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Understanding Your Man


Ladies, I'm going to let you into the male world so that you can understand your man and why he seems like such an insensitive prick most of the time.

To start off in your understanding of men you need to realize and accept that men and women evolved differently. While women were evolving as gatherers and child rearers men evolved as hunters and physical creatures.

Please don't take that as a sexist statement ladies. Most of you are already aware of that and if you look at the fossil record and history that's how the two genders evolved.

The two primary natural roles for the two genders are still present today.

Women still have the urge to gather (shopping) and nurture (kids, idiot husbands, sad or lonely friends, etc)

Men still have the urge to hunt and be physical (hunting, fighting, war, sports, etc)

That's just the way it is. Thousands upon thousands of years of these primal instincts don't just disappear overnight.

When it comes to interactions between men and women there is something that women need to understand.

Men are insensitive. Yes I said it. We are insensitive emotionally because for thousands of years it would have been viewed as a sign of weakness by the more dominant males and it would lead to the sensitive males being killed or driven out of the early tribes where humans started living together. That still exists today. It doesn't necessarily mean death today, but it can still lead other men to excluding sensitive men from certain activities. It is a survival technique. Men are much more sensitive than they were thousands of years ago so just be happy that we're as sensitive as we are and take solace in knowing that your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great granddaughters have an outside chance of having men that are sensitive and on the same emotional level that they are.

I'd now like to address some areas that will probably upset some of you.

It is very important for women to look good and smell good for their man or to a man that they are interested in.

Now a lot of women are probably yelling "bullshit" or "that's not fair" or something like that, but you need to listen and understand. There is a reason for it ladies...trust me.

Men are hunters. For thousands of years men had to stalk and kill their prey. To that end men developed as very visual and scent sensitive creatures. We had the eyes of an eagle and the nose of a bloodhound. Those traits are still present today even though the need to stalk and kill prey has passed.

Men have been bred for thousands of years to notice things visually and to notice scents. If the hunter isn't drawn to his prey visually or by smell he won't pursue it and he'll go hunting for something else.

Do you understand now why it is important to look and smell good for your man?

If you look appealing the hunter will take notice. If you smell good the hunter will take notice.

I'm not saying that you have to dress in super sexy clothes all the time or that you have to wear gallons and gallons of perfume all the time, but a certain level isn't too much to ask is it? After all your hunter chose you over all others...but the hunter is naturally nomadic...he has to be given a reason to stay and prey that is constantly attracting him visually and through scent will keep him in one place.

Many women HATE wearing lingerie, but you need to understand that you aren't wearing it for yourself. You're wearing it to catch the attention of your hunter. You're wearing it to stand out from the pack so that the hunter will pursue you above any other. The colors and the different textures of lingerie get the hunter's blood boiling and get him ready to go in for the kill...or in most cases with women...go in for some carnal pleasures.

When it comes to normal clothes I understand that comfort is an issue for everyone, but from time to time throw on the short low cut dress or the short shorts and the tight top. Catching the hunter's attention is very simple and the hunter does notice when his prey looks good.

Another topic to consider when discussing your appearance ladies is makeup. You don't have to wear it all the time, but putting some on when the hunter doesn't expect it doesn't go unnoticed. We've been bred for thousands of years to see red as a sign of health and fertility. So red lipstick, red nail polish, a red tint to some blush and you will look healthy and appealing to the hunter.

Now let's talk about scent. Everything comes scented these days. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, perfume...EVERYTHING. Most of you probably know this, but it is important to coordinate the scent that you have. If you have lavender body lotion don't use vanilla shampoo or whatever. Find your products in the same scent so that you put off one uniform scent instead of several blended scents. Blending scents cancels them out and the hunter loses interest. You might not think that your deodorant has a strong enough smell to be noticed through the smell of your shampoo, but we are hunters...we can detect tiny variations in scent. Ladies if you wear perfume make sure that it compliments the other scented products that you're using. Additionally...gauge the reaction of the hunter to your perfume. If he says he likes it keep wearing it. If you see any sign that he doesn't like it try to find one that he does. Even if everyone else hates it the important thing is that YOUR HUNTER likes it.

If the hunter has good looking good smelling prey he will stick around...he might even show you more often that he appreciates you.

Men are simple creatures ladies. You evolved to gather, nurture, and want emotional closeness. Men were evolved to use the senses of sight and smell to track down what they want.

If you look good and smell good your hunter will find you desirable. If you ever feel that your hunter's eyes are wandering throw on something sexy, slap on some red lipstick, make yourself smell great...and see what happens. If you do it right your hunter will club you over the head and drag you back to his cave...or maybe he'll drag you to your bedroom and ravage you the way that only your hunter can.

I hope this has helped you ladies to better understand your hunter.

Basically...we're stupid...treat us like we're stupid by attracting us with pretty colors and things that smell good.

Oh...I understand that this comes off as a little one sided ladies.

No I don't think there should be a double standard where women should look good and smell good for their man when the man can look bad and smell bad. Keeping your appearance and scent in a state that's desirable to your mate should be the goal for all people.

The truth is though ladies that when it comes to what women want we have very little understanding. We operate on a much simpler level than you do.

If men were a legal document they would have the subject headings and then one sentence that sums up the point of that subject. Women on the other hand would have the subject heading and then detailed descriptions of what the subject heading pertains to and all of the little nuances and special cases that pertain to the subject heading.

We have the basics...you have the details.

On behalf of all men I'm asking that you dumb things down for us ladies.

Instead of taking 45 minutes giving us every little detail about how you want us to dress just smack us in the back of the head to get our attention and say "you need to start wearing nicer clothes". That kind of thing might not work with other women, it may take the 45 minutes with them, but 6 short simple words are all that it takes with a man. We might not do anything about it, but at least we'll understand what you want.

Every man in a relationship with a woman has gone to his friends and something like "We...or should I say SHE talked for an hour and a half yesterday and I have no idea what the hell we were talking about."

Simple inputs ladies...that's all we ask.

I welcome a female response to this.

Just remember...I'm a simple minded hunter...so use simple direct language or I'll have no idea what the hell you're saying.

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