bill grabbed his daughter's arm firmly. Jamie yelped in response as he dragged her over to the couch in their living room. He nearly tossed her to a seat on the couch, and Jamie knew how serious he was. He wanted to, badly, but decided against raising his voice. Instead, he said as calmly as he could.

"Jamie, I just don't know what to say. We talked about this... we agreed... and now this!"

She was silent.

"I mean what am I missing?? Do you want me to lose my job?"

"Dad...I..." Jamie didn't finish her sentence.

"Oh now you aren't so brave like you were before huh? One minute you're a bad girl, fooling around in the closet with some boy, and now you have nothing to say." He could see Jamie starting to tear up again and Bill felt the same way he had the day before. 'Not again,' he thought.

"I just..." she was still fumbling around for words.

"I just what?!" He demanded of her.

"I can't help myself daddy!" she said.

"What is that supposed to mean," Bill shot back.

"I mean I start feeling a certain way and then I can't help myself."

Bill truly couldn't understand what she was trying to get at - was this was an angle she was playing or she was somehow telling the truth?

"I get horny Dad, I get hot and bothered and then I start doing things I know I shouldn't. It keeps happening and I don't mean for it to."

"I don't believe you Jamie, and you better watch your words closely or I am going to really be angry. I won't have my daughter talking that way."

"I'm not lying Daddy I swear." She was really laying it on thick now, or was she? The tears in her eyes said differently. "It's like I already feel that way in the car before I even get to school. I don't know what to do daddy I keep doing things without thinking and I just..."

Bill was feeling bad for her, if only slightly. If she was telling the truth it meant his daughter was having urges, like those he'd had toward Jamie when she'd bent over and he'd seen her naked lower half right in front of him. Only Jamie was obviously unequipped to deal with them.

"You expect me to believe all this Jamie," Bill said with a look of astonishment. "and even if I did how do you expect for me to deal with what happened today?"

His little girl responded feebly, "I'll do whatever you tell me to, I know I was bad... but I'm not lying!" Bill wondered if she could really live up to her promise.

"Even if what you're saying is all true... It is still your responsibility to control yourself Jamie. You are not a child anymore honey."

"Maybe..." She was unsteady in her words, "maybe you could help me?"

He thought about what she'd said for a minute, and knew that he wouldn't be too harsh on her in the end. Bill decided to skip some tongue lashing and a whole lot of back and forth arguing between he and his unruly teen. She'd asked him for help, though he wasn't sure of what kind.

Jamie was finally looking at him more than down her fidgeting feet. For the past few minutes since she'd kicked off her shoes she had been wiggling her toes in the carpet and staring downward. Now she was looking remorsefully at Bill with her pretty brown eyes. She never thought that she'd end up here, involving and disappointing her father. So when he responded to her much more lovingly than she'd expected, she listened closely.

"Here is what I'm going to do..." Bill said assertively. Jamie listened, wide-eyed.

"Jamie I have got to ground you, I won't have any argument." He put his hand to his forehead and rubbed his temples as he said, "And not a word to your mother about this, I'd be in as much trouble as you if she found out.." Jamie knew she had lucked out, though her father wasn't done.

"You are definitely not going to that concert this weekend."

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