tagGroup SexUndercover Agent To Mole Ch. 03

Undercover Agent To Mole Ch. 03


READERS NOTE: This story could have been listed under a number of different literotica categories but I chose to list it under group sex since there is much of that is the story. The story contains group sex, anal sex, oral sex, vaginal sex and lesbian sex. There are also accounts of reluctance and non consent. I had planned that it only be one chapter but as it got longer I decided to break it up into three chapters. All characters are at least 18 years of age.


Callie now Carmen, arrived at the Sicilian airport and was met by two very handsome young Italian men. They greeted her and escorted her to the car that would take her top the palazzo. Carmen enjoyed the ride through the beautiful countryside and found the whole setting to be very romantic. Then she saw the palazzo as the car entered the main gate and she couldn't believe the size of the estate. The car pulled up into the circle passing the entrance to the palazzo and stopped. Callie got out of the car and she was greeted by two other very pretty young women, Marina and Gabriella.

They kissed her on both cheeks and welcomed her to Sicily. Then they took her inside and showed her to her room. Carmen was overwhelmed with the accommodations and the opulence of the palazzo.

"You must be very tired from your journey. We will draw a bath for you and then you can rest. We will show you around the palazzo later," Marina said.

Carmen agreed that a bath would be good and she was definitely tired. She was surprised when Marina and Gabriella didn't leave her room when she undressed. Marina knelt by the tub and tested the water with her hand as Gabriella lay out large fully towels near the tub. Carmen was comfortable with her nudity and she was still very proud of her figure. She walked naked over to the tub and stepped in it. The hot water felt good and she let herself sink down into it. Carmen was surprised again this time when Marina and Gabriella took sponges in their hands and began to wash her body.

Carmen never had anyone else wash her before and the feeling was erotic. Carmen closed her eyes and thought back to the time she was still Callie and she was seduced by Ingrid and how much she enjoyed her first lesbian experience. Carmen felt the sponges glide over her body as the two Italian girls washed her breasts, abs, legs and pubes. Carmen gasped when one sponge caressed her labia and she instinctively opened her legs. Marina stood up and dropped her dress which was all she was wearing as Gabriella continued to wash Carmen. Gabriella looked at the naked Marina and smiled at her. Then Marina began to wash Carmen again as Gabriella stood up and dropped her dress. She too was naked now.

Carmen opened her eyes as the two women entered the large tub with her. She took in the beauty of both dark haired Italian women as they joined her in the tub. They continued to wash Carmen and then Marina handed Carmen a sponge so that she could wash them. Carmen ran the sponge over the large firm tits of both women and then the three of them began to kiss and touch each other. They kissed each other, caressed each other's breasts and fingered each other's pussies until all three of them orgasmed. They looked beautiful together in the tub as they all relaxed in the warm water.

"That is enough for now," Marina whispered, "Carmen you will rest now and we will make love later."

The three of them got out of the tub and fried each other with the large fluffy towels. Then Carmen went into the bedroom and crawled in bed. Within minutes she was sound asleep after Marina and Gabriella had left the room. Carmen slept soundly for hours before she woke and found herself between the two beautiful Italian girls again. The three of them were naked in Carmen's bed.

"Would you like to go first," Gabriella asked Marina.

"I would love to," Marina said excitedly.

Carmen was overcome with Marina's beautiful firm body seeing her naked again. Marina then moved between Carmen's legs and stroked and lightly probed her vulva. Carmen was struggling to contain her desire, and when she felt Marina tease her secret entrance she couldn't stand it any longer. Carmen pulled Marina to her and tried to get Marina to lick her sopping wet pussy. But Marina was not concerned about Carmen's urgency and continued at her own pace.

Carmen pushed herself onto Marina's face and she knew that this was what she wanted. Carmen needed this beautiful Italian girl to lick at her sex, to explore her with Marina's tongue, her hidden crevices and taste her juices. Marina movements were unsure at first, knowing only that she wanted to taste Carmen's womanhood. Marina knew Carmen was encouraged by her murmurs of pleasure that her actions caused. Gabriella moved to Carmen's side and stroked her breasts as she watched Marina between her legs.

Marina had an overwhelming desire to touch and feel Carmen and she brought her hands up to caress Carmen's buttocks. She kneaded gently at Carmen's smooth flesh, spreading her cheeks until Carmen knew Marina could see the deep shadowed cleft between them, and her puckered amber ring that nestled there. Marina startled Carmen when she reached for it with her tongue, licking, and running the tip of her tongue around it, feeling Carmen's tight muscles react to her probing tongue.

Carmen whispered encouragement to her, "Oh yes, oh Marina please don't stop."

Carmen felt her tight ring dilate from the pressure of Marina's tongue. This felt so good. Marina then pushed a finger into Carmen's pussy and she felt it delve deeply into her warmth causing her vaginal muscles to contract involuntarily.

"Put your finger in me," Carmen begged and Marina knew exactly what to do.

She moistened her finger with Carmen's cunt juices and she pushed it into her tight rosebud, slowly easing her way in. Marina's tongue continued to lick and tease Carmen's sex now slipping over her moistened lips and stopping at her tight pleasure nub. Carmen pushed herself against Marina, grinding her hips so as to force Marina's finger further and deeper into her anal channel. Carmen could no longer concentrate on anything apart from the feel of Marina's hands caressing her ass as the finger penetrated her private entrance while Marina's mouth nibbled frantically on her clit. Carmen knew she was about to cum and she knew that would as good as ever. That special feeling rose over Carmen and she buried her face in Gabriella's body, their breasts pressed together as she tried to hide her cries of ecstasy. Carmen felt her juices flow, her pussy swell and she squirted streams of cum into Marina's mouth. At first Marina was startled when the first squirt shot into her mouth but then she licked and swallowed, drinking the streams of cum with her own sounds of pleasure.

For a moment they stayed glued to one another, too weak to move. Then very slowly, Marina eased her finger from Carmen's rectum and laid her head on Carmen's thighs with her arms entwined around Carmen's legs. This was only the start of their explorations and now Carmen would take her.

"You are very accomplished Marina," Carmen gasped.

"Yes, I had a very good teacher," Marina replied and winked at Gabriella.

"You must have," Carmen sighed.

"Carmen your pussy gets so swollen when you are excited and when you cum it squirts out like you are peeing," Marina commented.

"Yes that happens sometimes when I am very excited but not very often. I must have been really turned on. Now let's see if I can get you to cum for me," Carmen answered.

Marina and Carmen switched places so that Carmen was between her legs. Carmen gently pushed Marina's legs wider apart and she watched as the outer lips of Marina's sex spread and the pink inner surfaces were revealed to her. They were already glistening with juices and Carmen knew at that instant how Gabriella must have felt when she and Marina made love. Carmen couldn't wait to taste her juices for myself. The opening of Marina's vagina was a dark and mysterious shadow and felt like velvet.

Carmen slowly reached forward and spread Marina's labia wider allowing her fingers to play up and down the moist slit. Carmen felt Marina quiver, little goose bumps from her shivers of sensation ran down her thighs. Stretching her wider Carmen could see a firm nub of erect pink flesh standing proudly like a tiny cock at the top of Marina's sex. Carmen knew that this was her seat of pleasure and the cause of all of her urges. Carmen let her fingers tickle Marina's clit lightly, teasingly causing the teacher to gasp as her thighs jerked in sudden tremor. Carmen lowered head and took the nub of tissue in her mouth, rolling it lightly between her lips and scraping it gently with her teeth. Carmen could smell her arousal. Marina smelled so much like Gabriella, her deep musk made Carmen light-headed and she wondered if this is what all Italian pussy smelled like. Carmen tongued and licked gently up and down the length of Marina's slit and she had to hold her thighs apart as Marina began to buck beneath her. Carmen knew that Marina was reaching her crisis as she moaned, almost growling with meaningless sounds of ecstasy arising from her. Carmen slowed her assault as she wanted to extend her pleasure as long as she could. Carmen fingered Marina's sex again, ran her fingertips up and down Marina's sex and scratched lightly at her labia.

With a fingertip Carmen probed the entrance to Marina's vagina. She knew that she wasn't the first to tread this path. Marina's cry of pleasure at being penetrated encouraged Carmen to thrust her finger in her deeper and faster. Carmen could feel the muscular walls of Marina's tight pussy grip at her as she caressed the folds and crevices inside Marina's pussy. Carmen slid her middle finger in alongside the first finger and allowed her thumb to rest lightly on Marina's clit. Gabriella lay along side Marina and stroked her firm pert breasts and tweaked her rock hard nipples as Carmen worked her pussy.

Marina's pussy seemed to suck at Carmen's fingers drawing them in deeper and faster until her fingertips seemed to make contact with Marina's womb. Both of them were panting so Carmen began to rub Marina's clit frantically. Carmen knew that Marina was about to cum. She watched Marina arch her back and Carmen felt Marina's muscles contract down around her fingers. Carmen pulled her fingers from Marina's cunt and covered it with her mouth once again sucking hard on her clit. Gabriella covered Marina's mouth with her own and smothered her cries of ecstasy as she writhed on the sofa with her head moving from side to side as the waves of sensation rolled over her. Marina came in buckets drenching Carmen's face with her juices.

Gabriella left the bed allowing Marina a few moments to recover and allowing Carmen to suck up all her delightful juices. Carmen felt her own loins stir again in the passion of the moment. Gabriella returned to Carmen's side wearing her strap-on cock and with a sexy sultry smile spoke to me.

Gabriella lay on her back on her bed with her fake cock sticking straight up in the air. The sight was overwhelmingly erotic. Carmen was fixated on Gabriella now and she moved her legs astride Gabriella's lap. Carmen straddled her now and stared deeply into Gabriella's eyes as she lowered herself back onto the rubber cock. Waves of pleasure washed through Carmen again as she slowly fucked Gabriella's thick rubber strap-on. Carmen ground down onto the cock, enjoying every little rib and notch on it, letting it stretch her pussy satisfyingly. Carmen moaned loudly as she reveled in the sensations of her cunt. Gabriella and Carmen kissed each other again hungrily.

Suddenly the focus of Carmen's attention switched, as she become aware of Marina behind her. Carmen turned her head to the side and started kissing Marina's mouth wantonly. Marina licked and nibbled Carmen's lips before once again forcing her tongue deep into Carmen's mouth. Marina's tongue was thick and long as it frantically invaded Carmen's mouth. It felt as if she was fucking her with it and Carmen sucked on it much like she would a man's cock. Their tongues interlocked as Marina swirled her tongue round Carmen's mouth. Marina pressed her body against Carmen and she felt Marina's firm breasts pressed into her back. Marina reached around Carmen and started to fondle her tits. She rolled Carmen's swollen nipples gently between her delicate fingers. As Marina fondled Carmen's breasts she returned her attention to Gabriella and kissed her hungrily as she thrust down on Gabriella's thick strap-on, their tongues explored each other's mouths again.

Carmen gasped in excitement as she suddenly felt the cool latex of another strap-on pressed against her back. Marina must have put one on while she was occupied with Gabriella. As Carmen fucked Gabriella's strap-on she wiggled her ass shamelessly inviting Marina to give the other cock to her too. As she pulled on Carmen's nipples Marina whispered in her ear that she was going to fuck her hot little ass.

Carmen heard Marina spit noisily and felt a blob of Marina's sticky saliva fall between her ass cheeks. Soon Carmen felt the head of Marina's rubber cock pressed against the opening of her tight ass. The head of the cock felt nice and slick with lube and it slid easily into Carmen's stretched opening and with another push it was past her sphincter and rushed deep into her ass. With the strap-on in her ass and Gabriella's rubber cock still in her pussy Carmen began to revel in the pleasure of her first experience of being double fucked by two rubber cocks. Carmen could feel the two cocks stretching her inside, almost rubbing against each other, separated only by a thin membrane of her skin.

Marina obviously loved the sensation of screwing Carmen's ass. Carmen wiggled it provocatively as Marina thrust into her and then she playfully slapped the cheeks of Carmen's ass. Marina's smacks were firm and thrilling and Carmen felt her ass cheeks begin to tingle as the hand struck her again and again. Carmen moaned deeply now with each thrust of the two fake cocks and her cries filled the room. Marina and Gabriella were fucking her roughly as if they were rushing toward their own orgasms. At this moment Carmen wished that there was a pussy available for her mouth to join the luscious rubber cocks in her ass and her pussy.

The three of them came at the same time writhing and screaming. Carmen leaned forward on Gabriella's body and thrust her tongue into Gabriella's receptive mouth and Marina kissed the back of her neck still kneading Carmen's breasts. They had to be one of the hottest sights ever as the three women were connected together with rubber cocks.

Gabriella was next double fucked by Marina and Carmen and then it was Marina's turn to be sandwiched between Gabriella and Carmen with fake cocks in her ass and pussy. They fucked and sucked each other until they were totally drained and well into the evening. As the three women lay there Carmen couldn't help but reflect on the first day with Gabriella and then Marina. Not in her wildest imagination would she have thought that she would have sex with two women and allow herself to be double fucked with fake cocks. But she loved every erotic minute of their time together and she loved everything they did already looking forward to an encore.

"Carmen the boys are going to love fucking your hot beautiful ass," Marina stated.

"The boys?" Carmen questioned.

"Oh yes, you will meet them tomorrow when we introduce you to the staff," Marina told her.

"You will love them and they will love you too. Be ready to have your bottom pinched all the time. It is just that your have one of those bottoms that people can't resist touching," Gabriella warned her.

"Now we will bathe, dress and have dinner. Tomorrow Gabby and I will show you around the palazzo and the grounds. You will meet the staff then and get your bottom pinched," Marina laughed.

The three of them bathed, dressed and went down to the dining room for dinner. Carmen wondered what else was in store for her during her stay in Sicily. They had a marvelous dinner and some wonderful wine then it was time to retire for the evening. Carmen returned to her room and crashed immediately. The trip, the sex and the meal took their toll on her and she fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning Carmen woke up and lay in bed thinking about her fate. Things had certainly moved quickly. She had assumed a new ID, flown to a new country to live in a palazzo with two beautiful Italian women. Not in her wildest dreams did Callie, now Carmen, ever expect her life to change as it had. She didn't know how long she would stay in Sicily but she knew it was better than any witness protection program the FBI offered.

She eased her naked body out of bed and went into the bathroom to shower. As the warm water cascaded over her body, she ran her hands over her breasts and buttocks. Carmen loved her body and she was thankful for it. She thought about Marina and Gabriella as she soaped her body and she remembered how they had washed her in the tub. That got it started and then they made passionate love later. Carmen at that moment looked forward to more encounters with the two Italian beauties.

Carman finished her shower and dried off. She walked back into the bedroom and she was surprised to see Marina in the room. Marina had brought some clothes in for Carmen and then she remembered that she didn't have anything to wear. She had only had the clothes she wore on the flight. Marina looked up and smiled as Carmen walked into the bedroom.

"I have brought you some clothes to wear today. One day we will go shopping but these will do for now," Marina told her.

Carmen dropped the towel on the bed and walked naked over toward Marina. They kissed as the Italians do on both cheeks and then Carmen looked at the clothes. She noticed that there were white Capri pants, a light pink halter tube top, panties and sandals. Carmen pulled on the panties and she loved the feel of the silk texture. Next she put on the Capri pants and she struggled with them since they were so tight. She checked herself in the mirror and she realized how sexy she looked with just the tight pants on. The pants were so snug that every curve of her marvelous ass and shapely legs was outlined and being naked from the waist up added to her sexy look. Carmen picked up the tube top and pulled it over her head. She adjusted the top so that it fit comfortably around her tits. Her nipples were already hard and they poked through the material. Carmen then put on the sandals and she was ready.

Marina gave her a soft whistle and said, "The boys will be stiff in their pants when they see you today but first we will have some breakfast."

Carmen followed Marina out of the bedroom and down to the dining area. Carmen then realized that Marina was dressed the same way except that her Capri pants were light blue and the halter top was a darker blue. Carmen was looking forward to meeting the staff and the boys that Marina and Gabby had talked so much about. They entered the dining room and Gabby was already seated waiting for them. She too wore Capri pants and a tube top but hers were a matching light green. Carmen thought that this must be the uniform of the day for the women around the palazzo.

The three beauties enjoyed a light continental breakfast of espresso, juice, fruit, cheese and pastries. They took their time eating and had several cups of espresso. One young boy served them and Carmen learned that his name was Paolo. He was a handsome young boy of 18 years and Carmen learned from Marina that Paolo liked other boys. Carmen was told that she would meet Enzio later and that he and Paolo were lovers. After breakfast Marina and Gabby gave Carmen a tour of the palazzo. During the tour Carmen was introduced to other house staff. She met Maria who worked in the kitchen, Giovanni the chef and Enzio. Then she was introduced to a couple of attractive young girls who handled the housekeeping duties, Pia and Sophia.

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