tagNovels and NovellasUndercover Ch. 09

Undercover Ch. 09


In contrast to how he kept his station, Superintendent Lucketti's house was immaculate. The tiled floors gleamed, every counter was free of dust. All of the furniture I saw looked posh, expensive. But then I man that could afford to buy a girl at an auction for a few thousand must have a few spare pennies lying around to do up his home.

Everything was quiet. Lucketti's wife should have been at home; I assumed she had already gone to bed. From what I had learned of the man, she must have grown used to not having him back at a decent hour. I wondered what she saw in him, if she was just in it for the money, or maybe out of habit. I had seen many such people in my time as a cop, couples who stuck together simply because they didn't want to live apart. It was obvious what Lucketti himself got out of it -- a legitimate front to hide what he got up to with all those young women Harry sent his way.

I knew which room was my target -- more information from Lexa's contact -- and set off up the stairs, keeping my feet to the sides of the staircase to minimise the creak of the floorboards. At the top I took a moment to get my bearing. The hallway had four doors leading from it. According to the directions, the end door was the bathroom, the next two were bedrooms and the one to my right was the study -- where I wanted to go. I tried the handle and found my luck was in; it was unlocked. I pushed it open, wincing at the loud groan that it let out. I froze, but no one came out to investigate.

After a few seconds I slipped into the study and closed the door behind me. I pulled out the torch I had brought with me and looked around. This room was undoubtedly Lucketti's own -- the place was a complete tip. There were books and papers strewn about all over the place, a laptop right on the edge of the desk, on the brink of falling off. I rescued it and switched it on, but it was password-protected and that was one bit of information Lexa had not provided me with.

With little other option I went through his paperwork. It looked like it would be an onerous task with the sheer amount of sheets I had to go through and their lack of decent order. Not to mention the fact that I didn't really know what I was looking for, just some kind of proof of Lucketti's corruption. I took up his seat behind the desk -- having to move more paper out of the way first -- and got to work, always keeping one eye on the door in case of being rumbled.

It was only a few minutes later that I struck gold. A photograph of Lucketti with a woman in the back of his car. The woman looked young, her eyes wide and innocent even as she sat astride his lap, her skirt tucked up round her waist. It was obvious what they were doing. The photo was attached to a letter demanding money for the photographer's silence. It was addressed just yesterday.

"An old-fashioned blackmailer," I murmured. "Whoever you are, I owe you one."

I pocketed the picture and kept on looking. I found evidence of his purchases from the auctions, but Lexa had made me swear not to use anything that might get her husband in trouble, so I put them back. But I did find his writings. They were clearly in his own handwriting and detailed his plans for the young "whores" he brought to his home. I leafed through them swiftly, discarding any that mentioned Harry or the Grand in any way. The ones I had left contained enough damning evidence of his seedy character. They mentioned disciplining them, fucking them and then getting rid of them once they looked too old.

Even if there was nothing here to incriminate him to the extent that he would go to prison, but it was more than enough to cost him his job should it get out into the public. I stashed it all in my pockets and headed for the exit.

But as I opened the study door, I heard a noise, like something slapping against flesh, followed by a cry. At the far end of the hallway, one of the bedroom doors was open a crack. I quickly closed the study door to, leaving just enough of a gap that I could see out.

Moments later a woman came out of the bedroom. She looked like a plain, tired middle-aged woman -- Mrs Lucketti, I assumed. She went to shut the door, but stopped herself at the last second.

"You will be punished again, little slut!" she spat back where she came from. "I will not allow you to lead my husband astray anymore!" Then she slammed the door shut and went into the bedroom opposite.

Now I had a better idea why those two were together; they were like peas in a pod. Driven by curiosity, I gave her a few minutes to settle down and then crept down the hallway to the door she had come from. I turned the handle and pushed the door open as quietly as possible.

The first thing I noticed about the room was its walls. For one, there was no sign of any windows -- only the light in the ceiling provided any illumination. Secondly, they were covered in a foamy substances, from floor to ceiling -- which was also covered in the same stuff. It took me a moment to recognise it as sound-proofing material. Not creepy at all, I thought, to have a room where you don't want any sound to escape.

In the middle of the room was a single bed. Across it lay a woman, naked, her ankles chained to hoops in the floor so her legs were spread wide open. There was a wooden paddle on the bed next to her and her ass was bright red; I knew now what the sound was I heard earlier. I silently closed the door behind me. I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but my hard cock was saying otherwise.

I moved around the bed to the other side and saw that the girl's hands were bound with chains which were then attached to another hoop in the floor. She was blindfolded. I still recognised her though -- the girl Lucketti bought at the last auction.

She soon became aware of my presence and lifted her head up towards me. "Oh, Master," she whispered. "Do I please you, Daddy? Please, please reward me!" She started wiggling her ass as high as she could get it.

I was on an important mission but ... how was I supposed to resist? She was absolutely gagging for it. And for some reason her calling me "Daddy" turned me on even more, though I did wonder what sort of man it made Lucketti to get her to act like this. I moved back behind her and lightly touched her pussy. She jerked and gasped and a little bit of liquid trickled out. I noticed a wet patch on the bed between her legs and realised she must have squirted a bit while Mrs Lucketti spanked her. I remembered thinking back at the auction that she looked the sort of girl who enjoyed being punished. Seemed I was right.

"Oh yes, fuck me, Daddy," she gasped.

I was definitely going to do that. All I had to decide was in which hole. I ran my hands over her buttocks, which still must have been sore from her earlier paddling. I added a little spank of my own which brought another gasp and wiggle of the butt from her. That made my mind up.

Seconds later my trousers were round my ankles and my cock lined up at her asshole. As I pushed into her she cried out. I froze, but then remembered the sound-proofing on the walls that was put in place precisely for this reason. I slid inch after inch into her until half my length was in her butt.

"Oh, Daddy!" she cried. "You feel even bigger than normal!"

I smiled to myself and started to slowly fuck her, pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting in a little deeper each time. She pushed backwards in tandem with me, seeking ever harder penetrations. I took hold of her hips and slammed in harder and harder. The first time I went in balls deep she screamed so loud I thought Mrs Lucketti must hear her even through the sound-proofing.

I'd already had sex a few times in the past twenty-four hours so I wasn't able to last as long as I wanted to. When I felt my orgasm coming I buried myself deep in her ass and unleashed spurt after spurt into her. She cried out and came at the same time, her body jerking hard beneath me. I remained lodged in her ass for a while.

"Thank you, Daddy," she mumbled, her head hanging over the edge of the bed. "I hope my tight little ass pleased you."

It did, I thought. I pulled out of her at last, eliciting a moan from her, and pulled my trousers back up. I gave her one last, hard smack on the ass and left her.

I went to the stairs and back down them as quietly as possible. Just before I reached the front door I heard a key being turned in the lock and quickly ducked into the living room.

"I've got a gift for you boys," someone said. Lucketti. He strolled past my position, heading for the stairs, and was followed by a couple of his mates. "It's a reward for your hard work today. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this little whore -- she's a fucking beast."

That she was, I silently agreed. Once the three men had gone upstairs I let myself out before his "daughter" could let slip that she'd already been fucked tonight. I had the evidence tucked safely into my pockets; all I had to do was give it to Martina to pass on to her contacts.


Three days later the local newspaper of a nearby town ran with the story of a morally deviant chief of police in Carnastown. It turned out that the woman in the photograph I found was a prostitute, arrested a few times for soliciting but never charged. The paper didn't actually state that Lucketti offered sex in exchange for dropping the charges, but that was what was heavily implied. Along with the letters detailing how he liked to treat women, it was more than enough to ruin his standing in the community.

Women's groups were the first to call for his sacking and an official investigation into his conduct. Soon national newspapers picked up the story and that was when it became impossible for the police service to ignore it. The area Commissioner got involved and under pressure from him, Lucketti cracked and let his true personality show. His vile rant against the "whores" he had to deal with was caught on tape and then his fate was sealed.

Superintendent Lucketti was sacked on the spot.

Martina and I celebrated by tying Shaya to the bed and teasing her all night long, bringing her close to orgasm but never letting her quite get there. Only after we had fucked right next to her, forcing her to get a close-up view of my cock pounding Martina's pussy right above her face, did we get her off. She shyly confessed the thrill she got from being bound and helpless, something she never should have said to us. Martina especially loved the idea of adding bondage to our games.

Harry Coitan was considerably less impressed by recent events. He raged about the loss of a key ally of his, especially as it nearly dragged him and Dansby into the spotlight as well. He told me that I had to find out who was responsible for it all. I promised to help, and told him it was my belief that this was all down to the mysterious White Lady.

"We need to find that bitch!" he snapped. "She gets rid of Lucketti, so who's next on her list? She wants me gone, Ryan, and I will not allow that!"

It was the first time I had truly seen him lose control. Despite being bigger than him, I still found him quite intimidating at that moment. At that moment I saw the man that Lexa must see quite often, the sort of person who wanted to control everyone and hated when things went against him. I could believe that he made his wife stay at home all day, every day, while he came here and surrounded himself by beautiful, submissive women. The Programme he had devised must have stemmed from his desire to rule over people.

Despite knowing that it was drugged, I still drank the water. In fact, I found myself drinking more and more of it so that I could keep getting hard for my lovers.

One night I drank the whole jug full ready to surprise Shaya, but when I got to her room I saw her taking Joey in, a lustful smile on her face. I stopped, disappointed but not jealous. We both knew there was no room for jealousy in our relationship. But with Martina hard at work on the dancefloor, I was left with a raging erection and no one to help me with it. I decided to check if Saskia was up for any fun.

I hurried up the stairs to the top landing, but hesitated when I saw that the door to Harry's suite was unguarded. I glanced to the left; the light above Saskia's room was green. I looked from one door to the other.

For once, curiosity won out over horniness. I climbed the stairs quickly and tried the door. It was, inevitably, locked. Bollocks.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

I spun around to find Daisy standing at the foot of the stairs, looking up at me with an expression of intense suspicion.

"I, uh, I was looking for Harry," I said in a voice that sounded insincere to me, let alone to her.

"He's down at the bar with Rose," my ex said. "What do you want him for? I doubt he'd help with that." She pointed at my crotch, where my excitement was clear for all to see.

"It doesn't matter, " I said with an embarrassed smile. "It's nothing that can't wait."

"Then it's best you come back from up there, isn't it? You must know he hates people snooping."

Daisy stepped aside and watched me as I slowly trudged down the stairs and past her. I returned to my room and wondered how I had gotten so careless.

For the next couple of days, I was on edge the whole time, waiting for Harry to confront me about it, but he said nothing. It seemed as though Daisy hadn't told him about the incident, much to my surprise. Even though things between us had died down lately, I still didn't think she would pass up such an opportunity to get me in trouble. I tried to subtly thank her but she blanked me as she had done for a while, as though nothing had happened.

Having got away with that, I decided the time was right to speak to Harry about Layla Lloyd and what I had discovered about her. When I told him the reason I wanted to talk to him, he surprised me by saying that his office wasn't private enough and I was to go with him to his suite. I allowed myself a private smile. A couple of days ago I had tried sneaking in there, which would have cost me my job at the very least if I'd been caught, and now I was being invited in.

Joey and Rose accompanied us as well, so it wasn't as private as I would have liked. The guard at the door unlocked it and held it open for the four of us. I wasn't sure what to expect up there, but felt a little disappointed when the huge main room turned out to just be a living room, albeit of immense proportions. Armchairs and sofas were scattered around seemingly at random and a massive TV dominated one wall. I looked around in wonder despite my disappointment. Three doors led off into separate rooms and two big windows let in plenty of daylight. It all seemed so ... clean, for a man in as seedy a profession as Harry.

Harry directed me to sit on one of the sofas, while he and Rose sat opposite me. Joey disappeared into one of the back rooms. I tried to get a look in there when he opened the door but I was at the wrong angle and the other room was dark.

"So what is this about Lucketti?" Coitan asked. "Do you have information on who got him sacked?"

I saw Rose look up at that and squint at me with suspicion. "No, boss," I said. "It's more to do with what Lucketti was doing before he was sacked."

"You mean what the papers are reporting? We already knew most of that, Ryan. It's hardly a problem for us, is it?"

"That isn't, no, but I don't think he was quite as loyal to you as you thought." I went on to tell him what I'd found on Lucketti's computer at the police station, and how easy it was to get that information. I concluded by saying, "There's no way Lucketti didn't find that information, yet he told you he couldn't find anything."

"Actually, he didn't," Harry said. "I'm sorry, Ryan, but you've gone chasing down a dead end again. Lucketti told me about Layla Lloyd but I told him what I'm about to tell you -- she is not the White Lady."

"How can you be so sure?"

"You'll just have to take my word for it."

"Forgive me, boss, but first with Nicole White--" another jerk from Rose at that, "--and now with Mrs Lloyd, you keep on refusing my ideas without saying why. Are you sure you don't actually know who the White Lady is?" I asked with a smile to show I wasn't being completely serious.

"Layla is a good friend of mine; she wouldn't betray me."

"Friends have been known to betray before. I've seen it more times than I care to count. And when I spent the night with her I couldn't help but notice her love of all things white. Everything points to her."

"It's not her!" he said vehemently. Even Rose looked at him in surprise then. "Dammit, Ryan, why can't you just accept what I tell you?"

"Because it's not in my nature," I said in a calming voice. His reactions bothered me, especially how defensive he was. "I question everything, boss -- that's why I know I'm going to get to the truth of this White Lady sooner or later. Probably sooner."

But Harry shook his head. "I don't want you doing this anymore, Ryan. I'll find the White Lady myself, without your help."


"No buts. If you disobey me in this, if I get the slightest sniff that you're still investigating, you'll end up just like Nicole."

I froze. "What do you mean by that?" I demanded.

"You want to know what happens to people who betray me? Fine then, come with me." He got up and headed to the door that Joey had gone through.

I glanced at Rose but she seemed to be as confused as I was. I got up and followed the boss, wondering what the hell was going on.

Harry paused by the door and turned to face me, his hand on the handle. "You ready for this?"

I shrugged. "I don't even know what 'this' is, sir," I said.

He smiled an unpleasant smile. "Then let's see." He pushed the door open and gestured for me to go in.

When I did so, I found myself in a much darker bedroom. The curtains were drawn, the lights were dim. I could make out Joey sat on the bed. He seemed surprised to see us. I could hear a tinkling noise coming from the corner of the room farthest from the door and the bed, and turned to see what it was. My jaw dropped.

A naked woman crouched over a ceramic bowl, peeing into it. She watched us watching her but didn't seem in the least bit fazed. She kept on going until she had nearly filled the bowl and I watched, so transfixed that it took me a moment to look up at her face. I had seen it once before, when my old boss, Chief Inspector Jonas, first assigned me this mission.

This woman pissing in front of me was Nicole White, former police officer.

She looked to be of Asian descent, from Singapore or somewhere like that. She had gorgeous, unblemished skin, long black hair, big dark eyes. Once she had finished her piss she got down on her knees and crawled over to a dog bed lying on the floor beneath the window, showing off a big, round ass and lovely pair of legs. She curled up on the bed and looked up at us, smiling brightly.

"Do you recognise her?" Harry asked me. He strolled past me and went to stand by her.

"Is that ... is that Nicole White?"

"Indeed. Your ex-colleague that you were always so concerned about." He patted her on the head like a dog.

"I never actually worked with her," I mumbled. "It was just a guess ..." I tailed off when she whined and nudged Harry's leg.

He looked down at her. "What is it? You thirsty?"

She nodded eagerly.

"Well then, go and drink."

I expected her to get up and head for a kitchen or bathroom. I was horrified when she instead crawled back to the bowl she had just pissed in and started lapping up the amber liquid. By the look on her face she was loving it -- and so was Harry. He watched her with that nasty grin on his face. This was a much darker side to him than I'd ever seen before and I didn't like it.

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