tagNonHumanUnder the Moon Ch. 2

Under the Moon Ch. 2


Note from the Author: This next chapter in this rather twisted tale is a bit more bestial than the first.

Though his eyes did open first, Jacob's keen sense of smell became the first of his senses to register anything of interest. Bacon, he thought. I smell Bacon. Almost immediately a wry grin crossed his tired face as he reminded himself of a dog treat commercial he'd seen. How ironic. Lazily, the young man dressed himself in a white muscle shirt and a pair of pants. As he moved down stairs, Jacob's feet made a slapping noise on the floor.

He moved into the main living area, spotting Lisa immediately. She sat curled on the couch with a book on her lap, chewing on a breakfast sandwich of some kind. Bacon, he thought. He calmed himself and began to move slowly, his special gifts as a loup-garou allowing his silent movement. As he neared her, he leaned forward and, in a gentile motion, took a huge bite from the sandwich. He pulled back and chewed happily as Lisa's brain took a second to register. The second she realized however, Jacob was hit with a blur of blonde hair and the scorn of a hungry woman.

"GET YOUR OWN, PUPPY DOG!" Jacob never even realized what had happened till he was on the ground with the lovely young woman straddling his chest. His brow raised and his lips curled in a wry grin.

"Puppy Dog?" Lisa only nodded.

"Mmmhmm. Puppy dog." She laughed a little as she spoke, "As in, Natalie went out looking for hers this morning." She leaned ever closer, her warm breasts pressing to his chest through her terrycloth robe. "And if I remember last night as it happened, I take it...” Jake surrendered and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm Jake too." Lisa repositioned her face to look into his. She waited a second before asking.

"Tell me everything, now." And he did.

It was almost four years ago. I was just a cub then. My tribe had no place for me, so I was mostly a vagrant. Until Scars the Shadows showed up. He was an elder, no one knows which Tribe. I don't think anyone cares. No one argues with him.

He came and he taught me the ways of the Moon, the legacy of our kind. How we were given the honor of protecting man, as many of them were considered our kin. It was he who helped me with my first task, my Rite of Maturity.

Natalie was only 14 then. Her stepfather was raping her, molested her since she was 10. That's where I came in. His soul was dirty, far beyond cleansing. So, I went to her as her protector. She thought I was just a kind wolf that got hit by a truck and took care of. She was half right, and it was Scars the Shadows who drove the truck that hit me.

Anyway, She took me in and I protected her. In time, I destroyed her stepfather in a fit of rage. How it was that I killed him granted me my name, Burns with Rage. After that, we wandered till we met you....

"...In Chicago. The rapes left Natalie barren and left me with her under my protection.” Lisa’s eyes were wide. They had since moved to the table in the kitchen as he finished the story. She held a cup of coffee in her hands as she listened. When she was sure he had finished, she spoke up.

"Oh dear. I never knew she had gone through that. No wonder the poor thing doesn't talk about her family." A sip of coffee later and Lisa's head shoots to Jacob, a frightened look upon her face.

"Well, you'd better go find her as Jake. She'll get lost."

Natalie called out to her pet as she stood in the trails that lead to the main road. In her hand, the young girl held the leash she often fastened to Jake's collar. Again she called him, the warm Carolina summer sun rising in the treetops.

For a girl of only 18, Natalie was quite pretty. Her auburn hair was kept in a bun at the back of her head and held in place with a Carolina Panthers hat. In fact, her entire outfit bore some resemblance to football. Her shirt was nothing more than a jersey with her name on it. It hid her budding young figure well, just as she liked it. A thin, soft skinned body resided under the baggy pants and shirt; the body of a lovely young woman. And for Natalie, that was her problem.

At her third try to call her wolf, the gray furred lupine burst from the trees and began frantically circling her. He hopped and barked to her, excited to see his friend. Natalie smiled and knelt to the ground, wrapping her arms about her canine protector in a big hug.

In his wolfish tongue, Jacob muttered to himself. The girl could almost crush him with her excitement at times. In his wolf skin, he had to maintain the appearance of an unintelligent animal, though it didn't seem to bother his friend one bit.

Natalie ruffled Jake's fur and kissed his muzzle affectionately before clasping the leash on him. She giggled and scratched his head.

"Hi boy. It's about time you followed us." Jake moved forward and licked her face, something that she said she hated but usually allowed. Only, as per last night's adventure, he hesitated a bit. Natalie didn't notice and squealed, toppling back on her butt.

"Oh, you nasty wolf." She laughed a bit more and opened her eyes, clenched as he licked her before. Instead of his muzzle, she saw between his legs, and her eyes met the sheath that sat there. Ready and waiting for something. Natalie’s eyes were wide. The very tip of her wolf pet’s penis was protruding from the furry covering. Looking up, she noticed that Jake wasn’t paying much attention, his eye catching a rabbit as it ran past. Reaching around his front legs, Natalie’s sound palm found it’s way across the wolf’s sheath, soliciting a lurch from her pet. His furry head turned to look directly into Natalie’s own. He was frightened, it was clear.

Jake was paralyzed. Last night, he had made brutal love to Lisa in his powerful garou shape. Now, in his wolf skin, his friend, the one he’d sworn to protect, was advancing on him. He had no idea what to think. She was so innocent, she thought, Now, she’s trying to jerk off a wolf?

Natalie didn’t see that part, just a frightened friend. She hushed his whimpering and stroked his head with her free hand. Her fingers continued their course, coaxing more of the moist shaft from it’s hiding place. Jake only shuttered and whined, and Natalie continued. She was transfixed on it, it had wedged into her mind. She stroked her friend's furry coat and whispered to him, softly and gently.

"It's ok, Jake. Shhh... Just relax." But he couldn't. Jacob wasn't sure if the idea of a young girl jerking him off made him excited or frightened. He only knew that he had to stop it. Backing off, Jake whimpered and lowered his ears, looking much like a scolded puppy. He saw the expression on Natalie's face as it turned to a sloping frown. She moved forward to hug him and kiss his head.

"Oh I'm sorry Jake. I'm so sorry. I won't do it again, I promise." Jake nuzzled her chin and gave her neck a lick, a reassurance that he was not mad. He could not help the defeated look on her face as she stood, fastened his leash and walked him home.

Lisa had done most of the explaining on where Jacob was, and keep a straight face as Jacob looked at her from his wolf skin as he had called it. Natalie excused herself to the bathroom, leaving Jacob and Lisa alone. Kneeling beside her metamorphosed lover, Lisa giggled.

" Puppy Dog. Too bad you.."

"Can't talk back?" Lisa staggered backward. It had appeared like a growl. Exactly like one, she thought. But, strangely enough, she had heard him loud and clear. Jake tilted his head and padded over to her, nuzzling her.

"I can talk to you, Lisa. You're of Wolf blood."

Lisa swallowed hard and touched Jacob's head.

"Like you? Do you mean..." Jake nudged her again.

"No, You're not a werewolf. But, you have the blood of the loup-garou in your veins, just diluted." The sudden steps of Natalie stopped Lisa's words, but not Jake's, "... All of Wolf blood can understand wolf speak."

Later that Night....

Jacob lay awake in bed, Lisa's body curled up beside him, as he pondered the events of the days past. He had scarcely been aware of her till her slender hand started massaging his flaccid penis. Jake sighed and looked over as his lady's face became more dejected.

" Something wrong, baby?" Lisa sat up, her nightgown almost exposing her body beneath. Jacob took note and frowned further. Something was wrong. Something that happened in the woods made him feel bad to touch her. Taking a breath, Jacob let it out.

"Lisa, Natalie...Um..I think she has an interest.... In Jake."

Lisa wasn't the brightest crayon, her daddy used to say. Until she finally got what Jacob had meant, she thought it had been one of his cruel insults. Lisa's eyes widened with surprise.

" She wants you...in your wolf skin?"

Jacob nodded and looked away, knowing the shame he felt would be magnified by her anger. He could almost feel her tender hands on his chest. Wait...Tender.

Looking up, Lisa's eyes glowed back at him. It was the same look that she had when he impaled her on his garou-sized member. She had something in mind.

"Jacob, the poor thing has been your charge for 2 years. I think she needs to know who you really are. And I know the way to do it." Jacob winced and dared ask how. Lisa simply smiled and kissed his nose, and whispered it to him, ending with a simple demand.

"..And I get to watch."

Natalie lay on her back in the bed. Her thin sheets barely covering her young trim body. The nightie she wore, made of silk, clung to the sweaty portions of her frame. Her breasts sat on her chest, the fabric accentuating each curve, the slightly erect nipples. Her bottom half lay covered by sheets, no underwear hampering her comfort this night.

From her sweet dreams of a life more normal, something awoke her; a wet tickle against her woman hood. It was like a tongue, but rougher and coarse. Her tired eyes cracked open, a bit shocked in the sight of a canine head between her legs. There, flicking his tongue against her young hole was Jake. She smiled and laid back again; letting the quick stings of forbidden pleasure slowly wind their ways, weave their paths up her body. It felt so good; she almost came to the sound of a lupine growl from her furry lover.

" Oh Jake...Good Boy." Her voice was frail and meek from the wash of joy running over her slender lithe frame. Her nimble little fingers traced the contours of her own tingling body, cupping and caressing her budding breasts with a delicate moan. A moan heard by an excited watcher.

Lisa's fingers dipped into her aching hole, reveling in the sight of Jake lapping Natalie's juices, and savoring her own gratification. A lazy thumb brushed and aching clit, shooting new life into the loins Lisa sought to excite. Her quivering mound clamed open and close on her fingers as they pushed inside.

Meanwhile, Natalie was closing in on her orgasm. It felt so good, so warm. But, she needed something more for her than just that. She looked down at Jake, whom, suddenly had stopped. Shimmying backward, Natalie swung her leg slowly over the wolf's head. Her curvaceous bottom stuck in the air, the dripping mound of her woman hood aching for something more. Ask and you receive.

Jake knew exactly what to do. His cock was already extended from his sheath, ready, dripping with lubrication. Slowly, the wolf slipped upon the bed and, in a quick jump, mounted the young girl. His furry paws coming down under her arms as he arched his back. The tip of his cock glanced the opening but failed to penetrate. Again and again, Jake thrust repeatedly, the animal instinct taking over. Then, with one last thrust, he was in.

Natalie's body quivered as the throbbing cock drove itself headlong into her. Parting her inner walls with its hasty passage. The slick friction against her tender insides caused the young girl to squeal in delight. This, she thought, is what sex is. She was enjoying herself, not being taken.

Jake's thrusting hips dove the long shaft ever deeper into the quivering girl's hungry body. Her muscles tightened around his member as the knot forming at the base began pushing against her hole. He had not realized it; he just let the sensations take him. The warm tight feeling of the girl's hungry depths consumed him. He let the hard knot slip and find it's mark.

The pain was quick, but noticeable. It burned as Natalie cried out. It felt like a tennis ball had been shoved in her pussy. But the pain eventually melted, the thrusting inside her became more filling. She felt a twitch as a rush of cum flooded inside her. Collapsing forward, Natalie's own body gave way to a raging torrent of juices, stopped dead by the knot inside her. The feeling was all too much for her, and thus the last thing she saw was Lisa approaching in the mirror

"Natalie...Wake Up." Natalie's face bore a look of shame, embarrassment and fear as she saw Lisa before her. Churning in her sheets, Natalie's big brown eyes suddenly flooded with tears, racking sobs catching her body. Lisa, with a guilty smile, could only hug her.

" Nattie, sweetie."

"You Saw! I can't believe I did that! Oh No No No, You saw." Natalie buried her face in the chest of the consoling woman. Shame was seeping out of every pore of her being.

"Yes, I did. I Did. But Honey, Hey.." Lifting Natalie's tear stained face to her own, Lisa kissed her forehead and smiled. " Nattie, I told Jake to do it."

Confusion crept upon the sadness and doubt replaced the shame. Looking over to where Jake should have been, Natalie received a shock. There, naked, was Jacob.

Transformations during sex had always done strange things to Rage that Burns. And as he awoke, Jacob knew two things, both meaning something was not right. One was that he was in his man skin; two was that he was NOT in his room. Looking to his left as he rose to his elbows from his belly. Natalie and Lisa sat, watching. Natalie had a slack jawed grin on her face. She knew, he thought. Before he could say, Natalie leapt on him with a tight hug.

"Why didn't you just tell me!!!?" Jake, being nude from his transformation, hugged his friend with a bit of reluctance. She seemed happy. How long had he been out?

" I didn't want you to lose Jake."

"Stupid! You ARE Jake! That’s good enough for me!" Breaking the hug, Natalie sat back, Looking up at Lisa and then once more to Jake with curious eyes. "Um...What does this mean now?"

Lisa was quick to answer as she laced an arm around Natalie and kissed her hair.

" Jake and I wanted you to have something.... Something no one could take from you."

" What's that?" Jake chimed in, his words ringing true.

" Your Fantasy. Even if it was only one time."

Lisa gave Jake a dubious look. Jake swallowed hard as she spoke...

"Oh, Not so Fast Rage that Burns. These two lil' vixen aren't done with you yet."

Mean While

In a Den of Depravity, Walks the Darkness sits. The elder darkwolf glared from the shadows that held him at the human that stood before him. The vampire grinned an uneasy smile, crossing his arms, only one still bearing the denim sleeve of the jacket he wore.

"You are sure?" he spoke in a dark, resonating tone. The vampire just laughed.

"As sure as a wolf shits in the woods. He banged 'em both. We got this guy."

The dark wolf laughed behind his veil of shadow. Finally an opportunity that had merit had arisen.

" Splendid, Deke. Continue your surveillance of Burns with Rage. It will be his lustful folly that spells the end for the Council of the Night."

And the Plot Thickens

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