Under the Table


She said to Di in a loud whisper: "Do it, Di. Make him cum. Make my man cum, and I'll make yours cum too!"

Derick took a deep breath, and we could tell that he was about to get off. And then he let out a groan of pleasure, as Di stroked him through his orgasm. Di was proud of herself, that she had the guts to do it, and that she was giving such a hot guy and good friend a wonderful orgasm, right there at the table with her husband.

Tony said "ok, my turn"

Di said to Berley in a loud whisper: "Go for it Berley, make him cum, make Tony cum!"

Berley picked up her pace a wee bit, and Tony looked directly at Di as his smile widened and he shot a massive load onto the floor at their feet. He was so hard, and so satisfied.

They all took a deep breath, and the guys decided to head to the men's room to collect themselves a bit, and to make sure they were tidy and clean. After all, this was a black tie event, and they just shot their loads on the floor, under their table at the hand of their best friends wife!

When in the bathroom, they weren't feeling awkward at all. They were totally cool. They freshened up a bit, and eagerly made their way back to the table. But when they arrived, the girls were gone. There was a small note on the table that read: "Meet us up in Di's room, but please check on your seat before you head up" So the guys pulled their chairs back from the table, and to their surprise, Berley's panties were on Tony's Chair, and Di's were on Derick's. The guys looked at each other and smiled deviously. They knew full well that this evening had just begun, and that the best was yet to come. They put one anothers wives panties in their pockets, and made their way to the lobby elevators, and to Di and Tony's room.

When they were about to enter the room, Tony said to Derick, reaching his hand out to him to shake: "I'm all good with this. If it actually pans out, all the way, enjoy my wife. Because I am going to enjoy yours. Are we good?"

"We're good brother, we're totally good" Derick said.

They opened the door to find the girls sitting at the corner table enjoying yet another drink. They were both wearing the white terry-cloth robes provided by the hotel. They were both smiling. The lights were dimmed, there was techno music coming from the in suite sound system, and the girls had a drink poured for each of the guys.

"Wow, what a nice invitation. And just what do you ladies have on underneath those Robes? hmmmm?" Derick asked

"Would you like to see?" Di asked back

"Sure would!" Derick said back

They all laughed again, and the girls got up. They asked the guys to sit at the table, and they disappeared into the bathroom together. The guys pulled their chairs back a bit from the table, so as to both have a clear view of the girls when they came out of the bathroom.

Di was first to walk out of the bathroom, followed by Berley. Di had on a one piece crotchless black fishnet catsuit and knee high black leather boots, and Berley had on a white core-set with demi cups, white stockings and heels, but no panties. Tony preferred Di's pussy to be left with hair, and Derick preferred Berley's to be bald and smooth. The guys were amazed with the behaviour of their wives. Whatever it was that had gotten into them, they didn't know but they were NOT complaining! The gals had planned to wear the lingerie for their husbands, and now they were! (just not their own husband)

"Well what do you think, guys?" Berley asked

"Wow, are you two ever sexy!" Tony replied

"The problem is, we feel very over dressed. Could you guys help us out with that?" Di asked coyly

"Absolutely!" Derick said

Derick and Tony stood up, and quickly stripped off their clothes.

"Now just sit back and enjoy yourselves!" Di said, looking over at Berley and smiling.

It was clear that Tony and Derick were not the only ones doing some "planning" for the evening's events.

Tony and Derick sat down, and then the girls turned to one another. They held eachothers hands and turned to each other. They gave each other a hug, and took a deep breath together and once again said: "one...two...three"

The girls parted and each one stood before the others seated husband. They simultaneously got down on their knees, and took the men's cocks in hand. They each gave the guys cock a few strokes, and then went down.

The gals were very intrigued with the different cocks they were sucking and handling. Both had equally long cocks, but Derrick's was a bit up-curved, and circumcised with blond pubic hair, something that Di was not used to. Tony's was a bit wider than Derrick's, with a purplish/pink head and was uncircumcised but his cock and balls were perfectly and smoothly shaven. This was something that Berley was definitely not used to.

The girls were moaning and slurping on the guys cocks, kind of giggling once in a while and having fun. The guys were in ecstasy, and felt like a couple of kings!

Berley took her mouth off Tony's cock, after about three or four minutes and turned to Di. She said: "Are you ready?"

With a deep breath, Di replied: "I'm as ready as I'll ever be!"

Then both of the girls stood up, and straddled each of the seated guys, lowering their pussies onto their spit covered rock hard cocks. They proceeded to slowly bounce and ride them. They were totally enjoying the nice change of pace, having a different man's cock inside them. Enjoying their different smell, their different bodies, and their different cocks.

Berley was a cock-rider. She loved to bounce and ride. She rode Tony, facing him, and her big tits were bouncing, and her blond hair was messy and free. She could always get off while riding cock, and that was why she loved doing it. Tony wasn't used to having such a big set of tits in his face, and he was enjoying touching and licking them.

Di on the other hand, was a leggy tall woman. It took much more effort for her to bounce and ride. She loved it on top, but it always tired her out. Derick could tell that she was getting tired, and stood up with her legs around him, still balls deep in her pussy. He laid her on her back on the bed and proceeded to fuck her deeply with fast full strokes.

Berley looked over her shoulder to see them, and Tony could tell that the instant she saw Derick fucking Di, she was starting to cum! He felt her pussy contract and release and contract again, leaking juice all over. She moaned and yelped and came on him, and then collapsed on his lap for a moment, finishing her orgasm by grinding back and forth, and then got off of him, taking him by the hand to the bed.

Berley got on all fours beside the laying Di, getting fucked by her husband Derick. She arched her back and spread herself for Tony.

"Fuck her Tony!" Di said, panting and getting pummelled by Derick's sleek circumcised cock.

Tony mounted Berley and squatted behind her, almost standing over her. She was soaked from having just cum, and Tony's full length was buried into her to the hilt in one first full thrust.

"Derick, roll her over onto her front, and see if you can get her off" Tony said to Derick

Derick said "ooooh, that's the secret is it? Right on!"

Derick withdrew and Di eagerly lay onto her front, placing her hands beneath her body, onto her pubic mound. Derick mounted her like a stallion, and began to pound himself into her. Di was so horny that she almost started to cum immediately. She tightened up so much that she almost pushed Derrick's cock out of her with the first contraction of her orgasm. She came and came and came and eventually became vocal and said: "I'm cumming so hard, don't stop Derick, don't fucking stop!"

This threw Tony over the edge. Seeing his wife in such ecstasy with another man made him so hot and so excited. Especially when she said his name as she came.

"I'm going to cum Berley" Tony said "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!"

"I'm going to cum too Di" Derick said

"Cum inside her Derick! Cum in my wife, do it! And I'll cum in yours"

And then it happened. In a grand almost perfectly timed release of lust and seed, the men pounded deeply into the others wife. Pulse after pulse and shot after shot of cum was put deeply into the women's pussies.

The biggest turn on for the men was watching the other finish inside their wife. They couldn't explain why, and they didn't need to. But it was clear. It made their wives sexually valid to them. They were sexual creatures, capable of pleasure with another, and it was beautiful to both of them.

It was just so decadent. Incredibly decadent.

The couples were exhausted. They had an evening that most others could only dream of having. They were not jealous. They were content and if anything, this experience made the couples closer to their spouses than they could ever have imagined being. They all fell asleep on the bed together, and they all went for a grand breakfast together in the morning.

They parted ways, and all agreed that they should do this again.

The guys shook hands.

The girls hugged.

Then the guys respectfully kissed the others wife on the cheek, and they left that place never to be the same again.

The End.

But more importantly:

The Beginning.

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