tagFetishUnder the Thumb Ch. 03

Under the Thumb Ch. 03


She decided to stay the night and snuggled up to him while they went to sleep. In the morning, he got ready for work, asking her to pull the door shut on her way out as it locked automatically. As he was having a cup of tea and reading the paper that was delivered daily, she called him through to the bedroom and beckoned him for a goodbye kiss.

"I cannot wait for Monday honey, but aren't you going to give me something to remember you until then?" she said and opened her legs.

He swiftly kissed over her stomach and settled to try and give her a quick orgasm but she skilfully kept him away from her clit. His mouth sucked on her outer lips, moving to her slit, then down to her ass. He had been planning on going in an hour early to get away early but that was unlikely now. She kept one hand entwined in his hair, idly contemplating that an orgasm first thing in the morning was the best way to wake up. Half an hour of his tongue had her powering towards orgasm and she clutched his hair tightly and nearly screamed the house down. Afterwards, she purred contentedly as he brought her down from the plateau.

"Mhhmm, I think I'll have a nap before I go back to finish packing. See you Monday" she said and letting him go, she rolled over onto her stomach.

He had just enough time to splash his face to lessen the scent of her and gargle some mouthwash before bolting out the door and made it to his desk just before 9. The cock cage was a constant reminder of his weekend in chastity that she had coerced him into. The thought of fucking her loads the following week was the reward that swung it though. Somehow he struggled to 5pm and headed straight for the local bar, meeting a couple of work colleagues and proceeding to get very drunk, his way of dealing with the fact that he wouldn't even be able to masturbate later.

Saturday arrived with a sore head and he cooked a late brunch and settled to watch some Saturday TV. By early evening, after a brisk walk and a trip to the video store to rent a film, he returned and felt the familiar 'hangover horn', which was inevitable. Pulling off his tracksuit bottoms, he looked at the contraption. It was well made and even trying to get an erection was slightly painful. He decided to go to the gym in the complex where he lived and attacked the weights and cardio until he was exhausted. Then he headed back to his apartment to shower again. It was a smart move as he managed to drop off to sleep fitfully.

The next day was all about tidying the flat and then a browse in the bookstore that afternoon. By early evening, he was settled for a quiet night, when the phone rang.

"Hi lover, how's the weekend going?" she said to him dreamily.

"Oh, hi sexy. Em, not bad, what are you doing?" he asked her.

"I'm just out the shower; we're going to watch a film tonight. I'm lying down, the water just drying on me, touching myself. I wish you could see me" she teased.

This was torture and he was struggling to think of anything except her stunning naked body while she described how she wished he was touching her.

"Okay lover, I must go; anyway, perhaps we'll catch up tomorrow night" she said.

"I thought you were definitely coming round" he said.

"I've got my vibrator with me. I'm going to cum then get dressed for the cinema. Bye" she said in reply and hung up.

It was a test of endurance to sit, incredibly turned on and be able to do nothing about it, knowing she wasn't coming round until the next night or possibly the night after. She was still able to have her enjoyment and it took all his willpower to switch off and try to sleep that night.

By Monday evening, he was relieved to hear the phone ringing.

"Hiya, I'm back but I'm pretty tired. Perhaps you could pop round here?" she said.

"Sure, give me 5 minutes and I'll be there" he replied, hanging up and getting ready in record time.

He dived into his car and even had time to stop off at a florists, arriving at her door with a fresh bunch.

"Thanks" she said by way of greeting, taking the flowers from him.

She was wearing her silk kimono again and lounged on her short sofa instead of sitting. There was a tiny bit of space at the end but as there were a pile of magazines there it didn't seem to be an available seat. Pulling one leg up a little short, she watched him intently. He bent to kiss her foot and began to scatter little kisses along her leg. She adjusted her seating a little, turning slightly so that both legs were now facing him, as he was kneeling beside the sofa. She wasn't wearing any underwear either and as he was about to lick her moist lips, she put a hand to his head.

"Don't people usually ask before they do something nice?" she said, smiling a little.

"Um. Please can I lick you?" he asked her gently.

She didn't reply immediately, but instead seemed to ponder the question.

"You may, slowly though" she eventually said and settled comfortably into the sofa as his tongue sought entry to her wet cunt.

He used every trick he knew, even going slowly, to excite her but she controlled the position of his tongue with subtle directions of his head, keeping it away from her clitoris. As he dipped down to rim her, she pressed on the back of his head, causing his nose to push into her slit.

"That's good, keep doing that" she said and lounged back while he juggled the art of breathing, rimming her and fucking her with his nose simultaneously.

It was becoming difficult and eventually, she pulled him up to her clit. He immediately began to suck on it, while he strived to give her an orgasm.

"Shit yes, keep licking my clit, that's it my pussylicker!" she yelled in ecstasy as his tongue coaxed a long orgasm out of her.

Thighs clenched and his face was wet all over from her secretions. At last, she pushed him idly away and stood up on shaky legs.

"Follow me" she said and entered the bedroom.

"Strip, then lie on the bed" she commanded and as he removed his clothes and hopped onto the bed, she discarded her robe, her body glistening.

Mounting his face, facing his feet, she let her crotch descend to his face as he gently licked her slit again, while she reached forward to play with his cock harness.

"So, would you like this to come off?" she teased.

"Please. I won't cum too soon, I promise. I'll try my best to give you the best sex ever" he intoned, almost desperate for her to free him.

"Mhhmm. Well, I am horny and I want you to fuck me so I'm going to take it off. But I want to ask you something. I've been thinking about things while I was away and I'm quite pleased at the way things are going. I must admit, I am becoming addicted to your tongue. And I was thinking what would make sex more interesting and exciting. I do enjoy it but I've got a few suggestions and it would be great if you agree with my ideas" she said.

"Of course. And I can't wait to fuck you. I enjoy using my tongue too" he said, hoping she was going to unlock him any minute.

"Good. Well, my idea was that I want to regulate when you cum. What I mean is that I don't want you wearing a cock cage all the time. It's quite big and I want it available to fuck me without getting a key every time. However, I like it when you can cum in large amounts, I think it sort of, well, it makes you manlier. So I think it's a good idea if you avoid masturbating, as this will only reduce the amount of cum you produce if you've been whacking off too often. So, I think for now, until you can control your desire to cum, it might be an idea to wear this cock cage, just on a temporary basis. Now, here comes the good part. This is going to make me very horny, knowing your cum is being saved for me. I'm glad you enjoy oral because I'm getting used to it regularly and if anything, I think I want it more often. So, let me summarise what I'm suggesting" she said, as his tongue still licked gently along her slit.

"I control when you cum. But I want to control my own orgasms. So, if I want oral for example, I want it, you know, with a snap of my fingers almost. And remember, you want to turn me on so I fuck you more often don't you?" she said to him.

"Em, of course" he agreed, wondering what she was going to get him to agree to.

"Good. In that case, it would be nice if you were to ask me more often if you can go down on me. I know I enjoy it, but it lets me know you enjoy it that way. It's also a real turn on and as I say, you turn me on, I'll let you fuck me more. But no masturbating. So, as a trial, I'm going to take this cock cage off, but it goes back on afterwards. We'll take it off each time we fuck but it always goes back on after. I think a month or two will be enough for you to get used to not playing with it all the time. How does that sound lover?" She asked, as if she had just come up with some amazing compromise.

"I'm, well, obviously if you are happier in control, then I guess that's the way it should be. But, you know, what happens if you don't maybe want to have sex for a few days or something like that?" he said worriedly.

"That's the good part. We can still have sex, well oral sex, but you know, still a type of sex. And the better the oral, if you do it with no thought of what it might lead to and make me feel really special, well, I just know that cock of yours will be in action pretty regularly" she concluded.

Skipping off him happily, she fetched the key and unlocked his genitals. The feeling of relief was immense and climbing back onto his face, she took his hardening member in her mouth, engulfing him deep. He came within 5 minutes and initially kept her mouth around his cock, before pulling off and letting him spurt freely. His desperate cock, delighted at its freedom, stayed hard. Getting on all fours, he needed no invitation to mount her from behind. His 1st orgasm meant his staying power lengthened, as did his strokes inside her pussy. For her part, she could feel herself becoming aroused again.

"Fuck me in the ass" she gasped and he needed no 2nd invitation for that. He was covered with her juices and his earlier rimming had helped relax her anus.

She grimaced, then sighed once he was in and beginning to stroke his length into her asshole. Within minutes he was sinking up to the hilt and beginning to lengthen his strokes inside her. She came, gripping the end of the bed as she stroked her clit, while he fucked her ass. Withdrawing, he spurted another load of cum onto her back. They both lay exhausted but contented before his cock showed signs of stirring again. Turning her on her side, he slipped into her and for the next 20 minutes, they kept a steady rhythm, until at last he could hold back no longer.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum again!" he groaned, withdrawing and splashing onto her thigh.

She let him calm down and relax then got up to wipe his cum from her. Returning, she found him almost asleep, his cock finally flaccid after the session they had. Taking the cock harness, she swiftly attached it, as he sleepily tried to ask her what was going on.

"Nothing honey, just putting it back on. Now then, wasn't that worth waiting for eh? Imagine if all our sessions were like that" she said to him.

He realised the harness was there to stay for the time being and wondered how long it would be before it drove him mad again with desire. They curled up and in the morning, he gave her a long, slow orgasm on his tongue. She asked him to come round that night and he hoped the cage might be something she would want him to remove but didn't ask.

That evening, he arrived to find her not long home from work. She wasted little time in making herself comfortable on the sofa, her skirt neatly folded over a chair as he inevitably knelt and let her slip her thighs over his shoulders.

"I could get used to this after work. Perhaps you should come round - obviously there will be some nights that we simply can't for whatever reason, but otherwise, you can start this as a pleasant new routine" she said to him as his tongue dipped into her fanny deeply.

"Yes darling" he intoned.

"And another thing, I think it would be best if you didn't hint about that harness. A guy who whines about stuff is a real turn off and I'm pleased to say you are not a turn off. In fact, just act as if it's not on. I can guarantee you'll have me eager as ever to get the thing off, as long as there are no hints. Okay dokay?" she said, as if it were a favour being granted.

He really didn't want to lose out on great sex but he was worried she might go for days and days without wanting to fuck him. He also knew she was being honest. If she said something turned her on, then it turned her on. If something put her off, then it put her off.

"Whatever you say darling" he finally agreed and she settled back to enjoy his tongue.

It did become a habit for the rest of the week. She had him come over to pleasure her on and off for the evening with his tongue, acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Then on Friday, she asked him to come by her work after 6pm. Once she ushered him in, she asked him to put back some books for her. He did so and returned to find her skirt discarded and her waiting for him.

"You can keep me company like last time. Hurry up" she said and walked off to the nearest isle.

He remembered the last time indeed and dropped to kneel behind her, his tongue seeking her anus. Once the books had been returned she had an orgasm then they went to his flat. She almost tore his clothes off and immediately unlocked the harness again. The relief was once again immense and he was even more overjoyed when she told him as long as he didn't masturbate, he could leave it off until Monday.

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