tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUndercover Nurse Ch. 02

Undercover Nurse Ch. 02

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note. I met a female police detective at a local convention, and we had a few drinks at the bar, well after a few more drinks I really just wanted to get in her pants (big surprise) but I had to settle for this story she told me instead.

You may want to read part 1 first, as Ch 2 picks up right where part one ended.

* * * * *

Trisha and I spent the rest of the morning talking, it was really nice to finally make a friend, she told me everything about herself that morning, while I had to make up a life story, basically I told her I felt alone in the world, which at times in this job I did.

I managed to go to the nursing home, were I worked a couple hours a day, and every other weekend. It was kind of a sad place to be, as basically I spent my time with people who were in their last days among us. One thing it did do was give me newfound respect for the nurses and doctors who did their jobs day in and day out.

After work I went for a jog around 9 pm, my mind kept replaying today's events, over and over. I was definitely glad it was over, but I also knew my assignment was far from over. I was just about back at the campus when all of a sudden a white van almost hit me as it screeched to a stop, the door flung open and I was violently pulled inside.

"What the fuck, let me go mother fuckers!" I screamed.

"Wow nice language detective!" A voice hissed.

Suddenly I heard the van fill with familiar laughter. I looked up to see my boss and another man smiling down on me. My boss was a 50ish balding man who sported a huge beer belly or maybe it was from one to many jelly donuts, and his partner was a 40'ish guy who wasn't in much better shape.

"You guys scared the shit out of me!" I hissed, as the van rolled away.

"Sorry about that detective, but we just thought we would drop by and have a quick word with yah," my boss said, in his gravely voice, "have you found out anything yet."

"Only that the professor is a bit of a pervert, so I wouldn't be surprised if the allegations are true."

"Yah well we already knew that, but being a pervert ain't what we need, we need proof that he is using his position to take advantage of his students," my boss said.

"Well he made all of us go topless in class and he even touched some of the girl's breasts," I managed.

"Man I would have loved to see that!" His partner sneered.

I should have expected as much, as he always acted like a slime ball. He's the type of guy that would strip search a nun for Jaywalking. I only reacted by giving him the finger.

"Ok knock it off," my boss yelled, "Yah we know all that, but that is covered by the wavier you all signed, when he is in class he can play his little games all he wants and disguise it as medical training. What we need is the outside activities of the professor," he said.

"Well I haven't seen anything," I said, my head spinning.

"Maybe you should try little harder, look at these!" He barked.

He showed me some pictures.

"Recognize them," he sneered.

"Yah the blondes Suzy, she in my class, the other two are John and Amanda, what are these?"

"They were all taking coming out of the professors office and if you notice they look a little more disheveled coming out as they did going in," my boss said as he handed me more photos, "and they all spent quite some time in his office."

He gave me some time to examine the photos.

"Detective I must say, you look a little stunned!" He said, with a smile.

He was right; I was a little stunned because I really thought I was alone on the case, so I asked.

"What are you kidding me, like we are going to send a rookie detective out in the field and not watch her back, listen to this," he said with a laugh.

He played a recording, it took a minute or two before I realized that they had the classroom bugged.

"That's right we are listening, so what I need is for you to get them talking, start by trying to get to work with Suzy or Amanda, or get close to them, and also try to get the professor to invite you back to his office," he hissed.

After thinking about what he was saying, "Wait, what if the professor wants to have sex with me?" I mumbled.

"If he forces you or coerces you, then he would be out of bounds and we can nail him, just remember you are only to observe and react like a normal student would," he said.

"Meaning," I mumbled, not believing what I was hearing.

"You have been authorized to do what you have to do, whatever happens, happens, you just finish out the semester and the class. Then let us handle the criminal charges and then we will bring you in as the star witness," he barked. "Now get out of here and do your job."

They dropped me off behind a large farmhouse, as I jogged back to the campus, I was still having trouble believing my instructions. Never did I figure that they would want me to go through with it, I mean I figured I would slap the cuffs on him right there, and take him away.

I spent the rest of the night, and the whole next day trying to plan my next move. After being scolded by my boss, I was more determined then ever to complete my assignment. Maybe I wouldn't have to have sex with anyone anyways, if I could just get Suzy and Amanda to tell me what happened to them in his office, but first I have to find a way to become their partner, as that's how I became friends with Trisha.

The next class rolled along and I was still uneasy about the whole thing. I had to keep reminding myself of the job, I was damn proud to be the first female detective in our department and I wanted to show them that I was a worthy.

"Hi Trish, I had fun the other day, well after class anyways," I said noticing her coming into class.

"Hi Fran me too, oh my god, your favorite guy was behind me, hopefully he was checking out my legs, I wore this skirt just for him!" Trisha said with excitement.

I noticed she had on a rather short skirt, and looking around the class, all of the girl's now sported skirts as well. I also noticed Steven come into class right behind her, and he went right up to the front of the class. He sat on one of the exam tables right next to the professors brown table. I'm surprised he didn't bring the professor a big red apple, while he was at it.

The professor told the class to read the next chapter in the handbook, but most of us just watched as the professor was observing a couple of re-exams from the last class, as a couple of girls tried to improve their grade, and there was one girl who missed the last class.

I wasn't really surprised that Steven was up front with the professor, as the girl who missed last class was kind of cute with little perky boobs. I almost laughed out loud when I saw him lift her shirt up over her head, and start to examine, or his version of examine, her breasts. I guess he just had to make it official and manhandle all the girls in the class.

An idea quickly flashed into my head, I figured this was my chance. I took several deep breaths trying to muster all my strength; finally I raised my hand.

"Yes Fran what is it," the professor said, when he finally noticed me.

"Thank you Dr. Dan, I don't mean to sound rude, but I think it is a little unfair that Steven and John get to work with all the groups," I said as calmly as I could.

"What do you mean Miss Lewis?" he barked.

"Well they get the advantage of working with different patients, I mean we are not all built the same," as I said this, I could feel the stares from the other girls and it feel like they were burning a hole right through me.

"What are you doing," Trisha even whispered.

"Well Miss Lewis you have a point, I think," the professor said, "are you talking about breast size, for the breast exam?"

"Yah, I mean they can't all feel the same," I mumbled.

"No I guess not," the professor groaned, "but it was no doings of mine, you have all been free to work with who you want, when you want. I just figured you were a little more comfortable working with the same partners," the professor said in a harsh tone, as the class was grumbling.

"I did notice that Steven bounced around, and I even complemented him on it, as I would have done if anyone else had done it," the professor continued, "but maybe I wasn't clear enough in my prior instructions, so I was going to move on, but since I don't want any one to feel like they got cheated."

Now the girls in the class were all glaring at me, even Suzy and Amanda.

"So next class we will all get a chance to work with new partners. What we will do is line up some of the girls, all different sizes breasts, and then the class can go through one by one until every one has got a chance, to work with different sizes, and thank you Miss Lewis for pointing out my error," the professor said.

The class was grumbling again, I felt like I was a foot tall, that really didn't turn out like I had hoped and now I had nineteen girls who probable want my head, even Trisha wouldn't look at me. The professor dismissed the class. I just sat in my chair as the girls filled out, most of them giving me glaring looks, and predictably I got a few dyke comments.

"Hi Fran," Steven said, as he sat down next to me.

"Great as if my day couldn't have gone any worse," I mumbled.

"Fran would you like to go out with me for a beer tonight, there is a cool band playing."

"Sorry Steven I don't think I'm in the mood," I interrupted.

"Man I didn't ask you to fuck me yet; I usually wait for the second date for that, maybe just a little blowjob on the first!" Steven said with a laugh.

"I have to go," I mumbled, and before I killed him.

"Wait Fran, really I owe yah, I mean another day in titty heaven, how can I ever thank you," I heard his voice fade as I rushed away

The next class, was one that I will never forget. The professor started it with roll call and said he was pleased that we all made it. I know it took every thing I had inside of me to make the walk to class.

"All right girls and guys for that matter as I don't want to treat you any differently," the professor said, looking right at me. "Please take off your shirts and leave them on your chairs and come up to the front of the room."

I looked around the room, predictably receiving many dirty looks, as the girls slowly shed their shirts and made their way up front.

"I talked to Steven after class the other day and he came up with a good idea, so since it was his, Steven you have the floor," the professor said as he patted Steven on the back.

"Ah! Thank you Dr. Dan, well you all know what happened last class, so what we are going to do is start with a group of five girls lined up from big to not so big, you'll work your way down the line, and then when you get to the end, you will stand next to the last girl. Then we will make our way around the class until everyone has practiced with everyone, and again thank you miss Lewis." Steven said, with a wink.

It just killed me knowing how much he was loving all this, while most of the girls trembled with nerves, most of them were also covering their chests with their arms or hands.

"Now girls if you could all put your hands behind your back so I can see your breast size, we will start," Steven oozed.

Most of the girls were looking back at him with pleading eyes, but he just went around and batted at the arms of the girls who were slow to get into position. Then of course, he added to our humiliation by walking around and openly gawking at us, while making little comments about our breasts sizes, comparing them to fruits, watermelons, cantaloupes, apples, and so on.

Finally he started placing us in order, by our breasts size. He started to make two rows of ten, he even did some last minute changes until he was perfectly satisfied we were all in correct order, it was so humiliating. Some of the girls were already having trouble keeping their composer as the sounds of sniffling and weeping filled the room, which made my stomach turn, as I knew that this was mostly my fault.

"Now that we are in order why don't we get started, lets start with the biggest, that would be you Ann," he said.

Ann was an overweight girl who had enormous breasts that stretched almost down to her belly button. She was mortified standing in front of the class, judging by her quivering face, and running nose.

Steven pulled Suzy up next, then he pulled Trisha up front, she even looked back at me with a "help me" look on her face. I felt so sick and helpless, and then he picked a plain looking girl who had tinny little breasts, and finally he picked a girl named Toni who was very pretty, but she was also flat as a board. The poor girl was in tears as Steven pulled her to the front, she begged him not too.

"Don't cry Toni," Steven said as he stroked her hair, "there is more to a woman than her breasts."

This surprising sentence stunned me because I didn't think Steven had a sensitive bone in his body.

"I mean Toni; you do have a nice ass!" Steven said, quickly affirming my prior opinion of him.

"Now that we are all into position, Amanda since you're the biggest left, why don't you lead us off," Steven said.

The professor came over and patted Steven on the back, just like he always did.

"And remember girls I will be grading you, on your performance on these first five girls, after that you're only practicing," the professor said.

Amanda started working on Ann, as she did Steven came over to me, and whispered into my ear.

"Even though your nice sized tits, leave you near the front of the class, you will go last, since this was your idea,"

I tried to slap him as he finished his smutty statement, by pinching my ass under my skirt. But just like my idea, my slap missed the mark.

We were about five girls down the line when the sound of the back door being open startled the group, as I'm sure most of the group thought the door was locked during class, being topless didn't help the startled factor any.

"Ah, Dr. Dickens come in," the professor oozed.

We watched in horror as a older gentlemen wearing a white doctors coat, walked to the front of the class, followed by two even older guys and a just plain old looking white haired women.

"Class this is Dr. Dickens, some of you may know him, he is the sports department's head doctor, and this is Mr. John, Mr. Wilkerson, and Miss Valmont, they are all on the budgetary subcommittee. They are here today to observe our class, as the nursing department just put in an increase request for next year's budget," the professor said.

I was more than stunned, and I figured the rest of the girls were more than a little surprised by the intruders as well. I mean being naked in front of a doctor was one thing, but the budgetary sub-whatever. The two older gentlemen had to be in there 60's or even 70's. One of the men even looked like he was having trouble breathing, as he took in the site of twenty topless women. Some who were now even examining the breasts of the girls upfront, as the class went back to work following the professor's instructions.

What I wasn't surprised at was the fact that the smooth chested Steven was over with the group shaking hands, and I soon heard him explaining what was going on, to the stunned group. He even pointed to me, which brought a, shame on you, look from the old woman. I watched him for what seemed like a couple of minutes as he joked and clowned it up, with John and the visitors.

The professor taping me on the shoulder startled me, but not as much as the sight of nineteen girls lined up around the class, hands behind their heads, waiting for me to examine them, as it must had been more than a couple of minutes.

"Lets Go Fran," he barked.

I moved forward and started working on Ann; my hands trembled with nerves as the professor watched over my shoulder, as did the rest of the group of intruders. Suzy was next, as we only examined one breast per girl, to speed up the process. If looks could kill Suzy would have killed me, ten times over, as I rolled her large nipple in my fingers.

I moved down the line quickly and then even more so, after Toni and my grading stopped. I wasn't surprised that most of the girls flashed me evil smiles, or mean scowls, as I made my way around. I looked back and I noticed Ann was on my heals, followed by the rest of the girls, but it wasn't until I got to the end of the line of girls, that I realized that all of the girls would now get their chance to examine me.

"After you finish with Fran you can leave," I heard the professor say from the front, as I was now right next to the open back door.

John and Steven came down to the back and stood right in front of me and watched with smiles, as Ann started feeling my left breast. Ann finished quickly and Suzy moved in, Suzy however was anything but quick. She didn't even pretend to "examine" my breast, she just began fondling me, and with Steven and John blocking the view of the group up front, she was pulling on my nipples like she was trying to pull them off. My eyes began to water up from the pain, but also from the realization of just how much my plan, from the other day, had backfired. Finally Suzy finished by rubbing her own large nipples into mine, which the guy's really seemed to enjoy.

Finally Suzy left, but I still had seventeen more girls to go. After a couple more girls passed, I saw Amanda approach me with an evil smile on her lips, as rough as Suzy was with me it was nothing compared to Amanda. She looked back and made sure the group up front was occupied, they seemed to be in a heated discussion, probably about the budget.

Amanda quickly grabbed at my erect nipples, she licked her lips, as bent down and put my left nipple in her mouth, slowly sucking it at first, and then she bit down. I let out a yelp from the pain, as she quickly stood up and wiped away her saliva from my assaulted nipple, as she left.

The rest of the girls filed past quickly, most of them where probably in a rush to cover up and get out of there, but there was this one girl who had odd shaped breasts and had a particular rough time holding in her emotions, as he face was covered with black mascara, brought down from her streaming tears.

When she stood in front of me, she kissed me on the lips, which caught me by surprise, and then she spent some time playing with my breasts. She grabbed them by the nipples and pulled them around in different directions, letting them go, laughing as the bounced lewdly back into place. My eyes were glazed over, so I couldn't really see anymore.

Then she reached under my skirt and trusted her hand in my panties and roughly fingered my embarrassingly wet pussy. I tried to stop her actions with words at first, as I pleaded with her to stop, but I finally had to physically pull her fingers out of my pussy. If that wasn't bad enough, she then went over to John and put her fingers up to his lips, and my stomach turned as he sucked my juices off her fingers.

Thankfully the girls stopped coming by, as my nipples were on fire now. I think some of them never even came by at all, including Trisha, in their hurriedness to leave, as I'm sure this had to awful experience for most of them. I finally felt a sense of relief, as I went to my chair and put on my T-shirt; little did I know that today's humiliation was far from over.

"Miss Lewis could you come up front please," the professor barked,

"Now what," I said to myself, as I reluctantly went up front. I was surprised to see the still topless Suzy and Amanda up front, as well as the girl who missed the last class, who I found out was named Samantha.

"Miss Lewis, understandably the committee can't come to every class, so we are going to show them some of the other thing we will be doing in class, Dr. Dickens will be assisting me as well," the professor said.

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