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Underground Fight Club


Michelle, known as Muay Thai Missy, stalked through the crowd of fight fans in the underground parking garage. The space was empty of cars but cluttered with people, who encircled a big blue mat. She watched through the bodies as two girls wrestled for position with Karate gi's on. "What the hell is this place, Jay?" she asked.

At her left, trailing Michelle like a puppy, Jay answered, "It's an illegal fight club."

"I can see that," Michelle snapped. She was American with Thai ancestry. She had dark hair, which stopped above her shoulders, and an athletically slim figure. With her eyes on the fight, she continued, "But, why did you invite me?"

"Well, giving your suspension and all," Jay said, "from kicking that girl after the bell—"

Michelle shot an evil eye to her friend. "She deserved it."

Jay submitted his hands. "I know. I know. But, they still stripped you of the strawweight title and suspended you. What I'm saying is, until you start fighting professionally again, I thought it'd be a good way to earn some money."

"These girls wouldn't stand a chance," Michelle scoffed at their basic skills.

"No. They wouldn't. And! You could earn a pretty penny down here." Jay motioned to the spectators. "As you can tell, by their suits and glimmering dresses, they have money."

"It does appear so." Michelle caught glimpses of their gold watches and gaudy rings, the women in their pearl necklaces and diamond studs. "How much can a fighter make on a night?"

"Upwards of 5 to 7 grand a match." Jay looked to her. hesitated. "There's rules though..."

"I'm sure the rules are in place to keep my opponents safe," Michelle brashly shot back.

"You can only strike with an open palm. No kicking. It's basically slapping and grappling. Submissions." Jay hesitated.

"What is it?"

"Well, you see, the rest of the rules are a little unorthodox."

One of the fighters scrambled up, took her opponent's back. She grabbed the collar of her rival's gi and stripped it from the body. The crowd cheered the removal.

Michelle raised a brow.

"You're allowed to strip the opponent," Jay said.

Michelle folded her arms, puckered her lips. "Anything else?"


Michelle's glare sharpened. "Jay?"

"Well, you see," Jay stammered, "the winner gets five minutes, after the fight, to do whatever they want with the loser."

"What if I just want my fuckin' money?" Michelle asked.

"You won't make many fans 'round here," Jay replied, "but there's no rule against just taking the money."

Michelle took a moment, weighing the pros and cons. No girl would beat her. That was a fact. It was essentially a robbery but even a robbery takes work. So, she wasn't worried about losing. The only thing giving her pause was the rule of removing clothes. Even with her superior skills and confidence, she did think it possible to lose the top of her gi. She was guarded when it came to her nudity. She didn't want horny strangers getting a free look. As she considered, she noticed people in the crowd gesturing toward her, whispering about the famous champ. Michelle sighed, shrugged, and looked to Jay, asking, "Where do I sign up?"


"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight!"

Michelle stood on one side of the mat, barefooted. She wore a gi: white jacket and pants with a black belt. While the announcer riled the crowd, she lifted her chin in the air, arrogantly looking down her opponent.

"Making her debut at the Underground Fight Club," the announcer said, "the former strawweight champion of the world, Michelle 'Muay Thai Missy.'"

The elated crowd whistled and hooted.

"And her opponent," the announcer continued, "the reigning, defending, Underground Fight Club champion, Daisy 'Gangsta.'"

Daisy raised her arms in the air. She, like Michelle, had a bored expression, another day in the office. She was boney, head-shaved, but her cold glare looked void of fear.

The referee, a slender and tall ebony woman, called the fighters to the center of the wrestling mat. Michelle and Daisy locked eyes, neither flinching nor blinking. They just stared into each other's souls. The referee spoke to them, "I've talked with both of you in the back of the garage. Listen to my instructions. Protect yourselves at all time. Now, let's have a clean fight. Touch 'em up and go back to your sides."

Daisy respectfully raised her hands to touch gloves, but Michelle left her hanging. Muay Thai Missy just wheeled around and marched back to her side.

The crowd responded with a mixed reaction of boo's and cheers, some enjoying Michelle's mind games while others saw it as unsportsmanlike.

Michelle paced. She rolled her neck, popped her knuckles. At the sound of the bell, she stormed out and took the center of the mat. She was light on her toes, bouncing in and out and showing different angles.

Daisy just circled the outside, hands up and chin down.

Michelle fired an illegal low kick, which buckled Daisy's leg.

The crowd rained-in with jeers and boos.

"Hey!" The referee stepped in between the girls. "Absolutely none of that, hear me?"

Michelle laughed, rolled her eyes. "Sure."

The referee glared at the arrogant girl. She forced the two competitors back to their sides, restarted the match. "Alright. Let's go."

Daisy shook the ache from her leg but remained composed.

"What you got, huh?" Michelle jested. She put her chin out and placed her hands behind her back, daring Daisy to attack. Daisy did. She swung an overhand right, which Michelle dodged easily. She ducked under and countered with a strong slap. "Come on! What you gonna do?" Michelle teased.

Daisy circled out once again as Michelle stalked after her.

"Bip. Bip, bip, bip." Michelle added sound effects to her combinations. Although pitter-patter smacks, she was lighting the underground champion up. She landed open-handed hooks and uppercuts at will.

Daisy looked outmatched. A blistering slap knocked her off balance, and she toppled to the ground. Michelle jumped on top to finish the match. But as she did, Daisy—in desperation mode—reached out and grabbed Michelle's black belt, all whilst guarding the deluge of palm strikes. She jerked on it, and the knot came undone. She flung it away.

Michelle felt a breeze caress her breasts. She stopped, looked down, and noticed the flaps of her jacket were wide open to the public. She cinched it in her fist. She growled down at Daisy, and after another hard smack, which deflected off Daisy's forearms, she hurried for her belt.

Daisy rolled out from under her. While Michelle tied the belt back around her waist, Daisy snuck up and yanked down Michelle's white pants.

Michelle froze. She had muscular thighs with small ankles. Her pussy was tight, bald. She looked out into the crowd as they cheered. Her face flushed. When she crouched down to retrieve her pants, Daisy pulled them out from under her feet. Michelle tripped face first to the mat. The knot in her belt loosened once again, and the flaps of her jacket sprawled open. Daisy ripped the clothes off her back, leaving Michelle stark naked on the mat. Michelle became embarrassed, infuriated. Before she could move, Daisy jumped on her back, legs wrapped around Michelle's waist. They rolled over, exposing Michelle's athletic, east/west breasts. Instead of guarding her neck, Michelle's instinct was to cover her body. Daisy sunk in the choke and squeezed. With an arm draped over her dark nipples and a hand covering her crotch, Michelle began to turn blue. With nowhere to go, Michelle tapped out.

The crowd erupted with excitement.

Daisy pushed Michelle off. She jumped to her feet, arms in the air. She danced around the mat, pumping her fist in celebration.

Michelle didn't have time to mourn her loss. She was more concerned with gathering her stripped garments. She scurried across the wrestling mat for her gi, but before she could snatch it up, the long-legged referee tossed the articles out into the crowd. Michelle, on the mat at the ref's feet, covered herself and sent a piercing glare upward. She had one knee up over her breasts, her other leg folded underneath her.

The crowd held up their phones, recording videos and taking pictures of the famous champ's nakedness.

Michelle sighed. She stood to her feet, her nails painted blue. She continued hiding her body the best she could: arm draped over her nipples, hand over her shaved pussy, and her legs crossed. She scowled at Daisy. "I want an immediate rematch. This bitch is weak."

"So, be it," the referee said. She took both fighters by the wrists. "But first, we have to finish this one."

"At three minutes and forty-five seconds of the very first round," the announcer said, "Annnnnnddd Still! Underground Fight Club Champion, Daisy 'Gangsta!'"

Daisy looked to Michelle with a wide smile, waved her closer. That cold stare now lightened with joy. She removed her own gi, tossing the two-piece aside. She was lanky, pale, her breasts small.

Michelle took a step back, vehemently shaking her head. "Hell no! I want my rematch."

"That's not the way it works," the ref said.

"Fuck you!" Michelle spat. "I'd like to see you make me, either of you."

The ref put her hand on Michelle's shoulder. "Don't do this. You'll lose your fight purse."

"Fuck that fight purse!" Michelle shoved the ref's hand off. "You're going to tease me, a superstar in real fighting, with that chump change."

The ref just showed a smile, remaining calm. She pointed to the phones in the audience. "See those, the only way those videos don't make it to the public is because of our fan agreement. It is only for them. But, that becomes void if a fighter walks out before it's over."

Michelle softened her stance. She surveyed the large group, recording the match.

"And you don't want that plastered all over the internet, now do you?"

Daisy circled Michelle, her fingers grazing over the defeated challenger's bare shoulders. She spanked Michelle's nice, firm ass.

Michelle spun around. In the moment of anger, she forgot about her nakedness. She uncovered herself and grabbed Daisy by the throat. Her glare sharpened. Once realization hit her, however, Michelle relinquished her hold and went back to hiding her toned body. She hung her head as the ref clamped a dog collar around her neck.

"On your knees, loser," Daisy commanded.

Michelle's face turned to stone. But, she hesitantly did as ordered. She looked up to the clock, five minutes began ticking down.

With chain in hand, Daisy walked Michelle around the mat like a show puppy, letting everyone get a close look at her new pet.

Michelle kept her head down, avoiding the faces in the crowd. She crawled on hands and knees, embarrassed to the furthest degree.

Daisy clenched Michelle's dark hair in her fist and jerked her head up, which got a growl out of Michelle. After being handed her championship belt by the ref, Daisy held it in Michelle's face. "Lick it."

Michelle strengthened her neck, fighting against Daisy.

"Lick it!" Daisy demanded.

Fire danced from Michelle's pupils but, again, she did as told. She quickly licked the belt.


Michelle's brows sloped inward in anger. Her eyes, filled with rage, never lingered from Daisy as Michelle stuck her tongue out and lapped the whole surface.

"That's a good girl." Daisy tossed the belt away. She climbed on Michelle's back, treating the challenger like a pony. She used Michelle's jet-black hair as the reins, roughly yanking her head back. She slapped Michelle's strong backside. "Giddy up!"

Michelle degradingly crawled around the mat. After making two wide circles, Daisy finally hopped off and received a strap-on cock from the referee. Seeing this, Michelle's anger transformed into anxiety. She remained in position, on all-fours, with her head hanging low.

"Not so mouthy now." Daisy held the thick, rubber cock in her hand. She knelt behind Michelle and squeezed her hips. She wiggled the rubber phallus on the outside of Michelle's wet vulva, causing Michelle to flinch. "You like that?"

Michelle vacantly gazed out into the fans, her expression teetering between fury and surprise. "Fuu-ugh-ckk you."

"Aw, she can't even talk," Daisy chuckled.

The idea of getting fucked like a dog didn't appeal to Michelle. She dominated the bedroom like she dominated the cage. She was in charge. She dictated the positions. But now, she found herself helpless. Daisy pinned Michelle belly-down, her hips continuing the constant motion. Michelle squirmed, wriggled. She growled with a hint of pleasure. As Daisy picked up the pace, Michelle lifted her feet off the mat, pointed her toes, and expelled a loud groan.

"She's loving it," Daisy said breathlessly. "I can feel her."

"Ooooooo... you—Uh!—bitch!" Although she'd never admit it, Michelle warmed to the act; her body gave away her posturing. She tensed, squinted her eyes. She gasped for air, as though drowning in the orgasm.

Daisy gave her no room to breathe. Her thrust was persistent. The force sent ripples through Michelle's muscular butt.

The crowd whistled, cheered, which all felt mocking to Michelle. She ground her teeth and hoped to compose herself. It didn't work. She expelled rapid breaths, each with a slight whimper on the end. Daisy stood to her feet and picked the back half of Michelle off the floor. Michelle clung to the mat, her legs flailing in the air. She had no choice but to be shamefully used like a rag doll.

Daisy wrapped her arms around Michelle's meaty thighs, keeping the opponent in place, as she hammered Michelle's body.

Michelle forced her lips into a tight line, holding in the moans. She hummed softly at first. Her toned abs contracted. Her toes flexed. And, her dark nipples stiffened. She yelped, "Mmmmmm! Oooo! Ah! Ah!"

"What are you a monkey?" Daisy jested.

The crowd laughed.

Michelle didn't know why she made that noise. It just came out. Although her head was down, she felt the need to hide her face further in the crease of her elbow. "Uh! Ggghh! Just wait till nex-ext time," Michelle warned breathlessly.

"Oh yeah?" The threat fueled Daisy's pace. Her hips sped up, banging Michelle away.

"Ooo! Ye-yeah." Michelle's body locked up. The pleasure was intense, almost too unbearable to speak. She squeezed the mat, veins coming from her forehead. Her eyelids fluttered.

"Are you my bitch?" Daisy asked.

Michelle stayed quiet, only the sounds of labored breathing.

Daisy thrust faster. "Whose bitch are you, huh?"

Michelle's face puckered: brows wrinkled, eyes closed, and jaw clenched. Her legs quaked. She locked her ankles, spread her toes. She glared out into the crowd with a lost gaze. Her hair was a mess, her face red from exertion.

"Are you my bitch?" Faster and faster, Daisy thrust.

Michelle strained. A tickle ran from the soles of her feet, up her leg, and exploded in her center. She bucked. "I'myour—" Michelle curled her toes, her face goofily contorted. "Biiiiitcchhh! Ah! Ah! I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch."

Daisy laughed. All the sudden, the buzzer went off, ending the five minute round. She pulled out to the boisterous ovation from the spectators. She walked around the mat, arms spread wide, basking in the warmth of their praise. Her rubber cock glistened from Michelle's juices.

Michelle's enervated body flopped to the mat. She sprawled across the floor catching a breather, her hips twitching from the multiple orgasms. She held her throbbing pussy. The heavy cheers awoke Michelle from her orgasmic trance. She shot up, legs folded underneath her. Anger glinted in her eyes. The once brash, disrespectful fighter was left rattled in the middle of the mat.

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Wheres part 2

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Not bad? It was very bad

Disguise the story as a porn shoot instead not a real fight. What kind of real fighter goes full retard like that? Not really feeling the domination scene because of it.

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not bad

only thing it could have been longer, and the champ got what she deserved not sure she is in the mood for a rematch right now, maybe if there is a next chapter she will

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