tagNovels and NovellasUndercover Ch. 07

Undercover Ch. 07


That was how my investigation into the mysterious White Lady began. Unfortunately my idea with the CCTV didn't work out as Saskia was unable to pick out her man and we couldn't see anyone acting suspiciously. If the guy had come in before either it was a long while before or he was very clever about it.

I got Saskia to go over the previous night again -- a far gentler line of questioning than Harry had subjected her to -- but she wasn't able to give much. She remembered he wore a smart suit but that hardly made him stand out. The only useful bit of information was that he had a front tooth missing. Even though she couldn't describe him, she felt sure she would recognise him if she saw him again.

After that I grilled Harry on the subject to find out all he knew about this woman, which was frustratingly little. She seemed to have it in for him, whoever she was, and he couldn't work out who he had pissed off so much. Superintendent Lucketti had gone through the police files and found nothing on someone using the name White Lady. Mayor Dansby made discrete enquiries to no avail. Harry Coitan was at a loss.

It took me an embarrassing amount of time to reach one logical theory. The White Lady ... maybe that was wrong and it was just Lady White, as in Nicole White, the undercover cop who disappeared. But how could I broach that subject without blowing my own cover?

A couple of nights after my investigation started, I decided to risk it. I got Harry alone in his office and sat him down.

"Mister Coitan, you know I love working for you now, don't you?" I began.

"Of course, Ryan. But that is a pretty ominous way to start a conversation." He poured us both a whiskey and slid my glass over to me. "What's on your mind?"

"When I first started here, you did your research into me to see if I was on the level. Do you remember?"

"Yes, but I do that with all my staff."

"Sure. Thing is though, I had to check up on you as well. I didn't want to work for a crook or someone I couldn't trust, so I got my friends back in London to look into you."

"Really? And what did they find?" He sounded awfully relaxed about the whole thing, like he knew they wouldn't find anything at all.

"Not a lot," I admitted, "but there was one thing. A police officer came here undercover to investigate you. They didn't hear from her for a few days, then suddenly she returns to hand in her notice. After that, she disappeared altogether. Ring any bells?"

"Ah, of course. Nicole. I remember her well." Harry downed his whiskey in one. "A good girl, excellent dancer. They chose well sending her to me."

"Do you happen to remember her surname?"

He smiled. "I see where you're going, Ryan, but I can assure you she is not the White Lady."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I know exactly where she is and what she's doing." He held up a hand to forestall my next question. "You'll just have to trust me on this, Ryan. If you keep on pressing, I might have to wonder where your loyalties truly lie."

I backed down hastily. "All right, fine. If you're certain it's not her, then I guess I'll just have to look elsewhere."

"I am certain. Do you have any other leads?"

"Just one idea that's niggling away in the back of my mind."

"Care to share?"

"If this man Saskia saw didn't come here to check our CCTV locations before the other night, is it possible he knew where they were because he has an inside man or woman?"

"Hmm. A distressing thought, but one I sadly have already considered. I am totally confident that none of my girls would betray me like that."

"How can you be so sure?"

Another smile, reeking of his certainty that he knew things I did not. "The Programme weeds out anyone who is not trustworthy."

"It didn't work with Nicole though, did it?" I asked. Another risk, bringing her up again so quickly, but it was a point I had to make. I needed to know everything if I was to find this White Lady and whoever her contact was.

"No others have slipped through the cracks, I can assure you. But maybe, amongst the bouncers and bar staff ... Will you look into them all for me, Ryan?"


It didn't bother me much, spying on my colleagues. I had had to do it once or twice when I was a cop. Harry gave me access to their personnel files -- only theirs though, not the women's. I leafed through them one day, scrutinised them for the slightest hint of foul play, but I couldn't find anything. Harry's vetting process seemed pretty damn thorough, which made my life more difficult.

I found myself watching the patrons a lot more closely than I had before, even at the expense of my favourite pastime -- watching my beautiful women dance. Nothing jumped out at me there, either.

I decided I needed some help, some which wouldn't come from within the strip club. I went to Harry to ask his permission to approach Superintendent Lucketti. I was sure that, despite his previous failures to help, he may come in useful this time around.

Harry's only reply was to take the standard bribe -- one of the girls. He suggested Saskia, ostensibly because she liked Lucketti, though I suspected it was more of a punishment for the poor girl. Nonetheless, I did what the boss said and the two of us headed over to the police station.

It was like no station I had ever experienced in my twenty-five years as a cop. The reception area was filthy, like no one had bothered to clean it in years. The walls were more yellow than white, the floor marked with unidentifiable stains. The officer at the desk sat behind glass so dirty it was a wonder he could see out. In short, the place looked as seedy as just about everywhere else in Carnastown I had seen. I don't know why I expected anything different; I had already seen what kind of guy Lucketti was, so why should he run a clean station.

I approached the desk, Saskia behind me enveloped in a long, thick coat that hid everything underneath -- mainly because she wore nothing underneath except black stockings and suspenders. The man at the desk eyed us both in a jaded kind of way.

"What can I help you with, sir?" he asked.

"I'm here to see Superintendent Lucketti," I explained. "Could you tell him former Detective Sergeant Thompson is here please?"

"Huh. All right, wait a minute." He turned away from me to use the phone.

I looked to Saskia. "You okay with all this?"

She smiled. "Just fine, Ryan. Don't worry about me -- I'll do my bit."

We weren't kept waiting for long. A minute or two later the desk sergeant turned back to me and said, "All right, go on up." He gestured lazily to a set of stairs to the side of his desk. He pressed a button and the glass door at the bottom unlocked. I opened it and waved for Saskia to precede me.

She knew the way, having been there a few times before as she had explained to me on the way. We passed a few officers on the way but none of them batted an eyelid at our presence there. I wondered just how many of them were in the pockets of Lucketti and Coitan. Most, I suspected.

When we reached Lucketti's office, which occupied a far corner of the top floor, Saskia didn't even bother knocking; she just pushed the door open and went straight on in. I followed after a moment's hesitation. The office was scruffy like the rest of the station, with papers scattered over his large desk and even on the floor. The blinds were down over the windows, the only light coming from the desk lamp.

The man himself was sat behind the desk, his feet resting on its surface as he chatted on the phone. When he saw us he waved us in -- a bit late, as we were already through the door -- and continued his conversation.

"Just remind your fucking boss who runs this damned town, you hear me? If he brings more unauthorised girls into Carnastown I'll rip his fucking eyes out and make him swallow them! Make sure you pass that on word for bloody word, right?" He slammed the phone down.

"Superintendent," I said as Saskia closed the door and lowered the blind so no one could see in. "Mister Coitan told you I was coming?"

"Yeah, though he didn't say why."

"He's asked me to look into the White Lady."

"Hmph. So she's reared her ugly head again, has she? I didn't think it'd be long. I'm sure Harry's already told you I've looked into it, so what exactly can I do for you?"

"I was hoping to have a look through your system. A fresh pair of eyes might find something new. To be honest with you, sir, I'm getting a little desperate. I told the boss I'd find her for him but I'm having no luck. I hoped you'd help me out."

He smiled, his thin slash of a mouth spreading the width of his face. "Don't wanna lose that job, do you? Don't blame you. Looking at all those whores all day every day ... talk about fucking heaven!" He looked at Saskia. "I'm guessing she's the bribe? Saskia again, huh? You're getting too old, girl. Tell Harry I want someone new next time."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "If you're not careful, Mister, you and I are going to fall out."

"Well, as you're here and I haven't had a fuck in a few hours, I guess you'll do. I can tell you how I fucked my new step-daughter and got my wife to suck the cum out of her pussy."

"I think you just did." Saskia opened her coat and let it drop to the floor, revealing her nude figure in all its glory. I felt myself growing hard.

Lucketti got up and walked around his desk. "Use my computer, Ryan. Get what you need. Saskia, let's see that fucking bubble butt of yours."

She turned around and spread her legs. I was surprised to see a buttplug lodged in her ass; I'd had no idea she had been wearing that the whole car journey. To try and remove temptation from my path, I quickly went and sat in front of Lucketti's computer. He was already logged in. I got to work, running a search for any White Lady and researching the businesswomen of Carnastown, checking to see if any of them had any links with Harry or his strip club.

I heard a loud smack and looked up to see Lucketti spank Saskia again, his palm connecting solidly with her right buttock. She gasped and braced herself against the door. He brought his hand down again and again until both her buttocks were bright red.

"Now you're tender, it's time to fucking start," the policeman said. He unzipped his trousers and reached in to pull his dick out. Like him, it was long and thin. "Suck it, whore."

Saskia obeyed him, dropping straight to her knees and taking him to the balls in one go. I knew how soft and wet and warm her mouth was and felt a surge of jealousy that it wasn't me she was blowing. I shook my head and reminded myself that I had work to get on with.

A small part of my mind tried to make itself heard, reminding me that this wasn't my real job. While I had access to Lucketti's computer I could search through it for evidence of his complicity in whatever was going on. He was definitely distracted enough that he wouldn't notice what I was up to; at that moment he had his hands on the back of Saskia's head while he fucked her mouth. His balls slapped against her chin each time he shoved forward forcefully. Tears streamed down her cheeks from the brutal throat fucking she was receiving. Her gagging noises were the only sounds in the room.

I quickly brought up Lucketti's desktop. A very quick search revealed a folder marked only "Whores". How obvious could this guy be? I thought. When I opened it up I found picture after picture of Harry's girls, some of them while they were at work in the strip club, others in more intimate surroundings. I stopped on a picture of Shaya, on her back with legs spread with Lucketti's cock spearing her pussy. I don't know why that made me angry; I knew what she had done for Harry, and indeed what she continued to do. We both still fucked other people -- sometimes together, in Martina's case. But seeing her with an old letch like Lucketti didn't sit right with me. I quickly closed the folder and looked elsewhere.

Someone thumped against the desk. I jumped, thinking the cop had rumbled me. But it was Saskia, her eyes fixed on me as Lucketti bent her over the furniture. Her mascara was hopelessly smudged, her cheeks streaked with tears and spit crusting her chin. But she smiled when she saw me looking and even offered a wink.

"You want to fuck my ass now, Mister Lucketti?" she asked.

"'Course I fucking do. What else are you good for?"

He came up behind her and reached down. I saw the look of bliss that passed over Saskia's face as he pulled her buttplug out, none too gently. It was red, and longer and wider than the one Shaya used. Lucketti reached around and presented it before her face. She didn't need telling what to do -- she opened her mouth up and took it all in. When Lucketti let go, all I could see of it was its red base resting hard against her lips.

The police chief spat on his hand and rubbed it along the length of his cock. No other lubricant for him, I noted. It was obvious he didn't care one bit about the wellbeing of the women he fucked. He pressed his cock against her rosebud. From my position I couldn't see much of what was going on down there, but I could tell that he was sliding inch after inch inside from the look on Saskia's face. She eyes rolled back in her head, her hands gripped the edge of the desk right in front of me. When he began to fuck her in earnest she let out a groan around the plug in her mouth. My dick grew achingly hard. I pulled it out and rubbed it.

The computer dinged. It was hard, but I had to tear my gaze away from the hardcore fucking going on inches from my face and return my attention to my job. One of my searches had come up trumps. A woman who used to own the building that Harry bought and turned into the Grand. I frowned.

Layla Lloyd? The woman who bought my services for a night? According to the police report, she felt Harry had broken the law during the purchase and responded by chucking a brick through one of the windows, hitting Harry's wife in the process. The Coitans chose not to press charges in the end and Layla got off with a warning. And now they were good friends, but could that just be an act on Layla's side? Maybe she came up with a more devious plan to get back at the people she considered to have hurt her. And virtually everything in her bedroom was white.

Lucketti let out a loud groan as he came inside Saskia's ass. Acting quickly, and without really knowing why, I removed the search from the history and closed it down. Saskia fell flat against the desk and spat the buttplug out at last.

I knew what I wanted to do. I stood so my cock was level with her face. Lucketti had barely pulled out of her ass before I pushed my dick into her mouth. She clamped her lips around me just as I came, shooting my load into her throat. The exhausted girl swallowed every last drop of it. As soon as I was done, I pulled out and put myself away. Saskia remained slumped on the desk, sperm leaking out of both ends.

"Well, that fucking bribe wasn't all that," Lucketti said as he did his trousers back up. "Did you get what you wanted, Thompson?"

"No ... it was a waste of time, I'm afraid."

"I'll say. Get your whore dressed and out of here."

I helped Saskia get semi-decent and out of that room. All I could think was that I had found Layla Lloyd after a pretty brief search, so how the hell did Lucketti not find her?


I returned to the strip club that evening so distracted by everything I completely forgot that I was supposed to spend the night with Shaya. Instead I went straight to Martina's room. She was, needless to say, surprised to see me.

"Um, I didn't think it was my turn, big man," she said. She grinned and bit her lip in a very seductive way. "Though if you just can't resist me I don't mind one bit. Shaya might, mind you ..."

I shook my head. "I haven't come for that. I need your help. Can I come in?"

"Of course." She stood aside and let me in. It actually took me a moment to notice she was butt naked.

We sat on the bed together, so close our legs were touching. She put her hand on my thigh and smiled up at me.

"So what do you need?"

"Do you still have contacts at the newspapers? Or friends you made while you were a journalist?"

"Yes, lots. Why do you need them? What's going on?"

So I told her about the White Lady and my investigations into her, up to and including my suspicions about Layla Lloyd and Lucketti. She seemed fascinated by it all, asking me questions about various things and wanting to know more. It really brought out her journalistic tendencies and reminded me of our first encounter, when I found it hard to hide anything from her.

"I can start making calls straight away," she said once I'd finished. "You look exhausted though -- why don't you just lay back and let me deal with things."

That sounded like a good idea -- I really was worn out -- so I laid back on her bed with a groan. Martina immediately straddled me and I thought she was going to fuck me, no matter what she'd just said, but she seemed content just to sit on me. I passed over her phone from the bedside table and watched as she got to work. As she dialled, she began to gently grind her hips back and forth, rubbing her naked pussy against my cock through my trousers.

"James, hi!" she said to the guy she called. "Yeah, I know it's been a while ... Me? Oh, you know, this and that." She started to press harder against me, moving her hips in a circular motion. Despite my tiredness I couldn't help but react to her and my dick grew stiff as a rod. "Listen, I wondered if you would do me a favour. I need help with a story I'm working on ... Mmm."

I could just make out James' voice saying, "Are you okay, Martina? You sound a little breathless."

"I'm fine, honestly. Just been working out a lot lately." She winked at me. She raised herself up and dropped back down like we really were fucking, over and over, as she talked James through what she wanted him to do. She brought her free hand down to start rubbing at her clit. Her breathing grew faster and she struggled to hold the conversation together.

"You sure you're all right?" I heard James ask again. "Look, if you're in trouble I could always--"

"No! No, everything's perfect. Well, nearly," she added as she unzipped my trousers and pulled my dick out. "Will you do what I asked, James?"

"Yeah, you know I can never say no to you. But--"

"Thanks, you're such a sweetie. I've got to go now though -- something's just come up. Bye, James!" She ended the call and just tossed the phone aside in her eagerness to get what she wanted. She took hold of my shaft and guided it into her pussy with a satisfied, relieved sigh. Her snatch was soaking wet already.

But we had barely got going before there was a knock at the door. Martina looked over at the monitor linked to the camera outside and said, "Oh, it's Shaya!" She clambered off me and went to let her in.

I quickly put myself away, though there could be no mistaking the tent in my trousers.

Shaya stormed in with a face like thunder. Her cheeks were wet from tears. "I waited for you all evening!" she snapped at me. "When you didn't show I just knew you'd be with her! How could you? We promised we'd always be there for each other, even after we brought Martina in as well! And now I find you prefer her to me!"

"That's not how it is!" I exclaimed. "I came here for work!"

She glanced down at my crotch, then at Martina's naked form. "That isn't how it looks to me!"

"I swear to you! She was naked when I got here and this is just my natural reaction! I can't help it! But we were working!" I got to my feet and took Shaya by the shoulders. She trembled and I thought she was going to pull away from me -- or hit me -- but she stayed still. "I wouldn't lie to you, Shaya."

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