tagNovels and NovellasUndercover Ch. 15

Undercover Ch. 15

byAda Stuart©

Cade awoke and reached for his pants to locate the keys for the handcuffs. They were not there. He tried to remember if he had put them somewhere else last night. It was really strange. He could not think of another place where he could have put them. They had to be here. He checked his pockets once more.

"Is something wrong?" Erin asked.

"I can't find the keys. I thought I had them in my pants," Cade said smilingly. "I'm afraid you're stuck with me for the time being."

"Ha, no way if you're accompanying me to the toilet. You better find those keys right now. But I thought you said they were at your hotel?"

"I lied. I didn't want you to try and tackle me again. I had them right here." He tried all the pockets one more time. "No, they're not there. I wonder...," Cade mumbled to himself.

Suddenly the phone rang and Erin answered.

"Warren?" Cade heard her say in a surprised tone. "Yes, he's here," Cade could hear her answer the caller. Then she handed him the phone. "Warren wants to talk with you." Cade took the receiver.

"Hello, Warren. What is it?"

"Are you missing some keys perhaps?"

"How did you know?"

"I stole them from your pockets yesterday. I figured it would work better if you two would spend some time together before getting loose."


"And have you done the deed now?"

"What deed? We have gotten through most of the positions if that's what you're asking," Cade smiled as Erin gave him a hard punch in the stomach

"Stop talking about that, you lunatic," Erin reprimanded him.

"Ouch, I'm on the phone, darling" Cade yelped.

"And here I thought the handcuffs would limit you to the missionary all night long, but what do I know about these things?" Warren chuckled. "Still, have you proposed then?"

"Of course. You may congratulate us, by the way."

"Wonderful! I'm so happy for you. Although I would say you took an awful lot of time to get up to scratch. Now, would you just let me talk to Erin again?"

Cade handed Erin the phone.

"Yes, Warren," Erin said into the receiver, expecting a similar reprimand that she had heard him give to Cade.

"Are you sure he proposed nicely and sweetly? So there will be no more need for tormenting a certain stubborn asshole?"

"No, he's in the clear now," Erin laughed. "Actually, he did it very sweetly."

"Good," Warren said. "Then I'll come over with the keys and a minister before any of you dares to change your mind and start fighting again. I'm not taking any more chances with you two hotheads."


In the end Warren only brought the keys with him.

"Too much fuss waking a minister at this hour," he said as he handed Cade the keys that allowed them to escape the handcuffs. They had covered themselves with blankets before letting Warren inside, and Cade made quick work at removing the handcuffs.

Erin used the chance to run for the bathroom for some necessary business.

"I'm so happy you finally decided to be reasonable. But what was the handcuffs for?"

"Don't ask, old man, and I won't give you a heart attack."

"Actually, I thought perhaps you could give me an advice or two but it seems I'll have to figure it out by myself."

"In that case, you can borrow these," Cade said and handed Warren the handcuffs and the keys. "Only don't tell Emma who provided them." Warren smiled and turned to go.

"Oh, and Cade...since I won the bet, I'm giving Erin the shares as a wedding gift."

Cade just nodded. "I'm not getting a wedding present then?"

"What do you think? I found you the bride. And do you have any idea about how much effort that took?"

"What shares?" Erin asked suspiciously as she returned from the bathroom. "What are you two talking about?"

"Nothing for you to worry about," Cade interceded while reaching for her hands and dropping small kisses on her palms.

"Don't think you can deter me that easily. What shares were you talking about?"

"You'll have to marry me to find out," Cade purred and gave her a wink before he dragged her back toward the bedroom. Warren just chuckled and let himself scarce.


Finally, Warren thought. Finally, it had worked out the way he had planned. But, it had taken much more work than he had expected in the beginning. The next time he would ask Emma for help. Right now they had one down and two more reluctant offspring to deal with. Cade was almost like their own child and since he was the eldest he had been the best place to start.

Now, they only had their own offspring to worry about, and they both seemed to follow Cade's example in not wanting to settle down. Oh well, it only took a decent partner and they would soon cure them of that waywardness.

"One down, two to go," Warren chuckled as he planned how to introduce the plan as well as the handcuffs to Emma.

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Reads like a woman's romance novel -- Harlequin or whatever. Consistent with the high percentage of comments from women.
Paul in Oklahoma

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