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Under the Lily Pad


Once upon a time in a far off land there was a beautiful peasant girl with hair so raven black and lips so crimson red. Her eyes a brilliant green, aqua really. Her breasts spilled over her camisole top and the drawstring never quite cinched correctly. Her hips were proportioned just right and she would have made a beautiful queen if she had been born into royalty. But alas it wasn't so, she had been born into one of the poorest families in all of the kingdom and her father was just a lowly farmhand on the king's land. But the family made do and they were all humble and happy together.

There was also a handsome prince that was the same age as the girl, he had a penchant for angering the king with his wanderings and his misadventures. He had managed to upset nearly all the kingdoms near them at one time or another with either his philandering or his fights in a pub or simply insulting the royal families when he attended a dinner in their homes. But the one thing the boy could always do is give his charming smile and the ladies hearts would melt, and the king's would be reminded of their own days as young princes with nothing to do but get into trouble. He was just as handsome as the girl was beautiful. He was tall, dark and handsome, at the same time he could be very eloquent and well mannered when he chose to be. But this was rare the case for the prince.

One day while out in the neighboring kingdom he encountered another young prince and after the two had mixed words a fight had ensued. Guards from both sides had been drawn into the fight and finally the kingdom's constable had found them and taken both in shackles to the king.

"My king," the constable began, "both young princes were in the hunt to harm one another when I pulled them apart. Doth the king have a fitting punishment or shall I throw them both in the stocks for a day or so?"

"Constable Briggins, I apologize ahead of time for young prince Michael, his parents will surely compensate you for all damages. I will pay prince Theodore's half as soon as we are done here, bring the boys to me."

"Yes, my king," Briggins replied.

A few moments later and both young princes well over their skirmish stood looking sheepishly at the king. "You two have caused problems for the last time. Theodore, you are confined to the castle for the next fortnight and not to have any attempt at escape or I will make sure that you double this reprimand and will spend that time shackled in the stocks. Now Michael," he began to address our young prince, "I will turn you over to your parents as soon as my rider has confirmed that he delivered a message to them and brought back compensation for the mess you made today."

"Thank you king," prince Michael replied, "I'm truly sorry for the disorder I caused today and if the king would permit I will honor the same punishment in my own castle on top of whatever punishment my father bestows upon me. I will eventually learn king, to lead with my mind and not my fists."

The king gave a chuckle and then sent both boys on their way as the rider came through the door, he told Michael that his horse was outside the gate and would take him home where his father was waiting. Michael thanked them and then left to make his way home where he knew he was going to be in a large amount of trouble with his father. He had been warned last time that if there was one more incident he was going to suffer severe punishment but, he had always been told that, he doubted this time would be different.

As the prince entered the great hall his father the honorable king David stood at his throne with Michael's mother, who was weeping uncontrollably. Also prince Michael could see standing near the throne in the shadows his father's woman of the dark arts. He had seen her once before and heard numerous rumors of her mysterious knowledge and workings but he had the feeling he was about to experience them first hand.

"Michael, son, I have warned you too many times about your actions. There is no way this time you are going to grace me with one of your smiles and get free of this punishment. It's time you became a man, you are to one day lead this kingdom and you can't even stay out of trouble for more than a few sun ups. Well son this is going to change. The witch here," he said pointing to her in the shadows, "is going to put a curse on you, one that is reversible but that will teach you much more caution as well as force you into a different life altogether."

Michael had begun to speak but his father had cut him off just as quick with a raised hand. He had said all he would to his son and as he turned his back on the prince the witch in the shadows stepped forward for just a moment and threw a bottle at the prince's feet. As it hit the floor and shattered a gas arose and encompassed the prince's body. Through the fog the prince could still see his parents as they stood there, with their backs turned to him. Michael suddenly began to have to look up harder to see them until they were far away and he couldn't see through the fog any longer.

"Ribbit," he said as he tried to speak. "Holy shit," he wondered, "what has happened to me?"

The king once again faced his son who was now a frog. "Son, this is your punishment and I will lay it out for you in plain terms. You are a frog from now until eternity unless you find a girl who will kiss you, much like the old tale we have heard passed down over time. But when this happens it will only change you during the daylight hours. The moment dusk has ended each day after that you will return to your amphibious form. You will have 14 sun ups to make this girl fall in love with you and declare it. One other stipulation is you may not ever tell her until the spell is reversed completely is that you are the prince of this kingdom. When she breaks the spell initially you will be nude, so I would suggest you make sure that you figure out well ahead of time how to fashion clothes from things around you. Now the rider will take you out to the nearest pond. Where you remain or go is your choice son but you will have no help from this kingdom. Good luck my son."

A few moments later as the prince dumbfounded was being carried out of the castle and towards the pond near the village he realized all of his mistakes were coming back to haunt him. He had no idea how long he would be stuck as a frog nor how on earth he was going to get a girl to fall in love with him, let alone a proper princess but he began to plot and plan the moment he was carefully placed on the bank of the pond and left to his own devices.

Two uneventful years passed with no luck at all, the prince had turned 18 and he was beginning to worry, he had yet to encounter a princess or anyone that would even give pause at the pond. He knew that he may have to hop off towards the town if he ever hoped to be discovered. But he was so tired now from sitting in the sun on the lily pad all day that he was just going to take a little nap before hoping towards town.

Splash! Michael awoken from the splashing sound of water as he was the ripples of waves knocked him off the lily pad. In a rush he swam back towards the surface forgetting that he could breathe underwater if he had to for a little while as a amphibian. Michael saw through the murky water a girl nude except for a thin blouse covering her large wet bosoms. He watched as she came up to surface and then with her breasts near his face he could see the quarter sized areolas and the penny sized rock hard nipples. He dove a bit deeper down and was amazed to see a sparse covering of dark hair over her nether lips. This girl would have been an easy shag he thought, back when he had his human shape. But now he was reduced to only looking at the peasant girl while she bathed in the pond.

Then an idea struck him, she was the only person that had come to the pond in nearly a month and she was the first he had been this close to in his whole time there. Perhaps he could talk to her up on the bank of the pond as she dressed from the cover of the light foliage. He quickly hopped out of the water and made his way to ferns and dense moss near where her clothes were waiting for her.

"Excuse me miss," the prince began as she stepped to picked up her clothes, "I was wondering if you could help me with a little problem."

"Why who doth speaketh to this lowly maiden?"

"Me kind madam, I am in hiding for fear of refusal of my proposition if you see my form. I want you to feel with your heart and listen before I let you view my stature."

"Sir, I will doeth my most able should it be possible if you would only hurry and speak of your need. I am trying to cover up out her and dress myself without knowing what direction from which you might be spying me," the girl replied.

The prince then began his well practiced speech, "My lady, I was a member of the high standing not so long ago but a cursed was placed upon me and now I am a frog, I must have a kiss to break the spell."

He took a deep breath as the girl listened and pondered his words. "Kind sir, whomever you are you surely jest for nigh a member of the local kingdom has gone missing in years except the prince whom it is told went off to hunt down a bride for himself in faraway lands. Please do not play a cruel joke on me I am but a simple peasant girl without much to offer anyone. Now ask your true question or be gone."

The prince decided that only one manner of truth would show this simple girl what she needed to believe him. So he hopped out from the dense moss and right up until he was sitting inside her panties and skirt on the embankment. "Now dear lady you can see me, I am here resting inside you bloomers and skirt, and as you can plainly see I am indeed a frog."

The girl gave a gasp and bent down to look the frog over, "Well you certainly are a handsome frog but whom did you say you were again and why are you in this form? If I were to kiss you what would I get out of it?" she asked.

"My lady I cannot offer you more than companionship at the moment but I would offer that and perhaps more in the future should you bless me with one kiss."

The girl not thinking about her own nudity as she stood there with her soaked blouse open and her naked breasts exposed, not to mention the fact that her pussy was glistening in the sunlight and unfettered by panties as well. She scooped up the frog and brought him closer to her face.

"One kiss is all it would take sir?"

"Yes, my lady, one quick chaste kiss would return me to my form."

The prince held his breath as the girl closed her eyes and brought him near her lips. She then pulled him even closer and as the frog leaned forward her lips touched his mouth and suddenly his frog legs began to get fuller and he could feel his toes actually wiggling. His arms and chest and fingers quickly followed suit. Then his manhood began to grow as his legs and thighs resumed their human shape. The girl had sat him down as he began to transform and she was watching wide eyed as he continued to grow to his completion. Finally his face changed back to the young chiseled handsome mug he had before turning slimy and green.

The prince looked down at his wiggling toes and that bright smile of his flashed to his face. "Thank you my lady I am honored that you were willing to give me a kiss. May I ask of your name dear one."

The peasant girl still in shock replied, "I am called, I mean my name is Justice," her face was crimson as she looked at the naked man that now stood before her.

"Justice, that is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, may I now bestow a kiss upon your lips in kind repayment and thanks for what you have freed me from?" prince Michael asked.

"Yes, sir that would be much better than kissing the frog," she giggled.

Michael leaned forward and pulled her to him as their lips met, he couldn't help but let his arms go around her and soon they had found their way to her womanly hips and down to grasp her naked buttocks. They never spoke a word as his penis rose between them and pressed against her stomach, he only noticed the way her breath caught as the tip hit above her belly button and her hand grazed the sensitive head. Michael feigned a swoon and fell backwards pulling her with him.

"I'm sorry my lady, I haven't walked or stood upright in over two years and these legs are still a bit wobbly."

Justice didn't reply verbally she let her actions carry them as she sat up on his thighs and looking deep into his eyes began to stroke his shaft with her little hand. One hand just wouldn't quite fit around his large shaft so she worked the other around it just beneath the first and began to slowly jerk him up and down as she pressed her slit up against the shaft. Sliding down so that her pussy was against his toes and never saying a word Justice lowered her head. Her lips softly closed around the tip of his cock and she began to suck ever so slowly as she jacked him off with her hands. She felt his hips rise and began to take a little more into her mouth, relishing the flavor of the precum leaking from the tip in copious amounts.

"Justice you don't have to do this we have much time, oh damn my lady that feels so good..." the prince began to tell her.

Justice liked the fact that he didn't hold her head down like a few of the other boys she had been with and that made her want to please him all the more, she wildly began to bob up and down on his throbbing meat inside her mouth and as she neared the base and felt the tip hit the back of her throat she was proud of herself for getting all of him inside. She had one mission now that this had been accomplished and that was to make him cum inside her mouth.

She began to reach back between his legs and as his cock gave a jerk in her mouth with one hand she cupped his large cum filled balls and began to roll them while with the other she slipped her index finger between his cheeks and began to rub his asshole. This must have felt good to him for in seconds he was shooting inside her mouth.

Justice's fingers had driven him over the edge, the prince as he lay there with his hard cock throbbing in her mouth could feel the tips of her fingers rolling his large sack and the other hand had a finger rubbing his asshole. He could take no more and with one thrust of his hips he shot two years worth of cum into her belly. He watched as she would let her mouth fill and her cheeks bulge before she would swallow. As he finished cumming she pulled him from her mouth and continued to stroke him as she straddled his thighs.

"Please Justice let me repay you for that act of unselfish pleasure, let me crawl between your legs and lick you until you can take no more."

"No sir," she replied with a determined look in her eye, "I want you to take something from me as your gift of repayment, I want you to take my virginity and pleasure me with your big cock."

Gone was the shy peasant girl that had only managed to escape numerous encounters with the town's boys trying to get into her knickers by giving them hand or blow jobs. Here she was in a field by the pond preparing to give this enchanted perhaps doomed man her virginity without nary a thought. She only felt the wanton lust within her and knew that he alone would be able to sake this needful thirst between her legs.

Lowering her hips as she held him in her hand, Justice began to push the head of his large member between her pink lips below. She felt the head hit her inner barrier and decided that it was now or never and dropped her hips straight down as she released him from her grasp. Her hands went to his chest as she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Oh god that hurt's sir, I don't even know your name."

"Michael is my name Justice."

"Well, mmm great leaping lords you are stretching me and it's starting to feel good."

Slowly Justice began to rock her hips over his pelvis, sliding her pussy up and down his shaft as he reached up to fondle her nipples. He watched as the girl lost her inhibitions and began to rub her clit wildly as she rode him. He tweaked each nipple and then sat up and began to nibble and suck along each one and up and down her neck while she continued to fuck herself on his cock.

Justice began to moan and Michael could feel her begin to tighten around him in rhythmic pulses. Soon she was clawing at his back as she bit into his shoulder and for the first time in her life she began to cum. As she did he also felt the new release coming in his loins and he grabbed her hips and thrust his own upwards as he joined her in orgasm.

As dusk rolled in Michael told her he must go but that each and every day for the next two weeks if she could get away and come and see him he would be right here at the pond.

"But Michael, I want to take you home to meet my father and mother," she wept that first evening.

"My darling I would love to go with you but part of the curse is that I may not leave this pond for two weeks after I am freed," he lied to her hoping that within the two weeks he could find a way to make her tell him she loved him.

"Alright, I see how it must be Michael but I will return each day to see you and to continue as we did today."

Michael smiled at her and as she ran off he resumed the form of a frog as the sun disappeared from the horizon. The two weeks sped by as they made love some days and just fucked wildly during others. Finally the last day came and something struck Michael as he slid inside this peasant girl he once would have thought was beneath him.

As he began to slide in and out of Justice's inner sanctum he felt the tightness inside grip him as he kissed her neck and brushed wisps of hair from her face. He leaned forward and began to kiss her ear and silently whispered to her something he had never said to another person outside of his family.

"Justice, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Oh Michael, I love you also and would love to be married to you."

As they each heard this term of endearment they began to pick up the pace, knowing that each loved the other made their passion for one another even greater. Michael longed to feel her lie next to him at night and to one day have her give birth to his children.

Justice knew what Michael was thinking as he began to lift her legs higher and penetrate her to her deepest depths. She also knew that his wish would be granted even sooner than he expected for her last period was overdue by a week. She began to moan as Michael thrust inside her harder and as he began to cum she came with him.

Michael slowly pulled out of Justice as their lovemaking came to a climax and as they began to stand up and walk hand in hand towards the village it dawned on him that the spell must be broken. "Justice, I believe we may head to the castle instead of your home first."

"Why on earth would we do that Michael? Should the king's guards see a naked man approaching surely they will arrest you and I will lose you to the stocks."

"Don't fear my lady for I have a surprise for you."

"I will honor your wishes Michael but shouldn't we at least find a cloth or leaves to fashion to cover your manhood?"

"No my dear all things will be revealed to you in time. Look darling it's almost completely dark and I'm still in my human form, you have broken the spell."

Just before they reached the castle Michael took Justice in his arms and told her that no matter what happened in the next few hours she was to remain calm and if asked to repeat her love and devotion to him as he would do for her.

"I will do whatever you ask my love," she replied.

As they walked up to the guards at the castle's gate one of the men lowered his staff and pointed it at Michael. "Sir, what manner of idiocy do you have in your head if you are approaching this gate naked as the day you were born? I suggest you turn from here and leave now or be prepared to be arrested and sent to the stocks."

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