tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUndercover Nurse Ch. 01

Undercover Nurse Ch. 01

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note. I met a female police detective at a local police convention, and we had a few drinks at the bar. Well after a few more drinks, I really just wanted to get in her pants (big surprise,) but I had to settle for this story she told me instead.

* * * * *

"Nurse Lewis, you're wanted in room 202," a loud voice came booming, into my ears.

"Oh that's me." I moaned to myself, still not used to it and still not believing that I'm still doing this. I use to be a police officer. I mean I still am, I have just been undercover so long sometimes I forget myself. It seemed like such a simple little sting when it all started.

It was my first assignment when I made detective, go undercover as a female nursing student and investigate reports that a professor was abusing his power and taking advantage of his female nursing students.

I entered the institution located in Southern Vermont, as a junior transfer student and basically went the whole year trying to blend into the student population. It was kind of fun, since I never went to college before, and yet at the same time it was kind of lonely too, because I was far from home and couldn't really tell anyone where I was or what I was doing.

I even worked in a nursing home over the summer to try an become more familiar with some of the other students, as well as the nursing profession, which I knew little about, even though my mother was a nurse.

The next year I had to sign up for the class that I was supposed to investigate, it was called Nursing Practical with Lab.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into!

My boss gave me strict instructions. I was to act just like any other student. I was only there to observe the professor, but take no action, unless I was in grave danger, as they wanted to build a rock solid case against him.

I found the class the first day, after some searching, as it was in the library's basement. Once inside, I examined the classroom. It looked like a combination classroom, medical room. It had the standard school desks and teacher's brown table, but it also had two hospital beds, and two exam tables complete with stirrups, which make any woman's heart race. There was also two large white cabinets filled with medical supplies and a large stainless steel sink. I also noticed that the room had it's own bathroom, and the door said it contained showers as well.

I scanned the class, once it filled up. There were about 30 women, but only two men, which didn't surprise me, because this was the middle of the 80's and nursing was still considered a woman's job, maybe it still is. I saw some of the girls before in my previous classes and at work, but I didn't call any of them friend, as it was a little harder to fit in then I originally thought. Even though I was only twenty-seven, I felt like an old-hag compared to the young coeds, who seemingly bopped around without a care in the world.

I took a seat near the back.

The professor suddenly entered the class. My eyes locked on my target. He was a decent looking man, probably in his late forties. He was also well dressed and well groomed. The professor introduced himself and handed out the class syllabus, before handing out the class handbook that the professor said he had written himself. He gave us some time to examine them, before he started a speech about the nursing profession. Saying how important it was and how important it was to be a competent one and so on. I was busy thumbing through the handbook so his exact words escaped me, but what didn't escape me were the pictures in the book. There were pictures of naked women being examined. There were breast and gynecological exam pictures. There were also pictures of nurses giving sponge baths and enemas. The pictures were all in black and white, but they still were pretty graphic and a little startling even for nursing majors, I assumed.

When the professor stopped his spiel, a good-looking blonde in the front row immediately raised her hand.

"Sir, I was looking at the second page of the syllabus and well...I mean it said the course, like requires that we be, like nude at times...What the?" She asked, her voice trembling, before trailing off.

Astonished, I quickly flipped to the second page of the syllabus, as the sound of ruffling paper filled the classroom, as most of the class seemingly followed.

"Yes, at times it does," the professor broke in. "This is a hands on course. It focuses on the medical knowledge that you should have learned in your previous classes. This class will show if you can apply them. So if you were going to perform let's say a chest exam. It's better that we find out here if you can do one properly and professionally, then have you fold in the field."

"So we will be practicing on each other?" The blonde quickly muttered.

"Yes, but it's done in a professional manner, like it would be done in the field. I know it's sounds embarrassing, but I'm sure that most of you know by now that being a nurse has its embarrassing moments incorporated into it. Part of the function of the class is to toughen you up, sort of speak. We can't have yah freak out the first time you see a private body part in the field now can we?" The professor teased and a few giggles followed.

Then he added with a laugh, "it's not like we all sit around here naked."

The class erupted in nervous giggling. I had to say he was very professional sounding. Yet my face was a flame. I noticed the girl sitting next to me raise her hand.

"What about the guys...I mean are we going to have to be naked in front of them too?" She asked nervously, for many of us I assumed.

"At times, but it's good that we have them here, cause it gives us a chance to work with both sexes," the professor answered. "I'm sure it will be just as embarrassing for them to be exposed in front of you as well," he added, as suddenly there were many hands in the air.

"Look at it this way, it's like when you learned how to drive a car. You just didn't get into the car and drive away. You had to learn to drive by practicing, and then you had to pass the driver's test to show that you were a competent driver. This class is just like that. You have to show me that you are a competent nurse before I will allow you to graduate," the professor said as even more hands went up.

"Put your hands down. If you have any more questions, read the first chapter of the handbook. It explains the course in more detail. It should answer most of your questions," he said holding up the handbook.

"And next class please bring back your signed waiver forms, or if you don't think you have what it takes...Hey not everyone can handle being a nurse. It's one of the toughest jobs on the planet. I suggest you drop this class and change your major!" The professor said in a dry harsh tone.

The class suddenly started to file out. I noticed there were all different size and shapes of girls in the class, many of them sporting panicked looks on their faces. When the guys left, I heard them taking about a football game, so I figured none of this bothered them.

As I walked down the hall to my next class, I stopped by my academic advisor. I was in luck as she was in. After a brief visit, it seemed the professor was right, if we didn't pass his class we couldn't graduate and since he was the only one who taught it, the professor certainly held the cards, to his student's futures, in his hands.

For the rest of the day I just couldn't get my first class out of my head. I read the waiver over and over. My hand even trembled as I signed my fictitious name to the form and dated it. I couldn't believe that we would have to be medical models for each other, as so far we have just watched videos and practiced on dummies.

The night before my next class, I took a shower, slipped on my robe and returned to my room. My roommate was out for the evening, as she normally was. I found myself staring into the full-length mirror that was on the back of the door, my reflection staring back at me. I made sure that the door was locked, like ten times, then as I trembled I slowly opened my robe. I couldn't believe how embarrassed I was just looking at my naked body like this. I suddenly pictured a room full of people staring at me.

"Did I have a nice body?" I asked myself.

I blushed, as honestly I just never even thought about it before. I looked closely at the mirror, my 5'7" 125 pound reflection staring back at me. My heart was racing as I focused on my chest. I slowly caressed my medium sized breasts in my hands, my nipples immediately responding to my touch. I started lightly pinching them; they were getting so hard. Man, I was so embarrassed, even though no one was even there. My long erect nipples always did that to me. My hands traveled down my trim stomach, down to my thighs, then into my inner thighs. I ran a finger over my light brown pubic hairs that match the color of my hair. I swim to keep in shape, so I keep my pussy neatly trimmed, but never dared to shave it. Running my finger along my pussy lips, I'm surprised at how wet I had become.

"I can't be turned on about the thought of being naked in a room full of people, can I?" I asked myself.

Maybe it had just been to long without sex. I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't stand the itch any longer. I jumped on my bed and began violently masturbating with a hairbrush. I even found myself imagining the professor licking my pussy right in front of the class. This quickly brought me to a powerful orgasm, before I slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming erotic dreams.

The next day I woke up, surprised that I was still naked, as I never slept in the nude. I couldn't believe how much I was thinking about that class. It was and early morning class so I had to rush to get there on time, arriving just as the professor walked in.

"Ah Miss Lewis you just made it," the professor said with a smile.

"Thanks," I mumbled a little surprised that he knew my name and thankful that I still did.

"Francis, right?" He moaned.

"Yah, but you can call me Fran, if you like!" I said, a little more seductively then I had planed.

"All right, Fran it is, and you all can call me Dr. Dan, as even I have a hard time pronouncing my last name," he said, and the class giggled.

Looking around the class, there were a few empty seats, so I figured we already had a few dropouts. I personally had made it this far in my career, so I was determined to get through this little assignment.

The next couple of classes were fairly routine. We started with ear and mouth checks and pulse and blood pressure work. I was sitting next to a cute blonde girl, about the same height and weight as me, so when it came to pick a partner to work with, she just looked at me and I just nodded my head. Her name was Trisha. She was easy to get along with. I even found out that her mom was a nurse too.

The two guys in the class didn't seem to have to partner up. They would just bounce from group to group, which I thought was a little strange. The professor would also come by to each group and you would have to show him that you knew the proper techniques. It was like having a practical exam every class.

We were about two weeks into class when I noticed that the next class was going to be heart and chest exam, and then the breast exams would follow. You could see that the nerves in the class were mounting.

The next class the professor showed a clip of various chest exams, none to graphic, before he called Suzy up to the front of the class. Suzy was a stunning blonde who sat in the first row, and when it comes to the chest department, you could say she was heads above the rest of the class. After a speech about the heart and blood flow and medical related functions, the professor turned to Suzy.

"Suzy would you please unbutton your blouse for me," he said almost matter-of-factly.

Suzy looked at him like he was crazy. I guess I would have done the same thing. He asked her again, this time with more force. I noticed she blushed as she fumbled with her buttons.

"Class for the rest of the semester would you all please wear white T-shirts and girls please no bra's either, it just makes it easier on everyone," the professor suddenly barked out.

The room filled with gasps at his request, as it did when Suzy took her blouse off and sat it on the table, following the professor's direction. Suzy was wearing a white low-cut bra that only half covered her large areola and nipples. The bra's material seemingly strained to its limits.

Her face was beet red, as the professor examined her right in front of the class with his stethoscope. The class was eerily quite. It was like we were in a trance, listening to the deep breaths of her impressive lungs. He then called on another girl from the class to come up to the front, as Suzy grabbed her blouse and quickly sat down. It was Suzy's partner Amanda. Amanda seemed even more nervous than Suzy as she took off her top. She wore a large white bra, that held up her own large breasts.

"Steven would you come up, and check her out," the professor said.

I watched as Steven quickly rushed to the front of the class. Steven was handsome little devil, and from my brief dealings with him so far, he acted like one too. He was just a little to hands on in my opinion.

We watched as Steven used the stethoscope on her back making her breath deeply in and out. You could also see he was watching her breasts heave up and down over her shoulder, smiling with approval. He moved around to her front. "Dr. Dan, should we have a patient remove her bra if it's a heavy one like hers?" He asked, as Amanda's head snapped around with the question.

"You should have her remove anything that gets in the way of your reading," Dr. Dan answered.

"Ok Miss, I'm having a little trouble hearing, will you please slip your bra off?" Steven said, with a sly smile.

"Very good Steven that was well done, nice and professional," Dr. Dan said as he stood by Steven's side.

I looked at Trisha who flashed me a stunned look. When I turned back, Amanda was looking at Dr. Dan with pleading eyes. "He wants me to."

"Please and now," Steven interrupted her, while the professor just nodded.

The class watched as Amanda reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She slid it off her shoulders, but held in front of her. Steven even had to tug it a little to get it away from her. When he did she immediately covered her breasts with her hands.

"Now, now, nothing to be embarrassed about," Steven said as he grabbed her arms and placed them by her side, as the class gasped, when her large breasts sprung into view. I couldn't help but check them out, as did the rest of the class. I must say her bikini tan lines gave her breasts quite an erotic look. Yet this still was a classroom and here she was, her boobs bared for all to see.

Steven went back to listening to her heart. I could only guess that her heart was going a mile a minute as I know mine was. Amanda had to be embarrassed, but she also had to know that there was more of this to come, as I'm sure with breasts like those, she had become an instant class favorite. I almost laughed as Steven seemed disappointed that the professor announced that was all for today.

The next day I went through my T-shirts, trying to find a white one that wasn't see through or really tight, but I'm cursed with the type of brown nipples that you can't hide with a white shirt anyways. I decided to cover-up with a large sweatshirt and headed to class.

As I arrived to class I noticed many of the women had gone with the cover-up route as well. I also noticed that our numbers were down as well. I counted twenty women and big surprise; the two guys were still there. The professor came into class and started role call before he hissed. "Just a reminder of the dress code class, when you come in please take off your outerwear and put it on the back of your seats. I also notice some of you girls are wearing jeans and long pants. I think you better start getting used to wearing short skirts and heeled shoes, please."

As the class gasped, I remember thinking what other professor could get away with telling his female students to only wear white T-shirts with no bra's and short skirts to class. Yet he said it with no obvious emotion in his voice, and he still technically wasn't breaking any laws.

"Let's grab a stethoscope and partner up and practice our heart exams," the professor suddenly announced.

I partnered with Trisha and we both shed our sweatshirts. We both were giggling nervously as we started. It was kind of strange, but we were doing the best we could to be professional. With one eye, I watched Steven bounce from group to group like he always did, while the other guy mostly worked with Amanda and Suzy. I couldn't say as I hardly blamed him.

"Hi girls, mind if I take a listen," Steven said as he approached us.

I felt like telling him to go to hell, but the professor was only a couple feet away, so I just nodded. He started on Trisha's back running the stethoscope under her T-shirt. She jumped a bit as we had been working over our shirts. He worked quickly enough though, probably cause he had twenty women to get to.

He moved over to me and started to lift up the front of my shirt. I had all I could do not to slug him, as his scope traveled up my front. He ran it over each breast having me breath in and out deeply. I must say he certainly seemed to have fun running the cold scope over my now erect nipples, as he even did it several times.

I felt relieved when Steven finally left, but the professor quickly moved in. We had to exam each other as he watched. I was a little embarrassed about the present state of my nipples, but looking around I noticed that there were a lot of headlights on, in the room.

But if I was embarrassed then!

A couple of classes later we started on the breast exam part of the course. It began with the professor calling Suzy to the front of the class. He had her sit on an exam table, her face ghost white.

"Suzy, remove your top and put your hands behind your neck," he ordered and she cringed.

I was glad that I didn't pick a seat up front or maybe it was her huge yet still perfectly firm breasts that made her a popular choice. I watched as the professor started to examine her breasts, pausing to explain each step, that were all outlined in the handbook. I will say he was very thorough. He ordered her to stand and had her put her hands on her head and lean forward, which was nowhere in the book. He stood by her side and held her swaying right breast in his hand almost juggling it. I watched, mouth agape, as he switched back and forth between each breast. I suddenly saw a small tear run down Suzy's cheek, as she had to be mortified.

The last thing he did was take her large nipple in between his thumb and two fingers and rolled it back and forth and finished by giving it a good pull, judging by Suzy's painful expression.

He then called up Amanda and performed another breast exam. Only this time Amanda was lying on her back on one of the exam beds. I just couldn't imagined what it felt like to have your breasts examined by the professor in front of the class like that, but by the look on their faces and the tears in their eyes, I would have to say it wasn't all that pleasant.

We had all weekend to think about the next class. We knew what was coming next. It was our turn to practice on each other. Lucky I had to work and study all weekend. I still had to pass my other classes on my own, so it helped me take my mind off it, as Monday quickly rolled around.

I entered class Monday morning, with nervous knees. I sat down and nervously chatted with Trisha. I had never even touched another woman's breasts before, and knew I was only minutes away from doing so. I could see her eyes wander to my chest as we spoke, so I figured she was also thinking about it.

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