Under the Table


My wife worked her thumb into her ass-hole. She had both holes filled. Three fingers on one hand up her pussy. The thumb on her other hand was up her back hole.

Cherie tried once more to reach around and move my cock from her ass. I pushed her hand away. I took Cherie's hips in my hands.

Carl groaned and tongue-fucked Betty's behind. Betty rocked back and forth trying to find more of Carl's tongue then there was. Her fat tits bounced up and down.

Sam had his hands on the back of Betty's head, and pulled her back and forth on his cock. He was staring at my wife.

My wife was working both holes with her hands. My wife was watching my cock sliding up Cherie's crack.

I took a firm grip of Cherie and thrust my cock into her tight ass hole.

Cherie screamed; "You bastard!" Her ass was so tight; I only got my helmet inside. I pulled back and rammed again. Cherie relaxed a little and let her ass-hole grow. She wanted it now. She wanted her ass full of cock. She rocked with me. I thrust again.

Carl took his head out from Betty's ass. Her ass-hole pulsated bigger.

Carl stuck two fingers into her hole. Betty moaned with her mouth full of cock.

Betty sucked Sam's cock like she's never sucked cock before.

My wife had her tits out. My wife had her satin dress around her waist. My wife was finger fucking her cunt and ass-hole.

I had my cock three quarters up Cherie's ass. We were both rocking back and forth trying to get more in.

Her head was still under the table, banging against the table top. She cried; "He's fucking my ass-hole Carl, I didn't want him too, but he forced it in! His cock is so much bigger than your cock, my ass is completely crammed."

Carl said; "I have three fingers up this fat whore's ass-hole! I can't believe it! I want to make her come and shoot over her big fat tits but Betty doesn't want that. When I'm ready I going to have to shoot over you, Cherie."

I said; "I wonder if I could ask a favour of you all. I know that Sam usually saves his cum for Betty, but my wife has been such a slut today that I'd really like it if both Carl and Sam came over my wife's face. I really would like to see what she looked like with three loads over her face."

My wife said; "I would like that too. Carl's first load is still here, slowly drying on my chin. I tasted some and it was sweet. I would like to have two more loads of cum on my face. If you did that then I wouldn't clean it off until I got home. I would walk out of this restaurant and all the way home with my face covered in sticky jizz."

Sam said; "Betty, honey, could I do that? After you've come could I shoot my load over that lovely lady over there?"

Betty said nothing, but tried to nod with her face full of cock.

My wife had her thumb fully up her ass-hole.

Cherie finger fucked her cunt with her stretched ass-hole full of cock.

I ploughed my cock so at last it was fully inside Cherie's ass.

Cherie cried out.

Carl thrust his three fingers up Betty's hole and sucked hard on her clit.

Betty came hard. She made a huge long low, moaning sound, her tits and ass jiggled as she shook with every last bit of her orgasm.

Cherie made herself come by frigging her clit very fast with her fingers. She made a shrieking sound and as she came, her ass was clenched tight around my cock.

My wife came by watching her husband fuck a made up dolly-bird up the ass and thrusting all three of her fingers hard up her cunt.

My wife said; "I've come now. I've had a great evening, which could only be completed by having my face completely sprayed with jizz. Won't you two guys come on my face right now?"

Cherie said; "I honestly can't take any more, please empty your load in my ass-hole right now."

I said; "Your little hole is going to be full of cum, absolutely full, just as soon as these guys cream over my wife."

Carl said; "I love the taste of Betty's cunt, one day you must let me come inside you Betty."

Sam said; "I'm going to shoot Betty!"

Betty took Sam's cock out of her mouth and sighed.

Sam ran over to my wife. My wife dropped to her knees and started pinching her nipples. She looked straight at me as Sam's cock started pumping. His cum was runny and bright white. He squirted four times. Once over her collar bone, the second two shots went all over her face and mouth. I have never, ever seen a woman with so much cum around her mouth. The fourth squirt missed my wife's face completely and went into her hair.

My wife's cum covered face was looking at me full of love.

Carl walked over to my wife clutching his hard cock. For the second time in one evening he came on my wife's beautiful face. His stubby fat cock landed a small load that landed over her right eye.

My wife's face was completely glazed with cum.

Carl had the least amount of cum. I had the most. I hollered as I did a final deep thrust into Cherie's tight ass and let my balls completely empty themselves. My cock, pumped and pumped, pulsating in her ass. My cum and cock couldn't all fit in her hole, and spunk started pouring out from around the side of my cock. I took my cock out, but it was still pumping, I was able to squirt some more Jizz on her ass cheeks as the rest of my cum came gushing out of her crack and ran down her thighs.

Betty sat perfectly still, her cunt still twitching slightly.

Sam slumped down in a chair.

Carl, was smearing the last drops of his seed over my wife's tit with his cock.

Cherie fell into heap under the table. Her silver heels splayed out behind her; cum still oozing out of her ass-hole and onto the floor.

I sat there with my cock in my hand; a cum covered slut at my feet, my spunk soaked wife a few feet away.

My wife wiped some cum off of her face. She licked some off her fingers. She rubbed the rest into her tits. She closed her eyes and smiled.

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