tagMatureUnder the Mistletoe - Hung Is He

Under the Mistletoe - Hung Is He



Louise Connor took me by the hand and led me over the doorway with the mistletoe hanging overhead. She took me in her arms and kissed me driving her tongue deep into my mouth. Then she released the lip lock on me and dropped to her knees in front of me. I remained still as Louise unbuckled my belt and unfastened my trousers. She took her time and then lowered them down past my knees. I could feel my cock rising to the occasion and my boxer shorts tented in evidence of my excitement. Louise smiled as she reached for my cock and then she fondled it through the fabric of my underwear. I groaned as she gently squeezed my shaft. Then she slowly pulled my boxers down my legs allowing my stiff cock to get caught in the waist band. She continued pulling my underwear down until my cock cleared the waistband and bobbed in front of her face.

Louise lowered my trousers and undershorts all the way to my ankles and then she pushed my shirt up out of the way. I rolled up my shirt and watched as she lowered her mouth to my cock. Louise looked up at me as she moved her head up and down on my dick and the expression on her face was one of pure ecstasy. She gently held my balls in one hand as she worked her magic on my cock and I did not last long at all.

"Mrs. C, I'm going to cum," I whispered as if someone else was in the house.

Louise, however, as she had done many times before stayed glued to my cock. I exploded in her mouth with one of my most massive ejaculations ever. It seemed like I kept cumming for minutes although I knew it was over in a matter of seconds. Louise sucked me dry again as she had done before. She kept my cock in her mouth for a seemingly long time after I came and she nibbled on it teasing me and driving me wild. I had tingles running through my body and I had to push her head away as I began to feel weak in my legs.

"I love sucking your big cock under the mistletoe," she cooed.

Just then we heard her son Lee come back from shopping so she quickly moved into the kitchen. I ducked into the bathroom to straighten up my clothes and throw some cold water on my face. Then I joined my best friend Lee and his mother in the kitchen where they were putting away groceries. Lee looked at me and nodded as he had no idea that his mother had just given me one of her fantastic blow jobs. I nodded back at him and then looked at Louise who had a mischievous look on her face.

Lee earlier that day had returned from a visit with his dad over the Christmas break. His mother and father divorced several years ago while we were still in high school. Now Lee and I were freshmen in college and home for the Christmas break. Louise and I had been very intimate during the six days of Lee's absence.


It had always been difficult to assess Louise's figure when she was wearing her clothes as she always wore long full dresses and skirts, typical attire for 1959. However the first time I saw her in her one piece bathing suit and the way it hugged her curves, I appreciated her figure. She had joined Lee and me at their pool one summer afternoon and it was the first time I saw her in her bathing suit. Lee's mother was 5'6" tall with long brown hair. She weighed about 125 pounds and she was very solid. Her legs were muscular but shapely and her ass was to die for. Louise was small breasted but I was never turned on by big tits so it didn't matter. At 42 years of age she looked good. I was 6'2" tall and weighed a fit 190 pounds. I was in excellent shape from my high school years of sports activities. At 18 years of age I was proud of my physique and fitness.

Ever since the day that I saw her in her bathing suit, I had a small crush on Lee's mom. Nothing ever happened though as I was too scared to ever make a move and she seemed very distant toward me. All that changed when Lee and I came home from college on Christmas break. Lee and I attended different schools but we remained best friends. My parents and I were not on the best terms and they could care less that I was staying at Lee's house over Christmas break. I made the obligatory appearance on Christmas day at my parents but the rest of the time I stayed at Lee's house even when he was visiting his father.


The day Lee left I stayed at the house while Louise went Christmas shopping. I was nervous because it was the first time I was alone with her in the house. I was staying in the guest room where I had stayed many times but always when Lee was home. Louise, or Mrs. C as I always called her, arrived home close to dinner time and she asked if I would like to have something to eat. I told her that I wasn't that hungry and she was glad because she didn't feel like cooking. Louise put out some cheese and crackers and she opened a bottle of white wine. She was still dressed in her tailored two piece dress but she had kicked off her shoes and her legs were stretched out on the family room sofa.

"Come and sit in this chair here. I already poured you a glass of wine," she said softly.

I sat in the chair next to the sofa and I looked at Louise's shapely legs stretched out toward me. I raised my glass in a mock toast and sipped the wine. I usually prefer red wine or beer but this white was particularly refreshing. Louise and I quickly killed the first bottle of wine.

"Be a dear Walter and get us another bottle of wine, my feet are killing me from Christmas shopping today," she requested. She was the only person who called me Walter everyone else used Walt.

I got another bottle of wine from the cooler, opened it and returned to the room. I filled our glasses and I went to sit back down in the chair but Louise patted the sofa and told me to sit with her. I sat down on the sofa with Louise. She looked at me in a different way and asked me to massage her feet. I smiled as I nervously picked up her feet and put them in my lap.

I began to massage one foot and Louise sighed, "Oh that does feel good! I love that."

I worked on her one foot for awhile and then placed it in my lap but Louise moved it right into my crotch when I picked up her other foot. As I massaged her other foot the one in my crotch pressed right against my cock which was becoming erect. I knew Louise could feel it and I sensed that she knew exactly what she was doing. My cock throbbed and I was sure she could feel it pulsating against the sole of her foot. I massaged the other foot and Louise just sighed and cooed in relaxation.

"Do my calf muscles too, they are sore from all that walking in my high heels?" she directed.

I began to massage her calves. I rubbed the calf of one leg while the foot of the other leg remained in my crotch. Louise took another sip of wine and tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I worked all the tension out of one calf and then started to work on the other one. Louise kept her eyes closed and her head back as I massaged her shapely legs. Occasionally she would pick up her head, sip some wine and smile at me before closing her eyes again. Even with her eyes closed she continued to rub my stiff dick through my pants with her foot

"Rub me a little higher behind my knee," she said in a sexy voice.

I rubbed her knee and then I let my hands move up to her thighs and massaged her quads. Louise flinched at the first touch of her thighs but she relaxed and let me work out the kinks. As I massaged her thighs I had to push her skirt up higher and I thought that I would cum in my pants when I saw her panty covered crotch. Louise was wearing her panties under her garter belt which surprised me since the girls that I went out with always wore their panties over her garters. I recalled the many a night at the drive-in movie or parking spot when those girl's panties came off. As my hands wondered all over her legs, I massaged her inner thighs as well. I could clearly see a wet spot had formed on Louise's panties.

Louise kept her eyes closed as I massaged her thighs and I decided to take it to the next step. I moved my hands above her stockings and caressed the naked skin. Louise moaned softly and opened her eyes to stare at me. She smiled her encouragement and I got bolder. I ran my hand over her panty covered pussy and she opened her legs wider for me. I knew I was being seduced but I was still unsure of how far to take it.

"Walter that feels very naughty but nice. Are you naughty or nice? Is this what you want for Christmas?" she taunted as I continued rubbing her bare thighs and panty covered pussy.

I pushed Louise's skirt up to her hips and leaned over to kiss her creamy thighs. She gasped aloud at the touch of my lips to her naked skin. I could smell the sweet aroma of sex that was given off by her pussy as my face moved closer to her crotch. I lifted Louise's legs to my shoulders and kissed her inner thighs just below her panties. She groaned with pleasure as she reached down with her hands to control my head. Louise held my head as I moved the panties to one side of her vulva baring her sopping wet cunt. I tickled her outer lips with my fingers and then let them slip inside her vagina.

Louise was so wet that two of my fingers slid in easily and she consciously relaxed her grip on my head. I moved my mouth toward her and closed over her pussy shoving my tongue into her wetness. Louise cried out and grabbed my head again but this time she held it tight to her quim. I lapped at her pussy as I fingered her with two fingers. Then I spread her pussy lips apart and located her throbbing clit peeking out from its protective hood. Louise was really excited as her erect clit looked like a teeny dick sticking out. I sucked on her hard clit and she bucked her hips up into my face. I reached under her and cupped her shapely ass cheeks in my hands as I drove into her pussy with my tongue and nibbled on her clit.

"Oh my, oh my, I'm cumming. Hold me, please hold tight," she screamed as she lost it.

The climax rocked her body and I held on for dear life as she thrashed, twisted and bucked all over the sofa. I kept right on eating her pussy and I held onto her shapely ass as she thrashed about. Louise slowly calmed after her intense orgasm and I licked her until her pussy was dry. As we lay on her sofa I continued to lick and kiss her bare thighs above her stockings as she ran her hands through my hair.

"Oh that was something I really came hard. Thank you, thank you!" she murmured and added with a smile, "You do that very well. I'm sure that you have made many girls happy. I'm glad that you like to eat pussy"

Anxious to take it to the next level I reached for Louise's garters and unsnapped them. I peeled off her panties leaving her stockings and garter belt on her body. Louise watched me as if she was in a trance as I pushed my sweat pants down to my knees and my rock hard cock leaped out. She stared at my cock and I knew that she was impressed with it. I moved between her thighs and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. She shivered in anticipation. I eased her back down on the sofa and proceeded to feed my thick cock to her.

"Oh we are a big aren't we? Oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck", she cried.

I was surprised to hear her use the fuck word but then again, that's what we were going to do. I slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to my size and continued to go deeper with each thrust until I was buried balls deep in her pussy.

"Oh my I have never been so full of cock, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever", she cried out.

I pounded her pussy making sure that my cock was in constant contact with her clit. Louise had multiple orgasms as I fucked her. I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and pushed it up over her bra. Then I reached under her and unhooked the bra and pushed it up over her tits. She had pretty small tits with rock hard nipples that extended a ½ inch. I twirled the nipples in my fingers and then leaned over and took one and then the other in my mouth.

She went wild telling me. "Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!"

I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled her pussy with my cum. Louise stiffened and then had another violent orgasm.

She yelled, "Hold me, please hold me, I'm cummmming!"

I reached around behind her and pulled her toward me as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did I and I fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover I laid her back down on the sofa and slowly fucked her as my cock softened. My cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much cum in there mingling with her own juices.

"Are you okay, Mrs. C?" I asked her.

She smiled at me and said, "I think you should call me Louise from now on. My God, I have never cum like that in my life, nor have I ever had anyone cum that much in me before."

She looked down at my soft cock and took it in her hand, "My you are a big boy," she said as she stroked my cock to hardness again and added, "I will have to measure this sometime but not tonight."

Louise smiled at me and said softly, "Come, let's go to my bedroom."

She sat up and tried to straighten out her clothing the best she could and then headed up to her bedroom. I followed her up to her room and once we were inside we stripped off our clothes and Louise got in her bed on her back. She held her arms open to me welcoming me between her legs again. I crawled between her legs and slipped my hard cock back in her pussy. I never wanted this to end and I wanted to fuck this regal woman all night. I fucked Louise as long as I could before I shot my second load of the night. She had multiple orgasms and the final one was so violent she nearly bucked me off her body.

Then she collapsed and cried out. "Please stop, I have to rest. I have never been fucked so thoroughly in my life. I want this to go on forever but I need a rest. I am not sure I can cum any more."

"Are you up for a bath? I need to soak my aching body," she asked.

"Absolutely," I replied looking forward to being in the tub with her.

Louise ran a bath for us and we soaked in the tub. She had added some bath gel and salts that proved to be very refreshing. Louise leaned back against me and I reached around and fondled her tits lovingly. She cooed as she was in ecstasy and totally relaxed. After the bath we dried each other off with huge terry cloth towels and as she was drying me, my cock was at full attention.

"Does that thing ever go down?" she asked as she dried it tenderly.

"Not as long as I am around a hot lady like you," I said cupping her ass and then asked, "Do you want me to finish your massage?"

Louise smiled as she retrieved a bottle of body oil from her cabinet and handed it to me. She crawled back on her bed and lay face down. I admired her shapely ass and I wondered if she would let me fuck her there. I wanted to save her ass for later though so I told her to turn over on her back.

"Front first," I said as I rolled her over.

I started at her feet and worked my way her legs and thighs but I did not touch her pussy. Then I moved my hands up to tits and twirled her delicious nubs in my fingers. I worked my hands back down her torso and this time I touched her pussy and fingered her gently as well. I located her clit again and rolled it in my oily fingers emitting a short gasp from her. Louise seemed to have another small orgasm just from being touched.

"Time to do the other side," I told her as I rolled her onto her stomach.

I marveled at her soft flawless skin and shapely ass. This time I started with her shoulders and worked my way down to her ass, thighs and legs. She was so relaxed I felt that she might fall asleep. I paid special attention to her ass and placed a well-oiled finger in her bunghole. My finger was so slick and she was so relaxed that it slid in easily. I continued to massage her shapely beautiful ass and finger her hole. I added a second finger and although it was much snugger Louise didn't complain. I pulled her up by her hips until her curvy ass was in the air and she lay with her head to one side on the bed. She was almost crooning as I continued to finger her asshole and then began to finger her pussy as well.

I removed my fingers and eased my engorged cock into her pussy. I began to fuck her slowly and then added first one then two fingers back in her asshole. Louise was on the verge on an uncontrollable orgasm and as she began to thrust and shake, I took advantage of her state and tried to slide my cock from her cunt to her asshole. As she bucked and shuddered with an intense orgasm she realized that my cock was at the entrance to her ass.

"Oh my God not in my ass, not tonight," she said in a panic. "I have had anal sex before but you are so big. Let's wait for the next time. I need to be prepared for you," she cautioned.

I put my cock back in her pussy and fucked her doggy style and played with her ass. I played with her tits with one hand and her ass with the other. Soon I had a smooth rhythm going and I was sawing in and out of her pussy easily. I felt my balls tighten just before I blasted an enormous load of cum into her womb again. I had never cum so much and my cock felt like it was twice its size in her pussy. I collapsed on the bed and Louise lay next to me handling my softening cock. She blew me away when she slid down and took my cock in her mouth.

As she lovingly cleaned my cock with her mouth she kept repeating, "Thank you; oh thank you, thank you."

It was quite a sight to see this sophisticated lady, this regal beautiful woman, sucking on the very cock that had just fucked her. We fell asleep and the last thing I remember was my cock in her mouth. There was no question as to whether or not I was staying in her bed that night.


The next morning I woke up first and looked at the beautiful woman lying next to me in bed. It was hard to believe that I had just had the most incredible night of sex with my best friend's mother. She looked so angelic sleeping on her back with her cute firm tits poking up in the hair and her hot pussy on display. I eased her legs apart and lowered my mouth to her vulva. I teased her with my tongue until her pussy heated up and glistened with moisture. She started to stir and reached down to her pussy only to find my head between her legs. She opened her legs wider giving me easier access to her luscious pussy.

I located her clit and brought a soft moan to her lips as I nibbled it gently. I then inserted a thick finger into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot as I continued to tease her hard clit. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she started to move her hips with a desire to cum. That was the signal that I was waiting for and I moved my body up and knelt between her legs. I lined up my huge erect cock with Louise's sopping wet cunt and eased it in. Her face tensed with the anticipation of my big cock filling her pussy. I loved to watch my cock slide into a hot pussy and see the expression on my lover's face as the cock spread her wider.

I fucked her slowly at first as I usually did and then I began to pick up the pace. Soon I was pounding her pussy and fucking her into submission. Louise had orgasm after orgasm as I relentlessly fucked her. I just kept at her with my piss hard-on until she screamed and pleaded with me to stop. Louise's body convulsed in a final mind blowing orgasm and then she went limp on the bed. I smiled to myself and eased my cock out of her well fucked pussy. I got up and went into the bathroom to relieve myself and take a shower.

As I was in the shower Louise came in and joined me. We soaped each other's bodies and my cock was rock hard at attention. She knew that I hadn't cum yet that morning so with a smile she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She only took about five inches in her mouth and stroked the rest of it with her delicate hand.

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