Undercover Ch. 02


Danny took a small sip of his own wine and refilled Sandra's glass again before sitting forward and running his hands under the sides of Sandra's satin blouse. Her warm skin rubbed against the palm of his hand and the sexy material rubbed across the hairs on the back of his hand. Slowly he brought the palm of each hand to lightly brush across the side of each breast whose perky nipples stared straight back at him. Then he curled his hands slightly and moved them inwards so they swept up the rounded shape and eased them together to form a nice cleavage. Danny's mind turned to the desire to tit-fuck her stunning enhanced breasts. He so badly wanted to tug on her nipples and thrust his cock up and down between them. Instead he cupped his hands further and took more of the weight in his hands as his forefinger searched out the bullet hard nipples

He needed to get back into the game and move into first place ahead of Sandra and preferably Pritak as well. He knew that both could be fatal to him and his thumbs searched desperately for Sandra's nipples as he knew from being married that was her point of weakness as Sandra had very, very sensitive nipples.

Sandra groaned out loud as the rough skin of Danny's thumbs rubbed firmly across the buds of her nipples; her pussy came awash with fresh juices as her body waited in eager anticipation for what it knew was to follow. Danny's fingers formed a circle around the firm flesh of Sandra's fine tits, and he admired the weight and firmness as his hand and fingers rubbed and squeezed the warm pliant flesh. Sandra sighed some more, enjoying the warmth emanating from her breasts through her body down to her hot wet pussy. The excitement increased to another level as Danny's hard rough hands rubbed harder and the pressure of his thumbs increased on her nipples pressing the sensitive tips back into the flesh of her now heaving breasts. She smiled at Danny in open appreciation of the man she once loved and now realised might have been her biggest mistake in betraying him and their kids; because he certainly knew how to excite her. Sandra's hands dropped to her pussy, one went to her erect clit and started to play with it. The other hand straightened out three fingers which were then instantly buried deep into her own hot wet snatch.

Danny increased the pressure on her nipples until they were pressed hard into the silicon implants under her skin. He looked down and true to form he could see the blur of her hand between her thighs as she plundered her dripping pussy with her fingers.

"OH GOD," Sandra groaned out loud as her eyes begged Danny for forgiveness for all she had done to him. Danny smiled back as he rotated his thumbs to bring his fingers onto Sandra's nipples. She screamed and creamed as the sharp edge of his nails raked across her nipples, scoring the hot sensitive skin. "OH FUCK", she groaned in automatic response as she pressed her finger tips more firmly against her own clit.

Now Danny brought his fingers to the soft underside of her breasts and rotated his fingers so that the nails scored into the soft sensitive skin.

"AAARRRGGGHHH .... GOD .... YYEESS," Sandra screamed out loud as a mini orgasm washed over her fingers as they continued to rabidly fuck her own pussy. Danny felt her whole body shaking in his hands as he gripped her full tits hard, he knew he was back in the game and the next three to five minutes would determine whether that was enough to survive in this game. Danny could feel himself getting hard again as this brutal game of survival became exciting for him, and now he had his confidence fully restored. Now he just had to trap her into betraying herself.

Increasing the pressure slightly he quickened the scoring of both her nipples and her breasts, and her groans grew louder and continuous as she frigged her clit and pussy unmercilessly.

"You're such a fucking slut aren't you Sandra," Danny stated in his best hard command voice. He didn't even wait for an answer as his hand squeezed hard down into her now tender breasts. He saw tears fill her eyes in pain as she groaned back "YES".

"You would do anything for a good fuck wouldn't you?" he asked in a harsh tone as he squeezed her breasts as hard as he could.

"YYEESS" she screamed out loud.

Danny shook his hips so that his rock hard prick shook in front of her face, "You want a good hard and rough fucking now don't you?" Danny demanded.

Sandra was torn, she loved the pleasure of her fingers in her pussy and frantically rubbing her clit; and she also loved the incredible pain from her tortured breasts and nipples. She seemed to be cumming almost continuously, and she felt she was losing control of herself, as she always did when enjoying her own brand of great sex. She so desperately needed this wild, wanton sex to continue.

"You want the hard prick deep inside you, fucking you don't you?" Danny demanded.

"GOD YES, I need fucking to finish me off", Sandra begged.

"I'll finish you off, believe me," Danny promised.

Danny eased the pressure on her breasts allowing her nipples to become erect again and then he pulled her to her feet by her nipples. Sandra screamed as hard as she could as more pain than even child birth coursed through her body. Her legs fought to provide support to her body as they tried to push her up to relieve the pull on her breasts and nipples.

Sandra saw a wicked gleam in Danny's eyes as she fought to stand.

"You would give up anything for my prick to finish you off wouldn't you", Danny said more as a statement than a question.

Danny moved towards the heavy timber coffee table in the middle of the room, dragging Sandra by her nipples with him. Her full breasts were now elongated as she tried hard to keep up with her nipples. Danny extended his fingers to continue to score the tender underside of her breasts with his nails. Sandra was still frigging her pussy despite the incredible pain that was consuming her whole body. But despite the pain she had never felt so alive, so on edge, so aware of every sense in her body. The incredible pain just made her feel she was living her life to the fullest. She felt it was bizarre, but so dammed exciting.

Danny sat on the end of the coffee table and dragged Sandra so she straddled his thighs. She tried to lower herself onto his rearing thick prick, but Danny lifted one leg to prevent her as he cruelly twisted her nipples a half turn between his thumb and forefinger. Sandra screamed again but her fingers still continued to savagely fuck her pussy. She so desperately wanted Danny's thick cock in her again. She needed a rough fucking and she needed it now.

"PPLLEEAASSE" she begged openly and tried to lower herself down on Danny's cock. His leg lowered and she knew it was available for her, she smiled, but then Danny tugged at her nipples and kept her an inch or two above the thick swollen head of his cock. She felt it brush against the soft skin of her thigh, she wanted it, she knew how good it felt inside, and again she worried why she had given up such a good man to get herself into such a mess. She felt safety around that cock that was just an inch or two from her dripping pussy, she desired it, she wanted it, she needed it. She needed Danny's cock inside her to feel safe, to fuck her hard, to bring her off, to give her the pleasure she so badly craved. She knew Danny was a gentleman, the father of her two children, a man with honour and integrity ..... and she had shit on him years before, hurt him deeply, nearly destroyed him but for his strength of character. God she needed her husband now, she needed him deep inside her, safety at last, and a dammed good fucking in the process. Sandra smiled down at Danny as she used to do years ago in better times; she felt those times were just seconds away again when he entered and satisfied her as he used to.

Danny squeezed her tortured nipples hard again, "Won't you?" he demanded.

"YES," she screamed in urgent desperation to be fucked.

"You betrayed the last shipment to Burrows at Interpol so you could fuck his thick cock didn't you?" as he sank his nails into her nipples

"YES FUCK YES," Sandra screamed out loud as more pain washed over her.

"You'd sell out Mr Pritak right now to get on the end of my cock right now wouldn't you?" as he cruelly twisted her nipples to get the right answer.

"FUCK YES ..... YES ... YES," she screamed in pain and absolute need.

Danny smiled up at his ex wife, released her nipples so he could grip her hips and pull her down onto his hot thick throbbing cock.

Her pussy was a dripping sheath as it slid over the tip of his cock. Sandra and Danny both groaned out loud in instant gratification as she took his entire length into her in one slick motion. Danny had to admit to himself she had a fantastic pussy for all the hurt it had caused in recent years.

Sandra threw herself forward and wrapped her arms around Danny's neck as her breasts crushed against his chest. Her pussy was stuffed full of his hot manhood and she felt his arms wrap around her.

Danny could now see Pritak past her body, his face awash with unspeakable anger. Suddenly Danny didn't know if Pritak was armed or not and definitely didn't know if Pritak would shoot Sandra while she lay atop him.

Sandra started to lift her hips and started to fuck Danny by herself.

"Fuck me ..... Fuck me ...... please Danny ..... please," she begged quietly into his ear.

Danny slowly started to rock his hips atop the coffee table, then fell into an easy steady motion as he fucked the saturated pussy riding atop of him. He instinctively reached his hands between their bodies to grip Sandra's amazing tits. He didn't know how long his would last, either shagging Sandra or living if Pritak was armed. He certainly knew this would be the last time he fucked his ex-wife one way or another. Danny just wanted to survive, to go home and be able to hug his kids.

Pritak stood up and Danny nearly shit himself in absolute terror, he didn't realise that the suddenly pumping of blood by his heart had made his prick swell even more inside Sandra as she mutually humped him totally unaware of the danger behind as she was totally high on coke, sex and being in Danny's arms again.

Pritak reached towards the waist band of his trousers, Danny froze, unable to continue fucking Sandra who happily continued the fuck solo so to speak.

Pritak started to unbuckle his belt and drop his trousers, Danny breathed as sweat poured off him.

Pritak smiled at him and rocked his hips back and forth in a fucking motion. Danny wasn't sure if Pritak was signalling for him to keep fucking Sandra or if he was going to join in. Whichever way it went Danny knew he was going to live a few minutes more, so what better way to end his life than fucking his ex wife who had so thoroughly fucked him over years before.

Pritak stripped off completely and stepped toward Danny and Sandra armed only with a hard on. Danny sank his fingers into Sandra to get a good grip on her as he was going to give her the fucking she would never forget. What he didn't realise was that Pritak had the same intention.

Sandra absolutely loved the feel and heat of Danny's swollen cock inside her; it seemed to be thicker than she remembered it, but she didn't care. She knew that she was going to be safe now, Danny was reliable, he would take care of her,' he must still love me' she thought as she rode his manhood to orgasm.

Whilst Sandra's pussy felt great and her hot body pressed against him with her incredible new tits, Danny watched Pritak carefully as he approached and straddled Danny's outstretched legs. Pritak smiled again but that still didn't put Danny at ease.

Pritak gripped Sandra's hips to hold her bucking hips in one place. She was still too stoned & orgasmic to realise that there was an additional pair of hands on her apart from Danny's pleasuring her tits.

Once Sandra was still Pritak took one hand off her hip to line up his swollen prick with her puckered hole that he so wanted to plunder as an act of revenge.

Sandra felt a sticky cock brush up against her sensitive skin, "What the f......" was all she had time to mutter before white light flashed across her eyes, pain tore up her body as her ass was ripped apart as Pritak plunged his cock fully length deep into her asshole. Pritak's hand pushed down hard on her shoulders at the same instant her flight instincts took hold of her body. By then it was too late, Pritak had her pinned with his fingers and invading cock, while she was locked down by Danny's cock and his hands gripping her tits.

Danny just felt Pritak's cock slam into her and the amazing feeling of having another man's cock alongside his and only separated only by the membrane between Sandra's pussy and ass.

Over Sandra's incredible scream he could hear Pritak cry out "You fucking traitorous bitch" as he started to fuck her arse with all his might. Amazingly Danny didn't have to do a thing during this three way fuck. Sandra fought desperately to get free, her eyes wide in absolute terror; and Pritak easily held her down atop Danny as his hips sawed in and out of Sandra's violated ass. Despite himself Danny felt about ready to cum, Sandra fighting above him was causing incredible sensations to his cock and feeling Pritak's cock close to him just blew his mind. Sandra was still screaming in pain and fighting for her life and it just made Danny's balls come to the boil as her body humped and fought above him and Pritak grunted loudly, obviously close to cumming himself as he hammered her ass.

"AARRGGHH FUCK SANDRA," Danny almost screamed as he came deep in her pussy, firing wads of cum into her and squeezing her tits hard as his balls kept pumping until thoroughly empty. At the same time Pritak came to a standstill as he filled her ass with his cum. Danny couldn't tell when Sandra's screams changed from pain to pleasure, if in fact they did, but he felt her orgasm wash over his cock and her juices run down onto his thighs as she creamed and screamed above him. The coffee table shook as all three bodies shook at their own pace through their orgasmic delight and pain all of them endured.

Finally Pritak pulled out of Sandra and moved away. Sandra tried to stand and just collapsed onto the carpeted floor, crying and pulling herself into the foetal position like a baby. Eventually Danny was able to stand and look at the scene around him. He took a long swig off wine direct from the bottle to calm his nerves, and then offered it to Pritak who did the same.

Once their breathing had returned to normal Danny felt stable and confident enough to ask "What now?"

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