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Underneath You


I'm lying in my bed, wearing my nightie: short meshy tank top and meshy thong, on my tummy, and pretty much ready for bed with the exception of a small lamp next to my bed while I read. I hear the door creak open without a knock and quickly turn to protest and make a big deal about my privacy when I find you standing there smiling at you. My first reaction facial expression (annoyed at being disturbed) instantly turns into a sweet smile. You stand in the door, leaning against the doorframe, watching me as I get out of bed and kneel to your presence, ignoring the book that's lying half open on my pillow. I'm in the middle of the floor, kneeled with my legs spread and my hands behind my back, and my head straight in front of me, not looking at anything unparticular.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I see you smile, and walk towards me, walking around behind me, examining me. I always feel vulnerable and so small when you circle me this way, making me feel more submissive and nervous as your eyes penetrate my body, hoping my body pleases you as we haven't seen each other for some time and indeed my body has changed some. You're on my right side and soon out of my peripheral vision. Suddenly I feel your hand gripping my hamstring muscle and you say observing, "Wow, Pet, looks like you've been working out lately." I try hard to hold back a smile of confidence and keep a straight face the best I can. Then I feel you grip one of my ass cheeks and give it a good slap. "Oooo, this is a bit more firm too, isn't it?" you ask, more rhetorical than to me. I kneel there in silence until you come around front of me, and you lift my chin with your fore finger and smile at me. "Good girl, I'm proud of you. You had good posture and proceeded right to your proper position even when I wasn't expected. Not only that, I see you've been working out, and you know how fond I am of a fit body." I couldn't help but smile at all this news, and you smile back at me, kissing my lips lightly, in which i did the same. "You may relax now, pet." You inform me, which was my signal that I could now stand and relax myself.

I stood up and as I stood I could see your bulge penetrating your jeans. Once I am fully standing, you grab the back of my head and bring my face hard to yours; kissing me hard and lustfully and I kiss back. Your lips press so hard to mine, I try pulling back a little bit but my head is fully under your control. I soon feel my body slowly pushing back as you kiss and my knees bump up against my bed. Soon you're pushing so much though that I lose my balance and fall on top of the bed, looking up at you.

Next thing I know, I am pinned down by your body, my tank top pushed above my breasts and my puffy pink nipples perking up at you. Your arms are pinning mine down and I playfully resist, for your strength causing my helplessness turns me on even more. You're kissing me hard and i feel you grinding your hips on mine. I feel you move your hands up my arms to my wrists where you hold both with one hand as your other slides between us and jerks down my thong, working it down to my knees. Then you let my hands free for a second and lift your body up some and order, "Get my pants off, slave"

I quickly and obediently reach underneath you and between us, unzipping your pants and working the waistband around your cock. I can't reach much farther and you notice I pause when you tell me, "Better find a way to get them all the way off, slave, or you're paying for it." I thought for a second and then knew. I slid down, as you hold yourself up with your arms, underneath you and sliding the pants down to your knees. When they reached there, i pulled my own thong down the rest of the way, then slid back up. From there, I bent my knees, on either side of him, and with my feet I pulled his pants down. As I bend my knees back up to scoot myself forwards I feel you grab my legs and push them upwards.

I panic a little bit, you never having done this to me before and I try sliding upwards in discomfort. As I try moving upwards, you only push on my legs more, my thighs now squishing my breasts and my nipples pressing hard against my skin. I notice you look down, and it's then that I notice how wet I am. I feel the wetness over my pussy and I see you smiling. "Aww don't resist, Pet, I can see you're liking this. Now, are you going to be a good girl, or do I need to tie your hands down?" I knew he expected me to possibly resist more.

"I'll be good, Master" I promised. "Good girl, now place your hands to your sides, relax your arms, and don't move them. Your palms better stay against the blanket the whole time, understand?" I nodded.

I felt him pushing my calves, forcing my knees towards my shoulder, my muscles stretching underneath me, my pussy spreading itself wide and so exposed to you. I hold my position with my arms down, especially when I feel your fingers probe my pussy, gently rubbing around and scooping up the juices settling on my lips. You push them to my lips and I lick and suck them off. "Good girl" you praise and I try to relax despite the discomfort.

I feel you press 2 fingers into my pussy, and I realize now how tight my pussy really is in this position, for I can barely handle even that. I try to relax as best I can but my body won't let me and your penetrating fingers cause me to flinch from the slight bits of pain. I try to concentrate on my hands now, forgetting all about them as I almost scrunched them up in a ball from the pain. I try hard to keep them straight. Soon, you readjust so that you're up on top of me, leaning onto my legs, pushing them down against my body harder. I groan a little bit as my thighs press my breasts ever so discomforting. Suddenly I notice your cock is right at the edge of my pussy.

My eyes widen in fear, knowing what only 2 fingers did to me. Your hard tip presses against my pussy lips, demanding them to open. My pussy lips surround your cock as your head squeezes in. I'm so relieved you're going slowly at first and I feel your head press past the point of which my fingers could handle and the sharp pain of the disturbance of my inner walls kicks in. I lean my head back and scrunch my eyes shut, almost forgetting about my hands. I quickly concentrate on keeping them straight as told, palms down, not moving them. Finally you thrust hard into my pussy. I let out a scream, my back trying to arch, but can barely do so with all the pressure of you on top of me and my legs digging into my own body.

You push all the way inside and sit there for a couple seconds, but when I look down I notice not even all of you is inside me. My walls had tensed up so much from fear and pain that you can't push any farther without tearing me further. You don't want to hurt me inside so you give me a hard smack on my ass cheek and demand, "Open up for me, bitch, I'm not in all the way yet." I nod quickly and try to relax again, ignoring the pain searing my pussy.

Slowly the rest of your cock forces its way within me and I can feel your balls resting against the bottom of my ass. "That a girl" you say reassuringly. You begin thrusting up and down now, your cock moving in and out slowly at first, and eventually going faster and harder. I feel every inch of you go in and out of me, my pussy feeling so tight in this new position. Your weight still presses over me, but it's now become more of a turn on than discomfort, as I can't move even if I tried...completely helpless if I struggled....and completely under your control.

Your grunts get louder as you go harder and faster and you start spanking my ass rhythmically with your thrusts. I feel my ass growing pink as you smack my ass, and it gets me wetter and wetter, gradually making it easier and easier for you to fuck me. Before I know it, I myself am getting closer and closer to climax. I didn't notice before, but I suddenly notice that with the opposite hand you are spanking with you are rubbing my clit in tight quick small circles. I moan harder and faster, groaning and twisting a little bit, dying to just scrunch of the sheets beneath my hands, but I can't. My fingers ache, as they are tense and dying to grab onto something to help control my movements.

You raise yourself off of my legs just a little bit, cock still buried in my pussy, but you spread my legs outwards now, making my pussy tighter and more pleasurable for you. I groan, wishing you wouldn't as I had just become comfortable the other way. My nipples poke around the inside of my legs and you reach in front pulling on my nipple with one of your hands while forcing my other leg to the side. You notice my leg slips back to how it was before so you grab it and hold it down as you begin thrusting and fucking harder once more. The pain in my inner thigh shoots through my muscles, as my legs stretch for your pleasure. My pussy remains wet however and continues getting wet as you lean forward, pressing your shoulders over my legs now to keep them in place as you move your hand back down to my clit. The pleasure is insane now, my body twisting and rocking back and forth, thrusting up at you.

Once more I am close to climaxing, much quicker now, and I remember the rules, asking, "Please Master, will you let me come?" Right away you say, "Oh yes, slave, come! Come for your daddy!" Only seconds after you permit me to come I feel myself orgasm, coming all around your cock, my walls trying to force you out as you hold your cock in to feel it all. I moan and pant and twist, my fingers stiff and my knuckles in pain from holding them so tense and straight, trying not to move them.

I feel you rip out when most of my reflexes have stopped, but no sooner did you rip out than you thrust your hips only inches lower to my ass hole. Your cock is already lubed with my come and you thrust in hard all the way and with that one thrust I feel you explode in my ass. Your body thrusts hard against my curled up body beneath you, shooting your load inside. "Ohhh baby!" you scream out as you come, and I can't help but smile up at you, seeing how you pleasured yourself with my body.

After you come you slowly pull out, some of your semen oozing out of my ass at the same time, and you sit back. You gently pull my legs towards you, stretching them out and rubbing my calves for me, as you know they are sore. "You were such a good girl today" You smile at me. You lean forward, kissing me on the forehead, continuing to rub and massage my thighs until the aching is gone.

"Thank you daddy. I'm so glad I could please you tonight."

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