tagGroup SexUndercover Agent To Mole Ch. 02

Undercover Agent To Mole Ch. 02


READERS NOTE: This story could have been listed under a number of different literotica categories but I chose to list it under group sex since there is much of that is the story. The story contains group sex, anal sex, oral sex, vaginal sex and lesbian sex. There are also accounts of reluctance and non consent. I had planned that it only be one chapter but as it got longer I decided to break it up into three chapters. All characters are at least 18 years of age.


Callie arrived at the FBI office and was immediately escorted into the Director's office for a debriefing. Callie had been well coached by Sal and she knew just what to say.

"The first thing Callie is that are you all right? Were you injured in any way?" the Director began.

Callie thought about how her asshole had been stretched to accommodate three dicks but answered, "No I'm fine. They scared the hell out of me but I'm fine."

"How did they know you were wearing a wire?"

"They had a scanner set up and it picked up the wire right away. That's why they turned on the compressor so that our voices were drowned out. Then they hit me with the chloroform and the next thing I knew was that I was in a car somewhere," Callie explained.

"Then what happened?"

"They told me I was busted and that they were letting me off easy. I don't think they wanted a murder on their hand. Besides we had nothing on them yet so there was no reason to take me out. They warned me and then let me out of the car. That's when I called for help," Callie concluded.

"Okay Callie, listen take the rest of the day off and take care of your self. I'll see you tomorrow and we'll talk so more," the Director said dismissing her.

Callie left the office and went straight home as she was exhausted. She went right to be and slept for hours. The next morning she returned to work and was debriefed further. The remainder of the week was routine and Callie was curious why she had not yet been contacted by the family. When the weekend arrived Callie followed her normal routine of a morning jog and then working out at the fitness center. When she arrived back at her apartment building she noticed that someone was moving in. Callie held the door open for a very handsome young man as he carried some boxes in.

"Thanks," he said with a warm smile, "I'm Pete and I'm moving into 5B today."

"You're welcome or and I'm Callie from 3C." Callie smiled back.

"Sorry I can't shake hands right now," he said and they both laughed.

"Do you need some help?" Callie asked almost hopefully.

"No this is the last load but thanks anyway," he answered.

"Well if you need anything I'm in 3C," Callie offered.

"Right you told me that," Pete laughed.

Callie felt foolish repeating her apartment number. Normally Callie was not so open with men the first time she met them. However Pete had a subtle charm about him that was a little unnerving for her.

"I'll stop down for a drink later if you're going to be around. I'd invite you in but the place will be a mess for awhile," he said inviting himself to her apartment.

"Sure, yeah, that'll be great," Callie said uncomfortably.

It was not like her to lack confidence but she clearly did that morning. Callie went to her apartment and showered before lunch. After lunch she was sitting around in a tee shirt and shorts reading and listening to music. Her mind kept going back to the marathon fuck session that she had had with Sal, Joey and Frankie. Then she thought about her first lesbian affair with Ingrid. Callie found her self getting horny as she recalled the events of that night. Just then there was a knock on her apartment door. She asked who it was and the person identified himself as her new neighbor Pete.

Callie opened the door and she looked at the chiseled body of Pete standing in the doorway. He too was dressed in a tee shirt and shorts. His thighs and arms were muscular and Callie eyes dropped to his crotch. She was sure that she could see the outline of an impressive cock.

"What about that drink?" Pete asked with a smile breaking Callie's trance.

"Oh sure, come on in," Callie stammered, "I have beer, wine or soft drinks."

"What will you have?" he asked.

"I'll have a white wine," Callie replied although she didn't usually drink that early in the day.

"Then I'll join you, white wine for me too," Pete replied as he stepped in the apartment, "Nice place," he added.

"Thanks, I try to keep it homey. I'll get the wine," Callie told him.

Pete kicked back on Callie's sofa and waited for her to return with the wine. Callie entered the room and as she looked at Pete she wondered to herself if she would sleep with him. She really already knew the answer to that question and she was annoyed at herself for even thinking about it but he was so fucking gorgeous.

The first bottle of wine was consumed quickly so Callie opened a second bottle. She normally stopped after two glasses but today the conversation was going well and she wanted to keep Pete around as long as she could. By the time the second bottle of wine was finished, Callie was feeling the effects of it and she also felt very amorous. Things then moved quickly and Callie found herself in Pete's arms. Pete was an excellent kisser and he soon had Callie moaning into his mouth as he kissed her deeply.

Pete's hands began to move over Callie's body and then found their way under her tee shirt. Pete cupped her small firm tits and twirled her rock hard nipples between his fingers. Callie was extremely turned on and her panties were soaking wet. She wondered if Pete could see the dampness in her shorts. Callie's hand drifted into Pete's lap and she ran it over the bulge in his shorts. She gasped when she realized how big he felt through his shorts.

No words were spoken as Pete stood up and picked Callie up in his arms as thought she was a feather. He easily located her bedroom and carried her to her bed. Pete carefully put Callie on the bed and she was glad that she had cleaned the apartment and that the bed was made. Pete smiled down at her and then he confidently lifted the tee shirt over her head and off her body. Callie's firm tits came into view and her hard nipples stood out proudly. Pete then peeled her shorts and panties down and off her legs and stared briefly at her firm fit body.

Pete then with all the confidence in the world stripped of his tee shirt, shorts and briefs. He stood by the bed with his erect cock standing straight out from his body. Pete was proud of his body and he stood by the bed letting Callie admire it before he made his next move. Pete walked along side the bed brining his cock closer to Callie's head. Callie stared hungrily at his huge cock and then reached out with her hand to stroke it. She marveled at its size and compared it to Sal's huge dick. Pete sighed as she masturbated him.

She leaned forward and her tongue snaked out and lapped at his ball sac lightly, then she gently licked up and down his shaft. Her tongue circled his cock head as she slowly took the head of his penis into her mouth. Her lips slid further down the shaft as she was able to take half of his cock in her mouth drawing a moan from him. They hadn't spoken a word to each other since they kissed. Callie began to bob her head back and forth on his cock, sucking hard on his huge member and testing her gag line. She was able to get about seven of his nine inches in her mouth. Callie slurped loudly on Pete's dick as her soft lips glided smoothly up and down his long cock.

Pete stood before the shapely Callie as she sucked ravenously on his oversized cock. Her hand cupped his balls and gently caressed them as her tongue licked at the head of his dick each time it came out of her mouth. Pete placed his hands on the back of her head and guided her as she gave him an incredible blowjob. He loved the way she sucked his cock. She was so hot and he couldn't believe his good fortune as he held her hair back to watch her pretty face and sensuous mouth. Callie kept her eyes closed with her lips snugly wrapped around his shaft as she bobbed back and forth. She was still incredibly turned on and her pussy was soaked.

Pete brought excitement into her life with his big cock and Callie now realized that she was addicted to it. She was so enamored with his impressive cock; she found that she loved to suck on it. Callie was desperate to please him and to make him cum. Callie wanted this to be Pete's best blow job ever and she put all her efforts into it and it did not take long to bring Pete to the edge.

Pete announced that he was cumming and Callie clamped down on his cock determined to swallow every drop of his seed. She could feel his cock jerk in her hand as volley after volley bounced off the back of her throat. Callie swallowed as quickly as she could and did not allow a drop to escape her mouth. She continued to suck on his cock milking it dry of his sperm. Then Callie took the cock from her mouth and Pete watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick. Callie then wrapped her lips around it and sucked his man juice dry. She nibbled on his dick head causing him to shiver and he pushed her away. Pete's cock stayed hard and Callie marveled at the impressive organ before her. Callie lay back on the bed and displayed her beautiful neatly trimmed pussy to Pete. She opened her legs and smiled at him.

"Now do you have something for me?" she said as she opened her legs before him hiding nothing and leaving no doubt as to her desire; her pussy for his taking.

Pete knelt before Callie at the end of her bed and kissed her from her knee up her soft thighs towards her womanhood. He took in the lovely smell of her as he kissed her smooth creamy white skin just beside her vagina. Callie was in a state of ecstasy and her heart pounded as she watched her new lover lick her. Her cunt lips quivered as he teased them with his tongue and kissed her everywhere she desired. Pete's tongue was long and probed deep into the inner walls of her pussy.

Callie ran her hands over her body cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingertips. Pete sucked her cunt lips into his mouth as his tongue snaked around in her snatch. Pete still had not made contact with her clit and Callie desperately needed his tongue or his cock to touch her clit. She moaned in pleasure and frustration as Pete continued to tease her. He again wiggled his tongue deep within her pussy before finally nudging her clit. Callie jumped as a spark of pleasure shot through her body. Pete slid his hands under her curvy ass and lovingly cupped her shapely ass cheeks. He sucked her clit into his mouth and held it between his lips as he ran his tongue over the hard little pearl. Callie arched her back as she felt her orgasm approach.

"Oh yes, oh my," she called out as the first wave rocked her body.

Callie grabbed Pete's head with both hands and pulled his face harder into her crotch. She vigorously humped his face as his tongue danced over her super sensitive cit. Her thighs clamped around his head and her entire body trembled as she came again almost violently. Callie felt her pussy pulsating as she covered Pete's face with her female juices. Finally she collapsed back on the bed releasing him in the process.

"Oh my God," Callie moaned.

Pete raised himself up and knelt between her legs. His huge cock looked menacing as it hovered above her hips.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked smiling confidently.

"Oh yes, yes please, fuck me now," Callie pleaded.

Pete held his cock and lined up the swollen head with the entrance to her sex. He pushed forward slightly allowing her tight cunt lips to open up for his impressive cock. He was about half way in when he pulled out and then slowly eased back into her causing her to moan in pleasure. Pete would push in a little and then pull out a little slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into her vagina. Finally his entire cock was buried in her and Callie sighed feeling completely full almost afraid to move. This was a fantastic sensation for her to be this full.

Pete held himself inside her waiting for Callie to start fucking him. He looked down at her and smiled and then she pulled him down to her and they kissed deeply with their tongues playing with one another. Callie was ready to be fucked and she needed his big dick to slide in and out of her and rub her clit. She began to move and then Pete fucked her using long slow hard strokes. Callie locked her legs around Pete's ass and pulled him into her. He began to fuck her harder and faster and she felt another orgasm on its way. She was at the mercy of his gigantic organ as it pounded her pussy.

If Pete hadn't just cum in her mouth he would not have been able to hold on as long. Callie was so hot and squeezed him with her tight pussy; she was really a good fuck. Pete fucked through her one orgasm after another before he filled her pussy with cum. His orgasm was as intense as hers as their bodies ground together and they moaned and groaned loudly.

Callie could feel his cock softening but even then it still filled her cunt. Pete slowly lifted himself off of her body and in so doing his thick cock slipped from her pussy. Callie felt the void in her cunt as his cock left her body and she gasped as the coolness of the air touched her vacant pussy. Callie rolled over on her stomach so as to look at Pete who lay on his back.

Pete looked at Callie's ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks. Her ass was so amazing that he felt his loins stir with desire. He hard never seen such a perfect ass and he wanted to fuck it. Pete got to his knees behind Callie and kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks. He then began to kiss her cheeks and run his tongue lightly in the crack of her ass. Callie wiggled her ass feeling very wicked as he tongued and kissed her.

Pete lifted her by her hips so that her ass was perched in the air. Callie's head was still on the bed and she turned it to one side and let out a gasp as Pete's tongue licked close to her asshole. Pete ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass causing Callie to tingle in anticipation of what might be next.

Pete spread her ass cheeks with his hands and dipped his tongue into the crack locating her nether hole. His tongue slowly circled her anus and she flinched at the contact. He then pushed his tongue as far as he could into her asshole and he found himself wanting to fuck her up the ass. He continued to ass fuck her with his tongue and she was at his mercy. Her desire grew as he worked her ass to the point that she really wanted more in her ass.

Pete removed his tongue from her ass and ran his hard cock between her ass cheeks as he spoke to her, "I want to fuck you in the ass Callie. Do you want me to fuck your hot ass? I can see that your ass is waiting to be fucked."

"Oh yes Pete, but you're so big. You must get some cream from my bathroom," Callie replied to him with apprehension.

Pete sprinted to the bathroom and was back in bed in no time with the lubricant in his hands. Callie arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at him. He coated her asshole with a generous amount of cream and slid his thick finger in her hole. He took his time preparing her ass relishing every moment. He then coated his entire cock with the cream and placed the head at the entrance to her anus. Pete pushed forward and the thick cock head squeezed into her tight asshole.

Callie winched in pain as her asshole was stretched wide again and she gasped, "Go slow let me get used to it."

Pete withdrew his cock head and then pushed it back in this time causing more pleasure than pain. He pushed until a couple of inches were in Callie's ass. Callie found herself holding her breath and her body covered in goose bumps. Pete slowly slid his dick in and out of her each time going a little deeper. The discomfort had subsided and was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

"Relax and breathe Callie," urged Pete.

Callie relaxed a little and then felt more of his cock slide into her asshole. She grunted out loud as she felt fuller and than a wave of pleasure through her body. She was convinced that Pete had his whole cock in her now but really he only had about half of his big dick in her. She felt so full so had no idea that he had another five inches before he was done. Pete kept feeding more and more of his cock into her ass. There was slight cramping then fullness and then pleasure each time he went deeper. Callie would tense, relax and then enjoy it. This pattern continued until Pete had all nine inches buried in Callie's ass.

"Oh my God, you are so big I feel so full," cried out Callie and then, "Uh, uh, uh oh yes, it's so good," she cried out.

Pete reached around and played with Callie's clit as he pounded her ass. Her pussy and asshole were on fire as the big cock reached sensitive areas in her body. Callie was on the brink of another huge orgasm as Pete methodically fucked her in her tight anus with his sizeable cock. He loved watching his big cock slide out of her white shapely ass and then plunge back in as his hips slapped against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust. He loved watching her ass impaled on his cock. Her orgasm surged within her as he fucked her ass harder and faster.

As Callie came and came her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around Pete's fingers coating them with her cunt juice. Callie's asshole pulsated as he drove his big cock in and out of it. Her ass involuntarily squeezed and released his huge member as he fucked it causing him to finally lose it. He slid his pecker deep into her rectum as his cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her channel. Pete kept fucking her as load after load was fired into her ass as his cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Callie.

Callie had not felt so full of cum since Sal fucked her ass and there was no where for it to go blocked by Pete's swollen cock buried in her ass. He slowed his pace and eventually stopped, allowing his cock to remain buried in Callie's ass. He did not go soft right away and he gently moved his hips pushing cum around in her ass. Some of it trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips.

Callie could not take any more fucking and she pleaded, "Please no more, I can't take any more, please stop."

Reluctantly Pete stopped and slowly withdrew his cock from her loosened asshole. He marveled in the sight of his enormous cock sliding out of her shapely ass. The man seed flowed from her asshole and ran like a river down over her pussy and between her sweet thighs. Pete and Callie stayed in the same position for awhile and he massaged her beautiful ass as she remained on her knees with her ass perched in the air. Pete pushed down lightly on Callie's back causing her to accentuate her ass even more. He loved looking at it and playing with it as she cooed into the bed sheets. His cock remained hard and looked menacing around Callie's asshole. It was hard to believe that a cock that size had just fucked such a beautiful tight ass. Callie looked magnificent with her just fucked curvy ass in the air. Pete now knew why Sal, Frankie and Joey bragged about fucking Callie's ass, it was beautiful and it was impossible for any guy to keep his cock out of her fantastic ass.

Pete slipped out of bed, washed and dressed. He came over to the bed and kissed Callie on the cheek; she still had not moved. He could not resist sticking one of his fingers in asshole as a parting gesture. Callie just wiggled her bum slightly in delight and then watched as Pete left her bedroom. Callie heard the front door close and she thought to herself that their relationship would never be the same after tonight but she had learned one thing and that was that she could take Pete in her ass and she loved it.

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