tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUndercover Nurse Ch. 05

Undercover Nurse Ch. 05

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note. I met a female police detective at a local convention, last year and we had a few drinks at the bar, well after a few more drinks, I really just wanted to get in her pants, (big surprise,) but I had to settle for this story she told me instead.

I met up with her again this year and she was nice enough to tell me more.


I was hurrying back to my dorm after class, when the white van raced up beside me, again...only this time I was a little more ready for it.

As soon as I climbed in, I could tell by the look on my boss’s face that he wasn’t at all happy with me.

He started barking right away as his partner put the van in gear. "Half the semester is over...are we any closer to nailing this guy?"

I could tell by the look on his wrinkled face that he already knew the answer. I started to tell him about what happened to me in class today. Although I knew that he already knew that too. In fact he probably got a kick out of listening to my humiliation. I only prayed that he didn’t have video surveillance as well. (Thankfully I didn’t see any television monitors in the van.)

"I’ve been talking to my boss about scraping the whole thing. I don’t think you have what it takes to get the job done," my boss said harshly.

It was like he punched me in the stomach, as I was still recovering from telling him my humiliating story. I couldn’t believe what the professor put me through today wasn’t some sort of crime, but he reminded me that I signed that fucking nudity wavier.

"Please!" I begged. "I'm close, really, it's just so humiliating."

"I know, but I can’t have my agents running out every time things get tough!”

"Please!" I begged again...and even batted my eyes.

"Look I’ll be honest. I made a mistake putting you on this case, in the first place. Fucking year and a half down the fucking tubes."

He was right. If they pulled me off the case now it would be a year and a half down the tubes, but it was also a year in a half of my life.

“Please I can do this! I can do the job! Just give me another shot.” I was pretty much panicking at this point. I was even pulling on his arm and pounding on his chest as I pleaded. I guess you could say that I don’t handle failure to well, and the eye batting wasn’t working. After some more drama, he finally used a small towel to dry some of my tears, as he told me to relax.

"Look maybe I can give you one more shot...maybe...but first...."

"But first what?" I interrupted him with a sniffle.

"But first you’re going to have to prove to me that you have what it takes. I mean you have to prove it to me, right here and right now, that you’re not going to run away when the going gets tough."

"I won’t, please," I moaned, though a little fearful of what he meant.

"All right," he said, as he got of the bench seat we were sharing and moved over into a small swivel seat, a couple of feet in front of me. "First are you wearing any panties under that skirt?"

"Yeah," I quickly mumbled. The question sending shivers down my spine.

"Take them off and hand them to me," he said dryly.

I was about to snap at him. I mean really, the nerve.... But looking into his eyes I could tell he wasn‘t screwing around. This was a testing. So I causally slipped them off from under my skirt and handed them to him. Instantly, he laughed out loud at my conservative white panties.

“Geez, do you think you could wear something a little more sexier?“ He held my panties up, shaking his head. I could also hear his partner laughing up front, while watching us from the rear-view.

“From now on wear something black, maybe even a thong, and get a shorter skirt, and, while you’re at it, a tighter shirt, too. That thing your wearing looks way to baggy...and do up your face better. You’re supposed to look fucking hot, not like a nun.”

Strangely, I felt a little relieved as he spoke. Maybe he was just going to chew me out. Maybe he was right.... As embarrassing as it was going to be, maybe I’d have to raise the stakes a bit.

Little did I know that my boss was thinking the same thing.

"Turn around, and put your knees up on the seat," he suddenly hissed.

His command caught me by surprise to say the least, so I just sat there in stunned silence. Jaw open, brain paralyzed, heart racing.

"Do it!" he barked.

I trembled. After a second or two, I swallowed hard, as if I was swallowing my pride and did it.

"Now lift that skirt up, in the back.”

“What?” I cried out, snapping my head around, not believing his nerve. -- While also remembering my panties, now resting on his lap.

“If your afraid of a little nudity, then how are you gonna make it?”

I just shook my head, still not sure myself.

“Now go ahead and lift that skirt and show me...show me your naked...tight...little ass," he said, while rubbing his chin.

The more I thought about it, I wasn’t really surprised. He had made several comments about my ass before, and now I would have to decide if this assignment was worth being treated like a piece of one.

“Any day now, missy,” he teased.

I again swallowed hard. This time it didn’t seem to help. I felt my hands trembling, as I lifted my skirt up over my backside. I focused on keeping my knees and thighs closed tight, while keeping an watchful eye on him over my shoulder, just so he didn’t get any funny ideas.

After he took some time, as if he was trying to memorize my ass, he hissed, “C’mon spread your knees apart.”

He also said it as if he was talking to my ass. I had to bite my tongue, ‘cause I knew I could never tell him, or do to him, what I really wanted too.

My face burning, I closed my eyes and slowly spread my knees apart. I felt a sudden rush of cold air in between my legs, and so was quickly reminded of my shaved state. I gasped and looked away, as I realized the view I was offering. The breeze between my legs suddenly turned warm. Opening my eyes back up, I saw that my boss had moved in for a closer look at what I was offering and was breathing hard.

"Please don’t touch me!" I screamed as I flipped over, pulling my skirt down.

"Hey I wasn’t! I promise. Look I won’t touch you. I’m a married man, 30 years, haven‘t cheated yet," he said, with both hands raised.

"You swear," I said a little unsure.

"I swear, but you still haven’t proved anything to me. Again you’re awful jumpy.”

"Please, I’m just not an exhibitionist.”

"I know, but you have to be willing to do, whatever has to be done, to get the job done..., or you should do us all a favor and go back to writing fucking parking tickets!"

"Oh g-god please. I-I can do it, please" I stammered, although I wasn’t sure what I could or couldn’t do at that moment.

"Ok then do it!" he barked. “Show me your pussy.”

I don’t know how long I sat there, or how or even why I did it, but I brought my feet up onto the bench seat, and then lifted my skirt up in the front.

"Ah very nice...how does it feel to be bald down there?" He chuckled and then leaned forward for a closer look.

"Feels a little strange," I mumbled, more than a little embarrassed to be talking about my shaved pussy with my boss. Never mind showing him it, as he even motioned for me to spread my knees a little wider apart. I gasped as I did, noticing just how clear he could see my pussy lips now. I was only thankful that they were closely snuggled together. I also felt a small tear of humiliation roll down my cheek, though I tried not to snivel.

"No, how does it FEEL?" he asked again.

I looked him in the eyes and it suddenly hit me what he wanted. (“Man why is everyone around me so perverse!” I screamed inside.)

In a huff, I slowly moved my right hand down and ran a finger over my pussy lips. His eyes were locked on my movements, as my finger ran over and over my pussy lips.... Honestly it felt strange not to feel any hair in that area and I was now doing more than talking about my pussy with my boss. I was actually playing with it. Although it didn’t really feel perverted or anything.

"Let’s see some pink," he whispered, which brought me crashing back to earth. I couldn’t believe it. I just shook my head back dumbly. He was adamant, however. I follow his orders, or I was off the case.

He repeated his call for some pink. I felt like the cheapest of the cheap, realizing as I did it, that I just had to spread my pussy lips open, to my boss, to keep my job. He wasn’t even happy until I was spread so far that he must have been able to see some internal organs. Suddenly writing parking tickets began sounding better and better -- especially when he told me to finger-fuck myself.

To this day I still don’t know how I was able to do it. But after a brief stare down, I spread my legs a little wider and closed my eyes tight, and started to actually finger my pussy, right there in front of him...first with one and then with both hands. A couple fingers rubbing my clit and two more buried deep in my ever increasingly wet pussy. In and out they slid. Soft moans escaping me.

I don’t know how long I was at it, but I felt a powerful feeling building and building, and then for a couple of seconds it didn’t matter, nothing did, as my body sent out waves of pleasure that washed over me....

I finally opened my eyes, praying that I wasn’t where I thought I was...but no such luck. There he was, my boss, staring back at me, with a sly grin on his face.

"See, that wasn’t so bad,” he chuckled. “Just one more thing, now.”

I guess I was still recovering from my orgasm, because when I heard him say that I figured he wanted to see my tits too. I figured I would beat it to him to the punch and lifted my T-shirt up over my bra-less breasts.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” I sneered.

“Ah nice tits.... Golly, I see what they mean about your nipples, but...ah... that’s not it!” he said with a laugh.

Embarrassed to no end, I quickly pulled my top down.

“No, hold your right hand out,” he ordered.

I did as he asked, although not sure of his intent. Then I watched stupified, as he licked my pussy juice off my fingers.

“Now,” he moaned, as he sat back with a satisfied look and folded his arms behind his head. "Do you think anything that happens after today can top what you just did for me in this van?"

The van suddenly came to a stop, and the door opened. Before I could even begin to answer, I found myself back in the ally.

"Now, get back to work," my boss said, after I stumbled out on numb legs.

I walked back to my dorm, holding my skirt down. (My boss still had my panties.) And wondered if he was right.

Could anything top what I’d gone through today?

The End of Ch 5.

Thanks for reading my story. Sorry for the delay in-between chapters. (Real life got in the way.) But I can say that the next chapter is already written and should be on the way soon. (The action moves back to the class-room.)

Thanks again and please send me your comments and please Vote.

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