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Under the Table


Sitting all alone on the expensive sofa in the lavish dining room, Jess Hall hugged herself as nervous butterflies flittered around her belly. She still wasn't sure that she could go through with what was expected of her. She glanced up at the ornate grandfather clock to see that she only had fifteen more minutes before the guests were going to arrive. Looking over to the huge dining table that took up the better part of the room, she tried to picture what it was going to be like. She wanted to go home, just walk out past the grey haired butler and swing open the heavy double doors that led to the stone walkway and the driveway beyond.

What kept her from leaving though was the fact that her home would not be her home much longer if she didn't find a way to make some money quick. She was at this point three months behind on her rent and had been given until Friday to pay up or move out. Tomorrow was Friday and there was no other option. If she lost her place, she would be forced to move back in with her parents and that was even a worse option than what she was facing tonight. The irony about all this was that her parents were rich business people who could and would help her out if she asked, but it was the way they would make her feel about asking that had her so adamant about doing it on her own.

She also had an older sister and brother-in-law who were lawyers and would help her out too, but asking them for help was worse than asking her folks. As for the rest of her family, she had an aunt and uncle that was close, but they had already raised two kids who had moved on and they weren't rich. Her two cousins were young like Jess and they were struggling also.

Jess was twenty years old and she had made many mistakes in her life. Probably the worst mistake she had made was not finishing college. It was unheard of that she wouldn't finish college and her parents were so upset when she quit, especially since they were paying for it. But she was so sure that college was just not what she wanted. She was sick of school and she was ready to start her life, no matter what challenges she came up against. Determination was her strong suit and she was sure that she knew everything that she needed to know to thrive. Her trust fund of one hundred thousand dollars would get her started and she would move on from there. No worries.

That was two years ago and things just hadn't gone the way she had expected. The money was all gone and the jobs that she was sure she would get just didn't last and now she was broke and scared. Her latest job as a waitress, she had kept for just two months and it was the most difficult that she had had. On her last day when her boss fired her for screwing up yet again, she was met on the way out by one of her only repeat customers. An older woman named Barbara West who was always dressed in designer clothes and left large tips.

Seeing that Jess was upset, Barbara asked what the problem was. When she heard the news, she showed genuine concern and asked what kind of work that she would be interested in doing.

"Oh, at this point, I would do anything." was her answer.

Barbara smiled and said "Well dear, I just might be able to help you out after all." She reached into her designer purse and pulled out a pad of paper and a gold pen. Jess wondered what she was doing as she watched her write something on the top sheet and rip it off. "This is my address. Be at my house tonight at six o-clock sharp if you want to make enough money to get your rent caught up and still have more left over."

"What kind of work are you talking about?" Jess asked, wondering how one night of work could earn her enough to pay three months rent and still have money left over.

"All I can tell you now is that it is a service job, and I pay very well if I think you're worth it. I'll leave it up to you; if you show up at six, the job is yours. Think about it."

This was very confusing to Jess "You'll give me the job if I show up? What if I don't have any experience?"

Barbara smiled "Don't worry hon, anyone can do this job. Besides, you've been serving me for months here, I already know you'll be perfect for the job."

With that she went into the restaurant leaving Jess standing on the stoop.

Five hours later she knocked loudly on the large double doors of the huge mansion wondering just what kind of work she would be doing. A fifty-ish balding man opened the doors and asked "Can I help you miss?"

Jess smiled and said "Hello, I'm Jessica Hall. Mrs. West told me to be here at six o-clock for a job."

The butler nodded and stepped to the side to let her in. As she walked past him, he said "Madam West is not married miss Hall. She prefers to be addressed as madam or mistress."

"Oh okay, thank you." she said as she let him lead the way past a grand staircase to an office.

"Have a seat miss Hall, Madam West will be in shortly."

Jess walked into the room and sat in the comfortable leather chair. Two minutes later Barbara West walked in, her high heel shoes clomping across the wood floor. "Jessica, I'm so glad that you showed up." Jess stood up and started to speak but was cut off "We have very little time to waste so follow me and I will explain." She headed back the way she came and Jess quickly followed.

Out in the hall Barbara kept talking. "At seven o-clock this evening, I have several guests coming over for dinner and extras. This is not your average dinner party though, these guests are all high power people. They are the movers and shakers of this state and they all are under tremendous pressure with their careers. Therefore, when they come here for a party, they expect a little more then usual."

If this was supposed to clear things up for Jess, it wasn't. She decided to interrupt. "So what will my job be?" She asked, almost running to keep up.

"I'm getting to that." They walked into a large dining room and that was when Jess saw the huge table for the first time. It was immense and covered with a very dark heavy table cloth that drooped down to the seats of the chairs.

"This is where the guests will be served their food," she paused for a moment before adding, "and serviced by you."

"Oh, you want me to wait on them."

Barbara smiled and shook her head "No Jess, I have wait staff that will take care of that."

"Well then, what do you need me for?" This was so confusing.

"I want you to service them Jess, orally."

It took a three count before it clicked in her head exactly what she meant, and then Jess gasped in shock and stepped back. "You...you want me to..." she was shaking her head and her eyes were as wide as saucers. "I can't do that ma'am."

"You can do it Jess, and from what you told me today at the restaurant, you need the money too much to refuse."

"But...how much money are you talking about." she couldn't even believe that she was able to ask that question because her face had seemingly gone numb, along with most of her body.

"If you can satisfy all my guests, you will earn five thousand dollars."

This was all too much to take in for Jess who had very little experience with sex. She had been with two guys and she was drunk with the first one. The second guy she sucked him for all of two minutes, then let him fuck her. "I don't know, isn't it illegal. I mean it's prostitution."

"Honey, you don't have to worry about that. The guests that come here are rich and famous people. If it ever got out that they were coming here for sex with a stranger, their careers would be toast. They pay extra to ensure discretion and I have gone to great lengths to keep their confidentiality intact. My guests come from all walks of life. Doctors, politicians, lawyers, actors, judges, even high ranking military personnel. They all have one thing in common, they are rich. I'm the only one who knows who they are and I'm not telling."

"Wouldn't I know who they were if I agree to this?" it was a reasonable question, after all she was supposed to service these guys orally. In her mind they had to all be guys, even though she had only been told 'guests' .

"You wouldn't see them and they wouldn't see you. The way it works is, you get under that table before the guests are shown in. They will all be wearing masks on their faces so they won't be seen even if you do peek. I supply them robes so their top half is covered, but their bottom half is easily accessible by you. Once they are seated at the table, you won't be able to see anything above their waist, so they are free to remove the masks if they so choose. There are two rules for you. First, there is no talking at all by you. They do not want to hear you, even though they all know that there is a pretty young lady beneath the table, they don't want to be reminded of it while they are eating. Second, you must not attempt to see who is at the table, no matter what. So if you have any plans at all about trying to blackmail or contacting the press to try to cash in, don't do it. Remember what I said about these people. They can and will make your life much more miserable than you could make theirs."

"When you have finished pleasuring each guest, and they have all finished their meals, I will lead them all out of the dining room and you will come out from under the table. I will send my butler in with your payment, and you will be free to go."

Jess took a deep breath and swallowed hard, then she looked around the room once more. She was trying to convince herself that she could do this. It was not easy because she knew that she shouldn't but the money was just too good to pass up. She saw no other alternative. She looked back at Barbara and nodded slowly, almost imperceptibly. "Okay, I need the money." she whispered.

"Of course you do dear, I wouldn't have asked you here if you didn't. Now, don't forget the rules, it is very important, especially if you want to be invited back." She was standing beside one of the chairs and she pulled it out. "As you can see, each chair is specially made for easy access." the chair seats were made short with a curved edge to allow oral sex. "You have time to sit down and relax for a few minutes, but you must crawl under the table and pull the chair back by ten of seven, no later. Is that clear?"

Jess nodded and said "Yes ma'am. I'll do my best."

"Very well. I must go get ready to receive my guests." With that she left the room and closed the heavy door behind her.

At ten of seven, Jess got up on shaky legs and made her way over to the chair that was still pulled out. She peered under the table and saw that it was quite dark. Thinking that it might make it easier for her to do if she couldn't see much. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled under, then turned and pulled the chair back in behind her. Once the chair was pulled in there was even less light and she backed up to the head of the table.

The room was quiet for another five minutes before the door opened and she could hear several people walking across the floor toward the table. Jess was shivering but she wasn't cold, she was nervous. As chairs were pulled out she could see flashes of light and several sets of legs covered by the bottom half of robes slid into the chairs and the light was blocked again.

Jess sat in the middle of the table afraid to touch anybody and looking around. She realized with dawning horror that out of the eight people who were here, five were women and three were men. The men wore blue robes whole the women wore pink. She hadn't thought that there would be women here. She wanted to get out of here and she could go to the end chair which was unoccupied, but she was afraid. There was talking above her but it was muted and she figured that it was the table blocking the sound.

Realizing that she wasn't getting anywhere by just sitting here and her bills wouldn't be paid if she wasn't paid, she slid over to the nearest man and, with trembling hands, she opened his robe and looked at his flaccid penis. It was curled around his hairless nut sack, looking like a fat worm. She stared at it for a few moments, inspecting it and not daring to touch it yet. She didn't notice his hands moving around her until she felt her hair grabbed and suddenly she was pulled forward roughly, her nose flattened against his soft cock.

The smell of his sex was not entirely unpleasant, but it was strong and it filled her nostrils as she tried to pull her head back. He didn't let go and she felt his manhood swelling as it filled with blood. Her hands were on his thighs and she took a few moments before she realized that this was what she was here for.

Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and licked back and forth on the base of his suddenly throbbing seven inch cock. She started to slide her tongue up the length of his rod, but only made it about half way before he pushed her back down. At first she was confused. She was expecting to give him head and from what she knew about giving head, that meant sucking the 'head' of his penis. Instead, he pushed her down until her mouth was on his ball sack.

She wasn't sure what he wanted until he started pushing his crotch up into her face and tilting himself, opening his legs wide and exposing himself more to her. She stuck her tongue out again and licked around his nut sack, realizing for the first time that they were completely hairless. He moved one hand to the top of her head and the other moved down by her mouth. She felt and tasted his fingers momentarily as he grabbed one of his balls through his scrotum and lifted it, pushing it toward her lips.

She understood at that point that he wanted her to suck on his balls so she opened her mouth wide and engulfed his testicle. It was way larger than she expected it to be and at first it slipped out, leaving her with a mouthful of his scrotum skin. He moved quickly though pulling his nut back up and inserting it back into her mouth. This time she sucked and closed her lips around the bulbous ball. She heard a muffled moan from above and his hands pulled away from her. She was encouraged by his movements and continued suckling and twirling her tongue around.

She had never done this before. Sure she had sucked one cock for a few minutes, but sucking balls was different. It wasn't bad, just like sucking that other guys cock hadn't been that bad either, just different. She sucked the one testicle for about thirty seconds before wondering if she could get both in her mouth at the same time. She moved her hand up and started working his other one in, opening her mouth as wide as she could. She knew how easy it was to hurt a mans testicles and she didn't want to hurt this man.

She didn't know who it was but she sensed that hurting him would not be good for her cause. At the same time, she knew if he enjoyed having one nut in her mouth, then two would be better. It was a stretch but she finally managed to slip the other one in. Her mouth was impossibly full with the spongy mass and her tongue fit nicely between the two oblong balls. She wiggled her tongue around and felt him tense up.

Saliva had pooled in the bottom of her mouth and started to drool out and down her chin. Attempting to slurp up the drool, she slid her tongue over her bottom lip and under his fleshy scrotum. She heard him groan and then thought she heard him saying something about " Oh yeah lick my ass" or something close. That was when she realized, how close she was to actually doing that. She wasn't actually licking his ass but she was licking the skin beneath his balls which was very close to his asshole.

It kind of wigged her out a bit, especially because she didn't know who this man was. She was looking up at his swollen penis waving in front of her eyes. Even though there was little light down here, her eyes had adjusted and she could see a drop of clear liquid slowly drip down the head of his member. She knew that it was pre-cum and that meant that he was close to orgasm. She pushed with her tongue, popping his balls out of her stretched mouth and moving with more confidence now, she put his cock head in her mouth.

His head was throbbing and hot and her wet mouth slid down past the helmet till she felt him in the back of her mouth. She could not deep throat so she wrapped her hand around the base and moved her mouth up and down, sucking and twirling her tongue around. She knew he must be close, but she didn't know how close until he grabbed her head and held her while he erupted his boiling seed into her throat. It surprised her so much that she tried to pull back but he held her tight.

It was her first taste of sperm and she really didn't like it one bit but she couldn't pull back and her mouth was soon filled to overflowing. Not knowing what to do in the moment, she swallowed the bitter tasting sludge down and felt it coating her throat and warming her all the way down to her belly. After six squirts he finally let her go and she sat back on her heels, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Her mouth was filled with the terrible taste of sperm and she worried that the next man would do the same, forcing her to swallow. She looked across the table at the woman sitting opposite of the man she just took care of. She was scared to perform oral sex on a woman, but she couldn't do another man right now. She slid over and without hesitating (she may have changed her mind had she hesitated) she opened the robe and looked at the pussy.

It appeared to be a young woman. Her skin was so soft and smooth and her pussy lips were thin. She was also hairless. She leaned in rather close and inhaled the smell of the pussy. It was not at all unlike her own smell (which she secretly enjoyed). The owner of this pussy readjusted her bottom on the chair, sliding her butt forward as far as she could without falling off the narrow seat and spreading her legs wide. This movement caused her labia to spread open, revealing a wonderful pink gash and a slightly stronger smell. As much as she didn't want to admit it, the smell was kind of intoxicating and Jess noticed a familiar tingle in her own pussy that she hadn't felt when she sucked the penis.

A small delicate hand slid under the table and found Jess's cheek. The gentle hand caressed the side of her face and her thumb slid down to her lips. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt the thumb glide softly over her lips and carefully pull down her bottom lip. She let the strange unknown woman slide her thumb into her mouth and she closed her lips on the digit and sucked. It was amazingly erotic and Jess's hand slid up the woman's smooth thigh. Her fingers came to rest on the inner thigh, right next to her plumping labia, but she didn't touch her pussy yet.

The hand on her face pulled away and landed on the pussy in front of her. She watched fascinated as the first two fingers rubbed up and down then spread open the lips, revealing her clitoris. Jess was so enthralled with the show in front of her eyes that she didn't see the girls other hand reach under and grab her head from the other side. She wasn't rough at all, not like the man had been. In fact, there was almost a loving way that she gently found the back of Jess's head and pulled her forward.

Jess understood that the girl was horny and she let herself be pulled forward until her lips came into contact with the delicate pussy lips. She wasn't afraid anymore of tasting a woman and she opened her mouth and licked up the length of the moist slit. She heard a faint feminine moan from above and she went to work. Being that this was the very first time that she had ever gone down on a woman, she figured that she would do what felt good to her. Although she had let two guys fuck her, only one had attempted to go down on her and he had been clumsy and too rough. His whiskers had pricked her sensitive skin and after only about thirty seconds of him slurping around, she pulled him up to fuck. It hadn't been very pleasant.

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