tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnder the Table Ch. 02

Under the Table Ch. 02


This is a continuation of Under the Table. You might want to read that first. Any and all comments welcome.


"You're mine now."

Katie stared into my eyes for a few moments then looked away. My mind was racing. I couldn't quite believe what was going on. I was far too stoned to muster any sort of coherent thought. She was dragging me along at a brisk pace, her arm hooked around mine, not saying a word. I was still reeling from what had happened at the table. Surely someone must have known what was going on. An icy trickle of fear worked it's way down my spine as I imagined all the worst possible scenarios and all the backlash that would be thrown at me as a result of allowing her to take advantage of me so easily. Not for the first time that night I felt my cheeks burn with shame and anger at myself.

I was shaken from my reverie by headlights shining in my face as a car drove by. Squinting my eyes against the glare I saw a brief flash of a face glancing at us from the vehicle as we continued on down the street, Katie quite clearly leading me. I wondered what the driver thought as I listened to the rumble of the engine fade away. I felt so open and exposed, as though just by looking someone would know right away exactly what had happened tonight. My cheeks felt like they would melt with embarrassment.

With a jolt, Katie suddenly pulled on my arm and dragged me into an alleyway. It was so sudden that I nearly lost my footing and stumbled into her, knocking her against the wall. I heard her curse. Grabbing my shoulders roughly she span me around to face her. She glared at me, her eyes blazing with anger. I started to open my mouth to apologise when her hand lashed out, slapping me hard in the face. I reeled from the impact and instinctively raised a hand to my face where she had hit me. The skin tingled with pain as my fingers touched it. I felt a warm slickness next to my mouth and looked down at my hand in a patch of orange light from the street that filtered through to the dark, dank alley. There was blood on my fingertips. In a daze I realised that her fingernails had cut my skin.

Rooted to the spot with shock I looked from my fingers to Katie and saw that she was smirking again. Her eyes flickered down to look at the cut on my face then back to mine again. Her eyebrows arched in mock horror and her hands came up to the sides of her face, her mouth forming an O.

"Oh my poor baby!" she trilled in a sing-song voice.

She stepped in to me, her body pressing against mine as she cupped her hands to the sides of my head. Staringly deeply into my eyes for a moment she tilted her head down and I felt her lips push against the cut, her tongue sliding across it causing a sharp pain to flare in my cheek. She sucked gently at the injury, lapping her tongue over it and then pulled away, her lips making a soft popping noise as the seal was broken. To my surprise my cock twitched in my jeans at the sound, remembering hearing it less than 20 mintes ago at the table. Once again she gazed into my eyes and I couldn't help but stare back, transfixed.

"Get on your knees," she stated flatly.

I didn't move. I couldn't comprehend what she was saying, as though she were speaking a different language.

"W-what?" I stuttered. Her gaze still held mine and I felt as though she could see right through me.

"Get on your knees", she repeated. She let one of her hands drop down and she gripped my cock and balls through my jeans, squeezing them just enough to discomfort me. I felt my knees tremble as she gripped me slightly tighter. Placing her other hand on my shoulder she pushed down on me. My knees folded and I dropped to the ground on them. Pain jarred my knees and I gritted my teeth against it, grimacing. Katie ran her hand through my hair then gripped it and shook my head gently before pulling my hair back to raise my head up. Once again her eyes bore into mine.

"Good boy," she said, as if to a dog. Off in the distance I heard raucous voices raised in drunken merriment, gradually getting louder. I fervently hoped they would turn off the road before they reached the alleyway. The thought of being caught like this made me feel sick to my stomach.

Her other hand moved to her belt and deftly unbuckled it. She pulled my head down, forcing me to watch. I felt a trickle on my cheek and raised my hand to it. The cut was still bleeding slightly but had nearly stopped. I tenderly touched it, my eyes following Katie's hands as she began to undo the top button on her jeans. It popped open and her fingers moved to the zipper. I was suddenly swamped with anxiety as I realised what she intended. I could hear the group of drunks getting nearer all the time and knew with a feeling of dread that they would be passing by the entrance to the alley soon. I had to get out of there. I tensed and prepared to stand up and run.

As if sensing my plans Katie suddenly gripped my hair tighter, twisting it in her grip. She stepped forward and placed her foot between my legs, pressing her shin against my groin.

"Don't even think about it," she growled huskily.

She quickly unzipped her fly and moved her hand to the waistband, pulling it down and wiggling her hips to slide the jeans lower. My eyes watched as her skin was exposed inch by inch and drew in a sharp breath as I realised she was wearing no underwear. A triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair revealed itself and I found myself holding my breath as she fully exposed herself, inches from my face. My cock lurched in my trousers as I stared at her bare pussy lips, glistening in the patchy orange glow of the streetlight that managed to filter through.

"Stick your tongue out," she ordered, gripping my hair with both hands.

Her voice jolted me out of my fixated stare and I glanced up at her with wide eyes. I could hear the drunken revellers were very close now and I willed Katie silently with my eyes to stop, afraid that if I spoke then they might hear me. She gazed down at me, her look a mixture of annoyance and excitement.

"Tongue!" she snarled in a low voice, her fingers raking my head and twisting my hair, her shin pressing harder against my groin. The sounds of baudy singing filled my ears. The drunks were going to pass by at any moment now. I felt paralysed with fear. Helplessly I poked my tongue out. Her hands tilted my head back slightly and almost immediately my mouth and nose were covered by her pussy. She ground her hips against me roughly, sliding herself up and down my tongue as she pulled my face harder and harder into her. Her scent filled my nostrils and I struggled to breathe as she bucked against my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I saw shadows flicker on the walls of the alley and heard shuffling footsteps as the drunken group approached the mouth of the alley. Katie began to moan softly as she directed her clit over my tongue, moving my face up and down, in and out.

I tried to pull my head away. I had to stop her moaning otherwise they would hear her and see what was going on, but the more I tried to pull away the harder she pulled my head into her groin, grinding herself furiously against my tongue, lips and nose. Voices filled the air as the revellers stepped across the entrance. Panicked, I put my hands on Katie's hips and tried to push her away. Immediately her foot between my legs pressed hard against my balls, making me tense up from the pain. She twisted my hair even more painfully than before and my resolve crumbled. In despair I dropped my arms away from her, gasping for air as Katie fucked my face with all the energy she could muster. As the last of the drunken group finished passing by the alley she suddenly tensed up and began groaning, trying to stifle her cries as she orgasmed, rocking hard against me. I winced with pain as she gripped my hair tightly, her hands and body trembling. I could feel her juices all over my mouth, in my mouth, on my tongue, the scent of her drifting into my nose. I looked up and saw she had her head thrown back, lips parted and her chest was rising and falling quickly. In my jeans I felt my cock twitch and swell.

After a few moments she slowed the pace down, continuing to rub herself against my tongue but more gently this time. My knees were aching from kneeling on the concrete ground and I shifted position, trying to ease the pain, her hands still firmly clasped to my head restricting my movement. Gradually she stopped grinding against me and stepped back with a soft sigh, releasing her grip on my hair. I took the opportunity to gulp down some deep breaths of air, laced with the heady smell of her sex and leaned back, mind reeling with what was going on.

I stood up shakily, rubbing my knees to force some circulation back in to them and stared at Katie like a deer in headlights. Her eyes penetrated mine and froze me in place as she slid a hand languorously down between her legs. She caressed her fingers over her slit for a moment, then brought her fingers up to her mouth and slowly sucked the juices off them, her eyes still locked to mine. She smirked again and I saw her eyes flicker down slightly to my cheek.

"You're still bleeding," she breathed.

Swiftly she stepped in close to me, backing me against the wall of the alley, placing one hand on my groin and the other on the side of my face. She leaned in and lightly flicked her tongue over the cut on my cheek, making me wince as the pain flared again, as her other hand gently started to stroke and rub me through my jeans. I felt my cock grow harder at her touch and saw a smile play across her features as she noticed it. Her lips planted a soft kiss on my injury, her tongue gently sliding across it making me shiver. She gave my balls a quick squeeze and then stepped back, zipping up her jeans and fastening the buckle of her belt.

"Come on," she said, gripping my arm and pulling me out of the alley.

I stumbled slightly, glancing nervously up and down the street as she hooked her arm through mine again. I had to say something, anything. I wanted to know why this was happening, why I was helpless to do anything but go along with it.

"W-why are you doing this?" I managed to stutter.

She didn't reply. Instead she increased the pace, dragging me along as she crossed the road. Up ahead I could see the petrol station where the turn off for Katie's street was.

"Why?" I asked again, attempting to insert some authority into my voice but failing. Turning her head she looked at me, smirking.

"Because you like it," she said almost mockingly.

I couldn't think of an answer to that. My mind wandered off, wondering if what she said was true, if she was playing with my mind, if she was just some fucked up individual. I didn't notice as we reached the petrol station and started to walk across the forecourt to the 24 hour shop. The beep of the automatic door as it slid open jerked me from my thoughts. I looked at Katie questioningly but she ignored me, striding up to the counter with me in tow, her arm still linked to mine. The clerk behind the counter was watching us as we approached and stopped right up against the frontage of the desk. For a moment we stood there in silence, her scanning the cigarette display and me trying to fight down a blush, trying to act nonchalantly, failing.

"Do you have any Marlboro Reds?" Katie asked.

The clerk turned around and began to scan the range of smokes available with a barely inaudible sigh of annoyance. I suddenly felt Katie's hand slide into my pocket, her fingers gliding over my cock. I tensed up in surprise, rigid with fear, excitement coursing through my veins. What the hell was she doing now? The guy was right there in front of us! Inside my pocket Katie's fingers curled around the head of my penis, stroking and rubbing it. I tried to resist the swelling of my erection, trying to think of anything but the hand jerking me off in a shop in front of a clerk. I was fully hard now, cock straining in my jeans as she expertly manipulated the sensitive spot on the underside of the head.

"Ah! Here they are," the clerk said, picking up a box of Marlboros.

Just as he turned around I gritted my teeth and grabbed Katie's wrist, forcefully pulling it out of my pocket. I nearly gasped out loud as her fingernails raked down the length of my shaft. I caught her eye and felt the full force of her glare. I could feel my knees trembling with desire and fear. I was sure the clerk knew what was going on, could see it in his eyes. I turned my head and looked out of the window into the forecourt to hide my embarrassment, pulling my coat down and over the groin of my jeans to hide the obvious bulge.

"Sir? You're bleeding," the clerk said to me, eyes looking at my cheek.

Startled I stared at him for a moment, touching my fingers to the cut and mumbling under my breath something about an accident. Katie took her purse out from a pocket in her coat and gave a card to the clerk then looked at me and grinned evilly. The clerk gave me an odd look then shrugged and rang up the purchase, handing the cigarettes, card and receipt to Katie. She placed them in her pocket and looped her arm through mine.

"Thanks," she smiled brightly at the clerk.

We turned and headed out of the shop. As we walked across the forecourt in the direction of Katie's house she looked at me. I didn't dare turn to meet her gaze. She lifted a hand and gripped my chin tightly, twisting my head to face her. Her eyes were blazing with anger, just a twinkle in her eye that belied the excitement she felt as well. She pulled my face close to hers as we walked, leaning in and biting my lower lip hard. She clenched her teeth tighter for a moment then released me.

Her eyes locked to mine.

"You'll pay for what you did back there."

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