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"So... you want to be in the porn biz?"

Tiffani sat across the brooding desk. She wore purple dress suit—jacket and slacks with matching heel boots. Her hair was dark, highlighted with light-blonde streaks, and hung just above her shoulders. She crossed her legs and nodded. "I've given it some thought," she stopped herself and motioned to her partner sitting next to her, "We've given it some thought—"

"A lot of thought, I presume," the man, behind the desk, said. He was seasoned, with a natural slouch from years of gravity. His face showed wrinkles, but his hair was died jet back. "But, it's never too late to get started... at anything I guess."

Tiffani was put off by the remark. She scrunched her brows, slightly tempered. "Mister Darvin, I'm only thirty."

"And, him?" Mr. Darvin gestured to the young man at her side.

"Twenty-two, sir," the scrawny lad replied soldierly. He had a mop of blonde hair that swooshed just above his eyebrows, his face spry and fresh. There was a pep in his tone, a nervous vivaciousness. "My name is Jake."

"And Jake, how'd you two come together?" Darvin asked, almost suspiciously.

Jake stammered at first but once his tongue found footing, he rambled on, "We met at the beach. Spring break. She was with friends. She had just gotten a divorce, and to take her mind off things, her friends offered to take her partying. Reliving their younger days, so to speak."

Reliving younger days... Tiffani scowled at the comment.

"Beautiful story, I guess..." Darvin looked back to the authoritative one of the couple. "So, you want us to hire you two, just to bang each other? Just film yourselves. Sell it online."

"Like I said, it's taken awhile for me to come around to this idea, so if I do it I would prefer it be lucrative—"

A beep sounded from the intercom on the wall followed by a female voice, "Mister Darvin, Burden Tee is here to make a drop-off."

"Wait one," Darvin stood from his chair, and after pardoning himself with the guests, he said to his secretary, "I'm on my way out to meet him."

As Darvin waddled out of the room, Tiffani surreptitiously shot Jake a glance. "You did good, rook. But, don't let it go to your head. We're not in the clear yet."

"I won't, Captain," Jake replied softly. He motioned his head towards the door. "You think that's the drop-off we're looking for?"

"I think so, but we have to make sure. I'm not blowing this case. We bring down this porn empire, and we'll be looking at a promotion."

"I get it," Jake added. "You're trying to beat your husband up the chain of command."

Tiffani winked at him. They sat still for a moment until she nudged him, saying, "Nice touch by the way. Frank, will get a kick when I tell him I divorced him and fell into the arms of another man on spring break."

They shared a giggle as Darvin entered the room once again, holding a suitcase in hand. "I miss the joke?" Darvin asked lightheartedly, seemingly rejuvenated. Jake stuttered out a reply, but Darvin waved him off while making it around his desk. "I'm just messing with ya, kid."

Tiffani locked-in on the suitcase as he plopped it on cluttered surface. Instead of opening it, he leaned forward and leered silently at the couple for an uncomfortable minute. Tiffani sent an estranged look to Jake before settling on the elder once more. "Yes?"

"Okay. Fine. You won me over," Darvin offered each of them a handshake.

"Great!" Tiffani uttered. "So, when do we get started?"

Darvin hunkered back in his padded computer chair. "Right now."

The color drained from Tiffani's face, and she stuttered out a response, "Well, uh, we have, um—"

"Listen, you dress, talk, look like a confident woman," Darvin paused. "Some people just aren't cut out for the business though. You've wasted enough of my time. You can kindly leave."

"No!" Tiffani darted to the edge of her seat. She worriedly glanced to Jake, who seemed surprisingly cool considering. "We'll, umm. We'll do it. We'll do it, right?"

Jake nodded, shrugged.

Although the rookie acted appropriately with his nonchalant attitude, Tiffani couldn't help but to feel peeved. She swallowed her anxiety and lifted her chin in the air. With a little snide, she replied, "So, um, just right here, on the floor?"

Darvin smiled. "That carpet is soft."

Tiffani expelled a sigh. She unzipped the side of her chunky heels and removed them. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Jake doing the same, howbeit quicker. She pulled her purple dress coat off and slid out of her slacks. She proceeded to undress all the way, until standing completely naked. Although she wanted to cover herself, a natural reaction, she decided against it, wanting to appear as confident as possible. She had full teardrop breasts, a thin waist, strong thighs, and adorably small ankles. Her nails—fingers and toes—were a dark purple, which matched her lipstick.

On her right, Jake was skin and bones. His cock, however, could be considered a third limb.

"Well, I'll be damn, boy," Darvin said. "You are cut out for this business, after all."

Tiffani's almond-shaped eyes widened further upon hearing the praise. She slowly revolved to him, and upon seeing the massive member, she quickly looked away. "Oh, good lord..." she mumbled.

Darvin frowned at her. "You seemed to be mighty afraid of something you've had before."

Tiffiani scoffed, hiding the truth. "I'm, umm... I'm just performing how I would for your shoot. Do your girls not do the same?"

Darvin shrugged with a sly nod.

Tiffani eased down to the carpet and hesitantly spread her legs, her hand subconsciously covering her trimmed pussy. Jake followed her to the floor, all whilst stroking his cock good and hard. Before he could ease between her thighs, Darvin stopped them.

"Do I not get any foreplay?" Darvin unzipped his fly, his fingers sliding underneath the bands of his white underwear. "Suck him off, will ya?"

Tiffani expelled a nervous breath but crawled to her knees. As Jake sat back on his elbows, Tiffani wrapped her pointed hand around his pulsating, bone-stiff cock. She cleared her throat and slowly slid the tip between her lips. She bobbed as far down as she could go—halfway point.

"Play with yourself," Darvin coached from the side. His penis was now erect as well.

Tiffani released the base of Jake's cock. Her hand was needed elsewhere. She gently rubbed the top of her clit. Slow enough to control her orgasm. Her mouth remained on Jake, servicing him with an uninterested, mechanical rhythm.

"Okay..." Darvin uttered with a hint of aggravation. "Let me give you a hand."

Tiffani started to rise off Jake's cock in rebuke. An indistinct mutter spilled forth before Jake shoved her head back down, ostensibly saving their mission. Darvin gathered behind her. He lightly grazed his fingertips across the wrinkled soles of her feet, which caused Tiffani to flinch. He then caressed up her athletic, muscular thighs before holding her clit in the palm of his hand. What he lacked in penis size, he gained in experience. His fingers went to town on Tiffani, and she squealed, muffled by the mouthful of cock. She reached between her legs in hopes of slowing his hand but fell forward in the process swallowing Jake further. She gagged. Drool ran down the corners of her mouth.

Darvin stood up, his fingers glistening from her dampness. He looked to Jake, saying, "You know how to eat pussy, boy?"

Jake's face twitched from the blowjob, but he nodded nonetheless.

Tiffani sprung right up from Jake's hardened member, not with joy of getting her pussy licked but rather she couldn't take sucking the rookie cop's cock for one more second. She wiped her mouth off and lay to her back on the flush carpet. She absently eyed the ceiling as thoughts swirled in her mind: Her husband, Frank. Her promotion. How many people in the office would find out? Her breasts rose and fell rapidly. She licked her lips and tried to calm herself. But as Jake's tongue trailed up her inner thigh and tickled the outside of her vulva, she uncontrollably lurched and huffed a quick breath. She sprawled her legs over his shoulders and ran her fingers through his hair. He gently nibbled on her. He wiggled his head, hummed. The vibration sent pleasure-filled waves through her body. She released his head and fell back, wiping the sweat from her own brow.

"Damn, girl," Darvin circled with insatiable eyes, cock in hand, "when was the last time you got off?"

Tiffani didn't reply. She flung her arm over her face as though that would veil her orgasm. Her cheeks were red with passion.

"Been busy, I guess," Darvin continued.

The tickle was constant, unrelenting, and Tiffani didn't know how much longer she could hold on for. She attempted to exhale but it came out in a faint quivering whine. Her brain swam. Legs tingled. She hunched forward, grasping his blonde mop once again, and wrinkled her face. "Ah, ah, ah... oh... Ooohhhh..."

Darvin found a second from stroking himself to applaud them. "Fine job, lad."

Tiffani collapsed to her back, her bleary eyes blinking incessantly to focus.

"Proceed..." Darvin said.

Jake eased between her splayed open legs and hooked one with his elbow, lifting her foot off the carpet. As his tip brushed over her moist clit, she looked up at him with a squinted icy gaze—a glare conveying a strong message. He simply nodded, whether he got the message or not was to be determined. His thick log pushed open her tight walls. She squeezed his arm, her eyes bulging as though telepathically screaming the message. He seemed to ignore it, however. His hips gradually picked up speed. Tiffani leaned up on her elbows, fiercely looking dead into Jake's eyes. Yet, he dropped his sight to her jiggling breasts, and Tiffani's fiery glare softened into hopeless desperation.

Darvin clung to her flailing leg and placed his cock on the soft sole of her foot, using it to stroke himself.

Tiffani attempted to jerk her foot free, but the orgasm began to intensify, distracting her. She shut herself away in hopes of controlling her body's reaction. But, she failed to do so. The sensation was too overwhelming. Darvin was right. It had been awhile. Conflicting schedules with her husband left little time to play around. Even though, she sadly had to admit... Frank's cock paled in comparison; a truth she'd take to the grave. She moaned under her breath.

Jake thrust faster, harder. His thighs clapped against hers.

Tiffani felt her legs go numb. She panted and wiggled her toes in hopes of bringing back the sensation. It worked. The orgasm radiated from her feet, up her calf, down her thigh, before exploding in her pussy. She huffed in broken patterns and did something she had never done. She squirted all over his cock, drenching the carpet in her juices. She rolled over and grabbed her crotch, her breathing erratic.

Jake sat up. He wiped the flop of sweat from his face and placed his hands on his hip, allowing her a moment before the second round.

Darvin, once again, cheered them as though watching theatrical art. "How about we let her man the ship for a moment?"

Tiffani wearily climbed to all-fours and then sat up on her knees. She had a lost expression, her eyes slowly drifting from the floor to her partner. Jake lay to his back and waved Tiffani closer. Like a robot, she did as told. He held her hands as though helping a drunkard into a car. She straddled him, and as she gazed down upon him, life reappeared in her eyes. Her hips pinned his cock against his stomach. She gyrated up and down, sliding with ease from her self-lubricant. As it slipped inside, she subconsciously planted a kiss against his lips. She froze instantly, realizing her action. She erected her posture, but her hips continued to grind.

Jake groped her round breasts, gently flicking her stiff nipples with his thumbs.

Tiffani tilted her head back and closed her eyes. She sensually rubbed her body, caressing her side and squeezing her bosoms. Lost in the euphoric moment. She placed her hands against the carpet, leaning in the rookie's face once more, and began thrusting her hips with energy. Her backside dimpled, and her legs kicked out with each heave. She groaned. Her face contorted between shock and surprise before ultimately tensing in a sneeze once again. "Ohhhhhhhh... ah, uh, ooohhhh."

Darvin placed his cock back in his pants and applauded them.

Tiffani rested her cheek across Jake's chest, stamping their sweaty bodies together. She stared into nothing, and in a heavy breath, asked, "Are... we... are we done?"

"Well, we're all glad you got yours, honey," Darvin said, "but what about Jake?"

Tiffani sat up, folded her legs underneath her. Her highlighted hair was a mess. "I can't..."

"No. No, dear. You look quite enervated," Darvin replied. "Money shot."

"Money shot?" Tiffani looked confused.

Jake, ostensibly knowing exactly what it was, stood over Tiffani with cock in hand. He began pleasuring himself.

"Wait! Whoa!" Tiffani started to stand but her legs were weakened. She flopped back down on her backside. Jake walked over, but this time, Tiffani didn't budge. She was drained, too weary to keep fighting, let alone stand. She just stooped there, bedraggled, with her feet tucked under her like a pouting child.

Darvin eased around his desk, his attention now back on the suitcase. He popped the latches and opened it.

Tiffani perked up with a sudden spark. She inconspicuously looked out of the corner of her eye, but with the case opened toward him, she couldn't identify the contents inside. Her stare lingered, however, as Jake continued masturbating near her ear.

Darvin rummaged through it but never lifted anything over the brim. He suddenly fumbled his pen and leaned down to retrieve it. As he did, he pressed his hand on the edge of the case instead of the desk, for support, causing him to stumble forward and flipping the suitcase off the counter.

Tiffani's face brightened with the reveal, but as the objects tumbled out, Jake grunted and released his load in her face. The long stream of semen stretched across her eyes, blinding her at the last minute. Without seeing the contents, she made a judgment call and uttered the secret phrase. "Days don't get much nicer!"

She could hear the door being kicked down, windows being blasted out, and Jake scuffling for his clothes. She knew the cops were now swarming the place. What she didn't know, however, was the contents of the suitcase.

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