tagNovels and NovellasUndercover Ch. 05

Undercover Ch. 05

byAda Stuart©

Erin listened as Cade snapped at another employee. His temper was definitely not of the best lately, but usually it was her on the receiving line of his bad moods.

He had not confronted her with the Christmas-picture yet, so hopefully he hadn't figured out who had pulled the prank on him. Still he was as sour as ever and even a couple of days had not managed to cool down his temper.

She heard him curse again in a very inventive vocabulary. She would never have thought he had it in him, but that only showed how little one really knew about other people. Erin chuckled. In fact, she did prefer this grumpy fellow to the iceberg any time of day. At least these days he did show some feelings and she had not heard him use that upper-class and haughty tone at all lately. No, he was definitely improving, she thought.

So who was the latest victim. Oh, Sam, of course, he was one of the few that tolerated the boss's bad mood swings. The others had the good sense to stay away from him altogether. Still, he was quite entertaining once you saw the humour in it, she thought.

She entered the office. Cade was still working on his tirade, while Sam was sitting calmly in a chair, just smiling.

"Look, Cade," Sam intervened as soon as Cade stopped to take a short breath in his tirade. "Why don't you go for a long walk and work off that temper of yours? Right now you're not thinking too clearly."

"Oh, I'm not to sure a walk will help at the present stage," Erin intervened laughingly. "I would rather suggest a small trip to the nearest whorehouse for some oiling and service, or perhaps a cold bath. There's nothing better for solving that problem of your sexual frustrations, boss."

As soon as the sentence was finished she looked into Cade's face, and the strange look on his face made her freeze on the spot. Oops, maybe she shouldn't have said that. He was probably still angry, she thought, and prepared herself for a hasty retreat. Maybe he had discovered who was responsible for his new fame among the female staff. Instead, he seemed to calm down and got an even stranger look in his face. He was actually smiling. This didn't bode well at all.

"That sounds like a good idea, wouldn't you agree, Sam?"

Sam looked at them both in complete ignorance. "Huh?" was all he managed to say.

"Sam, why don't you take Mrs. Anderson for an extended lunch?" Sam finally seemed to grasp a hold of reality, and his smile broke out as if he finally understood what was going on.

"My pleasure," Sam answered while exiting the room. Erin suddenly got a premonition of something not being entirely right. Their grumpy and ill-tempered boss was smiling just like a cat when getting sight of a juicy meal. That was definitely a bad sign, she thought, and started retreating as casually as she could.

"In that case I'm also heading for lunch," she said and walked quickly toward the door. But just before she could reach it, the door closed right in front of her. Confused, she glanced up to see a large hand was holding it closed and a warm body was felt against her backside. He moved closer and she could feel his warm breath down her neck. She shivered while trying to grab a hold of herself.

"What, I'm not allowed to have lunch either?" she asked with more calm than she felt.

"Oh, don't worry, you will have lunch, but not the way you thought," Cade answered calmly with a voice several octaves below his usual yelling. This voice was deep and dangerously seductive and much too close to her ear.

"I suggest you open the door right now," she started a little angrier now as she tried to conceal her worry with anger. "Otherwise I might charge you with sexual harassment."

His answer was quick and not to her liking as his other hand came forward and before she could prevent it he turned the lock in the door and rested his hand on the other side of her head -- crowding her in.

"Now," he said calmly. "Finally we can have a small conversation about some pictures floating around."

She turned around and pretended a calmness she didn't feel, and asked, "what pictures?"

"Don't play the ignorant with me," he answered. "I know you were responsible. Only, I want the names of your associates as well." She didn't respond. "No? Are you protecting them? That's fine with me. Then I'll just stick to punishing you. You can have their share as well."

"What?" she gasped. "You do know that hitting you employees is against the law? I also think that Warren would be very interested to know what sort of creep he's partnering with and how that creep treats his employees."

"Forget Warren. This is about me being sniggered at every time I walk out of my office. Someone has made copies of that damn poster and distributed it. I even found one on my desk. So perhaps you would care to tell me who the culprit is?"

She just stared at him, still refusing to answer.

"Keeping quiet, are you? I'll take that as a sure sign that I've found the one responsible. But the silence won't last long," he said silkily. "I have figured out a way to punish you and relieve my own suffering at the same time," he said while moving his hand from the arch of her neck and continued downwards in a leisurely movement.

All the way her skin tingled by the touch. He moved his hand across her nipples, and she could feel the tips contracting instantly. She let out a reluctant but inevitable gasp and looked at him, trying to grasp what he was up to but still too dazed to understand completely.

Then he suddenly ripped open her blouse. She jerked backwards in surprise and bumped into the door behind her. She gripped her blouse and tried to close it again. She had wanted to seduce the man, but on her own terms. Not to be the recipient of this wildly dominant maleness - although the beginning moistness in her panties tried to tell her otherwise. She moved sideways and tried to put more space between them.

"No, don't hide," he said, and stalked her.

She collided with something hard, the desk she thought, and turned around to watch her step. Then he pounced on her again. His arms snuggled around her, cupping both her breasts. She could feel a hard chest against her back, and she realised how much larger than her he actually was. He bent his head and starting kissing her neck slowly and thoroughly.

The sensation surprised her. Her skin caught fire at the same time his lips met her warm skin and she felt lightning spreading through her body at an instant. She bent her head to the side, giving him easier access to her throat as he dropped kisses all along her warm skin. She felt a tingling sensation starting in her cunt and the feeling increased as he reached around her and started playing with her nipples, making them tighten to his every caress. She moaned and thrust her breasts into his hands as she moved her back against his front. She felt something hard pushing into her backside and realising it was his cock hardening to join in on the fun.

Finally she would have him, she thought. She had longed for this for so long now and her entire body trembled with expectations. Never had she wanted a man this much before.

He cupped her breasts again before bending to kiss the other side of her neck. He was sucking her skin so hard into his mouth that she was sure he would leave a mark there come morning. She didn't care. In fact, the thought of him marking her made her moisten even more than before and she reached behind her to touch every part of his body she could reach. She wanted to pleasure him as much as he pleasured her. He held her tight to him and she could not reach his cock even as much as she wanted to.

"I want to touch you," she groaned. He released her only so much that her hands could sneak between their bodies and she found his hard shaft straining against his pants. She roamed her hands along the ridge and tried to tighten her hands around him. He groaned into her ear as she continued to caress his swollen member.

"Enough," he growled as he turned her around and lifted her onto the desk in one fluid motion. She felt feather light and welcomed the feeling of being mastered by this strong man. She had always been the strong one in every relationship she had been involved in. To feel small and let him cater for her was a new experience which made her shiver in excitement.

He took her mouth in a hard kiss again and she answered him fully. He stroked his tongue along her lips as if he tried to dry her of all her willpower and surrender to his rule. But she would not give in easily, she vowed and started to rip at his clothes. His shirt buttons went flying as she ripped open his shirt and she could hear some of them hitting the floor as she moved her fingers over his warm and hard muscled skin. He was just as tempting as she remembered him and she relished the thought of roaming her hands and her mouth all over his body.

He helped her dragging off his shirt and he threw it away before he roamed his hands down her front and cupped her cunt through her clothes before he leisurely caressed her clit so she became warm all over. She gasped as he hit the right spot dead on and she answered by spreading her legs further apart and collecting them behind him.

"You like that, don't you?" he asked unnecessarily as her breathing increased along with the warmer colour on her skin.

"Yes," she said hoarsely and closed her eyes to concentrate fully on the feeling of complete abandonment surging through her veins.

"No, don't close your eyes. Look at me!" he ordered. Then he continued in a silkily tone "Look at me. I want you to see who is giving you pleasure."

Her breath hitched at his unexpected demand but she could not take her eyes off of him. His grey eyes were glowing as she felt his fingers slowly caressing her clit through her panties. She could feel her clit pulsing and warm cream was dampening both her panties and his fingers. She felt her face getting warmer as he continued to look into her eyes as he stroked her slowly and purposefully. She felt her body warming to him and body was craving his every touch. He moved his other hands to her breasts and caressed her nipples, stroking them so her cravings were mounting even higher.

"Let it go," he tempted her. His eyes were blazing as ever before and she felt herself coming closer to the edge, her breathing becoming more erratic as she stared into the eyes of the man caressing her.

Just before she plunged into screaming her release he caught her mouth in a hard kiss and swallowed the scream that was erupting from her trembling body. She moaned into his mouth as she felt the trembles move all over her body and causing her to lose grip of everything. She held on tight to Cade as he was her only salvation in a starving world and he held her close as the trembling gradually subsided to a small craving in her cunt. She breathed hard for a few minutes, holding on tight to the warm body so close to her own.

Finally she emerged into consciousness again. Enough to realise he was still erect as she felt his stiff member against her stomach. She eased her hand away from the tight grip she had around his shoulders. She had hung on to him for dear life as she erupted into the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced. She moved her palm slowly down his front while trying to take in as much of his skin as possible. She squeezed slightly around his hard male nipples on her way down toward the most interesting part of him.

He trembled as she passed his stomach and aimed directly at the hard shaft protruding over his pants. She touched the head of his cock and he sucked air into his lunges in a quick motion.

Reaching for the buttons in his pants she opened them slowly while watching the process emerge before her. At once, his shaft released from the pants and continued to harden in front of her. She tugged his trousers and boxers downwards and looked at the large member presented to her.

"Oh my," she exclaimed as if seeing him for the first time. The last time he had not been this large, and she trembled with the thought of taking him inside of her body. She was not sure he would fit, at least not easily. But she was surely tempted to give it a try.

She reached down and cupped him in her hands. He groaned above her. Cupping his heavy stones she bent her head and opened her mouth over his cock, sucking him into her warmth. He trembled as if he had to work on keeping his balance. She stroked along his shaft, starting at the root and moving upwards toward her mouth. She let him escape her mouth completely and she blew some cold air on him while she watched his cock swell even more. She could see the purplish veins so clearly it seemed he was about to burst. She bent down again and took all she could manage of him into her mouth and sucked greedily. He groaned loudly.

"Wait! Stop!" he growled as she continued her ministrations, wanting to feel his saltiness inside of her mouth.

She reached for his sacks again and began stroking him carefully as she sucked his cock into her mouth again. He suddenly moved away from her and his cock escaped her mouth with a plopping sound. She glared at him, and tried to reach for his cock again - making him return to her.

But he just stood before her catching his breath in deep gulps as if forcibly collecting his control again. Then he quickly discarded his pants and boxers before lifting her down from the table. He kissed her hard as he discarded her blouse and bra, and reached for the zipper in her skirt.

She stared dazedly at him before helping undressing in front of him. His sudden expedience was making her moisten and she longed to feel him inside of her. He lifted her onto the desk again and moved between her opened thighs, aiming his cock directly at her clit and caressing her with his hard flesh. She reached down between them and circled his cock as she tempted him to enter her.

"Come inside of me," she begged him, looking him into his eyes as he had asked her earlier.

"Are you ready for me?" he asked instead while caressing her nipples with his hands.

"Yes," she groaned and moved one of his hands downwards to her cunt.

He followed her request and stroked her clit slowly as he adjusted the angle of his cock and stroking it along her warm skin. She groaned. He moved his hand lower still and directly at her cunt. Finding the small opening, he carefully moved one finger inside of her. She moaned and leaned backwards over the desk, giving him easier access. He followed her invitation and pushed another finger inside of her.

"Are you sure you can take all of me?" he asked while he moved his fingers slowly in and then out of her wet cunt.

"Yes," she groaned as she felt another wave of liquid coating his fingers way inside of her body. She spread her legs further apart, and tried to drag him closer to her.

"You will have to take another one of my fingers then," he said while pushing a third finger into her body.

She felt the increased pressure pushing its way into her and she closed her muscles around his fingers.

"You're so tight," he groaned as in pain, while he continued to push his fingers into her cunt before retreating all the way out again. She shuddered with arousal and want. If he did not take her soon she would probably push him to the floor and take him instead. He chuckled, as her frustration was obvious on her face. "Impatient, darling?"

"Just take me," she gasped. "Now!" she continued when he didn't act quickly enough.

He gave her a smile before bending over her and sucking at her lower lip. His cock was now angled directly where she wanted it and she pushed herself upwards to collect him against her cunt.

Her legs collected behind his back and she dragged him to her. His cock swelled as it met her welcoming cunt. He moved his body forward and pushed his shaft slowly into her pussy. Her body was almost resisted the large cock pushing into her and she let out a groan before managing to relax her muscles. He stopped while waiting for her to adjust to his size. Then pushed a few more inches inside of her.

"Relax and you'll be fine," he told her as he retreated and then moved inside of her again.

This time she could feel her body moisten to coat his way. She dragged his body closed to her, wanting him to plunge all the way inside of her right now. Still, he held back and moved slowly another inch inside of her. She groaned in frustration but he only bent down and kissed her open-mouthed as he moved in and out of her in shallow stroked. She sucked his tongue and at the same time he plunged all the way inside of her - pushed his cock in to the hilt in one fluid motion.

Her moan was met by his kiss and a little sound emerged as he continued to retreat almost away from her cunt, then plunged his hard length all the way inside of her again. She gasped as she felt another orgasm coming closer and she strained her muscles in order to tighten around him and keeping him inside of her.

"Oh god," he groaned as she managed to tighten her cunt around his shaft.

He moved backwards and slowly away from her body, before plunging back inside. Embedded inside of her he bent down and sucked her nipples. He started to increase his pace and fucked her cunt so thoroughly she was sure she would erupt at the spot if he kept this up. They both gasped by the sheer pleasure, and Cade gripped underneath her buttocks to raise her further onto himself, before starting fucking her in longer and faster movements. Her clit was stimulated every time he plunged into her body and she felt herself floating higher and higher toward an unknown level of orgasm.

"Come for me!" he groaned as he plunged hard into her body.

She tried to hold back, to keep him inside of her for as long as she wanted, but as he adjusted his angle and hit some pleasure spot inside of her, she screamed out her release as her entire body shook with the warmth spreading through her every cell. She felt contractions mounting in her abdomen and she held Cade so hard as she erupted around his hard cock.

Her contractions made short work of Cade as well and he plunged into her a few more times before he erupted into oblivion as the orgasm hit him. His cock was jerking in her cunt as he spurted his load into her willing body. Collapsing on top of her he sank down onto her warm body in a hoop of exhaustion and utter contentment, barely remembering to maintain some of his weight on his arms so as not to crush his partner.

They lay still for a while, simply breathing and trying to collect their wits. Erin still had her arms around his neck, and she could barely remember why the surface below her felt so hard. A pile of papers was cutting into her lower back, and the pain suddenly transferred her back to reality. The lunch break had to be nearly finished now, and here she lay on her boss's desk, naked except for the boss himself covering her body. A jerking motion inside of her cunt suddenly made her veins flood with coldness as if cold water had been poured into her body. His cock was still inside of her. He had come inside of her, his semen flooding her inviting body -- a body that was not protected in any way.

Oh my god, she thought. They hadn't used any protection at all. Not to mention that it was their main suspect who now lay gasping between her limp legs -- his cock still buried inside her soaked cunt. Seducing the suspect into confessing was one thing. This felt more like the man had devoured her entire body and still she had wanted him. So much that he had made her forget all about her assignment and let her body take full control in order to get this man inside of her. This was not good. She had to get away from him fast -- before he made her lose the small amount of control she had left and perhaps confess the whole set-up to him. The man was dangerous to her mind and self-control. This had got to stop.

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