tagFetishUnder the Library Table

Under the Library Table


This is my first story on Literotica. All comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy...

I went to the library to do some research. I had a big mid term coming up in science that consisted of a big project. I found I very interesting book and tried to find a nice quiet place. In the back of the library was a nice table where it seemed to give me the quietness I seek. As I was studying, I was distracted by my thoughts of that tall redhead and her beautiful friend I meet earlier that day at the beach.

She had long red hair about have way down her back. Sweet sexy voice, DD size tits, nice abs and a cute face. Oh yes, and a very nice round ass and long legs. We were making some small talk for a while . They go to the same college I do. They are studying to be nurses. We were talking about the new changes on campus, how nice the water looks and feels here at the beach. We were getting along so well, they invited me to the movies this Saturday night. I said OK. I was sitting there studying for at least an hour when I felt something on my shorts.

I looked under the table to see what it was. It was an incredibly beautiful blond woman unzipping my fly. She looked up at me, put her finger to her mouth and said, "shh". I thought for a second that it was pretty late at night and the library wasn't busy at all so I said, what the hell, its OK.

She has the cutest face I've ever seen. She pulled my cock out and started licking on my head. Damn! I started to get a little hard. She slowly licks all the way down one side of my cock and starts sucking my balls gently in her warm mouth. She starts back up the other side til she reaches the under side of my head. Then licks all the way around. I'm started to squirm now, this feels so good. Then she sucks on the tip and before I knew it I was as hard as a rock. WOW, I thought, I never got that hard so fast since I was a teen. This is great. Then she pushes her head all the way down my shift with one swift motion and touch her chin to my balls that she was playing with. I let out a small audible grunt and she starts to moan.

She keeps on sliding her nice, warm wet lips up and down the full length of my cock with one hand cupping my ball sac and a finger massaging the spot between my cock and my ass and her other hand in her pussy fingering her clit. She bobbing her head sucking away. I can feel her tongue licking the underside of my dick, flicking that big vein. She is really moaning now making my cock really vibrate. I'm loving this. I'm in heaven.

She switches where her fingers are and puts one of the fingers that was in her pussy around my butt hole. She starts sticking it up inside slowly. I can start to feel her rubbing me prostate. I have never had that done before, so it felt a little strange to me, but it started making me (and her) more hornier.

I getting close and she can tell. She starts picking up speed really fast still deep throating me. Her throat is contracting around my cock so much I can't stand it and her finger is really massaging my prostate. I start cumming so hard and my cock it pulsing hard in her mouth. I have never cum that hard before. Damn, before it felt like I was shooting from a rifle, now this feels like I'm shooting from a cannon! I hope she's OK. She swallows every last drop. She keeps milking the last few drops out of my dick till I calm down. I guess she really loves it. She slowly pulls off of me, looks up at me and gives me a big smile and whispers to me, " Meet me outside when your ready," and she winks and kisses the head of my dick. All I could do is nod after that mind-blowing, best blow job I have ever had!

She got out from under the table and shows me her sweet sexy ass under her skirt as she walks off.

Was that a dream or was that for real? I don't know, but I feel super great and if it was for real, she would be waiting for me...

Oh yeah, did I tell you that was the redheads friend I met earlier at the beach? Oh sorry.

To be continued.

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