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Topher could feel his heart leap into his throat as he stepped into her room. It wasn't the first time he'd been there of course, he'd been in his best friend's room before but never alone with her and certainly never with her dressed in something so revealing. "So you wanted to talk to me about something?" He tried to peel his eyes away from her but the red and yellow. . .goldenrod actually, cheerleading outfit made it extremely difficult to look at anything but her slender shapely legs.

"Yes. Close the door please." Lucy didn't even look back over her shoulder, instead she bent at the waist and started untying her pure white tennis shoes. "You know it's not exactly a secret." She gave him just long enough to trip over his tongue before she glanced back at him. "How you feel about me." She shifted her hips just slightly pushing her ass in the air enough for her skirt to have a critical function failure. Beneath the short red skirt was pair of bright yellow underwear with a seam stitched down the center giving them a perfectly form fitting shape.

Topher blinked slightly and finally managed to turn his eyes from the young woman to a fairly innocuous spot on the wall. "Of course it's obvious. We're old friends." His heart was speeding up as they spoke as try as he might he couldn't turn his head far enough to keep from seeing her in his periphery.

"You know your girlfriend Cordelia thinks that it's more than that." Lucy sloppily kicked her shoes off and then quickly peeled off her socks tossing them aside. "She's seen the way you look at me. You never look at her that way." Topher could feel the heat gathering under his collar both as she undressed and spoke. Or spoke. At the moment he wasn't sure if the heat was more arousal or embarrassment but whatever it was he couldn't deny it.

"Of course I do. I love Cordi." Topher replied though not quite as forcefully as he would have liked. It wasn't a lie of course, he loved his girlfriend and God himself knew that Topher had scored himself a serious hottie in Cordielia.

Lucy smirked as she quickly pranced across the room on the tips of her dainty feet. "So there isn't a part of you that wants me?" Even after watching her for a few years Topher didn't really know how fast she was until she simply rested her foot on his shoulder. If she'd been trying to kick him he'd be picking his teeth up off the carpet right then by the time his delayed reaction tried to leap away she already had him by the collar. "Relax, help me stretch."

Topher could only nod in response and try to keep everything else under control and there was a lot to keep in check. The heat under his collar was now enough that he wouldn't have been surprised to see steam rising up. His heart beat was picking up to the point that he could hear each thunderous beat pumping blood through his body. If it wasn't bad enough that she had to be able to feel his pulse against her calf worse was his jeans straining through his slacks against her thigh. "You know, what Cordi said Topher?" This time he shook his head just as dully as he'd nodded the first time. "She said I should just go ahead and fuck you. What do you think?"

Even while the combination of blood rushing to places that weren't his brain there was enough of it left functioning for him to know a trick question when he heard it. Perhaps if her ankle wasn't on his shoulder he would have been able to give the right answer, whatever that was. The motion his head finally made was a sort of lolling roll that Lucy apparently took as permission. She turned just slightly and brought her foot down to his chest shoving him roughly back into her computer chair. Simple momentum did the rest of bringing him against the nearby wall.

For the second time if she'd been trying to hurt him he wouldn't have reacted in time to stop the quick athlete and considering that she'd chosen his crotch this time he was even happier to know there was a gentler side to Lucy. "I asked you a question. What. Do. You. Think?" She punctuated each word with a quick motion of her foot and undoing the clasp and zipper of his pants. The only thing separating her flesh from his was his boxers and he didn't have time to answer before she remedied that either.

"Oh my God." Topher felt a shiver shoot up his spine.

"You have to do better than that Topher." Lucy purred gently rubbing his cock with her toes. "I want to know what you think about fucking me." She increased the pressure just a tiny bit. "Do you want to fuck me?" Lucy continued massaging his cock with her toes. Lucy's grin widened when she felt him starting to twitch beneath her foot.

Topher's gripped the armrests so tight his knuckles turned pink and then white. The only thing he could do to keep himself from groaning was pull his lips between his teeth and bite down. "That is so cute!" Lucy growled. Topher's responded with a silent plea but Lucy's response was just to stare coldly back into his eyes. "You know if you want to fuck me all you have to do is say it." Lucy cooed.

There was no way that Topher could have formed a complete sentence right then. With Lucy's toes kneading the underside of his cock the only thing he could do was try to hold on. His ability to do even that was rapidly fading. "Oh God." Topher's hips lurched slightly against Lucy. She leaned in closer and then kissed him hard while he erupted warm semen onto her painted toes. She kept kissing him until she felt him relax.

"Now aren't you a naughty little boy getting your sticky cum all over my foot." Still balancing herself gracefully on her other foot Lucy pushed her toes against Topher's lips. "Clean them." Topher looked up at her hoping to find that she was joking but he'd seen her serious face before. She was serious and he wasn't in a position to refuse her anything. He opened his mouth and one by one took her tiny toes and suckled his cum from them. He'd never stopped to think about semen tasted like but he was immediately certain Cordi made way to big a deal of it. It had the same consistency and non-flavor of snot. "Wow, I didn't think he'd actually do it. So what do you think Cordi. Did he pass your loyal boyfriend test?"

Topher's heart leapt into his throat when Cordi stepped out of Lucy's closet. Her hair was a bit unkempt, her blouse was buttoned up wrong and her skirt was tucked into her thong. Somehow despite all of that she still had an air of authority. "Well he didn't ask you to fuck him. But he did let you get him off."

"True. So shall we see if Gabe will be loyal to me?" Lucy said.

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