tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUndercover Nurse Ch. 03

Undercover Nurse Ch. 03

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note. I met a female police detective at a local convention, and we had a few drinks at the bar, well after a few more drinks I really just wanted to get in her pants (big surprise) but I had to settle for this story she told me instead.

You may want to read part 1 first, and then Ch 2. As Ch 3 picks up right where part one and two ended.

Chapter 3 "The Shower Incident."

Samantha and I entered the bathroom/shower room. First we spent a second or two looking around, as it was the first time either of us had been in the room. First we noticed that there were two stalls and a large sink area. There was also a towel rack, with a couple of white towels. After the two stalls the wall opened up and there was a small shower area with three showerheads, a shower mitt, and a bar of soap, dangled off each one. After quickly stripping of the rest of my clothes, I entered the shower area. Each showerhead had it's own setting, so I went around and turned on all three. The water was hot, but not scolding. I settled in under the first spray. Samantha was soon standing under the middle stream. Normally I would be a little hesitant about showering with another woman, but after what we just went through, it almost felt comforting to have her there with me.

"Wow what a day," I said, not sure what else to say, to sort of break the ice.

"Oh man, I tell yah one thing, I'm never going to miss class again," she moaned, "that was ridiculous."

"I know and what was with the old dudes?" I said, as I stuck my head under the hot stream of water.

"No shit! That old guy with the big belly actually felt me up!" She cried.

"Yah, well I had the guy with the breathing problem! Man I thought he was going to have a heart attack!" I cried.

"And then they all looked up my...Well you know..." she moaned, as I looked over at her, trying not to stare.

"What do you think, did they get that raise next year?" she said, as our eyes met, then we both shared a nervous laugh, "and what about that old hag?"

"At least that old lady picked Suzy," I said.

"No shit, but really wouldn't you?" She asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Cut it out, I mean Suzy's breasts are perfect, man I would kill to have a set like that!" Samantha oozed, as I just shook my head, thankful that some else shared my opinion.

"Did I hear someone say my name?"

We turned around to see Suzy enter the shower area, followed quickly by Amanda.

"How's the water girls?" A stunningly naked Suzy asked.

"We'll be done in a sec," I snapped, as their sudden appearance and their nakedness caught me by surprise. I was also a little embarrassed that she caught us talking about her breasts.

"We can share," Suzy purred.

"Plus you can probably use a hand getting that tight little anus all clean," Amanda said with a laugh, and a slap on my ass.

"I think I can manage," I hissed.

"Hey room for two more," I heard Steven's voice echo, before I even saw him.

"No way, get the fuck out of here!" I screamed.

"What didn't you see the front of the bathroom door, there is a boy stick figure and a girl stick figure," Steven said as he pushed me aside to wet his naked body.

"Yah and I got the stick," John said as he came into the shower next. I let out a small gasp when I saw the size of his cock. A stick, the dude had a baseball bat. I had never seen one, close to that big before.

"He hung like bull no," Amanda whispered in my ear as she massaged my ass.

"Please I'm not into this," I moaned.

"What you telling me your not the least bit horny?" Steven said, stroking my wet hair.

"Please your scaring me!" I cried as the group seemed to surround me, except for John who went right to over to Samantha and I noticed his hands were now all over her Soap covered body.

"Please get out of here!" I pleaded, for the both of us.

"What are you a fucking virgin!" Amanda barked.

"No but,"

"Just a baby then?" She interrupted.

"No, but,"

"But what, you just don't like us?" She barked, as they seemed to move in even closer.

"We're all friends here aren't we?" Amanda said, as she twisted my sore left nipple.

I guess my police training got the best of me for a second, as I slipped out of character and grabbed Amanda by the arm and twisted it behind her back, slamming her into the tile wall. Suzy quickly jumped on my back and we all crashed onto the floor, as we pulled hair and body parts. I was doing my best to fight them off, while Steven tried to break up the action, but he was having a hard time, because he was busy laughing his ass off, while watching the catfight.

Finally for some reason, we all just stopped and kind of looked over, at the other end of the shower, which was only a four or five feet away. Samantha was on her knees in front of John and was sucking on his monstrous cock; at least she was trying.

"Samantha," I groaned, while she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

"At least she likes dick," Amanda purred.

"I like dick too," I said a little more forcefully then I wanted too.

"Yah then prove it," she said.


"Look at Steven, he looks like he could use some attention," she said.

I look at Steven, who was now sporting an erection himself, his cock was pointing straight up to the ceiling, it was nice sized and seemingly as hard as a steel rod, as he was washing and stroking himself.

"Or maybe you want some of this?" Amanda moaned, as she spread her knees and began to play with her bare pussy.

I just sat there, not really knowing how to react to all the perverse acts, going on around me. I did notice Samantha leading John out of the showers by his cock, she didn't seem to be in any distress, jugging by her wide grin she flashed me.

"C'mon Amanda, Fran is hopeless," Suzy barked as she helped Amanda to her feet, they went to the middle showerhead and began to rinsing each other off.

I stood up and started to rinse myself off, on the first spray.

"Need some help with your back?" Steven purred.

I didn't even answer him, as much as I wanted to tell him to fuck off, I just kept silent and still. He had a shower mitt on his right hand and started washing my back with it; I must admit it wasn't half bad. Then his hand made it's way lower of course and he washed my ass for some time and then the back of my legs.

"Let's turn this off for a second," he said, as he turned off the spray of water.

He placed my hands on the wall and kicked my feet apart, like he was going to search me. Instead he got the mitt good and soapy and washed my neck and breasts, of course he spent a lot of time on my breasts, before making his way down my stomach. Then down each leg before washing between my legs, which caused me to squirm. He put the water on a fine spray to rinse me off, all while using his free hand to lightly play with my ass. It felt strangely erotic to be washed like that. I noticed the two other girls were washing each other, much the same way.

"Are you ready for something a little bigger in here?" Steven said as his finger found it's way inside of my pussy, which reminded me of who had just been fondling my body, and why he bugged me so.

I pushed him away, but he just grabbed my ass cheeks and was running his hard cock between them. I spun around quickly, now looking him right in the eye.

"It's your call Fran, do you want to be friends, or are we going to be enemies all year?" Steven said in a harsh tone.

I felt the water turn off as Amanda and Suzy were standing right by my side.

"So what's it going to be Princess?" Amanda hissed.

My face felt flush as I felt a little trapped, if I met Steven under different circumstances, I might have jumped at the chance to be with him. After all he was a good looking guy, and looked even better naked, but he acted like a slime ball, and he still sported that stupid cocky grin on his face, that made me want to just nail him one! Instead because of this assignment, I was going to have to let him nail me one! It just didn't seem right. Just the thought of it was making my skin crawl.

I felt pressure on my shoulders, as Amanda was forcing me to kneel down, I knew I still could have fought my way out of there if I had to. Amanda finally had me on my knees, she looked at me with an anxious look on her face. I wasn't stupid, I knew what they wanted. I took a deep breath and slowly opened my mouth, Steven quickly guided his rock hard erection into it. It had been a long time since I gave head, as I'm really not that type of girl.

Jugging by his face, I don't really think that I was giving him a very good blowjob at that point, but I really didn't care if I gave him a good one or not. Amanda on the other hand seemed hell bent on making me do it, a whole lot better. Personally, Amanda just looked and acted like the type of girl, who would have probably sucked on her share of dicks by now.

"Watch me you stupid cunt," she hissed, as she grabbed his cock and began sucking on it, like she was trying to get to the center, affirming my prior opinion of her.

She forced my mouth back on Steven's cock, and then she then used her hands to grab my hair and was pushing my head back and forth. After a minute or two, I looked up and Steven was obviously enjoying this more now. Suzy was also helping his ecstasy level, as she was standing behind him, running her body and her small hands up and down his smooth, tanned body. I wasn't trying too, but I was soon making grunting and slurping sounds.

"That's it baby get nasty," Amanda purred.

After a minute or two more of this, Amanda took his still rock hard dick out of my mouth.

"Stick out your tongue," she barked, "yah that's it," when I sheepishly replied.

She started to smack his hard cock against my tongue, and then she smacked it off my cheek and face a few times. She was still doing her best to humiliate me, and it was working, I felt like a five-dollar whore.

She sucked on his cock for a bit and then lifted it up and cupped his balls in her hands, I had a funny feeling, before she even said it.

"I wanna see yah lick his balls, as I suck his cock."

If I didn't see him cleaning himself earlier, I never would have done it. I really just kind of juggled them with my tongue anyways, it was actually kind of funny.

Amanda moved behind me and we took turns sucking on him for a spell, before she again grabbed my head again and was pushing me back and forth again. It was like she was trying to push it all the way down my throat. Steven was now moaning audibly for the first time. I started to panic as I felt Steven's body begin to shake, I tried to pull my head away, but Amanda used her body weight to keep me in place.

"No you don't!" She cried.

I felt a blast of hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat, it almost felt like it burned me. I quickly gulped it down, as I sucked on his cock as hard as I could now, to try and get it in and down as fast as I could. I had remembered an old girlfriend's theory, who used to swallow all the time. She told me it was easier that way. She might have been right, as most of it was gone before the taste and texture, really even hit me. Although I can say it was something that I wouldn't want to make a habit out of doing.

"Wow that was intense," Steven moaned.

"Looks like old Fran here might be cool enough, to hang with after all," Amanda said.

"C'mon Steven I'll get you cleaned up," Suzy purred, as she grabbed his cock and led him to the third shower head, I was still on my knees when I felt a blast of water, hit the back of my head.

"Get up and I'll clean you up," Amanda said as she yanked me to my feet.

I felt Amanda rubbing my back and then she was rubbing my ass, back and forth, as I faced directly into the stream of hot water. I took the opportunity to wash out my mouth, as the initial taste of cum wasn't all that bad, but the aftertaste was kicking in.

"Hand me the soap and I'll wash your pretty little asshole out," Amanda said, as she was rubbing her finger over it.

"Please that..."

She interrupted me by repeating her statement, and by pulling on the back of my hair, while sticking her finger slightly into my anus. I just didn't feel like fighting her anymore at that point, although I made a promise to myself right there. When this job was over, Amanda and I were going to have a face to fist talk.

I reluctantly handed her the soap. She spent a couple of minutes soaping up my ass and then rubbing her soapy mitt around and over my ass, while spreading my ass cheeks.

"It was so cool seeing you squirm around today when I slid that thermometer up your cute ass, just like this," she toyed.

I felt her finger slide over my asshole and then into it. I grabbed the showerhead in an effort to stop me from falling, but also to keep me from smashing her face in. She began thrusting her finger in and out, it was uncomfortable and just a little painful.

"See this is how I can be, or this is how I can be." Amanda said, as I felt her kissing her way down my back. I felt her spread my ass cheeks and then I felt the strangest sensation I ever felt. I look back just to make sure. Yep, she was licking my anus with her long tongue all right. I put my head against the tile wall, and hoped that she was only testing me. It just seemed like the most perverse thing one could do. I also felt some of her fingers start to explore my pussy. Amanda finally seemed to be focused on circling my clitoris with small circles, as she was becoming even more vigorous with her licking of my anus, I hated myself for it at the time, but I soon found myself experiencing the most intense orgasm of my young life.

"Please stop...I can't," I moaned, as my legs just gave out on me. Amanda caught me in her arms, as the water blasted us both in the face. She was now using the stream of water to wash out her mouth.

"See that's how I can treat my friends, how bout it," she said, as she caressed my body.

I wasn't fully recovered yet, or I could use my job as an excuse, either way, I just shook my head.

"So you want to be our friend" I heard Steven say as he helped me to my feet.

"Yes," I moaned still a little shell-shocked.

"Cool, then met us tonight at the Pit around 10-ish." Steven finished his sentence by giving me a kiss.

"The Pit, that figures, it was the nastiest bar around. You could say it lived up to its name." I thought.

"Yah and try to look hot!" Amanda said as she slapped my ass.

"And Fran," Suzy said, as she looked me in the eyes, and licked my lips with her tongue, "Initiation time,"

I felt her tongue enters my mouth, she pressed her lips against mine, they were the softest lips I have ever felt. There was nothing to fight off here. I closed my eyes and became lost in an exceptionally passionate kiss, from one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. I may have become too wrapped up in the kiss, because when I opened my eyes again they were gone, even Suzy.

I turned up the showers as hot a I could stand it and just let the stream of steaming hot water belt my head, I was trying to clear it, as the little shower incident, punctuated by Suzy's kiss, had seemingly left me in a fog.

My mind raced back over today's events, I was trying to make sense of it all, while it was still fresh, although it already seemed like a dream.

When I woke up this morning I could never have imagined that:

I would have had my hands on 19 women's breasts, as well as them on me, in return, while I was really abused by three or four of them.

I really couldn't believe the whole budget-group invasion thing.

Did a seventy-year-old guy really have his hands on my naked breasts?

Then there was the whole thermometer thing, Amanda, I knew it was her.

What was up with Samantha, she really seemed to be having a tuff time in the classroom, but in the showers, she was sucking John's cock, in like one minute.

And what about John, is the boy deformed? Could I ever handle something that big? Did I want too?

Did I really suck off Steven, and worse swallow his cum? Was I really going to let him fuck me? Did I want to fuck him?

And then Amanda licking my asshole, how could I have enjoyed that so much? What if she wanted me to do that to her?

And what about the beautiful Suzy, why did I yearn to be kissed like that forever more? Why did I want her so?

The professor finally got his hands on my breasts, as well as his doctor buddy

And what about the professor, could I really go through with it, could I really have sex with him?

Maybe my boss was right, maybe I should have stuck with giving out fucking parking tickets!

Finally I turned off the showers, my head was still spinning. When I got out of the showers, I went to grab a towel off the rack.

"Great they didn't even leave me a towel! Now I'll have to dress all wet, dress, wait a minute. Were my clothes?" I thought.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed when it hit me that all my clothes were gone, I immediately thought of the word, "initiation."

I frantically searched around the small room, there were few hiding places, but I searched them over and over, nothing.

"My sweatshirt, my handbag," I cried as I pictured them on the back of my chair. I slowly peeked out the bathroom door, thankfully the room was empty. I slowly focused on my chair, no sweatshirt, no handbag, nothing.

"I am fucked," I said to myself, as I began to search around the classroom, everything was locked up, there wasn't even any spare books lying around, or a map, or anything like that. I started to panic.

I went to the backdoor, I could hear a professor giving a lecture in the next class. I knew if I stayed here any longer, I was a sitting duck, they had to use this classroom more than once a day, and I also had to go to work in the afternoon.

"Wow what was happing to me, I was actually thinking about my depressing part time job at the nursing home. But it was true people were counting on me to show up." I said to myself, "I couldn't even call out for help because I knew they would have stopped listening by now."

I looked at the clock, I knew classes would be getting out soon. I figured it was know or never, I mean this was college, I'm sure I wouldn't be the first streaker in it's history. I was doing my best to psych myself up. I took some deep breaths and opened the door and began racing down the hall. I used the stairs, as no one ever did that anymore. So far so good, I just had to make it through the front lobby of the library. I peeked through the stair's window, it was the middle of the morning, so the place was bustling with activity. Well I thought, it was soon to be a little more bustling, I opened the door and took off, happy for one thing, that I was active runner.

I caught more than one bookworm by surprise, as I did my best to cover my chest as I ran. I made through the lobby and out the front door, right into an ironically bright sunny day. I ran down the back ally, right by some guy walking, while reading a book, he even offered a casual hello as I sprinted by. I only had to go by the cafe, to get back to my dorm room.

I turned the corner and headed down the sidewalk leading to the cafe. I suddenly saw a large crowd gathered outside the cafe, as I approached. Soon they were all cheering and whistling like they I knew that I was coming. It was when I got to the middle of the crowd, that I saw Amanda and Suzy leading the cheers.

I would have to deal with them later, as I ran past them as fast as I could. I noticed a camera flash here and there, as I made my way past the crowd. I finally made my way to the front door of my dorm, there was one guy, standing right in front of the door.

"Hey little lady, where you going all naked?" He teased.

"Please get out of my way," I said, trying to catch my breath.

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