tagIncest/TabooUnder the Trees

Under the Trees


They were sisters of course. Had been forever. Two young souls cruising down the summery California coast, heading back down to Marin in an old beat up Tercel after having visited their aunts and uncles up in Eugene. Sherry the younger, at twenty three, no longer a teenager, but with her long slim legs still given to short skirts and tank tops, and her older sister Cheri, at twenty five, still cute as a button like her sister, but dressed in more mature slim fitting jeans with holes in the knees, and an old blue tshirt displaying the logo from some radio station that she once liked. Comfort wear for her.

Cheri and Sherry. An old family pun, and one that new friends were always relied to comment on when they first heard of it. Two sisters, two sides of a mirror, but each one blessed with their mother's smile, and both given to good looks. Sherry the younger with the blue-eyed-blonde-hair California looks, and Cheri the older with darker hair, but slimmer, and given to freckles. Each of them beauties in their own way.But to each other they were just Cher-Cher and Shi-Shi. Childhood NickNames that stuck from the beginning and would probably never go away.

After driving for awhile, Sherry got hungry, so they stopped in some scenic coastal town to get gas and to eat. They went into a Mcdonalds drive through, and ordered Burger and Fries and a shake for each of them. They then Parked across the street under some trees. Inside the cool the shade. Deep into the shadows. Private. The open windows allowed a soft breeze to cool them from the summer heat. The soft music on the radio lulling each of them into a comfortable silence.

Cheri is watching her sister as she eats, sort of listening to the music, but also distracted by those long luscious legs that creep up all the way under that skirt to the mysteries within. Those toned glistening arms. That awesomely pretty face. Those lips. Wow, what a package, she thought. Then she is aware that Sherry is complaining about the lack of available men in Sacramento, where she is currently working as an intern at the local hospital. "I've been there over a year now, and I still haven't met anyone decent. I'm thinking about packing it all in and moving down to LA."

"Well sister-babe, that is what casual sex is for" Cheri replied. "It passes the time. Just find someone in a bar one night and fuck the bejeesus out of them."

This made Sherry laugh, and she giggled back to her sister and said "I only wish, mon Cheri. I've met some guys, but haven't had sex with any of them. Every one of them starts off having possibilities, but then turns out to be stupid each in their own way. Its probably my fault. I hate how judgemental I've become. I hate feeling this way. I haven't had sex with anyone in over a year. What's worse, I haven't even kissed anyone in the year I've been there, and no one has kissed me back. I think I'm going a little crazy."

Struck by her sister's sadness, Cheri put down her burger and did the big sister thing by poking her little sister in the ribs. "Oh shi-shi, don't be sad, I'll kiss you if you want", and then she leaned over and gave Sherry a playful nip on her neck, all the while making something of a theatrical growling sound, like a dog would make chewing a bone. She hoped that silly humor would change the mood. It sometimes did with her little sister.

"That's not the kind of kiss I mean, Cher-Cher, and you know it." Sherry replied. "Besides, big sister kisses don't count."

"Oh they don't, do they?" and with that Cheri leaned over again, determined to turn the heat up a little bit tis time. "Okay, Shi-Shi, how's this for a big sister kiss?" she asked, as she again went for her sister's neck but this time using her tongue to lightly kiss all the way up her sister's neck. Small, little kisses, and then gently licking Sherry's ear, and whispering softly "My poor beautiful Sherry". Humor again, but in a different way.

She heard her sister sigh audibly, but did not push her away. In fact, she felt Sherry's hand come up and gently press against the back of her neck, keeping her close. "Oh Cher-Cher" she said, and turned her head towards her sister. Cheri looked down on her sister's big blue eyes. So beautiful. It was hard to not go forward with the moment, so she placed a hand on her sister's innner thigh, just below the hemline of her skirt. The thigh felt so warm. She whispered in Sherry's ear, "How's this then?". She kept her hand on the thigh, but began moving it back and forth, toyingly flirtatiously against the hem of her sister's skirt, never moving inside of it though. In response, she heard her sister give a quick intake of breath.

Then, just to push the envelope a bit further, Cheri let her tongue out again, still lightly against Sherry's ear, whispering sweet nothings "Pretty Girl",and "My beautiful sister" She heard Sherry's breath hoarsening, and then a soft reply "It's not a kiss unless its on the lips.", and those soft lips were only a fraction of a space from hers, her sister's eyes were half closed and looking up at her. With such a bold invitation, Cheri could only reply "Then I guess we'll have to do something about that".

Their lips were so close to each other. I love this girl, Cheri thought. I love her with everything I am. And with that thought she lowered herself and kissed her baby sister this time for real, pushing her tongue inside those lovely lips. She felt Sherry respond with her own tongue, and the two of them kissed for an endless private moment that only existed between the two of them. Then with their lips clamped together, Cheri's hand finally invaded the sacred hemline between her sister's legs, found the legs parting slightly in response, and and soon her hand was moving up inside her little sister's skirt, the warmth increasing until it found its way up against Sherry's damp panties. Oh how nice it would be to slip my fingers inside of you little sister, Cheri thought. To give you the fuck you so desperately need.

Sherry had her eyes closed and had her head back against the seat, pressing her vulva with a singular focus against her sister's hand. The kiss was wonderful and engulfing. The fuck so close, that Sherry could feel the wave coming up upon her. It had been so long. I want it to happen. I want it now.

But then suddenly Cheri pulled back, knowing that she had gone too far. That the only way forward was to be asked inside. "There babe" she said "Now at least you can't say its been over a year since you've been kissed. You are far too cute to wait that long.".

But at this point Sherry would have none of it. She reached out and pulled her sister's head back to resume the kiss. "Just a little more. I've now been Kissed, yes, but not fucked" was all she said. Their lips met once again, and Cheri knew what she was being asked to do.

She let her desire take hold this time, pushing her tongue further inside her sister's lips, and her hand up inside those sacred legs inside the skirt, but this time letting her fingers find their way inside the panties and slip inside of her little sister Sherry. She knew what her sister wanted. The kisses took on more urgency, and soon the two sisters were kissing like animals, and Cheri began fucking her little sister with first two fingers, then three then four. In and out, in and out. Sloppily, and the smell of her lovely little sister filled up inside the car.

Cheri felt like she was fucking her sister in two ways. One way with her tongue jabbing inside of her mouth, the other with her fingers inside of her pussy. Consumed now with desire, all she wanted to do was take her. To possess her. She was ramming her fingers inside of her sister. Sherry grunting under the assault until eventually, she began to buck up against her older sister like a half crazed angel, grunting wordlessly in a heavenly rythm to her older sister's thrusts, her whole being moving with her sister's fingers, their tongues dancing with one another, until finally, with a half stifled scream, a wordless shudder, and a groan that seemed to go on and on, she orgasmed and came in waves. Cheri kept kissing her sisters lips until the groan subsided, and then, to let her sister breathe, she lowered her lips and went to work on her sister's neck, knawing her way down to her breasts. Sherry fell against her older sister, panting, her breath warm on the back of Cheri's neck. Without complaint from Sherry, Cheri moved her wet hand up to Sherry's tank top, and moved it down up so that she would have clear access to her younger sister's breasts. While hearing her younger sister's breathing softening, she suckled up against her younger sister's tender nipples, feeding on them, feeling home at last. Completely taken, Sherry's hands came up and cradeled her older sister's head against her.

"Thank you my Cher-Cher", Allowing her older sister to suckle her breasts, caressing the head in her hands, wondering if this was the beginning of what she was looking for.

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