tagGay MaleUnderwear Ch. 02

Underwear Ch. 02


UNDERWEAR - The Second and Concluding Part.

(The following material is the sole property of Sadie and Josh Rose and any unauthorised use thereof will bring on a hefty kick in the wallet from our lawyers and - when we catch you - a whack in the nuts from us, for good measure! You have been warned.)


Back at the house, in a bathrobe, with a couple of large, ice-cold shots of Stolichnaya in his belly, Rayne finally stopped shaking. Stretched out in an armchair, facing him, Jabez Everman sipped from a glass of malt whiskey and looked him up and down speculatively.

“I didn’t recognise you,” he admitted at last, once Rayne’s explanation had been heard. “Not until you started swearing. Then I knew without a shade of doubt that it was you!”

He chuckled in that rich, melodic voice. Rayne looked back at him over the rim of his own glass, mildly embarrassed.

“If you tell anyone about this, I’ll come for you with an axe,” he promised darkly.

“Now, now, there’s no need for that,” the Everman soothed, still grinning wickedly. “Although, I confess, you looked deliciously exotic in your ripped stockings, with that tight little skirt riding up your hips. I’m not surprised it gets him going.”

Rayne’s glare simmered vehemently. He was saved from having to make a response by the interruption of his intercom buzzer in the glass vestibule.

“That, I presume, is the boyfriend,” Jabez remarked airily. “Shall I tell him that you are indisposed?”

“Yeah,” he drawled, then spoiled the dispassionate effect by correcting himself the instant his progenitor rose to his feet. “No…! Oh god! I don’t know. I can’t face him, Jabez! I left him to pay for everything and just ran away, he’s probably livid.” Rayne pushed long, white fingers through his rumpled, ebony hair and tugged at it in frustration.

“So you want him to go away?” the tall, imperturbable, blond Vampire queried with just a hint of a smile.

The buzzer sounded again, more urgently. Rayne propelled himself to his feet and limped across the living room to answer it. Jabez merely shrugged and poured another round of drinks.

“Ray, I know you’re in there!” Kev’s voice crackled over the intercom when he pressed the button. “Just talk to me. What the fuck got into you back there at the shop?”

“I don’t know,” he answered neutrally, his cheek pressed to the wall beside the receiver. “I’m not going to apologise, Kevan.”

“Can I come in?” the mortal cajoled, more softly.


“I’m not going to hurt you,” Kev told him more urgently. “I just want to talk to you. That’s all. I want to know you’re all right; that we’re all right.”

“I’m not so sure, Kevan. I don’t think it’s a good idea right now.” Rayne closed his eyes, biting his lips until he tasted the brief surge of blood, quickly dust again as the wound healed itself.

“I’m sorry,” his lover blurted, a little hysterically this time. “I know you didn’t want to do it, not any of it. I forced your hand. I deserve everything I got, but I don’t want to lose you, Ray.”

The Vampire shivered and screwed his eyes shut even tighter.

“Go home, Kev. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You did look beautiful,” Kevan assured him. “I meant that. Please let me in, Ray.”

“I have company,” he answered neutrally.

“Oh…” The distant buzz of late city traffic echoed softly in the background beyond that single, stunned response. Rayne could almost hear his thoughts. At last, Kevan asked him; “Can I see you tomorrow?”

Jabez set a condensation-beaded tumbler of chilled vodka in the younger Vampire’s hand and mouthed; Sweet! Rayne scowled at him and turned to face the receiver, his lips almost pressed against the grille.

“I have… things to do tomorrow.”

“You tell me when, then.” Kev was persistent, there was no denying that.

“I’ll call you,” Rayne told him atonally.

“You’d better.”

“I said I would, awright! Now go away.”

“Promise,” Kevan demanded.

“I’ll call you. Fuck off before someone rings security and has you moved!”

There was a click, then silence. Rayne banged his head softly, once or twice against the intercom then turned back into the room, his expression unreadable.

“Well,” Jabez purred appreciatively. “That one’s smitten, for sure! What did he do to ruffle your feathers?”

“It’s a long story?” Rayne said, tight-lipped.

“Would it have anything to do with you being caught up by the stiletto heel in a tram line dressed as a very pretty girl?” the Everman teased.

“I meant that about the axe,” his defiant offspring warned, swigging down the vodka and reaching for the bottle which still rested on his coffee table.

“You are so delicious when you are riled. No wonder Kevan can’t resist you.” Jabez brushed back the sleek fall of his fair hair from his deep, golden eyes and flashed a fanged, hungry smile at his lovely young creation.

“Fuck. Off.” Rayne Wylde poured another, slightly larger measure of vodka and knocked it back in one shot.

“Does he master you as well as I?” Jabez taunted mildly. “Does he fill you with his vast, tumescent sex and make you beg for more? Are you hungry for his hot, thrusting, mortal tool now that he is gone?”

The dark haired youngster looked back at him with vacant, icy, lime-green eyes. He set down his glass with a steady hand.

“What are you doing here, Jabez?”

“Do I need a reason to visit my favourite flower?” the blond Vampire enquired languidly.

Rayne folded his arms and looked down on his progenitor with a haughty glare.

“I brought you a present,” Jabez announced with a grin. “Shall I unwrap it for you?”

Slowly he eased one hand down towards his crotch and unfastened his pants, then unbuttoned his shirt as his massive, semi-hard prick nodded free of his open fly. The eyes of his young acolyte widened slightly, the pupils expanding and darkening as Jabez Everman eased down his pants and steadily rubbed himself to his full, thirteen and a half inches of meaty, circumcised, purple-helmeted glory. Rayne’s defiance withered a little in the face of such an awesome sight. He had never been able to resist the Everman’s most potent allure.

“Would you like to eat it all now?” Jabez teased, shrugging out of his expensive, tailored shirt and letting his baggy suit pants drop to his ankles, unveiling the magnificent, shaved balls that hung between his naked thighs.

Rayne nodded, almost delirious with longing. Briefly, all thoughts of Kevan Delaney were dispelled from his mind. At least they were until his master’s next pronouncement.

“It would stimulate me to have you fellate me in the garments you were wearing when we met this evening,” Jabez said coolly.

“Oh fuck! Not you as well!” Rayne Wylde exclaimed in disgusted tones.

The Everman laced him tightly into the black, leather basque. Had Rayne been mortal he would almost certainly have suffered asphyxiation, so fiercely was he cinched in at the waist and diaphragm. He had already donned the short skirt and garter belt and fastened his ripped stockings to the suspenders as Jabez watched him, his long, hard prick leaking cum slowly onto the supple sofa cushions. He stood now, with that massive organ between Rayne’s naked thighs, rubbing the head against the younger Vampire’s exposed balls, beneath the hem of his short, tight skirt; hauling on the stays until Rayne squeaked with pain and astonishment and his inner thighs were slick with hot semen.

His own cock was standing to attention against the soft, warm leather. When Jabez urged him to his knees, he went willingly. The Everman deftly used the buckled straps of his boots to fasten Rayne’s slender wrists behind him, securing each wrist to the corresponding ankle so that his mate could not rise again. Then he knelt and kissed the younger Vampire so viciously that Rayne’s lips were torn on his extended fangs. Finally he rose to his feet and stroked one hand through Rayne’s tangle of raven hair, gripping it cruelly and forcing the beautiful young creature’s bloody mouth onto his enormous cock-head. Rayne Wylde’s soft, wounded lips parted willingly to receive the unholy host, licking and suckling obediently on his lover’s unbelievably vast manhood.

Jabez growled softly, a rumble that began in his chest, as the subservient young inititate swallowed inch after inch of his steadily pumping cock, taking it deeper and deeper into his mouth and into the tighter confines of his throat without a flicker of fear. He loved watching Rayne suck and swallow him. Those melting green eyes were fixed on him, unblinking, as he was forced to take it all. When the last of thirteen inches of solid muscle was buried between the youngster’s lips, Jabez gripped his hair in both hands and pressed his crotch into Wylde’s pretty face, thrusting harder and faster; fucking his mouth until his balls yielded up their first good squirt of cum. He pulled back so that his cock head was between Rayne’s lips and his creamy, hot ejaculate sprayed partly into his open mouth but mostly over his face and hair.

He did not lose his erection and Rayne moaned with pleasure, gulping down his cum and licking his throbbing, dribbling helmet skilfully. Jabez growled again, more urgently, rubbing his sex over the youngster’s lips, cheeks and eyelids, and in his hair. He forced his mate to bring him to climax twice more in this fashion, each time pulling out and spilling uninhibitedly onto his face. Rayne made no effort to resist him.

Jabez knew full well how much he loved to give head. Just as much, if not more, Jabez Everman loved to receive it.

When Rayne Wylde had satisfied him orally three times, Jabez rewarded him. Laying the lovely young Vampire down on the bare boards of his apartment floor, he tugged up Rayne’s skirt roughly, lifting his knees and exposing his arsehole. Intimately he explored his lover with his fingers and tongue, flickering, probing and teasing between Rayne’s cheeks and over his bared scrotum, licking and kissing and finally tongue fucking that deliciously tight hole. Rayne pulled on the straps around his wrists and ankles, spreading his legs wider and groaning with longing as he received the rimming of his life. Jabez squeezed and rubbed his hard young prick as he tongued the initiate’s ring, then began to finger it too, thrusting his forefinger into his sex-mate’s rectum until it caressed the smooth bud of his prostate gland. He teased that sweet, tormenting place deep inside him; pulling out just as Rayne sighed that his balls were about to explode. Jabez let the younger Vampire cool down then began the frigging again with two fingers. Three times, he brought his lover to the brink, the final time using all four fingers inside him.

Rayne lay under him, panting and protesting as he withdrew his hand. By now the young singer was virtually ready to beg for relief. His mate encouraged him to do so, rubbing the head of his long hard tool between Rayne’s smooth, white arse cheeks.

“Oh God! Fuck me!” Rayne implored, trying to wriggle himself onto his lover’s erection. “Please, god…Jabez! I need it so much. I want your cock in me. I’ll do anything you want. I just need you to fuck me and get me off. I need to cum so bad!”

Jabez sprawled over him, kissing and licking his neck and throat, biting his nipples and rubbing his cock until he whimpered with need. He tasted good; hot and desperate. The Everman was intensely aroused. Roughly he turned his young mate onto his belly and forced him down on his knees with his shoulders and one cheek flat to the boards. Urging Rayne’s legs open wide, he gripped the beautiful young male by the balls and held onto them as he urged the head of his sex into the youngster’s snug, un-lubricated passage. Rayne yelped incoherently.

His huge, powerful mate reached around him with the other hand and held him by the cock as he began to ram his unfeasibly impressive length firmly up the lean, young singer’s hot, tight passage. Rayne kept screaming until his mate gripped him by the throat and pulled him up from the floor so that he was sitting in Jabez’s lap, forced to ride his long, hard, throbbing manhood.

The singer’s cries softened gradually to strangled whimpers of pain and pleasure as he knelt astride his lover’s muscular thighs, urged up and down gently by the ancient Vampire’s strong grip on his neck and crotch. The massive organ that breached him, caressed his insides persistently as Jabez manoeuvred him steadily to his knees, then drew him back down again to sit in his groin; his monstrous tool buried completely within Rayne’s quivering body.

He held his lithe young mate there, motionless for a little while; completely conscious of the throbbing behemoth within him. Rayne uttered a tiny, helpless moan of astonishment. The singer was swallowing hard, wriggling in his firm embrace. Each struggle set Jabez on fire with need. It had been an age since he had felt such hunger for another unliving creature. If he moved so much as a centimetre into the young Vampire straddling him, he knew that his balls would melt into a surging river of unstoppable white lava.

Wrapping his arms around Rayne’s body, he buried his face in the tumble of raven-silk hair at the nape of his neck and kissed him passionately there. Jabez knew how sensitive his lover was in this area, just as he knew that the caress of a hot, wet tongue beneath the lowest tip of the tailbone was utterly irresistible to his delicious young sex-mate. His fingers stroked the supple, black leather that moulded itself to Rayne’s lean, heaving body. Although he did not strictly ‘need’ to breathe, Rayne always seemed to lapse back into old habits when he was stressed or intensely aroused. Tonight he had been prey to both.

Rayne Wylde sank back in his lover’s powerful embrace as the vigorous pounding in his stretched and twitching anus slowed and stilled. Every time Jabez Evermann mounted him, he thought to himself that surely he would be used to the size of his Sire’s immense cock by now. Each time he was proven cruelly wrong. It invariably took several minutes for him to become accustomed to the massive length and girth of his mate’s throbbing tool. On more than one occasion, Jabez had entered, fucked and pulled out of him before he was properly acclimatised.

“Are you okay?” he exhaled as Jabez folded around him, almost motionless save for the whisper of his soft, cool, searching lips on the back of Rayne’s neck and the spidery caress of his fingertips.

“Very much so.” Jabez breathed the words onto his skin, making him shiver. As he did so, the older, larger Vampire gasped very softly and appreciatively. His strong, skilful hands slithered down over the warm, sable leather and dipped between Rayne’s naked thighs, parting them a little further and stroking the smooth skin between the fork of his crotch and the tops of his silk stockings. “I am extremely stimulated, in truth. And insanely jealous of your mortal lover.”

“You’re bloody mad!” Rayne told him fondly. “Why the hell should ‘you’ be jealous of anyone?”

“Because your ‘Kevan’ has been enjoying you this way for some time, when I have only recently discovered the pleasure,” Jabez whispered with a little shudder of longing.

Rayne tried to squirm around and look him in the eye, not sure if he was being mocked. Jabez held him steady, wrapping him in a full embrace once more. “Do not move. Not one inch! Or I will be forced to thoroughly inseminate you right now.”

“Dirty old bastard!” Rayne murmured, leaning his head back against the ancient Vampire’s broad shoulder. “You make me feel so fuckin’ good, you know.”

“The feeling is mutual.” Jabez nuzzled his neck and throat tenderly. His mouth and tongue worked slow, wet circles over the younger Vampire’s soft, pale skin until he was lipping at Rayne’s earlobe sensuously. At last he released his grip on the dark-haired man and Rayne Wylde writhed urgently, pulling on the leather straps that restrained his wrists. Had he wanted to, he could easily have pulled free, but for the moment, he was willing to play any game that Jabez chose. If Jabez wanted to fuck him in restraints then he was perfectly happy to go along with that.

Slowly he began to rise and fall like a well-oiled machine on the piston of his lover’s magnificent sex, incredibly turned on by the sensation of that long, chunky probe pounding deep inside his tight, well-stimulated orifice. His own cock was deliciously hard and leaking a constant flow of cum and Rayne longed to rub himself but had to be content with the gentle friction of the leather skirt against his swollen head as he urged himself up and down on the Everman’s fabulous prick.

When Jabez eased him forward again and slowly withdrew his still-hard penis, Rayne virtually begged him not to stop. The protest that left his throat was little more than a tormented whimper and his lover ignored it with the ruthlessness of a tyrant. His deft fingers released Rayne’s chafed wrists and quickly adapted the ankle straps into a collar and leash, which he fastened about his mate’s neck as Rayne sprawled on the floor at his knees.

“Come now,” Jabez said firmly. “Pull yourself together. If you are disobedient I will be forced to chastise you.”

The younger Vampire turned his head, a knowing look in his cool, green eyes. The last time Jabez Everman punished him for some sexual misdemeanour, he had climaxed uncontrollably three or four times in quick succession. His tall, blond lover rose to his feet and tugged on the makeshift leash until Rayne pushed himself to his hands and knees.

“You will come to heel, or I will have to whip you,” Jabez promised.

His mate knew that he would keep that promise. On all fours, he followed the guidance of the short leash, keeping his cheek pressed against Jabez Everman’s muscular thigh whenever possible. He was led across the open plan lounge to the foot of the stairs and up the flight to the bedroom on the mezzanine level above. His bed dominated the area; a broad, low-level, cherry-wood frame with four tall, sculpted posts, one at each corner.

“Get onto the mattress and lie on your back,” Jabez instructed him and he obeyed at once. His lover knelt over him and used the straps to secure his wrists at the nape of his neck so that his hands were fastened tightly behind his head. Satisfied that this was adequate for his purposes, he moved around to the foot of the mattress and located the heavy leather manacles, which had been left there after Ray and Kevan’s last foray into BDSM.

“Does he enjoy restraining you?” he asked with a small, malicious smile.

“It was just a bit of fun,” Rayne muttered, looking a little embarrassed. “We were just experimenting. Fooling around!”

Tightly, Jabez strapped Rayne’s ankles to each of the foot posts at about waist-height, lifting and spreading his legs and exposing his arsehole and genitals beneath the bunched up leather mini skirt.

“Does it arouse you?” he enquired huskily.

Rayne was grimly silent for a moment, then reluctantly he growled; “Yes. Yes it fuckin’ turns me on. Alright!”

Jabez chuckled. Rummaging in one of the cabinets by the bed he retrieved another pair of stockings, which he used to blindfold his lover. (Rayne did not bother to explain that Kev had left a proper padded blindfold and an assortment of rubber ball-gags in the other drawer.)

“You are so delicious,” Jabez murmured huskily. “And such a sexy young slut, too!”

Kneeling astride the singer’s torso he dangled the head of his heavy sex over Rayne’s slightly parted lips, glossing them thoroughly with his pre-cum. Rayne’s tongue flickered willingly over spunk-covered helm of his lover’s cock, licking and stroking it as Jabez leaned over him and eased his erection slowly between his mate’s full, sensuous lips. The slender, sable-haired Vampire welcomed him in, so vulnerable and trusting in his subservience to the older male. Jabez urged his thirteen, upright inches of pulsing manhood firmly into his lover’s mouth and down his tight, hot throat. Sinking over Rayne, he ran one hand through the singer’s dark hair as the youngster sucked and swallowed willingly.

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