tagNovels and NovellasUndercover Ch. 08

Undercover Ch. 08

byAda Stuart©

"We need to talk," Cade said the next morning as she was dressing herself. He had already gotten dressed and was obviously preparing breakfast when she finally came awake. She had been so relaxed after her orgasm that she slept like a log. Now she felt more alive and awake than she had done in ages. Having sex with Cade was obviously the best medicine for total relaxation, she smiled smugly.

Finally concentrating on his words she looked at the sober man standing in front of her. She raised herself up and prepared to face anything he had in store for her. Still she could not stop her eyes from wandering hungrily all over his body.

"About what?"

"About us, of course."

"Don't tell me you want to talk about marriage again," she bit him off quickly. "It's a ludicrous idea."

"Is it? So why do you jump into bed with the boss then?"

"Definitely not to make you marry me."

"Why not? You're not pleased with my fucking? Have you not gained any pleasures from it? Enough orgasms?"

"No, I have heard some rumours about multi-orgasms, but you still haven't convinced me in that area," she said humorously. "I can't marry a guy who can't give a woman several orgasms in a row. It should practically be a part of the wow." She smiled smugly at him and started to walk past him and heading straight toward the breakfast he had laid out on the table.

"Breakfast," she said with water in her mouth. "Good, I'm starving." But before she could reach the food a hand gripped her arm and a warm male body came closer to her.

"Why don't I try to convince you then?" Cade asked huskily and tumbled her onto the bed again.

"I was only joking," she said humorously. "I never intended to put any dents in your male pride. Although you could need to come down a peg or two," she grinned as she put her arms around him and dragged him down on top of her.

Just as suddenly every thought of food had left her brain. All that mattered was the thought of urgency -- of taking advantage of this male adversary when she still had the chance. Her body was screaming to be filled by him again and again, until she would feel sated and content. Then she could leave him.

He kissed her open-mouthed while his hands roamed all over her body. Her nipples tightened to his command and she felt herself heating to every small touch from his hand. A feeling of unease washed over her for a short while, before she pushed it back and tried to concentrate on the pleasure she was feeling. Right now she didn't want to think. She only wanted to feel alive and sexy, and having this incredible male following her every beck and call was highly arousing.

She reached out her hands and stroked his body, moving her hand from his throat and slowly further down until she cupped his large erection in her hand. She squeezed slightly and he gave a responding groan, making her smile smugly and starting to unbutton his pants.

"Not so fast," he growled, and reached for her hands. Holding them above her head he flipped her over on her stomach and she gave a surprised whelp as if she had lost her treat. She tried to turn around again, to see what he was up to, but he lowered his body on top of hers and prevented her from moving away. Dragging off the rest of her clothes she only protested mildly as she enjoyed his ministrations and the feeling of loosing control to this powerful and dominant male. She shuddered as her arousal spread and caused her cunt to liquefy in response to the fantasy.

"What are you doing?" she wondered as she lay down again on the bed.

"Trying to convince you," he murmured in her ear before he started dropping kisses on her neck and further down her back.

She shuddered as he moved slowly down over her back, gradually moving closer to her ass. She tightened her muscles in anticipation as he kissed her cheeks and moved slowly down to the back of her thighs and further down her legs. All the time he stroked his hands over her skin, trying to feel as much of her skin as he could and she shuddered again by the intense feeling of being worshipped. She felt her cunt moisten and she wanted to end this torment. Trying to reach for him, she turned over to the side, before he rolled her back on her stomach again.

"Lie still!" he ordered and moved upwards and dropped small kisses on her lumbar regions. Her back arched in an automatic response and she raised her bottom toward him -- silently begging him to do more than just kiss her.

She growled in desperation as he continued his soft touches and dropping small kisses up toward her shoulders again.

"Wrong direction," she murmured.

"Patience," he answered her softly. "Just be patient and you'll enjoy it even more."

"Just get on with it will you," she said louder and listened to the grumpy sound of her voice. Almost as a child who was frustrated when not getting the sweets she wanted. Still, she could not contain the frustration bulging through her. She wanted him to take her fast and hard. Not shower her with sweetness that almost made her sob with frustrations and unwanted thoughts of happily-ever-afters. "Just take me," she pleaded.

In response he gave her left ass cheek a loud whack that made her squeak.

"What are you doing, you maniac?" she turned and snarled at him. The pain was minor -- only a tingling feeling was felt in her cheek.

"Lie still," he said again. "Or you'll get another one."

"Now look here," she said angrier now. "I'm not into BDSM so you'd better stop this right away."

"You didn't like it?" he asked. "Then do as I say or you'll have another." He laid his hand on her ass as if warning her of his intention. She lay down and felt her insides ignite with anger mixed with arousal. He moved his hand around her waist and she felt a gentle touch on her clit. She gasped as he lay his body on top of hers, enveloping her in his warmth and the feeling of protection his larger body exuded.

"Seems like you do enjoy a bit of spanking after all," he murmured next to her ear as he stroked his finger over her moist clit.

Every stroke made her more aware of the wetness gathering in her pussy and coating his fingers. She inhaled harshly as he found just the right spot where she enjoyed being touched, making her body heat even more than before and her breathing speeding up. He lifted himself slightly away from her body and she felt herself missing the heat just as he planted another smack on her bottom.

She yelped again and felt her body coating his fingers as he stroked her clit. She breathed harshly and felt confused by the strange feelings and desperate needs pouring through her. She raised her bottom to get closer to him and gasped as she felt his hard cock between her ass-cheeks.

Arching her back even more she felt his cock coming closer to her pussy and she spread her legs to invite him closer. Instead he continued stroking her clit and moving his other hand over her bottom and the lower part of her back. She felt her skin was so warm she could probably burn him if he came to close. Gasping and waiting for him to make the next move, she moved her hand down between her legs and tried to reach his cock. Instead he reached for her hand and moved it back over her head again.

"Just lie still and enjoy," he suggested.

"But...," she started and at the same time received a smack on her other cheek. "Will you just stop that," she snarled, and got a smack on the other cheek in response. Her bottom felt like glowing but at the same time she registered her pussy was even warmer and her breaths came in heavy gulps.

"I want to come," she gasped as he stroked her clit carefully. "Please, just come inside of me," she pleaded as her body was so strung she could barely register what was happening.

All she knew was that she needed a cock in her pussy and the sooner the better. She raised her bottom closer to his hard cock and was rewarded as he took aim and pushed slowly inside of her. She felt like screaming with joy but all she could manage was a few loud moans as he slowly and methodically pushed inside of her and stretched her skin to accommodate him.

Halfway in, he stopped and pulled out again, and she whimpered her protest and pushed back against him as she tightened all her muscles so as to prevent him from escaping her warm cunt. With a hoarse sound he pushed inside of her again. Coming even further inside before he withdrew and plunged all the way inside of her cunt in one fluid motion.

She screamed as her orgasm hit her and she tightened all her muscles as she willed him to stay inside of her. Her entire body convulsed in a series of jerks and spasm and she felt him stop stroking her clit as the skin was so sensitive she could barely take it. He held on to her body as the convulsions rimmed through her body and her screams turned into hasty whimpering that matched her gasps for breath.

He was still embedded inside of her. Still as hard and large as he could be and she wondered why he had not plunged on to his own release. Instead she revelled in the warmth and protective feeling of his body on top of hers. His hand stroked her back slowly and comforting as she gradually came down from the top.

"Was it good?" he murmured to her.

"Yes," she gasped. "So good."

"Are you ready for another then?"

"Another?" she said unintelligently as she could not grasp his meaning.

But as he started to withdraw his cock before plunging back inside of her warm cunt again, she grasped his meaning as her body heated up again. She gasped at the intense pleasure as she gripped around his cock and adjusted the angle of her body. Making his cock plunge straight toward a pleasure point she had never realised she had. Arching her body more, she felt her release coming closer with every touch of his cock inside of her. Her gasping was louder now and he increased the speed in which he pummelled her body.

The pleasure was overwhelming and she felt her brain power cease to function as nothing else mattered than his continued plunging into her cunt. He moved his hand around her waist again and touched her clit. At the same time he plunged into her in one hard shove and she felt the climax hit her just as he came inside of her. She screamed and her entire body shook with the orgasm roaming through her every part and she tightened all her muscles as the waves hit her hard.

The release had been even stronger than the first one and she felt her entire body feeling totally relaxed and not a muscle was working as she sank bonelessly down on the bed. She could not move at all. Let alone think. All that mattered was the total contentment in her body, making her the happiest person alive. After a few minutes she finally realised Cade was still inside of her. As hard as ever and he was slowly stroking her skin again.

"You didn't come?" she asked surprised.

"No," he said with a hoarse sound. Obviously having a hard time holding back. And why should he, she thought suddenly. Was there something wrong since he didn't come as well?

"Why not?" she asked slowly. Wondering if their relationship did allow such questions.

"I wanted to make sure you had several orgasms," he growled out.

"Well, I'm happy now. You've proved your point, so why not indulge yourself? Or do you want to change position?" she asked.

"Maybe later," he growled. "Right now I can't move."

She decided it was time to give him the release he sought and she resolutely arched her back and took his cock further into her body. Her muscles ached but still she managed to tighten around him as she sank down on the bed again, before raising her bottom again and taking him further inside again. He growled and suddenly plunged hard into her body. She gasped as he withdrew and plunged back inside, all the time massaging her inner walls and making her moan from the pleasure mounting in her body again.

This was insane, she thought. She could not have another orgasm so close to the last one, but still she angled her body so that his cock-head hit her right where she wanted him to. She felt him increase even further in size and she breathed harshly when imagining him finally coming inside of her, visualising his cock as he spurted the white liquid into her hungry and willing body. He was pushing harder into her now and she felt him coming closer to his release, could hear his control slowly evaporating as his breathing became harsh and erratic.

"Please come," she thought to herself but realised the words were spoken aloud. "Please come inside of me."

His hand reached around her and she arched her back in response to his hand stroking her clit, feeling his cock hitting her insides and he stroked around her clit. The orgasm hit her just as suddenly as it had before and she wailed with the intense pleasure and shook with the release pouring through her already sated system. She felt Cade tighten his hold on her and he plunged hard and fast inside of her body before giving a loud bellow as he came inside of her.

Still he kept on moving inside and then slowly withdrawing before plunging as far in as he could into her warm pussy. As if he didn't want to leave the warm haven he had discovered. He held her tightly as his body slowly settled down and his breathing slowed. He sank down beside her on the bed and held her closely to his body.

"Wow," she finally exclaimed.

"What did you say?" he asked smilingly.

Her entire body was still tingling with joy and complete relation. "Just wow," she repeated.

"The lady is lost for words I take it, then. Good, I'll bear that in mind when next I need to shut you up," he chuckled.

"Wow," she said again. "Oh my god," she continued in a dazed tone, barely aware of her saying anything at all.

"Just call me Cade. I don't feel very godlike right now. But I'll take that as a compliment," he laughed as she just lay mumbling to herself and stretching her aching muscles in a catlike fashion. Every nerve in her body felt exhausted and she closed her eyes in order to settle down and locate some sort of control of her muscles again.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes again and noticed Cade was watching her with a smug smile on his faces. Instantly the fog around her head cleared and she stared suspiciously at him.

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"That... that...," she tried in vain before blushing profusely as the image of what had just happened merged itself before her eyes again. Damn it, he had spanked her and she had enjoyed it so much she had screamed loudly as her orgasm hit her. She had never screamed during orgasm before, but this time she could not contain herself. What was wrong with her?

"Ah, you mean the multiple orgasms, right? Well, you wanted them and I gave them to you," he replied smugly, looking very pleased with himself. "And you're most welcome, by the way," he continued when all she could do was glare at him.

The man was dangerous, she thought. How could any man that possessed such abilities to render a woman in such an unconscious state be allowed to roam the earth? She had never lost herself so completely during sex before. And he had made her crave him beyond any other thought in her head and then proceeded to give her three orgasms in a row. It was impossible. Or it should have been. She was not sure whether to lock him up and tie him to her bed or to run away from him as fast as she could. She settled for putting more distance between them.

"Breakfast," she exclaimed and jumped up and into her clothes the fastest she could. Coward, she thought to herself as she grabbed a few sandwiches and left the inviting sight of a naked Cade laying in the rumpled bed and giving her a warm and knowing look.

He looked as if he was very short of bursting into laughter and she was sure he knew exactly why she was running away. The arrogant man, just let him laugh at her. She would have to regroup and start thinking before she ventured into battle with him again. Right now he had her on the edge and it was not something she enjoyed.

Okay, she had gotten the most orgasms, but considering how he had played her body like an instrument he knew only too well, she felt exposed and a little shaken by the thought that he was controlling her every move, every pleasure. Damn, when had that happened? When had she lost the control she had struggled so hard to gain over the years? Now she felt like a confused teenager with her first boyfriend, as if she had experienced her first orgasm and considered herself utterly in love with the man.

No, she did not love him. She was sure about that. How could she fall in love with a mission, her adversary in this plot, maybe even a criminal? No, it was not possible. But, she did like his body. No, in fact she craved his body. Felt warm just by the thought of his large cock impaling her pussy, slowly stroking her insides and heating her flesh.

She inhaled sharply. Gosh, she had to stop this. Her panties were moist again. Damn it. She was not a green girl involved with her first man. She was an experienced woman. Well, perhaps not that experienced when she thought about it, but she had been in love before and she had fucked several men before this one came along.

So what made him so special? Apart from the fact that he knew how to give a woman multiple orgasms. Or perhaps it was simply the forbidden fruit syndrome. She should not get involved with him, and therefore he was more tempting than ever? Also, since she was only here for a short period of time, she knew their relationship could only be short-term, maybe that was the reason?

Perhaps she felt safer getting involved when she knew the relationship would not last? She chuckled. And here she had always thought that holiday romances were nothing she would ever be stupid enough to attempt. Well, talk about twisted morals, she thought ironically. That was it. A holiday fling before she went back to being the prissy and controlled person she really was. A far cry away from the flirt she was now portraying.

Well, portraying was perhaps not the best way to put it. Hadn't she lost hold of that part now, by running away from a situation she should have controlled easily? Damn it. She had to prevent Cade from being too suspicious of her person. She mustn't make him aware of her actually being quite different than the role she was playing. She had better get a hold on herself really fast and head back before he suspected anything.

On her way back she stopped at the river and quickly cleaned up her appearance. A flirt could always be trusted on to try to look her best. Let Cade believe that was the reason she was ventured out of the lodge. She surveyed her reflection in the water.

She looked a mess. As if she had participated in orgies and in a way she had, she chuckled. She straightened her hair and washed her face and felt her composure return as the cold water met her skin. Feeling a lot better she straightened her stance and her rumpled clothes and vowed to give Cade a lesson he would not forget.


Walking back to the lodge she could hear Cade talking as she walked closer. He was sitting in a chair at the terrace and talking into his cell phone as she came before him. He looked up and gave her a wink before continuing his conversation. It was obviously job related and Erin walked around for some plan to come into her head. Cade was arranging a meeting it seemed and was now discussing the details with Sam.

"Yes, we need those files available. And could you get me an estimate for those machines?" he droned on.

A wild idea suddenly occurred to Erin and before she managed to change her mind, she walked closer to Cade and started unbuttoning her blouse at the same time. He stared suspiciously at her and she could see the heat emerging in his eyes as she unbuttoned every one of the buttons in her blouse letting him see her total lack of bra and giving him a look on her tightened nipples.

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